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Pumpkin Carving and Halloween Food 2011

Last night’s pumpkin carving and Halloween food party was a success!

We packed up the kids, three pumpkins, and our Halloween food dishes and headed to my grandparent’s house, where we have had this party for the last few years.

Getting ready to go:

My aunt and uncle were supposed to fly out from California, but unfortunately couldn’t make it. Some story about a dog, a cow, and seeping wounds. Yeah, yeah, we’ve all heard that story before.

Everyone had such awesome Halloween food creations. I was proud of Danny this year for actually participating in the food portion of the night. It’s about time that you stared acting like you like my family.

Oh wait, you go on vacation with them every year and leave me at home.

Danny made little Frankenstein pudding cups. I love how these turned out! They are so cute. Which I’m totally sure is what he was going for. Okay, they can be manly cute.

This was definitely the most disgusting food creation of the night:

And surprisingly, this wasn’t made my dad. It was made by Katie, my grandparent’s friend and neighbor. So gross, but I actually ate one of those brownies and they were good.

My brother made eyeball cookies.

Crystal’s food won for best Halloween food. She made gross rats using Twinkies, chocolate frosting, and coconut.

Mummy hotdogs:

Deviled eggs:

I love these cupcakes that Marlene made. They are bloody glass cupcakes. How cool is that! The glass is actually edible.

My dish was really cheesy this year. No, seriously. I made a cheese ball.

Okay, it’s cheesy lame too, but at least it tasted “outstanding.” I’m quoting here because it was that awesome.

My pumpkin-shaped cheese ball:

My grandpa’s food came out awesome. How creepy is this:

After all the food fun, we moved onto pumpkin carving.

I’m pretty sure that I have this exact picture of my dad every single year. Except this year, he’s wearing glasses. Oh sorry, he calls them cheaters, the word glasses makes him feel old.

I worked really hard on my pumpkin:

Okay, okay, I made Danny carve my pumpkin.

The finished pumpkins:

Danny’s pumpkin. It’s Dracula:

My brother’s pumpkin. It came out so cute.

My dad’s pumpkin won for best pumpkin. I only have two words to say: thank goodness.

He carved the clown from It. His pumpkin looks eerily similar to his costume from last year.

My dad with his “best pumpkin” award:

Tonight is the Halloween party at my dad’s, complete with dead body in the bathtub. Can’t wait.

I’m off to get a few more things for my costume and work on all the last-minute details!

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Frightening Flashback Friday – Peacock Edition

2o10 – This was, by far, my favorite Halloween. We did so many fun things – pumpkin carving, Halloween food, a pirate murder mystery, and everyone had awesome costumes this year.

My peacock costume was my favorite costume. I kind of wanted to wear it this year too, I love it so much. Actually, I kind of want to wear it every day.

I knew I wanted to be a peacock, but didn’t like any of the pre-made costumes that are sold at stores. So, I decided to make my own.

I watched videos on YouTube on how to make a tutu. Then, I went out and bought a bunch of tulle from the fabric store. I used a long black ribbon to attach the tulle to, and I also added colored ribbon in between the tulle. When it was done, I just tied the ribbon around my waist.

I ordered peacock feather online. There a few sites you can buy them on or check eBay. I ordered the three feet feathers and smaller 10 inch feathers. The feather tail was the trickiest part to make.

I used a piece of hard cardboard, like from a cardboard box, and cut in into a triangular shape. Then I glued three peacock feathers on each other to make them taller. All the peacock feathers were then glued onto the cardboard piece. I glued on the smaller feathers at the top and to fill in empty spaces.

I found a black stretchy corset style shirt and slipped the feather tail into the back of the shirt. Surprisingly, it wasn’t uncomfortable. The cardboard does sit right against your skin, but it didn’t bother me.

I bought a peacock belt and a peacock necklace at Forever 21. I think I got the black gloves at Wal-Mart for $3. Then I bought a bunch of colorful eyeshadow to do my make-up.

Viola! My peacock costume!

Danny was a guy riding a flamingo and Paul was a gangsta:

Paul and Crystal:

My dad was the clown from It – super freaky.

Last year my family had a pirate murder mystery dinner. I was a doctor pirate and ended up being the murderer.

Come to think of it, we did a 50′s murder mystery a few years ago in California and I was the murderer then too. Well, that can’t be good.

We also had our annual pumpkin carving and Halloween food get together. I loved how my coffin cake turned out. Wow, this year is going to be really lame for me compared to last year.

My dad’s disgusting bean dip:


Today is a super busy day – I have to finish getting everything for my costume, get all the food ingredients and pumpkins for pumpkin carving tonight, and my son wants a new pair of shoes or his life will be over. Seriously?! He’s four!

Have a great day!

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