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I Eat the Same Thing

The ice cream eating streak continues. My son got his tonsils out yesterday and is milking this ice cream thing for all it’s worth (pun intended). He’s probably had about ten bowls since yesterday, not to mention jello and pudding. He’s also eating tons of mac and cheese. I guess tonsil surgery gives you an appetite.


I woke up early this morning to squeeze in a little cardio time at the gym before running a few errands. Before heading to the gym, I had some overnight oats for breakfast. And I had legit overnight oats this time because I made them last night instead of thirty minutes before I eat them.

This time, though, I poured a little bit of Bear Naked cereal on top. What a difference the crunch makes! These oats were way better with the crunchy cereal. I even made sure to buy another box. Mostly so I can pour way more cereal on top.


  • 2.3 miles treadmill
  • 15 minutes stationary bike
  • 10 minutes stretching

Just a quick workout today. After my workout I had an apple and a CoolFuel bar (yes, I steal these from my kids – what? They’re good). And I know that you’ve probably missed pictures of me eating in my car, so I figured that I better include one.

After the gym, I went to Target to pick up a few little Christmas presents and get a sleeping bag for my son. He’s going to his first sleepover party! Oh my gosh – I’m so nervous. I know it’s crazy but he’s only slept over with family members before. Now, he’s going to a hotel swimming party. What? Is this what 10 year olds do? What happened to McDonald’s birthday parties.

My younger son is a little jealous that his big brother is going to a party without him, so I picked up this gingerbread house kit (50% off!) for us to make while he’s gone.

Thankfully, I don’t like gingerbread, but I can’t guarantee that there will be any gum drops left to put on the house once I get ahold of them.


I had the same exact thing for lunch today that I had yesterday. A bagelwich and Southwest salad. I tend to eat the same thing over and over and over…Maybe I should have called my blog Run & Play instead – that way you wouldn’t you have to look at the same three foods over and over again. Pancakes, bagelwich, oatmeal. Repeat.

Whatever – it was good. I’ll probably eat it tomorrow too.

This weekend will be pretty laid back since my son is still recovering from his surgery. But next week will be busy with school parties, last-minute Christmas shopping, and doctor appointments.

Have you finished Christmas shopping yet?

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Ice Cream Makes Everything Better

Do you know what the worst part about baking is (besides cleaning up)? It means that there are delicious, chewy, and moist cookies in the house. Lots of cookies. Cookies that call out to me every time I pass them. Heather, eat us. We’re so delicious. And don’t stop at one or two…eat five of us. Darn cookies. And if cookies are talking to you, you better listen.

When I baked them yesterday, I planned on giving my husband quite a few to take to work. Then I remembered that he has the rest of the week off of work. So, more cookies for me. Great. At least I put them in a tin, so I can’t see them. But I can still hear them calling to me though the tin…

Workout: BodyPump

BodyPump this morning was hard, even though it was the same class as Monday. I don’t know if my body was just tired and my muscles fatigued, but I really struggled through it. And I was really overheated today, and it didn’t help that the class was jam-packed. I got there a few minutes later than usual and had to smush myself into a corner in the back. Oh well, I still did it.

And remember how I struggled with the lunges before? Well, the new release adds jumping lunges. Somebody kill me now…

After BodyPump, I had a chunky peanut butter thinkThin bar. 20 grams of protein in that baby. If you close your eyes and imagine really hard, it almost tastes like a Reece’s peanut butter cup. Almost.

Alright, who am I kidding? It tastes nothing like a peanut butter cup, but it’s still good.

My son is going to miss his Christmas show at school because he will be recovering from getting his tonsils out. So, the school was nice enough to let us come in today and watch the kids rehearse. It worked out well that Danny had the day off work, so after BodyPump we headed over to the school.

Little kids are so darn cute when they sing. I’m really glad that we at least got to see the rehearsal.

The rest of today will be spent finishing up some errands and taking my son to the store to pick out any kind of ice cream that he wants for after his tonsil surgery. His brother is trying to talk him into getting sherbet…hey, who’s getting their tonsils out here? Okay, okay, I’m trying to talk him into getting peppermint…just kidding.

What’s your favorite flavor ice cream?


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Cookies, Ear Pain, and Tonsils

Apparently the Keurig coffee maker has spoiled me. I can’t wait 50 seconds for a cup of coffee without trying to dump in cream and sugar when it’s still brewing, making a mess everywhere. That’ll teach me to be impatient.

We didn’t get around to decorating the Christmas tree last night. Sad, I know. We’re babysitting my niece because my brother is sick. Then karate and dinner ran a little late, and things just got too busy.

We did however, decorate cookies. And we all know that’s the important thing. I showed off my awesome baking skills by using Pillsbury break & bake sugar cookies. Hey, it’s fast and easy. And still delicious.



My superb cookie decorating skills:

My son has a fever again. We seem to keep passing this illness back and forth. It’s dumb. But the timing couldn’t have been better because he has a doctor appointment today for a pre-surgery screening.

And I’m pretty sure that he has an ear infection. He keeps complaining of ear pain. See how smart I am. ear pain = ear infection. Plus, his ear is bright red.

My poor baby. Hopefully, once he gets his tonsils removed, he’ll stop getting sick so much. But they can’t remove his tonsils if he’s sick. Blah.

Do you have tonsils? What are tonsils even for?


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