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I’m Only Half Crazy

Good afternoon!

So, I did something a little crazy yesterday. I signed up for a half marathon…the Disney World half marathon in Florida in January, 2015.

I know, I know. It came as a surprise to me too.

My sister-in-law, Crystal, has run two Disney half marathons and has loved them. She set a new goal for herself of running the Disney half marathon followed by the Disney full marathon the next day (impressive!). She told us about it on Easter and said that she was registering Tuesday.

I have wanted to run a half marathon for a long time. As some of you know, I was signed up for the Zooma half marathon last year, but started having hip problems. After seeing the doctor, she recommended that I not run the race.

My hip still isn’t fully better and it took my calves four days to recover from the Shamrock Shuffle 8k, but running a half marathon is something that I feel like I need to do only if it’s just once in my life.

For what I hear, Disney races are more about the fun and experience than how fast you can go. I plan on simply finishing the half marathon. All I want to do is cross that finish line. If my hip hurts or my calves get tight, I’ll walk. I’m not going to push my body to do what it can’t do, but I sure am going to give it my all and try to the best of my ability.

I have dealt with many running injuries – hip bursitis, plantar fasciitis, compartment syndrome, and my current hip/quad/glute problem. For me, every step I run is an accomplishment. Running doesn’t come easy for me and it never will, but that’s what makes me work harder.

And can we just talk about my sister-in-law for a minute?! A half marathon followed by a full marathon the next day?! Talk about an accomplishment! Awesome! That is such a great accomplishment and I can’t wait for her to be able to achieve her goal!

Registration for the Disney marathon weekend opened up yesterday and already the half marathon, 10k, and 5k are all sold out. When I went to the gym this morning, registration was still open and just an hour later it was sold out. Danny had decided to also run the half marathon since we were able to find someone to watch the kids, but now he won’t be able to. :( Disney races sure are popular.

It’s still quite a while from now, which gives me plenty of time to train and save up! :)  I’m excited but nervous!

Today’s Workout

  • Walking/running – 35 minutes
  •   BodyPump – 60 minutes

Post workout, I had half a Cellucor chocolate protein shake and a Kashi bar.


For lunch yesterday and today, I had fish tacos made with Mahi Mahi taco mix from Whole Foods on corn tortillas topped with pineapple salsa.

I accidently bought the pineapple salsa thinking it was mango salsa, but it was still delicious on my tacos!

I also had a Steaz iced green tea with lemonade. These are great when I need a little break from water.

Have a great afternoon!

  • Have you ever run a Disney race?
  • Have you ever run a half marathon?
  • Biggest goal you’ve ever set for yourself?


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Walk Breaks

I was going through the books on my bookshelf yesterday looking for something to read and I came across my Jeff Galloway Half Marathon Training book that I bought years ago.


I bought this book years ago before I even started blogging. I guess I have always had a desire to run a half marathon, it’s just that my body doesn’t like being cooperative.

Galloway’s method is to incorporate scheduled walk breaks into your running – including during the actual race. The ratio is depends on your speed – so, for example, you run ten minutes and then walk one minute.


I personally have mixed feelings on walk breaks. Of course, I do take walk breaks while running especially when my hip/glute start bothering me. I take them when I need to, not exactly scheduled.

But here’s the thing with me and walk breaks – I might be running for awhile and then take a short walk break. I’ll start running again and get tired. Then I’ll think well, I’ve already taken one walk break, I might as well take another.

Then I’ll start thinking, well, I’ve already messed up my running with a few walk breaks, I might as well take a longer break. And before you know it, I am taking too many walk breaks.

For me, it’s better to not even take the walk breaks in the first place – my mind gives up before my body does. It’s all mental. I feel like I need to walk even though I’d be fine if I kept running. Running has always been hard for me and something that I struggle with, so sometimes I’m ready to throw the towel in early.

I have to get through that mental place that tells me to walk and just keep running. But like I said, I think walk breaks are great and really can work for some people. For me, they just give me an excuse to keep walking.

The longest race I have ever run was a 15k – 9.3 miles. I wasn’t particularly fast, but I was so proud of myself because I didn’t take one single walk break. I had never done that in training and was happy that I was able to run the whole thing. That’s a pretty good accomplishment for me because running is hard on my body and I usually have some kind of pain or injury.


I didn’t even walk through the water stations because that would give me an excuse to add more walk breaks.

I know that some people can run far distances without walking or even maintain a fast speed and be fine, but I can’t. I have definitely improved my running over the last couple of years, but I will never be fast. And honestly, I don’t think that’s what truly important. For me, it’s more about getting off the couch, being active, having fun, running races with my family, and enjoying it.

Of course, I would love to be faster (who wouldn’t!) but I have accepted that I am doing what my body lets me do!

Wow! That was a lot more thoughts and feeling than I planned on typing :)

Today’s Workout

  • 5 miles treadmill
  • Stretching

This morning, I ran five miles on the treadmill. I ran three and then had to add in a few walk breaks for the last two miles.

However, they weren’t walk breaks because I was mentally giving up, they were walk breaks because I haven’t ran five miles in quite a while and my hip was hurting and I knew I needed a little break.

After I finished five miles, I made sure to stretch my hips and glutes.

Between running and stretching, I burned over 700 calories.



Tomorrow morning, I am teaching my first BodyPump class. I am nervous beyond belief because it was last minute and totally unexpected. The normal BodyPump instructor hurt her back and I am the only one available to teach the class.

So, I will be teaching completely alone and I don’t even know how to work the CD player and mic. Should be fun times. Wish me luck.

Have a great afternoon!!


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Elf on the Shelf

Good afternoon! I feel like I haven’t talked to you guys in forever even though in reality, it’s only been a couple of days!


On Saturday night my sister-in-law, Crystal, turned 30 and completed her first half marathon.

Congrats, Crystal!

Even though we weren’t able to be in Florida with her, we were able to track her on Facebook. On the Disney website, you can sign up to receive updates on a certain runner, so we were able to follow her progress all night!

My brother, sister-n-law, and niece are still in Florida having fun.

I miss my niece so much and I am counting the days until she gets back. I might be overly attached.

Crystal has inspired me to find a half marathon of my own to run! I am looking at local races in the spring so I have lots of time to train. I am going to train slow so that I can hopefully avoid injury this time.

Yesterday’s Workout

  • Ab work, burpees on Bosu, balancing on Bosu
  • Cardio Fit & Tone Class – 60 minutes

The kids had off of school yesterday, so I went to the gym in the evening. I did a little bit of a workout on my own before going to cardio fit and tone class.


I had two clients a couple of hours apart at the gym this morning, so I worked and ran errands in between and after clients.

I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things. I was excited to find gluten-free Puffins.


Too bad they’re not peanut butter.

And Amy’s gluten-free lasagna.


For the most part, I try to eat fresh and whole foods like fruits, veggies, salads, fish, etc, but sometimes I am pressed for time and just need something I can eat quick – which is where the cereal and lasagna come in :)

Random Purchases

I have finally given in to the Elf on the Shelf hype and bought one for Jaden.


I am now an Elf on the Shelf Mom.

If you don’t know what Elf on the Shelf is, it’s a book and stuffed elf. You read the book to your kids about how the elf watches over them and reports to Santa about their behavior each night. Then each morning, the kids wake up and have to find the elf (but they’re not allowed to touch him).

There are so many websites dedicated to ways the kids can find the elf in the morning – hanging on the Christmas tree, drinking from the syrup bottle, rolling down the stairs in a toilet paper tube, baking, making flour angels. Honestly, it’s a bit crazy.

We will open and read the book on Thanksgiving and then the fun will begin. I already have a Pinterest board with lots of Elf on the Shelf ideas. But I’ll tell you this – if that elf were to go report to Santa today about my kid’s behavior, they probably wouldn’t  get a Christmas present for the rest of their lives.

I also found these cute milk and cookies plates at Target for only $1.99. I got one for my kids and one for my niece.


I am getting excited for the holidays!

One of our neighbors already has their whole house decked out in Christmas lights. It’s funny because the house right across the street still has Halloween decorations up! We usually put decorations up the day after Thanksgiving.

Have a great afternoon!

  • What did you do this weekend?
  • Have you ever done Elf on the Shelf?
  • When do you decorate for the holidays?


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Good News/Bad News

Good News: I do not have a stress fracture in my hip!

Bad News: I do have hip bursitis and ligament irritation (whatever that means).

Good News: I think I’m okay to run the half marathon in August.

Bad News: I am not even close to ready to run this half marathon. Not at all. I haven’t ran at all in over a week. My longest run in two and a half weeks has been 5 miles and my longest run before that was a  random 8 miles.

The sports doctor called on Friday and left me a voicemail. She said that my MRI results didn’t show a stress fracture but did show some ligament irritation, but I was fine to exercise. However, she didn’t specify what I could actually do. Can I run? Can I only walk? Can I take BodyPump and do 200 squats?

Right now, my hip still hurts and I am afraid to do anything to make the pain worse. What it I workout and I tear the ligament? Then I’ll be in even worse shape. So right now I am still taking it a little easy until I talk to her. I might try a walk later today and I’m going call and schedule physical therapy tomorrow.

I am so nervous about the half marathon. How can I run it with almost no training?! Yesterday was supposed to be my last long run of 10-12 miles followed by a week of tapering and then the half marathon. Instead, I haven’t ran at all. I think there will be a lot of walking going on – I cannot get injured worse right now.

And honestly, my health and not being injured is way more important to me than crossing that finish line. But at the same time, this is one of the big things that I want to accomplish in life. Running has always been a struggle for me and this would be the ultimate goal. We shall see!!

Good News: Danny and Jacob got home yesterday after being gone for a week fishing in Canada!

Bad News: There’s a lot of laundry to do.

Danny and Jacob went fishing with my grandpa, dad, and brother all last week. So, it was just me, Jaden, and my niece. It was a loooonnnngg week. Sometimes, when you’re apart from your significant other, it makes you appreciate them more.

Danny and I have a pretty good system worked out of what we both do around the house that works perfect for us. We both contribute in our own ways. Then when one person is gone, and you take on the work of two people, you appreciate that other person more.

But they’re home now!! And I’m happy.

Jacob loved fishing but he hated touching the fish. I love this picture of him and my grandpa.

Four generations (plus Danny – ha ha :) )


Good News: In celebration of their return, I made three cheese stuffed shells and garlic bread for dinner last night.

Bad News: I ate a lot of it. Especially the garlic bread. Yum!

Have a great Sunday!!


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Shape Diva Dash Obstacle Run

Last night, I had a meet-up with the other members of the Zooma Half Marathon Challenge, as well as the Chicago Zooma ambassadors. We met for a healthy running clinic with a sports doctor.


It was a really relaxed setting - we told a little bit about ourselves and then were given the chance to discuss any questions we had regarding running – injuries, asthma, running fuel, hydration, strength and cross training, etc.

I asked about my quad pain, and the doctor said that it probably wasn’t normal, and I should maybe cut back on the BodyPump and other exercises classes a bit, just to see if that helps relieve the pain a little bit.

Afterwards, the sports doctor brought us into the physical therapy office and showed us an anti-gravity treadmill.



An Anti-Gravity Treadmill is a rehabilitation device that utilizes adjustable weight-bearing technology on a standard treadmill used primarily for rehabilitation of lower extremity injuries and athletic training. (Source)

Basically, you can still run if your injured because the treadmill controls the air pressure in the chamber around the treadmill to lift the person running. I’ve have never heard of an anti-gravity treadmill before, and thought it was a very unique concept.

After the meeting with the sports doctor, we headed to a small local bar for a Zooma sponsored happy hour.


It was really nice meeting the other girls running the half marathon and the ambassadors. Everyone was really friendly, and it’s helpful to discuss all of our running problems and successes with each other.

I’ve mentioned recently that I have been having a hard time, physically and mentally, with running lately so I decided to do a “fun run!” I am going to run the Shape Diva Dash – Women’s Obstacle Adventure Run in August.

About the Diva Dash:

Unlike other obstacle runs, there are no mud or fire pits or barbed wire. The Diva Dash delivers plenty of excitement and challenges designed for women of all ages and abilities. The supportive and encouraging atmosphere of the Dash is empowering for all, from first-timers to seasoned racers.

I think it’ll be a nice change since I have been following a set training plan for quite a while now. I started with the 15k training plan and then jumped right into the half marathon training plan. The Diva Dash is great because you can chose to run in a non-competitive wave or a competitive wave.

The course is three miles of trail, sand, and road with 10-12 obstacles. I have run races with obstacles before, but not lately, so I am really looking forward to it.

The Shape Diva Dash has locations all over the U.S., so see if there’s a location near you! If you register to run the Diva Dash, enter the code: BLOG at checkout to receive $10 off registration!

I didn’t go to the gym this morning so that I could give my legs a little bit of a break. Hopefully, they’ll be all rested up for my long run this weekend! Since I didn’t go to the gym in the morning, I picked up niece up early and took the kids to the splash park.


I brought an apple pie Larabar for a snack.


I asked Danny to pick me up a Larabar at the store yesterday and to surprise me with a flavor – he picked apple pie, which is a flavor I wouldn’t normally pick myself, although I really like it. I seem to gravitate more towards the peanut butter flavored bars :)

Have a great afternoon!

  • Have you ever run a “fun run” or an obstacle run?
  • Do you think your significant other would do a good job picking out a flavor you’d like?
  • Ever heard of an anti-gravity treadmill?


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The 17th Annual Chicago Half Marathon – Chicago’s Hometown Race Giveaway!

Good afternoon!

Thank you to everyone for all their positive comments and stories on yesterday’s blog post. It really helps a lot to hear all your encouragement and know that people have been in similar situations!

And while we’re on the subject of half marathons, I have a great giveaway today – one free entry to the Chicago Half Marathon on September 8, 2013 at Jackson Park, Chicago.

Of course, you’ll need to be in Chicago on September 8th to win, so please only enter if you’ll be able to run the race.

To enter: Leave a comment below saying that you would like to be entered into the Chicago Half Marathon giveaway.

For an extra entry: Tweet, Facebook, Instagram, or blog about the giveaway and comment below letting me know you did.

Giveaway will end Thursday, July 18th. I’ll announce the winner on Friday.

Yesterday’s Workout

  • 8.23 mile bike ride

Yesterday evening, the kids went to a last-minute park district activity, so that left Danny and me with two unplanned hours of kid-free time. That never happens. We decided to take advantage of the free time and go for a bike ride.



It was our first bike ride ever with just the two of us.


On our bike ride, one of my biggest fears happened – as we were riding down the bike trail, a huge snake slithered out right it front of my bike (I don’t care what Danny says – that snake was huge. And I don’t care what my dad says, it was probably poisonous).

Okay, maybe it wasn’t huge or poisonous, but it really startled me. That is not my idea of fun. I screamed and took off on my bike – that was the fastest and hardest that I have ever rode my bike in my life. Danny slammed on his breaks because my scream scared him and he had to avoid hitting the snake.

As I am pedaling away as fast as I can, I just hear him laughing behind me. Thanks, Danny. That’s sweet. All I can say is thank goodness I hadn’t been running. I would have been even more upset…but I probably would have ran really fast.

After that little fiasco, we rode a total of 8.23 miles. I burned 319 calories this time, a little bit more than my bike ride with Jacob.


Danny and I rode some fast miles, but we also rode some slow miles because my quad would start to hurt. It was a really nice bike ride and I’m glad that I got to ride with my husband.

When we picked the kids up and told them about the snake, the first thing Jaden asked was if I took a picture of it. No, I didn’t stop to take a picture of it – I was busy pedaling as fast as I could and watching my heart rate jump from 110 to 160 in 5 seconds.

I have to share this picture of my niece in my Spibelt because she’s so darn cute. :)


Today’s Workout

  • Butts and Guts Class – 60 minutes

Butts and Guts class was tough today. It was a substitute instructor and she did the whole class on the Bosu ball, which was tough. It was a lot of leg work which killed my already sore legs. I am all for hard workouts, but I have a feeling my legs aren’t going to be too happy tomorrow.

Have a great afternoon!

Comment below to win an entry into the 17th annual Chicago Half Marathon!




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Running Goodies

Good afternoon!

It sure has been a busy day! Swim lessons were canceled again. Get it together, Chicago weather. At least the kids are able to make up the swim lessons on Sunday which is good because swim lessons aren’t cheap.

Today’s Workout

  • BodyPump – 60 minutes
  • 20 min. tempo treadmill run – 2.03 miles

My half marathon training plan has a 35 minute tempo run planned for this week (I’m not following the days exactly).


I knew I wouldn’t be able to fit in a 35 minute run, so I did a 20 minute tempo run on the treadmill instead after BodyPump. Hey, a short run is better than no run. I ran slow for 5 minutes, ran fast for 10 minutes, then ran slow for 5 more minutes. I finished with about 3 minutes of walking.

I wore my heart rate monitor for BodyPump and running on the treadmill. I accidently stopped it in between BodyPump and running on the treadmill but I burned about 650 calories total.

I also figured out how to see how much time I am spending in the fat burning zone versus fitness improvement. For example, in BodyPump, I spent 44 minutes in the fat burning zone and 22 minutes in the fitness zone, but running on the treadmill I was in the fat burning zone for 3 minutes and in the fitness zone for 20 minutes.

PicMonkey Collage

My heart rate was definitely up the whole time I ran on the treadmill.

After the gym, the kids and I went to the grocery store to pick up some food because we have nothing in the house to eat. We usually get groceries on Sunday night, but we didn’t go last Sunday.


Don’t worry, those Lay’s Stax aren’t for me, they’re for my son. They are my favorite chips though…

Right from the store, we had to pick up my niece, and by this time I was hungry so I had to eat my lunch/snack in the car.


A Clif bar and a pluot aka a dinosaur egg. Have you ever had a pluot? They are delicious. I could probably eat ten of those little things in one sitting.

When we got home from picking up my niece, I had a package from the Zooma half marathon waiting for me!


They sent a bunch of fun samples to try out.


Muscle Milk Light in chocolate.


Cool citrus Cytomax (which will be offered on the course).


Gu Energy Gels in peanut butter (which will also be offered on the course).


I love peanut butter but I’m a little nervous about trying the peanut butter Gu. I like my gels and chews more fruity flavored.

Perform pain relieving gel.


Body Glide anti-chafe balm.


I can’t wait to try all the products out!

It also came with a list of workout songs and quotes from the Zooma blogger advisory panel and two of my favorite bloggers were on there.


Have a great and safe Fourth of July!

  • Have you tried any of the products listed above?
  • Do you have any plans for tomorrow? Cooking, baking, or making anything good?
  • When do you usually go grocery shopping?
  • Who are some of your favorite bloggers?



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Evening Run

Last Night’s Workout

  • 3 miles outside, warm and windy

Last night when Danny got home from work, we packed the kids up and headed to a nearby trail so I could run. The trail is a one mile loop with a park in the middle. So, while I was running, Danny played with the kids at the park.



I ran three miles and was happy with my time. I did get a side cramp at about two miles and had to walk for a minute.

I wore both my Garmin and my heart rate monitor.

I noticed that my heart rate went up right when I started running to about 160. It got up to about 170-175 bpm. I feel like it went up too fast and stayed high. Maybe that’s why I run out of energy so quickly. But it’s harder to start slower when you’re already a slow runner

The calorie counts were also different on the two watches. The Garmin said I burned 343 calories and the Polar said I burned 409 calories. I wonder which one is more accurate.

I wore my Mizuno Inspire 9s and my calf sleeves.

My right quad hurt more than my calves this run, and surprisingly my back hurt towards the end of my run. I have never had back pain while running, so it was weird. Have you ever had back pain while running?


Today’s Workout

  • Butts and Guts Class – 60 minutes

Swim lessons were canceled this morning because it’s only about 60 degrees. We have actually been having quite a mild summer here in Chicagoland. Not that I’m complaining. It makes running outside easier.

After the gym, I stopped at McDonald’s for a coffee :)

Well, it’s official. Yesterday, I signed up for the Zooma Half Marathon in Chicago on August 10th.

I’m supposed to have a few meet-ups with the other Zooma half marathon challenge athletes and ambassadors soon. There’s a meeting with a sports doctor and a cocktail hour, a yoga class, and a course preview run coming up. I don’t know if I can make it to everything, but I’ll try!

The Zooma half marathon also has a section on the registration form where you can note if this is your first half marathon. If you’re running your first half marathon or get a personal record at the race, you get a special PR medal.

I admit, I am most excited for the medal. Instead of medals for finishing, Zooma hands out necklaces which is something different, but I really want a medal :)

Speaking of races, this race is coming to Chicago soon:


I need to run that race…in my prom dress.

Have a great afternoon!

  • Which would you prefer: a medal or a necklace?
  • Would you run a race is a prom dress or tuxedo? I would.
  • Did you workout today?




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What’s Next

Happy Monday!

Today’s Workout

  • 2.3 miles treadmill, walked slow

When I woke up on Sunday morning, my calves were so incredibly tight from Saturday’s Biggest Loser 15k. They felt rock hard and even walking down the stairs was difficult. I made sure to stretch and foam roll.

My calves were also very sore last night and still sore this morning. I foam rolled again and skipped BodyPump to walk about 2.3 slow miles on the treadmill.

My calves are definitely feeling the effects of running 9.3 miles. I am wearing my compression socks throughout that day hoping they will help.

I forgot to mention that I bought Danny new running shoes for his birthday. I took him to Dick’s Sporting Goods and after trying on a few pairs, he picked out a pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13′s.

Danny used to only run in Nikes, so I am excited for him to try out the Brooks.

The Weekend – Saturday

On Saturday night, my family came over to watch the Blackhawk’s game and celebrate Danny and Paul’s birthdays. It was a very intense game.

I ordered a Blackhawk’s birthday cake from a nearby bakery and everyone loved it!

I was exhausted by the time everyone left and went right to bed.


On Father’s Day, my dad, stepmom, brother, sister-in-law, and niece came over for brunch. We had bagels, donuts, grapes, potatoes, and eggs. My dad opened his Father’s Day presents and we visited for a bit.

After everyone left, I was exhausted again. Running that 15k took a lot more out of me then I thought it would.

I was up at 6:30 am on Sunday and was just sore and tired. I ended up taking about an hour and a half nap before going to my in-laws house for dinner. I feel a lot better today. I’m just dealing with my sore and tight calves.


After walking on the treadmill this morning, the kids and I went to the grocery store. After a week of birthdays and Father’s Day, my eating needs to get back on track.

My fruit and veggie bowl is full!

What’s Next?

So, now that I am done with the 15k, I have the Zooma Half Marathon to train for. Since I was already training for the 15k, I am just picking up in the middle of the Zooma training plan.

The only thing I’m worried about is running four days a week. They might not fit into my schedule. The 15k training plan had me running three days a week, and I’ll probably stick to running three days a week for the half marathon training, four days a week if I can fit it in.

If you’re looking for a good 15k or half marathon training program, I recommend the Hal Higdon Training Plans. That’s what I followed for the 15k and it worked out great.

I’ll probably wait a few days until my calves feel better before jumping into the half marathon training plan.

Have a great afternoon!

  • Did you do anything for Father’s Day?
  • How many days do you rest after a long run or race?
  • Favorite sports team?



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Birthday Dinner and Half Marathon Training

Last Night

I opened my birthday presents from Danny and the kids last night.

How did he know that I wanted a Ninja blender? (It might have been because I cut a picture of it out of a magazine and put it on his dresser along with a $5 off coupon).

I am very excited to use my new Ninja blender, and I love that it comes with a travel blending cup!

My current blender isn’t very strong, so I kept having to take off the lid, stir it, add more liquid, and stir it again. The whole process takes forever, so I can’t wait to try this baby out!

I couldn’t decide where I wanted to go for my birthday dinner (you don’t have to cook on your birthday :) ), and we finally ended up at Joe’s crab shack. I think I eat crab once a year (on my birthday) because it’s so darn expensive, but it’s so good. I had the delicious king crab legs.

The kids thought it was hilarious that I had to wear a bib.

Today’s Workout

  • Butts and Guts – 60 minutes

I set my alarm for 5:20 am this morning to get up and run….and I kept sleeping instead. I just couldn’t get up, but actually it worked out good because I am supposed to meet the other girls from the Chicago Half Marathon challenge to run tonight.

I am supposed to be in Chicago at 6pm tonight to meet at a running store. I am assuming I’ll meet the trainers and the other girls that were picked, and then we’ll go for a three mile run. I’m nervous.

I’m nervous for a few reasons – a) I always get nervous running in a group because I am a slower runner. B) I took a 60 minute cardio class this morning (my fault, I know). C) The last night I ran at night, it was a disaster. D) I have never driven by myself to Chicago and I have no idea how to park in the city.

The last reason might seem ridiculous, but I worry about things like that. I hate driving in general, so driving to Chicago alone is my biggest nightmares. And I don’t know anything about city parking.

I am looking forward to meeting everyone though!

I also received my Zooma half marathon training plan. The 15k training plan I am currently following is simply running three days a week, while the half marathon training plan includes things like strides and tempo runs. That will be something different for me, but something that I hope will improve my running.

Have a great afternoon!

  • Do you like seafood? Favorite seafood?
  • Do you ever run in a group?
  • What kinds of things do you not like to do or what makes you nervous?
  • Do you incorporate tempo run, strides, etc. into your runs?



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