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Corned Beefs A Cooking!

Good Morning!

Today’s Workout

  • Boot Camp – 60 minutes
  • Plank #16: 2 minutes 58 seconds

I was up bright and early to go to Boot Camp this morning. I haven’t been to Boot Camp in a while, and it’s such a great workout, so I figured that I better go. It’s hard to wake up at 6:30 am on a Saturday though.

Post Boot Camp:

The Boot Camp instructor always points out that at least you’re done with your workout by 8 am. It is nice to workout first thing in the morning and be done with it. Boot Camp is definitely the class that gets my heart rate up the fastest. It’s tough.

Some of the things we did in Boot Camp today:

  • Run laps
  • Run laps while holding a stability over our heads
  • Lunges on a step with weights
  • Jumps over the step
  • Burpees on the step
  • Plank on a stability ball
  • Sit-ups on a stability ball
  • Superman on a stability ball
  • Biceps curls
  • Triceps push-ups on a stability ball

And that’s just some of what we do! After class, I did plank #16 – I’m almost up to 3 minutes!

After the gym, I stopped by the grocery store to pick up some stuff for our St. Patrick’s Day party tonight.

My family is coming over, and I am making corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes for dinner.

There will also be green beer involved, but not for me. I am not a fan of green beer…or any beer. I’ll make up for not drinking green beer by eating a brownie. That’s kind of the same thing, right?!

Last year, we tried to go to The Claddagh for St. Patrick’s Day but ended up at Houlihan’s.


For breakfast this morning, I splurged and had toast with real peanut butter…and I was too lazy to mix up the PB2. You know because mixing powdered peanut butter with a little bit of water is tough work. :)

Have a great Saturday! Don’t forget to enter my Alexia Foods Giveaway – ends tomorrow!

  • Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Do you like corned beef?
  • Green beer: yes or no?
  • Did you workout today? Even take a Boot Camp class?
  • Plank time?!?!


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The Weekend: Birthday Party Edition

The weekend in pictures:



Happy Birthday, Dad! I love you.



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Holiday Happenings

Happy Friday! I’m glad to see that we’re all around still. I must admit, I was a little nervous about the end of the Mayan calendar for a while there. But it seems like planet Earth will continue on, and we should make the best of each day while we can.


Yesterday afternoon, my niece had a doctor appointment, and it turned out that the doctor’s office was literally right behind Whole Foods. What a perfect excuse to stop in for lunch! I haven’t been to Whole Foods in a long time and lunch was delicious.

I had a salad, some fruit, and some noodles. And we shared a piece of pizza.

Luckily, the winter storm didn’t turn out to be as bad as I expected last night. My sister-in-law came and picked up my niece and made it home safely. Danny rented us It’s A Wonderful Life to watch, except that I didn’t realize it’s over two hours long. It has been a stressful past few days, and I was really tired, so we only watched half of it and plan on finishing it tonight.


Today’s Workout

  • 1.1 mile treadmill
  • BodyPump – 60 minutes

My workout was the same this morning. I walked on the treadmill for about a mile and then went to BodyPump. After the gym, I had a few errands to run, and then I had Jaden’s holiday party and sing-a-long at his school.

I love being able to the classroom parties at his school. He loves having his mommy there, and I love helping out. The kids loved the reindeer water bottles, and we made candy cane reindeer.

This weekend, we’re pretty much just finishing up all the last-minute holiday stuff. I have to get some groceries for Christmas breakfast. I think I am going to make this cinnamon french toast that I found via Pinterest via this blog.


The kids love the McDonald’s cinnamon melts, so I figured they’d love this french toast too. Sunday, I’m baking some cooking for Christmas Eve.

Have a great weekend!

Questions of the day:

  • Favorite place to eat for lunch?
  • Favorite Christmas movie?
  • Any plans for today? This weekend?


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Halloween Party 2012

Saturday night was our annual Halloween party.

Danny and I dressed up as a taco and Taco Bell hot sauce (which is pretty funny if you’ve actually seen the taco bell hot sauce before).

I saw the hot sauce costume on Pinterest. It was actually a group of girls and each one was a different sauce – fire, hot, mild, etc. I thought it was such a cute idea and just had to make it.

Since I was Taco Bell fire sauce, we decided that it made perfect sense for Danny to be a taco. :)

I made the costume by cutting up a men’s red t-shirt and lacing up the sides of it with ribbon. I can’t sew to save my life, so it was quite the project for me. I made the top a little to big on accident, so I used the double-sided fashion tape to make sure that it stayed up during the night.

Everyone had awesome costumes. My dad’s was by far the most creepy.

He was the walking dead, and did an awesome job on his make-up. It creeped me out.

My step-mom was an 80′s girl.

Paul and Crystal also ended up being the walking dead (aka zombies), so it was pretty funny to see the three of them together.

Marlene and my grandpa were LMFAO and Where’s Waldo. Don’t they look so cute?

Brad and Katie, who hosted the party, were Dexter and his murder victim. If you’ve never seen Dexter, it’s a tv show on Showtime. Danny and I don’t watch it but my family is really into it.

They even made a Dexter “kill room” in their house, which was so creepy.

My dad’s friends came as The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The girls:

The party was so much fun, and there was lots of cool food and drinks.

And it can’t be a party without a little dancing.

Danny was a dancing fool, and it was quite entertaining. I’m pretty sure at one point, him and Marlene even had a dance off.

By the end of the night, we kind of mixed costumes up.

A few other pics from the night:

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! The winner of the thinkThin giveaway will be announced later today!


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75th Birthday Party

Good morning! I’m up bright and early this Sunday morning because we’re going on a 12-15 mile bike ride with my family later this morning. My brother is coming over in a little bit to help us load our bikes into his car to bring them over to my grandparent’s house. My dad, stepmom, and stepbrother are also going on the bike ride. It should be a fun morning!


I was also up early yesterday morning to go to the 7 am boot camp. Don’t normal people sleep in on the weekends? Or maybe that’s people without kids? I think once you start popping babies out, it’s a lot harder to sleep in on the weekends. :)

Boot camp has moved indoors now that the weather is getting cooler. We did a lot of different exercises and it was a tough workout. Some of the things we did included:

  • running laps around the gym
  • bent over rows
  • jump roping for 90 seconds, then 60 seconds, then 30 seconds
  • walking lunges
  • squats thrusts
  • jumping jacks with weights
  • triceps dips
  • ab work

Note to self: bring more than 24 ounces of water with you to boot camp. You’ll need it.

When I got home, I showered and got ready, and we headed to my aunt’s house in Wisconsin to celebrate my grandparent’s 75th birthdays.

Jaden insisted on wearing his tie – so I let him. He associates a collared shirt with a tie, so as soon as I put that shirt on him, he tore his whole room apart, looking for his tie. Whatever. He’s got style.

My grandparents:

My super sweet aunt bought me a Kashi meal because she had chicken catered in and knows that I don’t eat it.

Someone enjoyed the Kashi meal just as much as I did:

My aunt also got some fun toys to keep the kids busy:

And who doesn’t love chalk? Well, me actually. It’s messy and gets everywhere. Especially when someone draws a giant spider web, and someone else rolls around on the chalk spider web pretending to be a fly trapped in it (read: my kids).

Some of us:

A yes, I wore my jean jacket. I’m still waiting for the perfect opportunity to wear my jean shirt.

A few other pics from yesterday:

Questions of the day:

  • Do you sleep in on the weekends or are you up early?
  • Any plans for today?
  • Cake or ice cream? Is this a trick question? Both. Duh.


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Last night, Danny and I went out to celebrate my best friend Jenny’s 30th birthday. (See Mom, I told you that I had friends). The night wouldn’t be complete without a self-pic in the car at the gas station before the party.

Jenny and I have been best friends since we were 12 years old. Is that crazy or what? I’ve put up been friends with her for 18 years?! Just kidding. She is my best friend in the world and I love her!

A couple pics from a few years ago of Jenny and me:

I miss my long hair.

The night started out with a surprise party for Jenny at her sister Kathy’s house. We talked and ate while we waited for her to get there.

The birthday girl arrives!

From Kathy’s house, we took a limo to a nearby bar/club to dance the night away. I don’t really go out very often, mostly because I am a baby and like my sleep, but when it’s your best friend’s birthday, you have to go out. And I’m glad that I did because I had a great time.

And it doesn’t hurt when you have a limo driving you around.

We had a great night out, dancing and having fun. I seem to have self delusional thoughts that I am a great dancer, but as anyone can tell from this picture, I definitely don’t have the moves like Jagger. But I still like to dance and have fun.

The night ended with a 2 am run to Taco Bell for potato tacos. And that made me happy. Sometimes a girl has to have her potato tacos.

Do you like going out? When was the last time you went out? I honestly like staying home. But going out every once in a while is fun too.

Can you dance? Can you teach me?


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Serial Killer or Sweet Old Lady?


Yesterday was my son’s sing-a-long and holiday party at school. Little Cutie McNugget decided that she wanted to join in the singing and was screaming her little heart out. Nothing a little bottle wouldn’t fix.

The kid’s had a fun time at the party. There was so much food. For some reason, kids love flaming hot Cheetos. I don’t think you could pay me to eat flaming hot Cheetos.

One of the moms made little penguins out of olives, carrots, and cream cheese. Isn’t that such an adorable idea?! I just brought the crappy Oreos. Way to make me look bad.

The kids also played games and danced. In the picture below, Jaden is dancing and Jacob is getting so angry at him. Jacob is straight out of Footloose – he doesn’t believe in public dancing. Besides that, the party was a success.

What Would You Do?

Last night about 6pm, I stopped at the grocery store with my younger son to pick up some bread for dinner. As I was walking out of the door, an older lady stopped me and said that her car was being fixed & the auto place dropped her off at the store but couldn’t come back to get her until 7pm, after they told her to call when she was done at the store.

She said that she lived nearby and asked me if I could drive her home. Okay, so what would you do in this situation? I’m 99.9% sure that she was just a nice lady who needed a ride, but I have seen enough news shows and read enough books to know that murders and serial killers are often the nice church going man next door and old ladies at grocery stores.

I might be totally overreacting here, but I’m paranoid of strangers. I told her that I was sorry, but couldn’t drive her home. I offered her my phone to call someone but she had a cell phone and said her husband was in a meeting.

I don’t understand – if your car is getting fixed, why would you have the auto people drive you to the store and not home? And why would the auto people tell her to call when she was done at the store and then not come get her? I’d be pissed at the auto place.

So, of course, I felt guilty the rest of the night because I told her no, and this is supposed to be the giving season and all. But I had my son with me and what if she had a gun in that purse?! Once again, I’m probably totally overacting.

What would you have done? Would you have given her a ride? Or are you paranoid like me? Well, I apologize to the lady if she really did need a ride home and wasn’t a serial killer. Gosh, I still feel bad.


Workout: BodyPump

This morning these little guys got to come to BodyPump with me.

It’s so nice to be able to bring them to the kid’s room so that I can workout.

Getting ready to go:

I got to BodyPump early because I thought that getting the kids settled in the kid’s room would take longer than it did, so I took a picture of myself in the BodyPump room. It’s a pretty bad picture. But whatever.

The workout was the same as usual – lunges still suck.

Today I have to finish wrapping Christmas presents. Why does it feel like wrapping takes forever? Shopping is the fun part, wrapping is the unfun part.

 Have you finished wrapping yet? Driven home any serial killers lately?



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Halloween Party 2011

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Saturday night, Danny and I went to my dad’s Halloween party. I think it’s like his 100th annual Halloween party – he’s old.

We started on our costumes in the afternoon. Mine was easy but for Danny’s costume, he had to buy a white t-shirt and an old suit coat that we got to rip, destroy, and spray with blood.

Fun times.

Danny’s costume came out awesome – if I do say so.

Zombie make-up by Heather. I’m thinking about starting a business.

I went as the 80′s – I wore three different costumes all things from the 1980′s. My first costume was Tom Cruise in Risky Business.

My second costume was Ms. Pac-Man. I made Ms. Pac-man using two pieces of yellow poster board and some string because I’m crafty like that.

My last costume was a 1980′s aerobics girl. It was my favorite of the three. Something about that side ponytail. I love it.

By the end of the night, I combined the three, and pretty much looked like the 80′s threw up. Risky Business meets Ms. Pac-Man and does 80′s aerobics.

There were some awesome costumes that night. One of my favorites was my step-mom. She was the girl from Avatar. How awesome is this costume?!

My grandparents stuck to the theme of the Halloween in Wonderland game and came as the Queen of Hearts and the Mad Hatter.

Brad and Katie as Howie and girl #22 from Who Wants to be a Millionaire:

My dad dressed up as Forrest Gump, complete with the Bubba Gump hat and chocolates.

Avatar and Forrest Gump. I think that they were acting out a scene from Avatar, but you never know with these two.

Paul and Crystal had awesome costumes. She came as Flo from Progressive and he came as Mayhem: Hot Babe out Jogging.

Later in the night another Mayhem showed up. You can never have too much Mayhem. Trust me.

The Drewster and Paul:

What happens when Mayhem meets Mayhem meets Progressive? Chaos.

My brother and I ended up being twins. White dress shirts and pink headbands.

My dad and two of his co-workers. My dad looks way too happy here.

Love the gangsta costume. So you wanna be a gangsta.

The gangsta was my dad’s friend from work, Tim. This guy is in the wrong profession, let me tell ya. Instead of sales, he should focus on comedy – he was so freakin’ hilarious.

At one point during the night – it was late – I had taken my giant hoop earrings off and was dancing around with them, pretending they were glasses. Tim just looked at me and gave a nonchalant shake of his head – as in, stop freakin’ dancing with your earrings as glasses, you look so stupid and I am trying to stop you from utter embarrassment.

Then he bit a lightbulb. Yeah, who’s the idiot now? What the frick?

Just kidding, Tim’s awesome. He really did bite a lightbulb though.

Reba and Jake came as Marge and Homer Simpson. So cute. She glued over 400 cotton balls to poster board to make the wig. Crazy! And she made sure that we ran out of ice, so that she could run down to the store and get some, just to show off her costume.

Marcie and my grandpa:

I meet Marcie for the first time that night. She’s one of Danny’s friend’s girlfriend. Super nice. And I must have come off as semi-cool that night because she invited us over for BBQs and football.

Little does she know that in real life, I am nowhere as cool as I appeared to be that night. Like in real life, I won’t make people high-five me all night long. And not just a regular high-five, but a high-five that follows through and high fives on the bottom too.

Yup, I’m pretty sure that I made people do that all night long.

Wait – maybe I am cooler in real life instead.

Nah, in real life I am usually in Mom Mode, so instead of high fiving, I’d probably make you sanitize your hands. I am only cool and fun about two times a year – you know, the two times that I actually go out a year.

Note to anyone out there that wants to be my friend: I’m not nearly as cool in real life that I am in fake life.

A few other pics:

I would like to end with this little note:

Dear Guy Who Was Filming While I was Dancing Really Bad to Whatever 80′s Song Happened to be Playing,

Please don’t post on YouTube.

Thank you,



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