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Evening Run

Last Night’s Workout

  • 3 miles outside, warm and windy

Last night when Danny got home from work, we packed the kids up and headed to a nearby trail so I could run. The trail is a one mile loop with a park in the middle. So, while I was running, Danny played with the kids at the park.



I ran three miles and was happy with my time. I did get a side cramp at about two miles and had to walk for a minute.

I wore both my Garmin and my heart rate monitor.

I noticed that my heart rate went up right when I started running to about 160. It got up to about 170-175 bpm. I feel like it went up too fast and stayed high. Maybe that’s why I run out of energy so quickly. But it’s harder to start slower when you’re already a slow runner

The calorie counts were also different on the two watches. The Garmin said I burned 343 calories and the Polar said I burned 409 calories. I wonder which one is more accurate.

I wore my Mizuno Inspire 9s and my calf sleeves.

My right quad hurt more than my calves this run, and surprisingly my back hurt towards the end of my run. I have never had back pain while running, so it was weird. Have you ever had back pain while running?


Today’s Workout

  • Butts and Guts Class – 60 minutes

Swim lessons were canceled this morning because it’s only about 60 degrees. We have actually been having quite a mild summer here in Chicagoland. Not that I’m complaining. It makes running outside easier.

After the gym, I stopped at McDonald’s for a coffee :)

Well, it’s official. Yesterday, I signed up for the Zooma Half Marathon in Chicago on August 10th.

I’m supposed to have a few meet-ups with the other Zooma half marathon challenge athletes and ambassadors soon. There’s a meeting with a sports doctor and a cocktail hour, a yoga class, and a course preview run coming up. I don’t know if I can make it to everything, but I’ll try!

The Zooma half marathon also has a section on the registration form where you can note if this is your first half marathon. If you’re running your first half marathon or get a personal record at the race, you get a special PR medal.

I admit, I am most excited for the medal. Instead of medals for finishing, Zooma hands out necklaces which is something different, but I really want a medal :)

Speaking of races, this race is coming to Chicago soon:


I need to run that race…in my prom dress.

Have a great afternoon!

  • Which would you prefer: a medal or a necklace?
  • Would you run a race is a prom dress or tuxedo? I would.
  • Did you workout today?




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I Thought I Hated Avocados

Good morning!!


Yesterday afternoon, I took the kids to the splash park to play in the water. We stopped at Target and decided to grab something for lunch. I was going to get a salad (Target has really good pre-made salads) but I couldn’t fit in into the cooler I brought with me.

Jen from Healthy Food and Family posted a pic of the Go Picnic lunches on her Instagram earlier in the week, and I remember seeing them at Target before, so I picked one up to try out.

I loved it. The Baja blend fruit and nut mix was the best part. I just wish it had more crackers because I had a lot of hummus leftover.

We played at the splash park for awhile before the water shut off and wouldn’t come back on. I took that as our cue to go home.

My legs were still sore from yesterday’s morning run, so I put on my Pro Compression socks when we got home from the park and left them on until the middle of the night when they started to drive me crazy, and I had to take them off.

Last night, we met up with my family to try out a new Mexican restaurant near us called Mago.

I decided  when I was born that I hated avocados, so my whole life I refused to try them. My grandparents, dad, and stepmom always rave about how delicious the guacamole at Mago. They make it fresh right at your table.

So, after the Guac Lady made the guacamole, I had to admit that it looked pretty good, so I tried it. Apparently my hatred for avocados was unwarranted. I liked the guacamole. A lot.

I guess the moral of the story is don’t spend your whole entire life hating foods that you’ve never tried.

Today’s Workout

  • 4.1 miles, outside

My legs were so sore yesterday (mostly my right quad, knee, and calf) and they were still sore when I woke up this morning, so I debated whether I should run. I am very worried about the half marathon coming up. I just don’t know if my body can handle it.

I opened up the door and the weather was overcast and cool. Perfect running weather, in my opinion. So, I laced up my Mizunos, and out running I went. I planned on running 3 miles, but I felt pretty good so I ran 4 miles. They were slow miles, but I still did it.

My right leg seems to hurt the most when I slow down and when I’m done running. This quad pain is driving me nuts. Maybe I need to cut back on the squats.

I finished up 4 miles and then headed to McDonald’s for some well deserved coffee :)

I think I’m going to head to the sports store today to check out some heart rate monitors. Have a wonderful Saturday!

  • Did you ever think that you didn’t like a food and then you tried it and liked it?
  • Any plans for today?
  • What’s your perfect running weather?


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Two Days Away

Today’s Workout

  • 3 miles outside – sunny, cooler, and slightly windy
  • 15 min. stretching and foam rolling

I woke up at 6 am this morning to run 3 miles before Danny had to go to work. I hate running on the sidewalk by my house, but luckily, I had enough time to drive to the gym and run on the paved trail.

It was a tough run because my legs are sore and my quad was killing me. And oddly enough, my left eye watered like crazy the whole time which was annoying. I could hardly see because I kept having to wipe off the tears that were streaming down my face.

I always wear sunglasses when I run so I’m not sure what was up with my eye watering so much. I finished three slow and steady miles and then headed home.

But first I stopped for some McDonald’s coffee. :) My favorite.

My Garmin has been acting kind of weird since last night. It keeps turning itself off and then flashing four boxes on the screen. I finally got it to work and then it reset the time to 12:oo on January 1st and then it fixed itself to the right day and time. Anyone else have this problem?

I had a blueberry hazelnut oatmeal with my coffee for breakfast.

The rest of the day will be spent getting things ready for this weekend. We have a really busy weekend coming up. Tomorrow is Danny’s birthday, and he has the day off of work.

We’re dropping the kids off at my in-laws in the afternoon, and then we’re heading to Rockford to go to the Biggest Loser Walk/Run Expo and to pick up our race packets.

We decided to spend the night at a hotel in Rockford because it’s over an hour from our house and we didn’t want to have to worry about waking up super early to make it to the race on time.

Saturday morning is the 15k. Danny, my sister-in-law, and I are running the 15k. My dad and stepmom are doing the 15k walk.

Saturday night we were going to go out to dinner to celebrate my brother and Danny’s birthday, but since the Blackhawks are playing, we’re just going to order pizza by our house instead.

Just kidding…kinda.

Then Sunday is Father’s Day! We’re going to do a brunch with my family since my brother works later in the day, and then we’ll see Danny’s dad in the afternoon.

Busy, busy, busy!

  • Do you have any plans for the upcoming weekend?
  • Anyone else have weird problems with their Garmin?
  • Oatmeal: yes or no?


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