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Asthma Sucks


Last night at dinner I played an April Fool’s Day trick on the kids. I gave them their drinks but it was actually jello in a cup with a straw so they couldn’t drink it!

Hey, it’s funny to a six-year old…and I thought it was pretty clever. :)

The kids loved it.


For dinner, I made a similar salad to the one I had last week when I met Danny for lunch. My salad had spring mix, pears, walnuts, cranberries, cucumbers, and feta.

I topped it with Ken’s Sweet Vidalia Onion dressing. Marlene had this dressing when we celebrated my grandpa’s birthday a couple of weeks ago, and it was really good so I bought a bottle.

I also bought a package of cranberries and glazed walnuts which is what gave me the idea for the salad.

The glazed walnuts were the best part.


Today’s breakfast was something different from my usual Kashi Go Lean cereal. I usually stick to cereal in the mornings because it’s quick and easy during the busy morning, but sometimes it’s nice to have something different.

This morning I had a Van’s blueberry waffle topped with PB2 and blueberries. I also had two egg whites, coffee, and a glass of detox water.

Today’s Workout

  • Plank #31 – 3 minutes and 28 seconds!
  • 1 mile treadmill, walked
  • Butts and Guts – 60 minutes
  • Elliptical – 12 minutes
  • Stretching - 5 minutes

This morning, I had to make an asthma and allergy appointment for Jaden because his allergies have been acting up and he has been wheezy. Luckily, they were about to get him in at 11:15 am, so I told his school that I’d pick him up at 10:45 am.

I still had time to kill after Butts and Guts class (Jaden’s school is two minutes from the gym, so there’s no point in going home first) so I just did the elliptical for a short time, followed by some much-needed calf stretching.

Jaden’s doctor appointment took forever. Our appointment was at 11:15 am and by the time we even saw the doctor it was 12 pm. Then I was in a big rush to get Jaden back to school in time for lunch and pick up my niece.

Jaden left the doctor’s office with four prescriptions including a steroid, a breathing treatment, and an inhaler. I feel so bad that my poor little guys has to go through all this. He’s already on daily asthma and allergy medicine and gets allergy shots once every three weeks. Poor guy.

I’m finally home now and can eat lunch!

Have a great afternoon!


My blog will be down for few days sometime within the next week. I am in the process of switching over to a self-hosted site. Apparently, my love for taking pictures is making the process a little bit longer than originally planned :) But don’t worry, you can’t get rid of me that easily – once everything is switched over, things will be back to normal.

You can follow me on Facebook and Instagram (@RunEatPlay). I’m sure I’ll be posting a lot there!

  • What’s your quick go-to breakfast?
  • Do you (or your kids) have asthma or allergies?
  • Favorite salad topping?


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Maybe Not My Best Idea

Good afternoon!

Yesterday’s Plank Time: 1 minute and 30 seconds

Yes, that was it. At about 9:30 pm last night, I realized that I still hadn’t done my plank for the day but my back was still bothering me a bit, so I figured I’d just do a short plank. A short plank is better than no plank, right?

Today’s Workout

  • 2.04 miles treadmill, walked

When I woke up this morning, my back felt tons better. Not 100%, but pretty close. However, I felt sick. Physically sick like I ate something bad. I really debated whether I should go to the gym or not. Usually I take Butts and Guts class on Tuesday, and since I hadn’t been to the gym in two days, I decided to go to Butts and Guts class and just take it easy.

When I got to the gym, I stood there debating whether or not I should actually go into class. If you’re at the gym, and still debating whether or not to workout, it’s probably a better idea not too. But I don’t always listen to good advice, so I walked into Butts and Guts class and there was only one other women there who said that there was a sub instructor.

I took that as a sign that maybe I shouldn’t take class today and went to walk on the treadmill instead. I made it about two miles before I decided that I just didn’t feel well enough to continue working out.

Typically, if your cold symptoms are above the neck (headache, stuffy nose, light cough, etc) it’s typically okay to workout. Since my stomach was feeling physically sick and I didn’t want to be sick all over the treadmill (how’s that for imagery), I decided to head home.

I finally decided that I should maybe eat something around 11 am, and had a wafflewich for breakfast.

I used to eat these all the time, but haven’t had one lately, so while I was at the store, I picked up some Van’s blueberry waffles. I topped the waffles with a bit of PB2 and some blueberries.

After eating, I took the kids to go pick up my niece, and then we came home and I made the kids breakfast for lunch. We have a lot of cracked hard-boiled eggs to eat…

I forgot to show you this Easter egg that my dad made.

He’s pretty crafty.

The rest of the afternoon will be spent taking Jaden to a playdate and relaxing!

  • What’s your favorite way to eat eggs?
  • Do you workout when you’re feeling a bit under the weather?
  • What’s your favorite breakfast food?


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It’s Wednesday! We’re halfway through the week! Unfortunately, I woke up this morning with a cold, so I’m not feeling the greatest.


I’m finally out of Kashi oatmeal, so this morning for breakfast, I had a Van’s waffle topped with blueberries and peanut butter and some Honeycrisp apple slices.

Today’s Workout

  • 1.12 miles treadmill
  • BodyPump – 60 minutes

Total Pile on the Miles: 21.32 miles

After I got this little guy on the bus, I went to the gym.

Since I wasn’t feeling the greatest, I just walked a little over a mile on the treadmill before going to BodyPump. Every mile counts! I figure one mile is better than no miles.

Later in the day, I got this email about why you should exercise that I thought was interesting.

According to this email, the average person only works out two times a week. I understand that sometimes life gets busy with work, kids, school, life, etc. But I also feel that making time to workout can only benefit you. No one ever says, man, I really regret that workout. It’s making my heart all healthy and helping me to live longer. What a bummer.

I think any amount of exercise can benefit you. You can exercise for 10 minutes three times a day if you can’t workout 30 minutes at once. There are sneaky ways to get exercise in your daily routine – take the stairs, park in the farthest parking spot and walk, vacuum the house.

My sister in law’s place of employment has a gym. So, during her lunch break, she works out in the gym. She doesn’t have to travel away from the building to work out, so it’s convenient. Plus, it doesn’t take an hour to eat a sandwich. My brother’s work has a work station on a treadmill! How cool is that?! Of course, you have to be coordinated enough to walk and talk on the phone at the same time, but I love how businesses are seeing how important daily exercise is. (Plus, they probably want to keep their employees healthy so they don’t miss work.) :)

In other news, I have decided that I am pretty much addicted to Christmas. Danny knows the way to my heart and it’s not through diamonds or chocolate…it’s through Christmas decorations!

He brought me home this moose mailbox cover from the store yesterday. How super cute is it?! I just look at all my Christmas decorations as an investment in the future. After this year, I probably won’t ever have to buy another Christmas decoration. I love Christmas the way my dad loves Halloween.

And in my defense, I haven’t put up one Christmas decoration yet. I do wait until the day after Thanksgiving. Wait, I take that back – we did stick Christmas Mickey Mouse window clings to the window yesterday. But I just put those up because my niece loves Minnie and Mickey. I swear that’s the only decoration I have up so far!

We have a busy night tonight. Jacob has a community night for school, and Danny is helping my dad out with some stuff. I hope you all have a great night!

Questions of the day:

  • How many days a week do you exercise?
  • Does your job have a gym or treadmill work station?
  • What’s your favorite holiday?


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Apple Pumpkin Waffle Sandwich

Yesterday afternoon (after the Bears won!) we went to Heritage Days in a nearby town. It consisted mostly of food, music, a flea market, a carnival, and stuff for the kids to do. Here’s a few pics:

Afterwards we stopped by a new to us farmers market:

Unfortunately, we got there right before they were closing and most of the good produce was gone. I got two lemons and the kids both picked out an apple. Next time, I’ll have to go earlier in the day.


So, it seems like I can’t stop buying k-cups! But it’s not my fault that they come out with the best flavors during the fall season.

And really, what’s better that enjoying a hot cup of butter toffee coffee on a cool crisp fall day?

I wasn’t a huge fan of the mocha k-cups from Dunkin Donuts, so when I saw that Target had their k-cups on sale with a $5 gift card for buying two boxes, I couldn’t resist. I won’t need to be buying anymore for a while.


I came up with another great way to try out the pumpkin butter – a wafflewich!

I used two Van’s multigrain Belgian waffles and spread them with about a tablespoon of pumpkin butter. Then I sliced thin pieces of apple and added them to the waffle. Put the two waffles together, and you have an apple pumpkin butter waffle sandwich!

Biggest Loser

Only about five more days until the Biggest Loser is over. I don’t expect to lose too much weight at the final weigh-in. My scale has been kind of stuck lately. I keep gaining and losing the same two pounds. I think I’ve hit a plateau and can’t seem to lose any more weight (I’m sure my weekend eating isn’t helping).

My goals this week are to:

  • eat as healthy as I can and try not to eat a lot of sugar
  • workout daily (no problem there!)
  • eat most of my carbs during the day rather than at night
  • drink lots and lots of water (I am usually pretty good about this)

Questions of the day:

  • Have you ever hit a weight plateau? How did you start losing weight again?
  • Do you have any goals this week?
  • Favorite coffee? Favorite breakfast?


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A Scary Situation


Yesterday afternoon, I took the kids to the farmers market. The kids ran into the market, excited to be the first one’s to the sno-cone man, but stopped dead in their tracks when they realized that the sno-cone man was nowhere to be found. This particularly upset Jaden since his future aspiration is too become a sno-cone maker.

Fortunately, we found something better than sno-cones…giant cinnamon rolls.

Unfortunately, I forgot to snap a picture.

I did get a picture of the veggies and orange we bought.

Jacob also picked out apricots – he loves them. Jaden tasted the world’s smallest bite of one, and declared it the worst thing that he’s ever ate.

I used some of the veggies in my lunch.

A bagelwich with egg whites and Laughing Cow cheese with hummus, veggies, and blueberries on the side.

Important Stuff

I usually let my kids (ages 11 and 5) play in our front yard when I am inside with the baby. They’re usually good about staying where I can see them when I walk outside. Plus, there’s usually tons of neighborhood kids that are outside playing also – usually at our house because we have a basketball hoop and that thing attracts kids like bees to honey.

Anyway, my kids were playing outside riding their skateboards up and down the block (no other kids were out at the time), and I came outside to get them for dinner. They were a few house down, coming back towards our house.

When they got to our house, they told me that just seconds before a car was driving down the street and pulled up to them and asked if they wanted a ride home. They told the man “no”, and started to walk away from the car. The man proceeded to ask them if they were sure, and they kids said no again. Then, the man drove off.

So, here I am panicking, looking for this creepy guy, telling the kids that they should be running home, not walking home. My husband came home about 10 minutes later, and he called the local police department to report it. A police officer came out and talked to the kids, asking about what happened, and what the guy and his car looked like. The kids were really good, and told him as much as they could remember.

So, of course, now I’m crazy paranoid and don’t want my kids to play outside anymore, which isn’t fair because they’re kids. But who does that? Who drives up to kids, who are obviously near their own house, and asks them if they need a ride home?!

What would you have done? Do you let your kids play outside by themselves?


Last night, Danny brought home two of the world’s best cookies – Potbelly’s oatmeal chocolate chips cookies.

There was no way that I was passing up this cookie – it’s way too delicious. So, I looked up the nutrition facts on the Potbelly website - 420 calories for one cookie! Can you believe that?! I believe in everything in moderation and having treats, so I compromised and cut the cookie in half. That way it was only 210 calories and still fit into my daily calorie count.

Danny ate three chocolate chip oatmeal cookies yesterday. Darn his metabolism.

Today’s Workout

  • Biggest Loser Boot Camp – 60 minutes
  • Lift and Tone Class – 45 minutes

Boot camp workout:

After boot camp, some of the Biggest Loser people go over to the gym for the Lift and Tone class, so I decided to join them today. It’s a 45 minutes class that focuses mostly on using hand weights and body bars. It felt good to workout so much this morning, but by the time I got home, I was starving!

I ate a lot – a Van’s waffle with peanut butter and blueberries, watermelon, pineapple, and unpictured Greek yogurt and coffee.

Have a wonderful Saturday!


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Kickboxing Jam

Chobani Winner

#12 – Darbi I love anything orange….so the Blood Orange!

Congrats, Darbi! Please email your shipping address to [email protected] asap.

And don’t forget to also check out my Sabra hummus giveaway!

Yesterday’s Workout

  • Kickboxing Jam class – 60 minutes

Since I wasn’t able to make it to the gym yesterday morning, I decided to try out a new class at my gym last night – kickboxing jam! Danny and I used to take kickboxing at a karate studio, and this class wasn’t anywhere near as intense. It was more of a cardio kickboxing class with 20 minutes of abs at the end.

At the kickboxing class Danny and I used to take, we used to actually punch and kick each other while holding body pads. Oh, how I miss punching and kicking my husband. But don’t you worry about him…he punched and kicked a lot harder than I did.

The kickboxing class last night was a great cardio workout though. The only downside is that the night fitness classes are so crowded and the fitness room is fairly small so everyone is crammed in there. That makes it pretty hard to really kick. I can’t wait until the new gym is built next year!

Hot, sweaty, and blurry after kickboxing last night….and crazed looking?!

Today’s Workout

  • BodyPump – 60 minutes

Nothing fancy. Normal body pump. I used lighter weights for the shoulder track because my shoulder is still sore.


I had another Van’s waffle with peanut butter and blueberries this morning, along with more blueberries and watermelon on the side. I also had a black cherry Chobani yogurt. I know that I’ve said this about almost all of the Chobani flavors, but the black cherry is one of my favorite flavors. I think I like it more than the blueberry. I love that it has big pieces of delicious cherries in it. And don’t worry, there’s a flavor that I do not like coming up soon.

This afternoon, we’re going to pick up my niece and then I’m taking the kids to the farmer’s market for some fruits and veggies. They’re most excited to get sno-cones!

Questions of the day:

  • The Olympics start tonight! Are you going to watch? What’s your favorite sport to watch? Did you hear that trampolining is an Olympic sport this year?!
  • Any plans for this weekend?


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Sabra Hummus Giveaway

Yesterday’s Workout

  • Biggest Loser Workout
  • 5k prep

For last night’s Biggest Loser workout, there were different stations set up and we rotated each station after a minute. Some of the exercises we did included:

  • planks
  • one-legged bent over rows
  • triceps extensions
  • walking lunges
  • squats
  • sprints
  • shoulder extensions

I only used three-pound dumbbells to do the exercises because my shoulder is still really bothering me from the Muddy Buddy – I’m pretty sure I pulled something or it’s just really sore. The instructor even commented on why I was using such light weights, and I told her that my shoulder was bothering me and I didn’t want to make it worse.

After the first workout, we went out for the 5k prep workout. We ran for 90 seconds and walked for 60 seconds for about 25 minutes. My calves were killing me, so I made sure to wear my zensah calf sleeves.

Afterwards, I came home and had salmon belle mar for dinner – salmon stuffed with crab. This stuff is delicious. I buy it at Target and it’s probably the best fish I’ve had. The crabmeat inside is so flavorful.

Today’s Breakfast

The return of Van’s blueberry waffles! Topped with strawberries, blueberries, and peanut butter with a Chobani blueberry Greek yogurt on the side. I thought it was only fitting to eat the blueberry yogurt. I love the blueberry flavor – it’s one of my top favs.

I didn’t workout this morning because Jaden had an appointment at the allergy doctor. He finds it necessary to always try what I’m drinking, then he usually loves it, and wants to drink all of it.

That was cranberry lime Propel water, and it was an awesome flavor.

Hummus Time!

Sabra recently sent me some coupons to pick up some free hummus.

I buy garlic hummus. Every single time. So, I decided what better day than today to try something new? Instead of buying my normal garlic hummus, I decided to try the roasted pine nut hummus. I have seen pine nuts in so many different delicious recipes, but have had yet to try them. (Those tiny nuts sure are darn expensive!)

Along with my hummus, I bought green pepper, red pepper, baby carrots, and cucumbers to use as dippers. There is also an awesome veggie hummus pita pizza recipe on their website that I want to try out.

Doesn’t this hummus look awesome?!

And it tasted wonderful. I am so happy that I decided to try out something different. I can’t wait to try another flavor next time.

The people at Sabra sent me few free coupons, and since I love sharing, I decided to have a giveaway for one of the coupons that I will personally mail to you.

The coupon is good for any Sabra item (up to $5.99, 8 oz or greater). Besides hummus, Sabra also makes salsa, guacamole, and veggie dip. I have been dying to try the veggie dip, but haven’t been able to find it anywhere near me. If you see it, let me know!

To Enter:

  • Leave a comment letting me know what your favorite kind of hummus is or what kind you would love to try.

That’s all! U.S. residents only please. Giveaway will go until Sunday, July 29th at 11:00 pm CST. I will post the winner Monday.

Also, if you’re looking for another great giveaway and you live in Chicago, Detroit, Kansas City, or Denver check out Cutting the Cheese’s giveaway. Ends tonight!


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The Biggest Loser Program


Last night, I went to The Biggest Loser Orientation at my gym. There was a lot more people there than I expected. There was at least 40 to 50 people there. I thought that I would at least know a few of them from the gym and classes, but I only knew the trainers and one of the women participating.

Everything was very well-organized and informative. We all got an information folder outlining the program. It included the program expectations:

It had a list of each workout and nutrition information days:

It also had a workout and food tracker log:

I prefer to write my food journal in a small notebook, so I’m going to stick to that.

Then came in the weigh-in part. I ended up gaining a few pounds over the past two weeks and wasn’t very happy. Then, I realized that it was completely my own fault. I haven’t been making the healthiest choices that I could be lately. We ate out at a restaurant for dinner for almost a week straight. And I haven’t tracked one food or counted one calorie.

I’m glad that I joined the Biggest Loser Challenge, and I think that it will help get me back on track. Being held accountable really seems to work for me.

My plan to get back on track this week includes:

  • drinking lots of water
  • writing down what I eat in my food journal and counting calories
  • eating lots of veggies, fruits, and whole grains
  • eating most of my carbs during the day rather than at night
  • avoiding sugar (if a sweet craving hits, eat sugar-free jello)

I also got a Biggest Loser t-shirt that we’re supposed to wear for workouts and stuff. By the time I got there last night, they only had size large and bigger t-shirts left. It’s a bit big, but I just plan on wearing a tank top underneath if it gets in my way during a workout. I’m excited to start this program and go to the first workout!

Today’s Breakfast

Breakfast #1 this morning was half a grapefruit. I was smarter than the grapefruit this time and cut it in half the right way.

Why do people only eat half a grapefruit? Once you scoop the fruit out, it’s not all that much. Why can’t I just eat the whole grapefruit?

Today’s Workout

  • BodyPump – 60 minutes

BodyPump was crowded today. It was hard to fit everyone in. My lower back is sore from Butts and Guts class yesterday so I took it easy during the back track. I normally lift 25 pounds during the back workout, but today I stuck with 20 pounds.

Jaden must take after me when it comes to crazy hair. (Actually Jacob had crazy hair day at band today, and Jaden wanted crazy hair too).

Breakfast #2

After BodyPump, I came home and had what I considered my “real” breakfast. I opened the freezer and was happy to see that I had one Van’s English muffin left. I haven’t had an egg sandwich in forever (a few weeks seems like forever when you’re used to eating an egg sandwich every day).

I topped my English muffin with two egg whites and half a slice of provolone cheese. I also had some blueberries on the side.

My grandmother, Marlene, is an awesome dessert chef and makes the delicious cakes and desserts that you often see on my blog. She even made my 30th birthday cake. She is in the process of opening her business but needs a grant to do so. In order to get a grant, she needs at least 250 votes to be considered.

I would be forever grateful if you could please help support the small businesses and vote for her at Mission Small Business. All you have to do is click on “log in & support” button and then type in “Sweet Temptations” and click on Illinois. Thank you so much for helping out!

Questions of the day:

  • Do you like exercising better in group settings or alone?
  • What’s your favorite way to eat eggs?
  • What’s your favorite kind of cake? Mine is any cake. Any cake at all.


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How Bad Do You Want It?

Well, I gained one pound at my weigh-in last night. Sigh.

I wasn’t as upset as I thought I’d be though. I mean, I wasn’t happy, of course, but I’ve been losing weight for eight straight weeks, so one bad week isn’t going to break me.

I also figure that’s it’s my own fault. I know that I ate a lot over Memorial Day weekend – s’mores, cookies, spice drops, a drink or two. I had hoped to make up for it during the week, but I think the key is that I also have to eat healthy during the weekend too.

The weight-loss teacher said something yesterday that made me think. She said, “how bad do you want it?” And I started to think how bad did I want it? How bad do I want to lose weight and be healthy? Do I really want to eat that s’more when I don’t even really like marshmallows in the first place? Do I really need that second or third cookie? The answer is no. No, I don’t.

I’m not saying that I should deprive myself of treats because I know that always ends bad. But what I am saying is that I should save those calories for a treat that I really and truly enjoy, like a Dove chocolate or a donut.

I always thought that it wasn’t fair that I couldn’t eat whatever I wanted. It’s my life, I want to eat four chocolate chip cookies or a pint of ice cream. But I’ve come to realize that I really can’t eat what ever I feel like and still expect to lose weight and be healthy. I mean, I love to eat healthy, but I also have a terrible sweet tooth. So, it comes down to how bad do I want it. That’s why I made a promise to myself that I am going to eat healthy this weekend. Sure, I might have a treat or two, but I am still going to keep it in my daily calorie range and make it something that I really enjoy.

Geesh, all that because I gained one stupid pound. Moving on….


For breakfast today, I made two Van’s Power Grains waffles. I planned on topping them with syrup, but when I went to grab the syrup, it wasn’t there. Someone ate all the syrup. Darn. I was unsure what to do because my waffles were already cooking. I was actually baffled for a minute. So, I decided to top them with peanut butter and blueberries. Then I remembered that I ate all the blueberries yesterday. Who knew breakfast would be such a production?! Finally, I just put peanut butter in between the waffles and ate my wafflewich. Problem solved.

Today’s Workout

  • BodyPump

Today’s BodyPump instructor is different from Wednesday’s, so we didn’t do the new BodyPump release. We ended up doing an old one which I liked. Before I went to BodyPump, I made sure to foam roll the heck out of my calf.

It’s still sore, but not as sore as it was yesterday. And yes, I realize that I have very large calves. You don’t have to tell me, I see them everyday.

I designated Jaden as my photographer, and he had a great time taking self-pics. I wonder where he gets that from?

After the gym, I stopped by the grocery store to get some lettuce. While we were there, I found this Kashi oatmeal.

I decided to pick it up to try because I haven’t had hot oatmeal in a long time. I made it for lunch and topped it with some sliced strawberries. (I like to do things like the picture on the box. It makes me feel fancy.)

It was good, but it wasn’t great. What kind of threw me off was that it had sesame seeds in it which made the oatmeal crunchy. I don’t really enjoy crunchy oatmeal. It reminds me of the time I ate crunchy yogurt.

Tonight, we have plans to go to Whole Foods to pick up a few groceries with the gift card that I won a while back. Have a great Friday night!

Questions of the day:

  • Do you foam roll?
  • Cold or hot oatmeal?
  • What would you buy at Whole Foods?
  • Any plans this weekend?


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Baby Ducks and Coffee Make me Happy

First things first – the winners of the mix1 protein shake giveaway! Congrats to #10 – Amanda Garvey and #22 – suerocks30. Please email your address to [email protected] asap so that I can get your info to mix1!


Last night for dinner, I had potato crusted cod, green beans, and a strawberry spinach salad. The first time I ever tried cod was when I bought it on accident, and I have actually liked it ever since. And everything is better with potatoes…or cheese.

I tried out the Panera poppy seed dressing on my salad and thought that it was just okay. I have never had the actual dressing from Panera itself, so I can’t compare the two, but I have had the Annie’s poppy seed dressing, and I think it has more flavor than the Panera version. I still ate every single bite; I just think I like the Annie’s better.

After dinner, we took a family walk around the block.

Do you love how stylish Jacob and I are? Running shoes go with everything right?


This morning, I finally had the Van’s blueberry muffin crown for breakfast. I had two egg whites on the side. I thawed my muffin crown in the microwave, but you can actually cook them in the oven for 12-15 minutes. I’m going to try that next time.

I really liked this muffin crown because it was more like a thick muffin rather than a thin muffin top, and I love blueberries!

Today’s Workout

  • Butts and Guts Class – 60 minutes

I bought a new Under Amour shirt from Dick’s Sporting Goods over the weekend that I wore to the gym today.

I love this shirt, and I love the blue color. I usually always find myself buying clothes in black, but on my family’s advice, I went with the blue shirt.

I don’t usually buy clothes from sporting good stores (unless they’re on sale!) because stores like TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, and Target have similar stuff for so much cheaper. But I fell in love with this shirt. I love the color, the fit, and the neckline. I even went back to Dick’s after my workout to see if they had any other colors, but they didn’t have any in my size.

Today’s Butts and Guts class was really hard. I think my legs are still sore from run/walking 5 miles yesterday, and we did lots of step work and lunges in class today that my legs didn’t enjoy. I kind of felt like I deserved a coffee treat after my workout, so I stopped at McDonald’s for a medium sugar-free iced coffee. Those things are good!

I checked how many calories were in it on my iPod before we left the gym, and there’s only 90 calories in a medium, so I figured that wouldn’t break the calorie bank. I also packed some raspberry Fage Greek yogurt and Fiber One cereal.

I have never seen raspberry Fage yogurt before, so when I saw it at the store yesterday, I picked one up to try. I wasn’t really a big fan of it. I think I’ll stick to the blueberry and strawberry flavors.

Jaden and I also spent some time watching the new tiny baby duckies. I love baby animals!

Question of the day:

  • What are your favorite stores to shop at? For workout clothes? For regular clothes?
  • What’s your favorite color to wear?
  • Favorite coffee?


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