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Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2014

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

First, up the two winners of the Fresh Express coupon giveaway: Julie and Sandra! I already sent you both emails!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I was supposed to work Friday night, but my appointment got canceled, so Danny and I decided to workout at the gym instead.

We did a workout from The New Rules of Lifting book which included squats, push-ups, seated rows, step-ups on a box, and jackknifes on a stability ball. We finished out our workout with some box jumps – we set them up from smallest to biggest and had fun jumping on them.

I am still working on a soft landing. You can see a video on Instagram of me jumping :) (I’m RunEatPlay on Instagram).

On Saturday, we went out with my family for a St. Patrick’s Day dinner and then came¬†back to our house.

I think I might have ate something bad because I have been feeling sick since Saturday night. The boys had corned beef at the restaurant but I had a lobster tail. It tasted good but I wonder if that’s what made me sick.

I managed to teach BodyPump on Sunday morning, even though I didn’t feel the best.

After the BodyPump, we took the kids to Barnes and Noble to pick out a book.

Just a typical Sunday afternoon, sitting on the floor at Barnes and Noble, reading fitness books.

After the book store, we went to Sports Authority to get soccer shoes for Jacob and baseball cleats for Jaden.

Of course, I spotted a pair of Nikes on clearance and in my size (a rare thing to find). And we had a coupon.

Do I need new shoes? No. Did I buy new shoes? Yes.

Danny was less than thrilled to be buying more shoes.

I have shoe problem…a gym shoe problem. I could care less about other shoes.

In my defense, one pair is Jacob’s, one pair is too narrow, and one pair has a stupid tongue problem.

I wear different shoes for different activities like running, teaching BodyPump, fitness classes, etc and the Asics that I usually wear to take exercise classes have a major problem with the tongue twisting completely sideways which drives me nuts because it’s so uncomfortable.

I haven’t owned Nikes in awhile, so I figured they’d be perfect to wear for fitness classes. And they were on clearance. Danny.

I am still not feeling 100% today, but I did work for a couple of hours this morning…then I came home and got sick. I only managed to eat a Lara Uber bar today but I am going to try some toast in a bit!

Have a great afternoon!

  • When was the last time you were sick?
  • Do you own a lot of shoes? Favorite shoes? I love my Reebok ZQuick shoes because they are so comfortable!

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Video Fail

Good afternoon!

Yesterday, I recorded my BodyPump video and it didn’t turn out as planned. The camera stopped recording after 13 minutes and no one realized it! Not fun.

I brought my own digital camera because I had a new 6 hour HD video memory card, but the instructor also brought the gym’s video camera. I tried putting my memory card in the gym’s camera but it said that it wasn’t compatible. So, I just used my own camera. Well, that was a mistake because it stopped recording.

I guess it’s for the best anyway because I made a few mistakes and it would probably be better to record again. Next time, I’ll use the gym’s camera and just bring the memory card home to upload on my computer.

It was so hard teaching! It’s so different from practing at home with a 9 lb bar to using the regular weights at the gym. And my right quad and hip hurt so bad during the lunge track.

So needless to say, I will be practicing again all week and filming on Sunday.


My new Asics came in the mail on Friday (yay for free two-day shipping!) and I love them!


I also picked up these cute flats from Target over the weekend.


They are so cute, it was hard to resist. (I wear a size 11 in gym shoes and a size 10 in regular shoes.)

I rarely wear heels because I’m already tall as it but also because I am really awkward in heels, so I just stick to flats.

Except, I always buy cheap flats that end up hurting my feet after¬†I wear them a few times.¬†Danny pointed out that with all the money I have spent on cheap flats, I could have bought a nice pair that wouldn’t hurt my feet. Hopefully these won’t hurt my feet because I love them!


I worked at the gym for a little while this morning, then I stopped at the grocery store. I randomly picked up a box of peanut butter Puffins.


I have never bought the Puffins cereal before but I have heard a lot of good things about it so I decided today would be the day to try it out. And anything with peanut butter must be delicious, right?

This afternoon I’ll be working on my Halloween costume for the party this weekend. Most of my costume is store bought but there is a couple of parts to it that I am making.

Halloween costumes make me think of Halloween candy. What’s your favorite Halloween candy?


I love Reese’s Peanut Butter cups and Snickers. Lucky for me, Jacob is allergic to nuts so I get to eat all his peanut butter candy. I could share with Jaden and Danny, but I don’t. Okay, okay maybe I do a little.

I also like the non-chocolate candy like Skittles and Starbursts. As much as I am going to try and stay away from the Halloween candy this year, I am sure a few piece will find their way into my mouth :) What’s Halloween without a little candy?!

Have a wonderful afternoon!

  • Favorite Halloween candy?
  • Ladies: flats or heels?
  • Are you dressing up for Halloween this year?



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Few Words Friday

I just spent forever typing up my blog post and somehow I accidently deleted the whole thing. I have never done that before. How annoying.

Okay how about some pics from my day instead?

I didn’t work out today because my right leg and left knee still hurt and I don’t want to overdo it and get injured.

Instead, I spent the day running errands with the kids.

I tried on a cute skirt, but didn’t buy it.


The kids and I went to Panera for lunch like we do most Fridays.


I¬†had a Mediterranean sandwich and a Fuji apple salad with dressing on the side. I also had a fruit cup instead of chips or bread (I’m not a big fan of Panera’s apples.)

My new Mizuno Inspire 9 shoes came in at the running store I ordered them from, and Danny picked them up for me on his lunch break.


Sunday is my niece’s¬†2nd birthday, and tomorrow is her party, so I met up with my stepmom to buy some birthday presents.

I can’t believe that my niece is going to be two¬†already!

Picture 5565

Picture 5743


Time flies!

Have a wonderful weekend!

  • What did you have for lunch?
  • Any plans this weekend?



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A Veggie Filled Lunch

Happy Monday! I hope that everyone had a nice weekend! We spent pretty much the whole day just relaxing yesterday – it was nice. :)

Today’s Workout

  • 1.06 miles treadmill, walked
  • BodyPump – 60 minutes
  • 2.1 miles treadmill, walked

I have three pairs of shoes that I workout in on a regular basis. I wear a pair of Asics for everyday fitness classes (BodyPump, Butts and Guts, Zumba, etc).

For running, I usually wear my Asics GT 2160s or my Mizuno Inspire 9s. I wear the Asics most of the time, but I do like to switch them up a bit. Well, I noticed over the weekend, that there are chunks of shoe missing from the inside of my Asics.

And these shoes aren’t even that worn! How does that even happen?! This is the only pair of shoes that I own that have ever done that before.

Since I pretty much can’t run in them now, I will be buying a new pair soon. I love running in Asics, but have also heard lots of good things about Brooks running shoes. Hopefully, this weekend sometime, I’ll be able to pick up a new pair.

Before leaving to go to the gym, I mixed up a protein shake for a post workout snack. I always bring a snack with me to the gym because I usually pick up my niece directly from the gym.

I used the EAS Lean 15 protein powder…and honestly, I didn’t really enjoy it just mixed with water. I usually use a scoop in my smoothies, and I prefer that over drinking it straight. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t delicious.


Today’s lunch was packed full of veggies (which was much-needed after a weekend of pizza, cake, and french toast).

I sautéed lots of veggies Рred onion, zucchini, green pepper, broccoli, spinach, and garlic with a little bit of olive oil, then I served them over scrambled egg whites.

I also had a clementine and a Greek yogurt on the side.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the afternoon!

A big happy birthday to my stepmom, Sue!

  • What brand of shoes do you run in?
  • What was the last vegetable¬† you ate?
  • Protein powder: yes or no? Favorite kind?


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Mezamashii Run Project

Happy December! There’s only 30 more days left in the year! What are you going to do with them?


I got a pretty exciting package in the mail yesterday.

A brand new free pair of Mizuno Inspire 9 shoes!

Mizuno started something called the Mezamashii Run Project.

From thier website:

In Japanese, the word mezamashii means “brilliant.”

That is the feeling Mizuno is on a quest to deliver more of ‚ÄĒa euphoric, wind-in-your-heart run. A brilliant run.

So instead of spending millions of dollars on advertising to talk about our shoes,Mizuno is giving away thousands of free pairs to runners like yourself so they can experience more mezamashii.

I was recently accepted into the Mezamashii Run Project and received a free pair of Mizuno shoes. I love the idea of giving out shoes for people to try instead of spending that money on advertising.

I selected the Mizuno Inspire 9s which were just released in November. They are lightweight, but still offer support, which I need. I’ll let you know how they¬†work when I run in them!

Fitness Bingo

Bingo is officially over! I turned in my third (and final) bingo card of the week yesterday. They pick a winner for free gym membership on Monday. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Next, I’m signing up for the Fantasy Fitness League in January.

This morning, we’re off to Jaden’s allergy appointment. Have a great day!

Questions of the day:

  • What kind of shoes do you run/exercise in?
  • Does your gym offer any kind of fitness promotions?
  • Any plans for today?


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New Nikes…Again

This morning, the kids and I headed over to the Nike Factory store so that I could once again look for new running shoes.

Going to get new shoes:

We arrive:

Last time, I bought a size 11.5, and they were too big. This time I planned on trying on a¬†size 11. Well, they ended up having three size 11 running shoes in the whole store. And one pair I vetoed right away because I didn’t like the way they fit. So, that left me with two pairs.

I only went to the Nike Factory Store to get shoes because I had a $50 gift card. For my next running shoes, I plan on trying another brand. I actually do like the pair that I got – they fit good and feel good in the toe area. And since it’s a Nike Factory Store, they carry the older models. This doesn’t really matter to me – as long as the shoe fits and feels comfortable , I’m happy.

I got the Nike Zoom Vomero+ 5. This name really means nothing to me, but I like them.

They ended up being about $81, after tax. With my gift card, I¬†paid¬†about $31 out of my pocket. Not too bad for running shoes. Although, I’m thinking about trying¬†Asics¬†or Mizuno next time because I have heard a lot of good things about them.

I used to have Asics and I loved them, they just were too small and killing my feet.

My new Nikes:

Danny works right by the Nike store, so we met up for lunch.

It must be casual orange day at work today.

We went to Corner Bakery, which is pretty similar to Panera.

Working hard on the kid’s menu activity page:

I had the California Grille Panini on harvest bread, which has grilled zucchini, artichoke hearts, roasted tomatoes, pesto, fresh spinach, and provolone.

I get the same sandwich every time I go there because it’s so delicious.

Like Panera, Corner Bakery has all the calorie counts listed on the menu. I kind of have a love/hate relationship with the calorie count being posted. Usually I like it because I know exactly how many calories an item has, and which items to avoid because they have too many calories. The Pasta Cavatappi, for example, has 1140 calories. Yeah, I will be avoiding that one.

But other times, I just want to eat what I want to eat and not have the calories shoved into my face. I do think the posted calorie count is an overall good thing, though. I think many people underestimate how many calories are in certain foods.

If you’re wondering, my Panini was 600 calories.

And I ate all of it.

Do you like when calorie counts are posted or would you rather not know?


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Run for Your Life – It’s Bigfoot!

It’s official – I have the largest feet in the world.

This afternoon, my son & I met my husband for lunch, before I headed to the Nike store. We went to Go Roma, a fast Italian restaurant near his work.

I had the Tuscan salad and tomato & mozzarella sandwich. I took all the tomatoes off the sandwich because I don’t like tomatoes. Don’t try to figure me out, it’ll give you a headache. They also have really good garlic fries.

With fries:

Leaving the restaurant:

After lunch, I dropped Danny back off at work and went to the Nike Factory Outlet store.


I spent about 45 minutes trying on different shoes. Deciding and undeciding. The shoes that I have now are a size 10 1/2. When I run longer distances my toes hurt like crazy. So, I figured that I should probably go up to a size 11.

I tried on the few pairs of 11s that I could find, but they still seemed tight to me. They felt the same way that the shoes I wear now do – tight in the toes. So then I tried on an 11 1/2. Jeesh. 11 1/2?? That’s ginormous!

But they felt good in the toe area. Then I was worried that they were too big and would stretch over time and I’d hate them. So, I tried on one size 11 and one size 11 1/2. The 11 1/2 won.

I officially have the largest feet ever. That’s a whole size and a half larger than my normal shoe size.

I got the Nike Air Max Torch. I believe that the ones I have now are the Moto 7. Since there aren’t many size 11 1/2s, I didn’t have any choice in styles and had to buy them in all black.

And after my $50 gift card from my Coke points, the shoes and hot pink laces were less than $12! Pretty good deal for Big Foot.

Tonight we’re going on a haunted hayride. Yikes!



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Running Shoes

I am up nice and early this morning. Even before the sun – it’s still dark out.

That’s our backyard – its¬†pitch black out. Normally, I am not up so early unless I have a plane to catch or something else that requires me to be up at¬†a horrendous¬†hour.

Since I was up so early, I needed coffee – stat. Enter my Keurig coffee maker – coffee in 50 seconds.

And thanks to Jenny, my bff, for my awesome coffee cup. She likes to remind me that she gets to go to fabulous places, while I get to sit home and chase two kids around take care of my lovely family.

So, why am I up so early?

Because my toes hurt. Is that ridiculous or what?

Whenever I run longer distances (usually over three miles) my toes kill the next day, usually more on my right foot.

My last pair of running shoes were Asics, and although I loved them, they caused me so much toe pain. I’m pretty sure all my toes were broken at some point.

So, when I bought my current pair of Nikes, I went to a speciality running store.

I found out that your running shoes should typically be 1/2 a size larger than your regular shoes to allow for swelling and ample room in the toe area.

I got a size 10 1/2 in my current shoes. I have huge feet – I know. And while I really like these shoes, they still cause me toe pain on longer runs.

My second toe on my right foot is abnormally longer than my big toe. Freakishly weird. I almost feel like I need one shoe is a size 10 1/2 and one shoe in a size 11.

My ankles are also killing me today and I wonder if maybe I am landing incorrectly when I run. I tend to take shorter strides, and I wonder if this is affecting my toes and putting stress on my ankles?

I am going to get new shoes tomorrow, and maybe I’ll go up to a size 11 to see if that helps with my toes. I will still wear my old Nikes for the 10k on Sunday, so I will have to deal with hurt toes a bit longer.

Running Shoe Tips:

1. Go to a speciality running store to get shoes.

While you don’t have to do this, I found it helpful to do it for my first pair of running shoes. That way the salesperson could look at the shape and ach of my foot and help me pick out the correct pair.

For subsequent pairs, I can go to a sports store and buy the same pair for a lot cheaper.

2. Buy shoes at least 1/2 a size bigger than your normal shoe size.

This allows for swelling of the foot and plenty of room in the toe area. This also helps with running downhill.

3. Test running shoes for a week.

If the shoes are the wrong fit or you get blisters, most running stores will exchange the shoes for different ones.

4. Break shoes in.

You shouldn’t wear new shoes for a race because you haven’t had time to break them in.

5. Replace shoes approximately every 400-500 miles.

Your running shoes lose cushioning, absorption, and stability the more you wear them, and this can lead to injuries. Replace shoes as soon as they’re worn out.

Hey, maybe this is why my ankles hurt?! Good thing I am getting new shoes tomorrow!


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