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YMX Athletic Shirts

My hip has been feeling really good these past few days. That plus the arrival of two new workout shirts has really made me want to get back to working out in full-force! Of course, I’m still taking it easy and doing what I can, but I can’t wait to be 100% better!

I recently received two shirts from YMX by Yellowman to try out.

About YMX by Yellowman:

YMX (acronym for YellowMan Expression) was launched in 2009 as an extension of the original, high-end tattoo clothing brand, YellowMan (founded in 2004). Built on an extensive library of original tattoo artwork collected around the globe, YellowMan offers collectible, limited wearable art prints. YMX was created to offer an alternative to YellowMan in a broader, commercial market, while still preserving the authenticity of its origins.

YMX offers multifunctional garments that bridge the gap between athletic and fashion garments. Featuring high-comfort, lightweight MadKool fabrics and detailed, original prints, YMX garments can be worn for athletic use, or for casual wear. As a matter of fact, because of the moisture-wicking properties of the fabric, many people wear YMX in both active and leisure activities without having to change!


The first shirt I received was the Mesh Neck Tank Living Peony in black.

The first thing I noticed was that the shirt looked a little small (I ordered a size medium) but YMX shirts are designed to fit close to the body and have a shape-holding stretch.

Sure enough, the shirt fit perfect and I loved how soft it was.

I normally stick to solid black or pink workout shirts, so I loved the colorful tattoo design on the shirt, and I really like the 2 layers of soft mesh fabric around the neckline. I felt like it gave the shirt a little something extra.

Some other features of the Mesh Neck Tank Living Peony:

  • UV Protection SPF 30 <—- awesome!
  • permanent moisture wicking
  • wrinkle resistant
  • full stretch, holds shape

The next shirt was Infinite Geometry long sleeve shirt in pink.

I love the vibrant color of this shirt and it’s also super soft. Summer in Chicagoland isn’t the best time for long-sleeved shirts, but this shirt will be absolutely perfect for the cold winters.

About this shirt:

  • MadKool fabric
  • UPF 30+
  • Wicking and quick dry
  • Wrinkle and odor resistant

The first thing you should do when you get a new workout shirt?!  A plank! :)

Overall, I really liked both of these shirts. Not only do they have beautiful and colorful designs, but they are super soft, comfortable, and perfect for a variety of sports and activities.

As a Fitfluential Ambassador, I was provided two YMX by Yellowman shirts to review at no charge. All opinions are my own.

  • What’s your favorite thing to wear when you workout?


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Nike, Reebok, Under Armour, Oh My


Last night, after the kids got home from school, we went to Dick’s Sporting Goods to look for workout clothes. I tried on so many different things. I am the kind of person that will try on twenty-five different things and only end up liking one of them.

Luckily, Danny and I were both able to find two workout outfits each.

A lot of the clothes were on sale and Danny had gift cards to use up which is why we ended up getting two outfits. I also feel like I can justify it because I wear workout clothes more than I wear regular clothes. True story.

My pink shirt and capris are by Reebok. I really love the capris. I don’t usually wear the tight workout capris but these are super comfortable. I love the pink shirt. These are the first Reebok clothes I have ever owned.

Danny’s orange and gray outfit is Nike.

Our next outfits:

Danny’s is Nike and my capris are Under Armour and the shirt is Nike. I think the majority of my workout clothes are black and pink. They used to be all black, now I am slowly adding in some color.

I also made updated weight loss pictures. I am currently working on a weight loss page, and it should be up sometime soon.

Okay, enough pictures of myself…

Today’s Workout

  • BootCamp – 60 minutes

Bootcamp kicked my butt this morning. It’s probably the hardest class that I take at the gym…which is why I guess it’s called bootcamp. What really killed me was the push-ups. We did a ton of them today and my wrist has been bothering me lately, so the push-ups didn’t really help out much.


Since I’m up at 6:30 am for BootCamp, I usually don’t eat breakfast or drink coffee until I get home. Today, I did eat a clementine on the way to bootcamp, and had breakfast when I got home.

Stonyfield vanilla Greek yogurt with a little PB2 mixed in, apple slices, and granola.

After breakfast, I took Jaden over to Whole Foods for a kid’s seed planting class.

Jaden has been obsessed with plants and gardening lately, so he had a lot of fun at this class. And it was free – it doesn’t get much better than that.

I couldn’t leave Whole Foods without hitting up the salad bar.

 Off to enjoy the rest of the day! Have a great Saturday!

  • What is your favorite brand of workout clothes to wear?
  • Ever tried a boot camp class?
  • Any plans for tonight?


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Ellie Workout Wear

Today’s Workout

  • Plank #9 (Saturday) 2 minutes 44 seconds
  • 3.22 miles treadmill, ran

I recently received some great workout clothes from Ellie.

The Ellie website is pretty cool – you start off taking a style quiz so that Ellie knows what kind of workout clothes your prefer best. From there, you can shop as a non-member and buy the clothes you want or you can sign up as a Fit Fashionista Club member and choose any two pieces of clothing a month for only $49.95. (This option actually saves you money rather than buying the pieces from each monthly collection.)

I picked two pieces of workout clothes from the February collection – The Call Me Coy Shirt and the Heartbreaker Capri.

Even though my two items were backordered, the shipping was still fairly quick which I appreciated.  I also loved the pink packaging.

I know that the packaging has nothing to do with the actual item, but I am a sucker for cute packaging and appreciate when a company takes time to also make sure their product is nicely packaged.

Check out Ellie’s Facebook page for sales and giveaways!

Call Me Coy Shirt

Whenever I buy shirts, I tend for look for ones that are a longer length because I am tall and have a long torso. So, even though this shirt was described as a lightweight mesh crop top, I still fell in love with it. The front of the shirt actually hits the top of my waistband on my pants, so it isn’t really short.

The back of the shirt is drapey and more cropped than the front, which I thought was a cute detail.

I love this shirt because it’s lightweight, mesh, and breathable. I like shirts that are a little looser fitting and this one is perfect. I also like that it can be worn alone or with a long tank layered underneath. I will most likely just wear it alone.

Heartbreaker Capri

Okay, I will admit, as soon as I took these capris out of the package, I thought: there is no way in the world that these itty bitty pants are going to fit me. No way.

I don’t usually buy very form-fitting workout capris or tights because I have larger thighs and calves and quite honestly, they either don’t fit or I look like a sausage. Like I said, I was extremely weary about these capris. However, once I actually put them on I loved them.

These capris actually hugged my curves in all the right ways rather than just squeeze my fat out. (Just being honest). I have never owned a pair of tight-like capris, and I am very happy with these. And I have to admit, I like how my behind looks in them. :) Thanks, Ellie.

The heartbreak capris were designed with perfect-fit technology so they stay in place and hold during any workout.

I also like wearing a looser fitting shirt with the tighter form-fitting pants.


I ordered both the shirt and capris in a size medium. I thought the medium shirt was true to size. I’m not sure if the more form-fitting shirts might fit a bit smaller, but the looser shirt was a perfect medium.

The capris seemed to run small. I was able to squeeze into a medium and maybe because they’re form-fitting but they seemed small. They fit perfect, but I feel like if I even gained two pounds they might not fit perfect anymore. They are also low-rise.

Personally, I think the Ellie workout clothes are good quality and cute. They’re perfect for any kind of workout – running, yoga, strength training, and are affordable.

I didn’t like the giant tags on the clothing, but I also hate clothing tags in general. In my perfect world, all clothes would be tagless.

And of course, Baby Toddler McCutie had to get in on the picture action. These clothes are even good for taking care of toddlers :)

Working Out

I wore my Ellie workout clothes to walk in and take a Step & Tone class. The Step class includes stepping (obviously), using hand weights, and light cardio like jumping jacks.

I was really happy with the mesh shirt material because it was breathable and kept me from getting too hot. The clothes stayed in place, and I had no problem with the shirt riding up except for during jumping jacks which is to be expected.

The clothes felt comfortable, allowed for easy movement, and were cute – which is always a plus :)

As an Ellie ambassador, I am really happy to provide you guys with a 20% off coupon. All you have to do it click on the Ellie picture below. And free shipping with every order! The March Ellie line, The Little Black Collection, has some really cute pieces!

I was sent these workout clothes for being an Ellie Ambassador. All opinions are my own.


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