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More Furniture

Good afternoon! I hope you’re all enjoying your Wednesday.


Sometimes, I buy way too much Greek yogurt because I have a hard time deciding between all the flavors, then I have to hurry up and eat it because it starts to get close to the expiration date.

Well, I had to eat the caramel pineapple yogurt because it expired today (not that I’m complaining because that flavor is delicious!)

I am one of those people who will not touch a food past its expiration date. Yogurt, milk, bread, whatever. If it’s expired, I won’t eat it. It might be physiological, but I just can’t eat it. It doesn’t usually go to waste though because Danny will pretty much eat anything.

Along with my yogurt, I also had some Kashi Go Lean cereal.

Today’s Workout

  • Plank #13: 2 minutes and 55 seconds <— Getting closer to three minutes!
  • Elliptical – 12 minutes
  • BodyPump – 60 minutes
  • HIIT Treadmill Workout – 24 minutes (with a two-minute cool down) 2.14 miles

I usually try to fit in 30 minutes of cardio on the days that I take BodyPump, so day I did a quick HIIT workout on the treadmill. I walked for two minutes followed by running at between 7.0 and 7.3 for one minute (fast for me). I repeated this for a total of 24 minutes, then followed up with a two-minute cool down of slow walking.

Heart rate up. Check. Cardio complete. Check.


I took a few pictures of the nightstands that I liked at TJMaxx yesterday, but the pictures wouldn’t load on my computer. Well, I finally got them to load and thought I’d share the pics.

I love this nightstand:

I just wish they had two!

I also liked the style of this one, I just wish it wasn’t stark white. I like more of an off-white/cream color.

I also liked these:

What do you think?


My nearby Whole Foods finally got the regular flavored PB2 in stock!

I was so happy that I bought two jars. I like the PB2 with chocolate, so I figured that I’d also like the regular flavor just as much. And if I don’t love it by itself, I can always use it in smoothies and yogurt.

I have a little bit of the chocolate PB2 left that I’m going to use up before I open a new jar.

Have a great afternoon!!

  • Which nightstand is your favorite?
  • Any workout today? Plank time?
  • Will you eat food past its expiration date?


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Broiled Grapefruit and A Blackberry Winter Book Review

Good afternoon – I hope you’re all having a great day!

This morning started out with a delicious breakfast. I had Kashi oatmeal…

…and a broiled grapefruit!

I saw the broiled grapefruit last week on RER’s blog, and I was intrigued. I like grapefruit but never would have thought to broil one.

I simply cut the grapefruit in half and sprinkled it with a bit of brown sugar. Since I’m trying to cut back on my sugar, I only used half a teaspoon of brown sugar. Then, I broiled it in the oven for about 7-8 minutes on low, and it came out perfect!

It might seem weird to eat a warm grapefruit, but it was actually delicious!

Today’s Workout

  • 1.03 miles treadmill, walked
  • BodyPump – 60 minutes
  • Stairmaster – 21:32 minutes

We did the new BodyPump release in class today (there’s a new releases every three months). It was tough but a great workout! After BodyPump, I did the Stairmaster again and set it climb the Eiffel Tower.

My legs are still sore from only climbing for 15 minutes yesterday! That stairmaster is a great workout!

Blackberry Winter Book Review

I recently read Blackberry Winter by Sarah Jio for Julie’s book club. I tried not to give away too much information, but there might be a couple of spoilers.

About the book: Seattle, 1933. Single mother Vera Ray kisses her three-year-old son, Daniel, goodnight and departs to work the night-shift at a local hotel. She emerges to discover that a May-Day snow has blanketed the city, and that her son has vanished. Outside, she finds his beloved teddy bear lying face-down on an icy street, the snow covering up any trace of his tracks, or the perpetrator’s. Seattle, 2010. Seattle Herald reporter Claire Aldridge, assigned to cover the May 1 “blackberry winter” storm and its twin, learns of the unsolved abduction and vows to unearth the truth. In the process, she finds that she and Vera may be linked in unexpected ways…


Blackberry Winter tells the story through two different character’s points of view - Vera and Claire. Vera lived in the 1930′s and Claire lives in the present. The book flips back and forth from the past to the present.

Personally, I thought Blackberry Winter was just an okay book. It didn’t grab my attention and suck me in like some books do. I thought that the store line was predictable and a little to coincidental.

The story starts out with Vera and the disappearance of her son, Daniel, during a snow storm in 1933. In 2011, a similar snow storm is happening and brings back up the case of Vera and the unsolved mystery of her son’s disappearance. A character makes a remark in the book that Claire is such a great investigating reporter and was able to unearth all this information that no one was able to find. I don’t agree.

First off, Claire’s friend, Abbey, is the one who even gets the ball rolling when she digs out the initial police blotter where Claire found the story. Then, a box of Claire’s personal belongs is delivered to her work where the return address just happens to be the same name as someone who knew Daniel. She contacts this person and is given more clues.

Then, Claire just happens to befriend the coffee shop owner whose coffee shop just happens to be where Vera and Daniel lived. What a coincidence. When Claire goes to retrieve files from a lawyer’s daughter, they find the house has been broken into and the files are a complete mess. Oh wait, there’s a secret room that just so happens to hold the single file that Claire needs. She didn’t even have to sort through one unorganized file. All the clues just fell in her lap. She hardly put herself out on a limb to obtain one clue.

I did like how Claire’s story ended up, and was actually surprised to find out what happened to Daniel. Vera’s story, on the other hand, was nothing but tragedy. Not one good thing happened to her. She lost her job, her son, the love of her life, and her own life. Depressing.

I also think the story was a little too predictable. For example, as soon as I started reading the book, I knew right away that although Claire and her husband’s marriage was suffering that they end up together in the end of the story. I also didn’t find the way that they got back together very believable. The whole book they rarely talk or know where the other is. They spend all their time with other another women and another man, and then her husband, Ethan, decides to move out for a while. After half a day of being away, he suddenly discovers that he does love Claire and runs back home to profess his undying love for her…after being away for half a day. They spent tons more time than that apart during the book.

I understand that they suffered a terrible tragedy during their marriage and with how much emphasis they put on that tragedy during the story, I found it a little hard to believe that Ethan completely forgets the one year anniversary of that tragedy (I don’t want to give too much away!)

Bottom line: Blackberry Winter wasn’t  poorly written or even a bad storyline, but it just didn’t grab my attention and interest me the way some books do. I’d say read it and let me know your thoughts!

After I was done reading Blackberry Winter, I needed a new book to read so I bought Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks on my Kindle. I think it’s also a movie out in theaters right now, maybe? I like Nicholas Sparks, but I don’t always read his books because they always make me cry uncontrollably (Dear John…) but Safe Haven seems really good so far. I am about 75% done and can’t wait to finish! And I haven’t cried once.

  • Have you read Blackberry Winter or Safe Haven?
  • Favorite book? Favorite author?
  • Ever try a broiled grapefruit?


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Army FPT Two-Mile Run and The Secret Keeper Book Review

Last Night’s Workout

  • Adaptive Motion Trainer – 30 minutes

Danny and I went to the gym after dinner last night, and I did an easy 30 minutes on the adaptive motion trainer machine. Danny did the elliptical next to me, and really gave it his all while I was taking it easy. Danny had double to the total strides that I did. I don’t remember the exact number, but I had about 2000 total strides and he had about 4000 total strides.

Yet, we went the exact same distance and burned the exact same amount of calories according to the machines. And the AMT is a similar motion to the elliptical, so I don’t think that’s the problem. But one of those machines was wrong. There was no way we went to the same distance and burned the same amount of calories. I have a feeling the AMT trainer is really overestimating those numbers.

Do you think machines in the gym are accurate with the distance and calories burned? I always look at it for a guideline, but count on my BodyFit Media to see how many calories I actually burned throughout the day.

After the gym, we came home and ate Skinny Cow ice cream.

It was a nice little treat.

Today’s Breakfast

This morning, I had a bowl of Kashi Go Lean cereal.

I also had it as a snack yesterday afternoon. There is 13 grams of protein in one cup of cereal.

Today’s Workout

  • 2.24 miles treadmill (Army PFT)
  • Step Class – 60 minutes

This morning’s workout was kind of fun – I was messing around with the different settings on the new treadmill at my gym and  saw one labeled Army PFT (Physical Fitness Test) Two-Mile Run, so I decided to try it out.

It started out with a three-minute warm-up, and then I was timed how long it took me to run two miles. After I was done, it showed me my score. I scored a 57.

I had no idea what that number meant or if it was good or bad, so when I was telling Danny about it on the phone, he found this website – Army PFT Two-Mile Run Score. In order to pass the test and graduate to basic combat training in the Army, you must score at least a 50.

Yes! I got a 57! I can now move on to combat training :) I didn’t do the best, but I didn’t do the worst either, and at least I scored higher than a 50. It was a fun way to get a workout in, and I figure I can always work on improving my score – for fun, of course – I have no plans to join the Army. I just thought it was cool that I actually passed. I think you also have to pass a sit-up and push-up test.

I feel like I run a lot faster outside than I do on a treadmill. But all of my winter running is done on a treadmill because I am not friends with cold weather.

After the treadmill, I went to Step Class, and it was very challenging today. The class was the same, I’m just really tired today and that two-mile run zapped the energy out of me. I still got through it, and ate a snack as soon as I got in my car.

In addition to my normal Builder Bar, I also had this package of Crunchmaster’s multi-grain crackers that my gym was giving away last week.

They were really good. They almost tasted like a corn chip.

On to a book review…

The Secret Keeper Book Review

I recently finished reading The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton for Julie’s book club.

About the book:

During a summer party at the family farm in the English countryside, sixteen-year-old Laurel Nicolson has escaped to her childhood tree house and is happily dreaming of the future. She spies a stranger coming up the long road to the farm and watches as her mother speaks to him. Before the afternoon is over, Laurel will witness a shocking crime. A crime that challenges everything she knows about her family and especially her mother, Dorothy—her vivacious, loving, nearly perfect mother.

Now, fifty years later, Laurel is a successful and well-regarded actress living in London. The family is gathering at Greenacres farm for Dorothy’s ninetieth birthday. Realizing that this may be her last chance, Laurel searches for answers to the questions that still haunt her from that long-ago day, answers that can only be found in Dorothy’s past.

Dorothy’s story takes the reader from pre–WWII England through the blitz, to the ’60s and beyond. It is the secret history of three strangers from vastly different worlds—Dorothy, Vivien, and Jimmy—who meet by chance in wartime London and whose lives are forever entwined. The Secret Keeper explores longings and dreams and the unexpected consequences they sometimes bring. It is an unforgettable story of lovers and friends, deception and passion that is told—in Morton’s signature style—against a backdrop of events that changed the world. (Source)

I don’t want to give too much of the book away because it was a great read, and I recommend reading it!

My Thoughts:

I loved the Secret Keeper. Before I buy a book, I always read the free trial of it on my Kindle (usually the first few chapters.) As soon as I read the first few chapters, I had to buy the book immediately because I had to know what happened next. The free trial ends with the cliff hanger of the crime that Laurel witnesses.

As I continued to read it, I realized that the book flips back and forth between present day and the 1940′s told from different characters perspectives. At first I was a little wary because history is exactly my favorite genre of reading, but soon I found myself flying through the present day chapters so I could get back to the story from the 40′s.

The book follows three main characters: Laurel, Dolly (Dorothy), and Vivien. Laurel is Dolly’s daughter and the story goes from present day, where Laurel is trying to learn about Dolly’s past to the past where the reader lives through Dolly’s story.

I thought this was an excellent book, and each chapter left you wanting to keep reading to see what happens next.

I found myself with mixed emotions about Dolly’s character. I liked her when she towards the beginning when she left her family to pursue her dreams. She seemed a little bit imaginative and flighty, but still likeable. She seemed very naive and childlike. However, as her story went on, I found myself liking her less. The way she behaved with Jimmy, and the plan that she set in motion made me like her less and less. I also got the feeling from her meeting with Dr. Rufus that there more to her story than met the eye.

I liked Vivien’s character. At the beginning, she seemed very cold and withdrawn, but I still found myself drawn to her and wanted to know more of her story. When the story starts out, it seems as though Vivien and Dolly are friends, so when your reach the part about Vivien saying that she isn’t friends with Dolly, you begin to wonder how they’re friendship came about. I loved that the beginning of the story was told from Dolly’s point of view and at the end of the book we see the same scene through Vivien’s eyes.

I didn’t have many feelings towards Laurel one way or the other. I felt like she was simply a character to relate the story of Dolly and Vivien.

This book has many twists and turns. When I got to the end of the book, I actually had to read it a few times to make sure that I was understanding it correctly. I don’t want to give too much of the ending away, but I loved it. It was actually a twist that I didn’t predict at all. Although I like the way it ended, the only thing that I wish would have been different is the fact that Dolly died not ever knowing that Jimmy survived.

The Secret Keeper has a little bit of everything: love, history, drama, murder, mystery. It was well-written and the best book I have read in a while. The story sucks you in and leaves you needing to find out more. You have a love/hate relationship with the characters, but despite how you feel about them, their story is one that you need to find out more about.

  • Have you read the Secret Keeper? Thoughts? Last book you read?
  • Have you ever done any kind of fitness or army test?
  • Favorite post workout snack?


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Coconut Water and a Fake Mango


This morning, I had Kashi oatmeal topped with a bit of peanut butter.

I seem to be eating oatmeal a lot lately, but our mornings are usually hectic, trying to get the kids off to school, and oatmeal is fast and easy.

I was recently able to find the sugar-free pumpkin spice coffee creamer, so I had some of that with my coffee this morning. Now they just need to come out with a sugar-free peppermint creamer, and I’ll be all set.

Today’s Workout

  • 1.6 miles treadmill
  • Body Pump – 60 minutes

Usually I get to the gym about 20 minutes before my exercise class starts, so I usually just jump on the treadmill for a short time. Since I’m only on the treadmill for about 15 minutes or so, I have been practicing improving my mile time. I wonder if there’s any benefit to running just one fast mile?

After the gym, I ran a few errands and when I got home, there was a package waiting for me on the front porch. A coconut water package from Naked! I recently won this through a giveaway from Matt at The Athlete’s Plate.

Besides coconut water, there was lots of fun stuff – a notebook with pens, flavored chapsticks, a mango (?) shaped stress ball squeeze thing, and my favorite part – two real coconuts!

I’m saving them for when the kids get home from school because I know that they’ll love breaking them open! Naked includes real coconuts so that you can do a taste test with real coconut versus their brand of coconut water. How cool is that?

I can’t wait to drink coconut water with my freshly chapsticked lips while squeezing a fake mango and writing secrets in my notebook!

Yesterday, I signed up for what will probably be my last race of the season.

It’s the Sunrise Shuffle 5k and it’s about 5 minutes from my house, so I figured that I’d run it. My stepmom is also running it because last year it was the first 5k she had ever ran. Except last year, it was the Sunset Shuffle, and it was at night. I’m just doing it for fun and hoping to run the same time I ran last weekend or slightly better.

I usually don’t run outdoors in cold weather which is why this will probably be my last race until the spring time.

This evening, I am going to try to make it to yoga. I haven’t been to yoga in about four months since I was doing the Biggest Loser program, and I can’t wait to get back! I just wish that my gym had a morning yoga class instead of only a 7:25 pm class.

Questions of the day;

  • Do you like coconut water? Favorite beverage?
  • When is your last race of the season? Or do you run all year round?
  • If you drink coffee, what kind of cream do you use?



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75th Birthday Party

Good morning! I’m up bright and early this Sunday morning because we’re going on a 12-15 mile bike ride with my family later this morning. My brother is coming over in a little bit to help us load our bikes into his car to bring them over to my grandparent’s house. My dad, stepmom, and stepbrother are also going on the bike ride. It should be a fun morning!


I was also up early yesterday morning to go to the 7 am boot camp. Don’t normal people sleep in on the weekends? Or maybe that’s people without kids? I think once you start popping babies out, it’s a lot harder to sleep in on the weekends. :)

Boot camp has moved indoors now that the weather is getting cooler. We did a lot of different exercises and it was a tough workout. Some of the things we did included:

  • running laps around the gym
  • bent over rows
  • jump roping for 90 seconds, then 60 seconds, then 30 seconds
  • walking lunges
  • squats thrusts
  • jumping jacks with weights
  • triceps dips
  • ab work

Note to self: bring more than 24 ounces of water with you to boot camp. You’ll need it.

When I got home, I showered and got ready, and we headed to my aunt’s house in Wisconsin to celebrate my grandparent’s 75th birthdays.

Jaden insisted on wearing his tie – so I let him. He associates a collared shirt with a tie, so as soon as I put that shirt on him, he tore his whole room apart, looking for his tie. Whatever. He’s got style.

My grandparents:

My super sweet aunt bought me a Kashi meal because she had chicken catered in and knows that I don’t eat it.

Someone enjoyed the Kashi meal just as much as I did:

My aunt also got some fun toys to keep the kids busy:

And who doesn’t love chalk? Well, me actually. It’s messy and gets everywhere. Especially when someone draws a giant spider web, and someone else rolls around on the chalk spider web pretending to be a fly trapped in it (read: my kids).

Some of us:

A yes, I wore my jean jacket. I’m still waiting for the perfect opportunity to wear my jean shirt.

A few other pics from yesterday:

Questions of the day:

  • Do you sleep in on the weekends or are you up early?
  • Any plans for today?
  • Cake or ice cream? Is this a trick question? Both. Duh.


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Bike Riding > Getting a Job

Yesterday’s Afternoon Workout

  • Bike Ride – Approx. 8 miles

Since the kids have been in school all day, I have found myself with not a lot to do. Danny suggested things like, cleaning the house, doing laundry, and getting a job. A told him to stop joking around and be serious.

So, yesterday afternoon I pulled out my new bike from the garage, grabbed my iPod, and rode about 8 miles. I didn’t go all out and go as fast as I could, so it was just a nice leisurely bike ride which actually was very relaxing.

Back to the part about getting a job… I actually do have a job interview on Thursday. Except its kind of one of those things where you’re like why did I do this? Obviously, it would make sense for me to get a job with day hours since I’m home all day, but no, I applied for a job with evening hours that probably won’t even work out.

Don’t you just love my positivity?

The job is only 10-15 hours a week and it’s being a recreation attendant at my gym/park district. Plus, it comes with a free gym membership. We’ll see how it goes.

Sometimes I do things with no intention of following though. For example, a couple of years ago, I got the great idea to become a U.S. census taker. Danny took the morning off of work one day so I could go take the U.S. census worker test.

Yeah..no. I took the test and that’s where it ended. I didn’t want to be a census taker. Maybe I was just bored?


This morning started out with some delicious pumpkin coffee!

Last night, we went to Dunkin Donuts so that I could use my gift card to buy some K-cups, and they had pumpkin K-cups! That was a nice little surprise. I love all things pumpkin, and I love that it reminds me of fall. Too bad we’re still having 90 degree summer weather here in Chicagoland. I drank two delicious cups anyway.


Trying to stick to my goal of eating within an hour or two of waking up, I made breakfast at about 7:30 am, about an hour and a half before I went to the gym.

I had Kashi oatmeal topped with white flesh peaches. If you have never had a white flesh peach before, you have to try one. They are so good. They are a little bit more expensive than a regular peach but totally worth it.

Today’s Workout

  • BodyPump – 60 minutes

In case you don’t see enough pics of me in my car going to the gym, here’s another one :)

In totally unrelated news, I got a new notebook to use as my food journal.

I kind of think it’s funny. Keep calm and eat a cupcake, and it’s a healthy food journal. Do you get the irony or am I just amusing myself?

Hope you all have a great Wednesday! We’re halfway through the week!

Questions of the day:

  • Do you ever do things without thinking them through? Or do things that you have no intentions of following through with?
  • What’s your favorite thing about fall?
  • Any workouts planned for today?


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Lots of Eats and A Gone Girl Book Review


Last night, Danny brought me home two chocolate covered strawberries from Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory. I ate them. They were delicious. The end.


My dinner really kind of random last night. I had veggies with pine nut hummus, celery with peanut butter, and Greek yogurt for some protein.

Lately, I have been using this MaraNatha organic peanut butter. It’s so good. I’ve already eaten half the jar. I’m pretty sure that peanut butter can go on anything.

My fav peanut butter combos are with apple slices, chocolate, celery, and crackers.

Today’s Breakfast

This morning before going to the gym, I had Kashi oatmeal with blueberries and a clementine. Since school has started, I am waking up earlier, so I thought that I’d try to eat a more substantial breakfast before going to the gym since I’ll have more time to digest it.

Today’s Workout

  • Treadmill .75 mile
  • BodyPump – 60 minutes

Since the kids are back in school, I ended up getting to the gym a few minutes before BodyPump started, so I hopped on the treadmill and walked/ran for about 10 minutes.

After BodyPump, I had one of these Atkin’s cranberry almond bars.

I wanted to eat something that wasn’t too high in calories since I ate before BodyPump, but I still wanted something with a lot of protein. These bars were perfect – 150 calories, 10 grams of protein, and they were delicious. I’m not a huge fan of the Atkin’s brownies that I bought, but I would buy the cranberry almond bars again.

Directly from BodyPump, I went to my hair appointment. I’m trying to stick closer to my natural dark blonde hair color, so instead of getting highlights, I got lowlights. I’ll spare you a picture right now, because it wasn’t styled or anything and is just thrown back into a messy ponytail, but it turned out nice.

Onto a book review. If you don’t read, you can skip it :)

Gone Girl Book Review

I recently finished reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn for Julie’s book club. This post will contain spoilers of the book, so if you haven’t read it yet and plan on reading it, come back and read my review when your done! But bottom line, I recommend reading this book!

About the book:

Marriage can be a real killer.    On a warm summer morning in North Carthage, Missouri, it is Nick and Amy Dunne’s fifth wedding anniversary. Presents are being wrapped and reservations are being made when Nick’s clever and beautiful wife disappears from their rented McMansion on the Mississippi River. Husband-of-the-Year Nick isn’t doing himself any favors with cringe-worthy daydreams about the slope and shape of his wife’s head, but passages from Amy’s diary reveal the alpha-girl perfectionist could have put anyone dangerously on edge. Under mounting pressure from the police and the media—as well as Amy’s fiercely doting parents—the town golden boy parades an endless series of lies, deceits, and inappropriate behavior. Nick is oddly evasive, and he’s definitely bitter—but is he really a killer?    As the cops close in, every couple in town is soon wondering how well they know the one that they love. With his twin sister, Margo, at his side, Nick stands by his innocence. Trouble is, if Nick didn’t do it, where is that beautiful wife? And what was in that silvery gift box hidden in the back of her bedroom closet?

My thoughts:

This book is crraazzzyyy! There are so many twists and turns, you will not be able to put it down! Each chapter switches off between Nick and Amy telling the story and ends with a cliff hanger. Then you have to keep reading though the next whole chapter to find out what happened at the end of the last chapter. I think Gillian Flynn is a very good descriptive writer and really gets you sucked into the story.

When the book first starts out, you find yourself liking Amy’s character and maybe becoming a little suspicious of Nick’s character. Throughout the story, there are big holes in Nick’s description of the morning Amy went missing, so you can’t help but wonder if he actually killed her.

Then, you find out Nick has a mistress and you become even more suspicious. Halfway through the book, the story completely changes when we find out that Amy is alive. Not only is she alive, she is one crazy lady. Insane.

By the end of the book, I concluded that Nick was insane too. After finding out that Amy was alive, I started to like Nick again. But then when I realized that he was going to stay with Amy after she framed him for murder and killed a man, I figured he was just as nuts and she is. Oh, and let’s throw a baby it the mix too!

After I read the last page of the book, I pretty much sat there with my mouth wide open for a few moments. I have never read a book filled with so many twists and turns.

Gillian Flynn does a really good job of describing all the characters to make the reader feel a certain way about them. I went back and forth from liking and not liking Nick and Amy. I liked Nick’s sister, Margo’s, character. Nick’s mom was a nice lady that you feel sorry for because she’s sick. Nick’s dad is a cranky old man. Amy’s parents are likeable even though they wrote books based on Amy’s life, you can tell they really loved her. I just felt sorry for Nick’s mistress, Andi, because she seemed young and immature.

What shocked me the most was the steps that Amy took to fake her own death, frame Nick, and protect herself. She saved her own throw-up?! What?! She poisoned herself?! Crazy lady. How does anyone even think of all that craziness?

I recommended reading this book and would love to hear your thoughts on it.

Questions of the day:

  • Have you read Gone Girl? Thoughts?
  • What’s your favorite thing to put peanut butter on?
  • Do you always go to the same hair stylist?
  • Any plans for the weekend?



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Return of the Potato and Egg Bowl

Today’s Workout

  • Butts and Guts Class – 60 minutes

In class this morning, the instructor had a bunch of different stations set up. We all started at one station and spent three minutes there before moving onto the next station. After we completed all the stations, we finished up with some ab work.

The stations included:

  • leg lifts on a step
  • thigh ball squeezes (squeezing an exercise ball with you inner thighs)
  • jump roping
  • lunges with a kettle ball
  • side lunges on a bosu ball
  • high knees
  • standing side crunches
  • push-ups on a medicine ball

It was quite a good workout.

Leaving the gym with super dirty hair. Hey, it happens.

After the gym, I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things. We have plans to go to National Night Out tonight and take advantage of the free food and fun. Since they usually serve hot dogs and chips, I grabbed a salad to eat instead.

I also came across these Kashi cereal bowls. We’re heading to Wisconsin soon to visit my grandparents, and I thought that these cereal bowls would be perfect to take with because they’re already pre-portioned and have 12 grams of protein with 130 calories.

And I couldn’t help buying a box of the Atkins bars. These little bars are so delicious!

After the grocery store, I came home and made an egg and potato bowl. I haven’t had an egg and potato bowl in a while, and it hit the spot!

In my bowl was:

  • 1/2 a potato
  • garlic
  • 3 egg whites
  • broccoli
  • Mexican shredded cheese
  • salt and pepper

Yum! I also had some apple slices on the side.

Questions of the day

  • Did you workout today?
  • Do you bring your own food when your travel?
  • What did you have for breakfast?



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My Plate

Biggest Loser

Yesterday was my first nutrition meeting of the Biggest Loser Challenge. Basically, the dietician just went over the new My Plate that recently replaced the food pyramid. We weren’t given an exact daily calorie count to follow. Instead, she said we should focus on eating the proper portion sizes and getting in the recommended daily serving of fruits, veggies, grain, dairy, and protein.

I still plan on sticking to my normal 1200-1500 calories per day (higher on the weekends, because I get crazy!), and we’re supposed to turn our food journal in weekly. Maybe this will help with my weekend eating, since I usually giving up writing down what I eat around Saturday afternoon.

After the nutrition class, we had a 5k prep. I thought that we’d start off with some walking and jogging intervals. Nope. We were all supposed to run a mile and then get our time recorded. This was pretty easy for me, but not as easy for a lot of people, which is why I thought we’d ease into it. The instructor did say that we’d be doing walk/run intervals next time.

That mile was the only time I ever came in second place while running in my life. Normally, I’m near end of the pack of runners. The girl who finished before me was speedy. I finished close behind her with a time of 10:08. Now, only if I could maintain that during a 5k.

We all waited for the last lady to finish walking the mile and went to cheer her on. I love how this group of people is so supportive already. Then, I rode my bike home. I like riding my bike, but I hate crossing the busy streets.

Yesterday, we also spent most of the morning at the doctor’s office. I forgave the doctor for making us wait for over an hour when I found this:

They were even sugar-free, which makes me happy. Waiting makes my not happy.


This morning, I had Kashi oatmeal for breakfast, topped with seven blueberries.

Yes, just seven blueberries. Trust me, it would have been more, but there were only seven decent blueberries in the whole container of blueberries. The rest were old, yucky, and squishy.

Since we’re in desperate need of produce, the kids and I headed to the store to buy some. We bought grapefruits, apples, watermelon, brussels sprouts, broccoli, red peppers, and spinach.

I also found this cranberry almond Greek yogurt bar to try. I can’t wait to try it out.

Questions of the day:

  • Do you follow the servings on the My Plate?
  • How long is too long to wait at the doctor?
  • How often do you buy produce?


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Running on the Treadmill

Yesterday’s Workout

  • 4.1 miles (7:2 run/walk ratio), treadmill

I did manage to drag myself to the gym yesterday afternoon. It was weird being there at 3 pm, and there was actually more people there than I expected. 3 pm must be a hot workout time.

This was the nice hairstyle that I treated my fellow gym goers with:

I haven’t run since last week because my calf and gluteus maximus where in such pain last week, but I felt good yesterday so I ran. I ran for seven minutes and walked for two minutes completing a little over 4 miles.

It was so beautiful outside yesterday, and yet I still ran on the treadmill. I used to wake up early every morning so that I could run outside, and now I spend most of my time running on the treadmill. I know there are people who absolutely despise the treadmill but sometimes it just seems easier. I just set my pace and go.

If I run outside I have to either a) drive somewhere to run or b) run by my house. Neither option seems very appealing. I like running outside though, but I find myself on the treadmill a lot.

After dinner, we stopped by a local pond and park to check it out for an upcoming Father’s Day fishing derby.

Today’s Breakfast

This morning, I had a packet of Kashi oatmeal with some sliced strawberries.

Now I know why this oatmeal has sesame seeds – for protein. Each packet has 9 grams of protein and a lot of that comes from the sesame seeds.

Today’s Workout

  • Butts and Guts Class – 60 minutes

I was a little nervous about Butts and Guts today since this class made me so sore last week, but that’s also why I like this class. It’s different every week, so it always keeps my body guessing and doing something different. Today, we did a lot of kickboxing moves – punching and kicking. We also used some light weights and finished up with ab work.


I wanted more of a breakfast lunch today, so I put egg whites and Laughing Cow veggie cheese on a Van’s English muffin and had steamed broccoli and mango on the side.

Whole Foods mango is so delicious. I only recently started eating mango, and it’s probably one of my top three favorite fruits. It’s right up there with watermelon and strawberries.

Besides the 11.3 million ounces of water I have been drinking, I have also been drinking Steaz iced teas. I found some zero calorie flavors at Whole Foods.

This afternoon, I went to Jacob’s school because he was receiving a Presidential Award of Excellence. I got an email last night saying that he was receiving an award and inviting me to the assembly. Nothing like a little last-minute notification. I’m was so glad that I could go, and I am so proud of him! I can’t believe that tomorrow is his last day of school, and then it’s on to middle school.

Questions of the day:

  • Do you prefer the treadmill or outdoors for running or walking?
  • Top three favorite fruits?
  • Did you ever receive an award at school?


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