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Mezamashii Run Project

Happy December! There’s only 30 more days left in the year! What are you going to do with them?


I got a pretty exciting package in the mail yesterday.

A brand new free pair of Mizuno Inspire 9 shoes!

Mizuno started something called the Mezamashii Run Project.

From thier website:

In Japanese, the word mezamashii means “brilliant.”

That is the feeling Mizuno is on a quest to deliver more of —a euphoric, wind-in-your-heart run. A brilliant run.

So instead of spending millions of dollars on advertising to talk about our shoes,Mizuno is giving away thousands of free pairs to runners like yourself so they can experience more mezamashii.

I was recently accepted into the Mezamashii Run Project and received a free pair of Mizuno shoes. I love the idea of giving out shoes for people to try instead of spending that money on advertising.

I selected the Mizuno Inspire 9s which were just released in November. They are lightweight, but still offer support, which I need. I’ll let you know how they work when I run in them!

Fitness Bingo

Bingo is officially over! I turned in my third (and final) bingo card of the week yesterday. They pick a winner for free gym membership on Monday. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Next, I’m signing up for the Fantasy Fitness League in January.

This morning, we’re off to Jaden’s allergy appointment. Have a great day!

Questions of the day:

  • What kind of shoes do you run/exercise in?
  • Does your gym offer any kind of fitness promotions?
  • Any plans for today?


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