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Punta Cana Vacation

Hello! I haven’t posted in awhile because Danny, the kids, and I just got back from Punta Cana!

We left Sunday July 31st and got home on Friday night. This was our first ever vacation that required passports so we felt super fancy. :)

Really though, it was a great vacation and we had a great time. And it was HOT. The first couple of days weren’t too bad because there was a storm moving through but after that it was very hot outside.

We stayed at the Now Larimar resort and had an all-inclusive package which included all food, drinks, alcohol, entertainment, and non-motorized water sports.

The kids had so much fun and loved swimming the the ocean (actually I think it’s the Caribbean Sea) and the pools.

Danny and I tried out the paddle boarding which is harder than it looks.

The kids loved the paddleboarding too and we also did kayaking and windsailing.

I loved that the resort had fun activities throughout the day. One of my favorites was when they brought a monkey out to the pool area so people could take pictures with it.

I was so excited because I’ve always wanted to hold a monkey!

Another day they had a coconut party on the beach with a coconut throwing contest and coconut drinks served in coconuts.

There was a foam party in the pool which was tons of fun. The foam was everywhere and they warned you to hold on to your child so they wouldn’t get lost under all the foam.

They also had pool Zumba and bingo games.

One night there was a dance show which was fun to watch.

After the dance show, they’re were crab races! The crabs looked so funny running with their claws up in the air.

Jaden bought Danny and I this cute monkey all by himself with his own money and surprised us with it.

One of my favorite things on our last night there was the beach party and fire show. We did the congo and limbo.

Then we watched the fire show. It was amazing and I think I kept my breath held the entire time because I was afraid they were going to drop the fire or miss catching the fire, but they didn’t.

I was a little worried about the food in Punta Cana because I heard mixed reviews about it and I was worried about the kids and if they’d eat anything. Luckily, the food was decent and we had no problems finding good things to eat.

I liked the chicken burritos.

Jacob liked the desserts.

And Jaden liked ordering Froot Loops from room service.

Overall, it was a wonderful trip but we looked forward to getting home and sleeping in our own beds!

Have a great afternoon!

  • What was your favorite vacation? 

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Wisconsin Dells 2015

Good morning, friends! I am back from vacation!

We left for Wisconsin Dells last Tuesday and we got home Friday night.

Going to the Dells!

This is our fourth year going to Wisconsin Dells with my family. This year we rented a three bedroom villa with a full kitchen. This works well because we are able to bring food with us and eat the majority of meals in our room instead of eating out for every meal.

Of course, the kids wanted to swim as soon as we got there so we changed into bathing suits and headed down to the pool.

We made plan ahead of time to go out to dinner one night so we went out that first night.

I tried to eat healthy when I could. Greek yogurt, berries, and peanut butter cheerios for breakfast.

But in reality it was a week of eating and drinking all day long! I was on vacation and probably went a little overboard with the food but I’m home now and things are getting back to normal.

All the delicious drinks:

We all brought a package of Oreos and had an Oreo tasting party.

The cotton candy Oreos were surprisingly delicious but the mint Oreos were the best in my opinion.

On the second night, we used the outdoor grill at the resort to make dinner and they happened to be setting up a wild animal show while we were there. We got to see the cutest baby tiger and I was in love with him! He was so adorable!

Of course, we also swam a lot. We stayed off the main resort but we were able to take a shuttle or a boat over to the main resort where the majority of the pools were located. The kids enjoyed boating across the lake.

Everyone had a great time enjoying the weather, swimming, and going down the waterslides.

Our resort had a little beach that we took the kids to one afternoon. Jaden really wanted to find seashells but was only able to find rocks.

Jaden actually loves rocks. The only thing he wanted to do in the Dells was go rock mining. I think this is our third year doing it and he loves it every time.

We checked out of our room on Friday morning but stayed to swim until about 3pm before heading home.

It was a really fun vacation with my family but we were ready to get home! After a week of overindulging, I am definitely ready to get back to my regular workouts and healthy eating!

Have a great Sunday!

  • Have you gone on vacation this summer?
  • Favorite vacation?




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I’m back from California!!

My sister-in-law and I left for California last Tuesday afternoon. Danny and my niece drove me to my sister-in-law, Crystal’s, house so he could drop us off and my niece could say goodbye to her mom.

From there, Crystal’s cousin drove us to the airport.

We arrived in San Francisco in the evening and my uncle picked us up at the airport. My aunt and uncle live about an hour and a half from San Francisco way up a mountain. I’m always amazed at all the hills and mountains especially living in Illinois where everything is flat.

Since they live in an isolated location up a mountain they get all kinds of animals. I  saw horses, cows, deer, turkey, and a coyote.

They also have seen bobcats, rattlesnakes, tarantulas, and even a peacock!! I guess the week before we arrived was tarantula mating season. I can’t not even begin to tell you how happy I am about missing that!!

The temperature was starting to drop the week we arrived but we were able to swim one day. They have an amazing brand-new pool.

My aunt and Crystal did swim one other day but the water was too cold for me!

On our first full day, we went to Gayle’s, a delicious bakery/restaurant. My aunt had ordered an amazing princess cake.

It was delicious!

On our last full day, we drove through San Francisco and over the Golden Gate bridge into the town on Sausalito.

I’ve been to California a few times before but this was my first time going over the Golden Gate bridge.

We shopped in Sausalito and ate lunch on the ocean.

Crystal and my Aunt Pam:

We were able to see Alcatraz way out in the middle of the ocean.

I had a wonderful time and was glad that I was able to relax. I think it helped my leg and hip a lot to take it easy because the pain in my adductor is gone.

Although I had a great time with my aunt, uncle, and sister-in-law, I was happy to get back home to Danny and the kids! They were so happy to see me! It was nice to be able to FaceTime with them while I was in California but seeing them in person was the best!

A big thank you to my aunt and uncle for having us!

  • When was the last time you went on vacation? Where did you go?
  • If you could go on vacation anywhere, where would it be?



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When I Don’t Workout, I Buy Food

Good afternoon!


Yesterday afternoon, I took the kids to the park.



I think it counts as exercise since it’s about a half hour walk to and from the park…especially when you go the long way which the kids didn’t appreciate since it was hot outside.


I didn’t go to the gym this morning, so the kids and I went to Target…you know, the happiest place on Earth. I haven’t been to Target lately so I think I was starting to have Target withdraws.

I got Jacob a backpack for school, but I’m still waiting for the kid’s back-to-school supply lists to come in the mail. Obviously, it’s way too much effort for me to go to the school’s website and just print the lists out.

The first thing I saw when walked into Target was this awesome sweater (real or not real?)


Who doesn’t love a pink sweater with a hedgehog on it?! Sadly, the sweater didn’t come home with me.

I did get a few other things that I thought I’d share. Great, another food post. It seems like when I don’t workout out as often, I focus more on food.

First, I got my favorite fish – salmon belle mar. So. Good.


We’re going to Wisconsin Dells soon just like we did last year, so I got a couple of food items to bring with. I found this new Special K oatmeal. It’s a multi-grain blend with quinoa.


I got the maple brown sugar crunch flavor. There was also a few other flavors to chose from. These will be great to bring to the resort for breakfast – a lot healthier, easier, and faster than going out to breakfast. I also like these because they have less calories that the Quaker oatmeal cups.

One container of oatmeal has 190 calories, 8 grams of protein, and 5 grams of fiber.

Next, I got a Go Picnic hummus and crackers ready-to-eat-meal. These are great for the car or at the pool because they don’t have to refrigerated.

I also picked up a Lara ALT bar, which I ate as soon as we left the store. I was hungry.



I really like the ALT bars because they taste good and have a lot of protein, but I prefer the texture of the regular Larabars better. The ALT bars are a lot thicker and denser and not as soft.


Finally, I bought some flip flops for the Dells. A lot of the flip flops and sandals were on clearance for $4.48. Who doesn’t love $4.48 sandals?!


Danny and I have plans to go to the gym tonight after dinner. I’m either going to try out some of the weight machine or go to yoga, it depends how busy the gym. My gym is on the smaller side, so it gets really crowded at night – another reason I prefer going in the morning!

Have a wonderful afternoon!

  • What’s your happiest place on Earth?
  • Did you go on vacation this summer? Where to? Any vacation plans coming up?
  • Favorite quick and easy breakfast or snack?


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