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Fun Run 2014 in Color 5k Recap

Good Morning!

Yesterday, Jaden completed his very first 5k!

We ran the Fun Run 2014 in Color 5k with my dad and stepmom. It was even featured on the local ABC TV news station that morning.

The Fun Run is an untimed color race where powdered color is thrown on you as your run at four different stations.

The race started at 8:00 am. We got there about 7:15 am and were able to find close parking right away. Jaden got his face painted by my dad.

I use the port-o-potty twice. The first time, I was able to walk right up without waiting but then I decided that I had to go again 7 minutes before the race started and there was a long line. I waited and got back to the start line right on time. There was five port-o-potties, and with over 1,000 runners, I think they need to add a couple more next year.

The race started in waves depending how you lined up. They let a group of runner go with a couple of minutes in between each group so the color stations weren’t overcrowded with people.

My dad and stepmom stayed together, Danny and Jacob ran together, and Jaden and I stayed together. Jaden started out running really good and was able to make it almost a half mile before he got tired. He seems to have exactly two speeds – sprinting and walking. We walked a lot of the race with a little bit of running when he was ready.

But you better believe he ran like crazy when he saw the upcoming color stations:

He learned very quickly to keep his mouth closed at the color stations. At the first station, he left his mouth open and spent the next half a mile spitting out color.

The one thing I didn’t like was that there wasn’t a water station on the course at all. Jaden begged for water the whole time and I didn’t even think to bring any. I know that it’s only a three mile race but when you have a race that a lot of kids are running and a race where you can get color in your mouth and eyes, you should have at least one water station.

Jaden really slowed down at the end of the race and every time I encouraged¬†him to go faster (mostly so we could move out of people’s way) he would scream, “stop forcing me to run faster!” at the top of his lungs so I got some not-so-nice looks from people around me.

About a quarter of a mile from the finish, we saw Danny and Jacob and Jaden took off running. Sure, start running when you see Daddy. We went through the final color station and crossed the finish line!

According to my Garmin, we finished the race in 41:48. My goal for Jaden was 45 minutes so I was happy he was able to finish in under that. If we do it next time, I will definitely carry water for him.

My stepmom and Dad did awesome – I think my dad got the most color on him than all of us!

There were bagels, bananas, and clementines at the end of the race. There was also Propel water and coffee – I love races that have coffee afterwards!

There was also an after party where everyone got bags of color and threw them all at once. There was color everywhere!

We had to leave quickly after the race since the kids had soccer and baseball practice but we did stay around to throw our color packets! There was also a wind tent where you could get the color blown off of you.

Overall, this was a really fun race. It’s great for kids and Jaden loved it. Parking was easy and the course went through a local neighborhood and around a park. It started on time and everything ran smoothly. I do wish they had a water station on the course.

We didn’t wait in line for the wind station but we did bring towels to put on the car seats. If you run a color race make sure to bring towels or extra clothes!

Fun times!


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15 Minute At Home Workout

Good morning! How was your Super Bowl Sunday?

We went to my grandparent’s house yesterday to watch the game, and I ate way too much food. Everything was so good.¬†I think there’s more food and snacks on Super Bowl Sunday than there is on Thanksgiving!

I’m not really into football but the Super Bowl is always fun and so is watching the commercials. My stepmom came up with the idea of doing Super Bowl commercial bingo and everyone had fun playing it.

She also had the idea to set up a football photo booth complete with fun accessories.

Lots of fun!


Jaden is home sick today. I’m pretty sure that he has an ear infection and possibly strep throat. I’m bringing him to the doctor later this morning to find out what’s going on. Poor guy. He was up all night long last night. I don’t think Danny and I got any sleep. At all.

Today’s Workout

  • Practiced BodyPump – 60 minutes
  • At home 15 minute workout and stretching

Since Jaden is home with me today, I worked out at home. I started with practicing BodyPump for about an hour and then I did an at home workout that I found on Pinterest.

I did change some of the moves, but here’s the workout that I did.

Do each move for 1 minute:

  • jumping jacks
  • wall sit
  • pushups
  • bicycle crunches
  • burpees
  • triceps dips
  • front kicks
  • upright rows
  • bicycle crunches
  • shoulder press
  • high knees
  • deadlifts
  • bicep curls
  • pli√© squats
  • plank jacks

Repeat 1-3 times. I did it one time.

Plank #2: 53 seconds

Plank #3: 1 minute

Are you keeping up with your plank-a-day challenge?!

Have a great day!

  • ¬†Did you watch the Super Bowl yesterday? Favorite commercial?


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Halloween Party 2013

Saturday night was my dad’s annual Halloween party. It was so much fun and everyone had such awesome costumes!

I was Wonder Women – I’ll take any opportunity to wear a tutu.


I bought most of my costume at Spirit and made my tutu with tulle from the fabric store. I found silver star foam stickers and stuck them all over my tutu.

Since I was Wonder Women, Danny came as Clark Kent…



…and about two hours into the party, he changed into a Superman costume. We thought it would be a fun little surprise :) I am really happy with how our costumes turned out this year.


My brother and sister-in-law were Ronald McDonald and The KFC Colonel. How awesome were their costumes?!


Their babysitter ended up canceling at the last minute because she came down with strep throat, so my niece was at the party for a short time. Isn’t she such a cutie pirate?


She loved Danny’s glasses and kept trying to figure out why he had them on.



My dad was Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty and my stepmom was a mermaid.


My stepmom and I had similar ideas for Halloween this year and didn’t even know it until the party. First, we were both going to be Audrey Hepburn and then we were almost both mermaids! I actually planned on being a mermaid and even ordered a costume and wig off of Amazon, but let me just say that the mermaid costume is very form fitting and I just wasn’t comfortable in it. So,¬†I was Wonder Women instead.

A few other costumes from the night:







My dad’s pumpkin.


I think it took him close to a billion hours to carve, and it came out awesome!

The party was so much fun, but let me say, it’s not a good idea to go to a party, stay up late, and have a few drinks the night before you have to film a BodyPump video.

On Sunday, we met my dad, stepmom, and brother for breakfast before I had to film my BodyPump video. I was really dragging and shouldn’t have ate such a heavy breakfast. The filming of my video went pretty good. Someone came in to make sure the camera ran the whole time.

I didn’t do perfect but I did a lot better than last time, and I submitted my video to Les Mills for my final certification. I can tell by watching myself on the video that there is a few things that I have to work on, but I can only improve from here.

It’s such a relief to be done filming. My right hip and quad has gotten a little bit worse lately with all the BodyPump and I am glad that the video is filmed and I don’t have to practice everyday.

Now I just have to wait a few weeks to see if my video passed! Fingers crossed!

Have a great afternoon!



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Pool Running and My Fitness Pal

Good morning РHappy Monday!

My weekend:


Saturday morning started out fairly normal Рwe walked around the Halloween store with my dad trying on costumes. Normal for us anyway.

Halloween is a big holiday in my family so be prepared to see lots of Halloween related posts in October. It’s always so much fun – we do Halloween games, have a Halloween food and pumpkin carving night, come up with creative Halloween costumes and keep them secret until the Halloween party at the end of the month.

I think I even have my Halloween costume figured out – I just might have to lose a pound or two :)

Pool Running

Saturday afternoon I went to the Deep Water Pool Run/Conditioning class at my gym. It’s held in the 12 feet section¬†on the pool and we wear water belts to help¬†us float.

I have mixed feeling on the pool running class, and I think I prefer my workouts¬†on land. First,¬†there wasn’t a lot of just running like I was hoping. We did a bunch of stuff – running, bicycle riding, skiing, straight leg kicks, etc. A lot of the moves just felt awkward to me in the water and I didn’t feel like I was doing some of them right.

Second, I was freezing in the water. The water wasn’t super cold but I just couldn’t seem to get warm. Then, halfway through the class I started to get nauseous. I’m not sure if it was¬†being in the water or if I just felt sick, but I didn’t feel good. Then,¬†I got a terrible foot cramp and¬†had¬†to take a break to stretch it on the wall.

I was pretty much a mess the whole class and¬†was glad when¬†it was over. The class¬†wasn’t bad and the instructor was good, I just don’t think I enjoyed it. I was¬†looking more for just pool running so that I could still run without having hip pain.

Saturday night, we took the kids to Claim Jumper for dinner. This was only our second time there and I thought it was really good.

I had the fish tacos, and they were delicious but they had a little too much cabbage on them. I had to take a lot of it off. Danny had meatloaf and I think I ate half of his biscuit because it was so good.


Sunday morning I stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a white chocolate pumpkin coffee. So good.

We spent the afternoon at my dad’s house watching the Bears game.

Today’s Workout

  • Practiced squat track for BodyPump – approx. 15 minutes
  • Treadmill – 2.05 miles (4:2 ratio) – 27 minutes
  • Stretching, bridges, foam rolling – approx. 20 minutes

I ran again today! I am still trying to take it slow, but I went about 6 minutes longer today. I am still walking for two minutes and running for four minutes. I finished with a minute of slow walking.

I made sure to stretch and foam roll after.

So, I finally jumped on the bandwagon and downloaded the My Fitness Pal app. I’ve only had it for 12 hours and I already love it!

I used to measure all my food and count my calories in a notebook. You can read more about my weight loss story here. I lost weight and stopped counting calories although I was a lot more aware and mindful of what I ate.

I probably gained a few pounds back which I am trying to lose, so I got the My Fitness Pal app. It is so easy and fast to use. All you have to do is use your phone to scan the barcode of your food, and it pulls all the numbers up for you. It’s awesome.

It was easy for breakfast – I just scanned my cereal, milk, coffee, and creamer bar code and I was done. I’m sure it’ll be a little harder f I make a salad and have to figure each ingredient but it’s still faster than writing it out. And you can enter all your exercise in as well. We’ll see how it goes!

Have a great afternoon!

  • What did you do this weekend?
  • Ever take a pool/water class?
  • Do you My Fitness Pal or a similar app?


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Good afternoon!

I’m back – yesterday was one of those days when everything that could go wrong did go wrong.

First off, my hip pain has come back in full force. The pain makes it difficult to sleep, sit, and drive. I talked to the sports doctor and she’s worried that it might be a stress fracture, so she wanted me to get an MRI. More on my thoughts on that later, right now I am just waiting on the results.

Luckily, they were able to get me an appointment yesterday afternoon, but not so lucky was that it was an hour away and I needed someone to watch the kids. My stepmom saved the day. She came over to watch the kids while I went to get an MRI.

It was my first MRI and everything seemed to go fine. It took about a half hour, but the driving took me over two hours. Not fun. They said it should take a couple of days before I hear anything, so I am hoping to hear something by Monday.

I¬†didn’t work out yesterday or today. Right now, I think it’s best just to give my body a break. I think upper body workouts are okay and maybe I’ll do one tomorrow, but right now I’m taking it easy.


For breakfast this morning, I made a smoothie. My smoothies are usually really simple - some fruit, a Greek yogurt for protein, and a little OJ or almond milk.

Today, my smoothie had orange cream Greek yogurt, OJ, raspberries, strawberries, and peaches.

Since I didn’t go to the gym this morning, I was a nice mom and took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese. Most people don’t realize that Chuck E. Cheese opens at 9am, and if you go early, you can avoid the crowds.

I hate crowds and I really hate crowds at Chuck E. Cheese. Jaden won the 50 ticket jackpot on one of the games and apparently he was so happy that he just threw himself onto the floor in sheer joy. (Don’t worry, he will be getting a bath later.)

My niece rode the horse 27 times in a row.

Jaden used his tickets to get a giant balloon. Seriously?! I was lucky enough to get it to fit into the trunk of the car.

After Chuck E. Cheese, we stopped at Mariano’s grocery store and I made a salad for lunch.

My salad included romaine lettuce, red onions, cucumbers, green pepper, carrots, artichoke hearts, chickpeas, a few noodles, and crab.

I also got a few chocolate and peanut butter covered pretzels which I ate on the way home :)

Those peanut butter covered pretzels are delicious.

Later this afternoon, I’m going to¬†my mom’s house to visit for awhile!

Have a great afternoon?


The three winners of the OrthoLite giveaway are:

  • Kristi I follow @OrthoLite on twitter. @klundine
  • Gabrielle I like Ortholite on Facebook!
  • Michele Dick like you on FBthanks!

Please email runeatplay(at)hotmail.com with your shipping address and shoe size!

  • Any plans this weekend?
  • Favorite salad topping? Dressing?
  • Do you live close to your family?




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Happy Birthday!

Happy 2nd birthday to my adorable niece!


Auntie Heather loves you!


Yesterday, we spent the day celebrating my niece’s 2nd birthday! She had a Nemo birthday party, and Marlene made the cupcakes – how cute are these Nemo cupcakes?!


The Nemo cupcakes were banana flavored, but I went with one of the peanut butter filled chocolate cupcakes.

I made a bow-tie pasta Caesar salad for the party. It’s so good and easy to make. You just mix together green leaf lettuce (or romaine), about 2 cups of cooked bow tie pasta, slivered almonds, shredded asiago parmesan cheese, croutons, and Caesar dressing.


I didn’t add the croutons until we got to the party so they wouldn’t get soggy.

Jacob, Jaden, and I:


The kids had a lot of fun playing at the party and my niece loved opening all her presents.


Danny was¬†in charge of holding the melted ice cream while I¬†scooped it¬†out. He almost got that spoon into his mouth without using his hands. Almost…but not¬†quite.


Later in the evening, my family came over to our house for pizza and a bonfire.

I went to bed a little bit early last night because I knew I was running early this morning.

From today:


More¬†on my run tomorrow! :) I’ll tell you this – it wasn’t my best run but ended well.

Have a great Sunday!


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ABCs About Me

Today’s Workout

  • 3.25 miles, outside
  • BodyPump – 60 minutes

Good morning! I finally got my butt out of bed and ran this morning! Honestly, I was really dreading it because I haven’t ran in awhile. The first mile was hard and my right leg was sore, but after that first mile, I was really glad that I ran.

I don’t have much time in the mornings, so I was only able to run 3.25 miles, but I was happy with that. I wore my Garmin, but I didn’t worry about time, distance, or calories. I just ran to run. Now, I’m off to BodyPump!

I was tagged by the lovely Teresa at Fit in Woodbine to do the ABCs About Me Survey.

A. Attached or single? Married to my wonderful husband, Danny.

B. Best Friend? My best friend is Jenny. We have been best friends since we were 12 year old. We might not talk everyday or see each other a lot, but I’ll always always consider her my best friend. Love you, Jenny :)

C. Cake or Pie? This is hard because I like both. I’m kind of picky about cake though, so I’m going to say pie. My favorite is the Michigan Four Berry pie from Whole Foods. The best pie I have ever had.

D. Day of the Week? Saturday because Danny is home. And I like him. He’s fun. Sometimes.

E. Essential Item? I have to steal Teresa’s answer on this one, and say my Garmin. I might not always run long distances but I love that I always know how far I go and what my pace and calories are.

F. Favorite Color? Pink

G. Gummy Bear or Gummy Worms? Gummy Bears. I like to bite their heads off.

H. Hometown? I was born in Elgin, IL.

I. Favorite Indulgence? Candy. Any kind. Any time.

J. January or July? July. I don’t love the heat but I’ll take it over winter in Chicago any day.

K. Kids? Two boys. Jacob and Jaden – ages 12 and 6.

L. Life Isn’t Complete Without? Ice Cream. Just kidding. Life isn’t complete without my family.

M. Marriage Date? April, 15th 2006.

N. Number of Brothers/Sisters? One brother, one step brother.

O. Oranges or Apples? Apples.

P. Phobias? Bugs. I hate them.

Q. Favorite Quote? I have lots of favorite quotes, but today, I like this one:

R. Reasons to Smile? My kids and my niece.


S. Season of Choice? Fall. The best season ever.

T. Tag 3 People: Jessie, Suzanne, and Liz :)

U. Unknown Fact About Me? Hmmm…I count when I’m running. Okay, maybe that’s a Weird Fact About Me. But it’s true. When I run, I count in my head. I don’t know why. I just do.

V. Favorite Vegetable? Carrots

W. Worst Habit? I bite my nails.

X. X-Ray or Ultrasound? I don’t remember if I’ve ever had an X-ray, but I’ve had about a billion ultrasounds. I had one every week when I was pregnant with Jaden because it was a high-risk pregnancy.

Y. Your Favorite Food? This is tough – I love lots of food. I’m going to say Mexican food. I could eat it every day forever.

Z. Zodiac Sign? Taurus. I’m right on the cusp as my mom always used to tell me. But I have more Zodiac qualities than Gemini :)

  • Answer any of the above questions!

Have a wonderful weekend!



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Just Play 5k 2013

Good afternoon!

This morning, Danny and I ran the JustPlay 5k.


It’s a smaller race and really close to our house. My dad and stepmom came to watch the kids for us. We got there about 7:30 am, and the race started at 8 am.

It was warm out, and I definitely really started to heat up while running. The whole time I kept thinking, how am I going to run a 15k in the middle of June in the heat?!

I started off really good – too good. My first mile was 8:40, which is way to fast for me. By the second half of the race, I was losing energy, and the third mile my right quad was killing me. I seem to be having more quad problems than calf problems lately. I have been foam rolling my hips and quads lately, so hopefully that will help, and I have to start wearing my compression shorts.

I finished in 31:11, which is my second best time. I’m happy with it, but I couldn’t help feeling slightly disappointed after last week’s 29:22 5k. I think it helped that the temperature was a lot cooler last week.


Danny did awesome and PR’d this race! He finished in 23:17! He is super speedy. Good job, Danny. I’m proud of you!


After the race, we stopped at Dunkin Donuts for some iced coffee and donuts.


Then, we headed straight to Jaden’s t-ball game.


The t-ball game lasted about an hour and a half, then we went back to where the race was held because they were having a Just Play festival for the kids. Unfortunately, the lines for paddleboarding and the zip line were too long, but the kids had fun doing other stuff.


They did a fitness obstacle course which was funny to watch.



There was also some reptiles for the kids to touch. And one of the guys put a roach on Jaden’s head.


I tried to stay as far away as possible. I am actually really surprised that Jaden didn’t freak out. He’s not really a bug kind of kid.

The kids got ice cream, and I was excited to see screwballs. That was my favorite treat from the ice cream truck when I was younger.


After checking out some of the booths and letting the kids play, we went to a nearby bakery to pick up my birthday cake! My wonderful husband ordered the chocolate/strawberry/whipped cream cake that I wanted.


He even made sure that they put my age on the cake. Thanks dear.

Tonight, we’re meeting my family at a local Mexican restaurant for my birthday dinner. Can’t wait!

Have a great rest of your weekend!

  • What’s your fastest mile?
  • Where would you have your birthday dinner?
  • Favorite ice cream truck treat?
  • Hot coffee or iced coffee or no coffee?



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Easter 2013

Good morning! It’s Monday and April! Happy April Fool’s Day!


Yesterday morning started bright and early with Jaden yelling out, “Happy Val– (pause) Happy Easter!” I’m not quite sure why he thought it was Valentine’s Day, but it was pretty funny!

The kids had a great time looking for all the eggs that the Easter bunny hid for them. Instead of Easter baskets, the bunny left giant eggs filled with treats and toys for the kids.

After all the fun was over, I started making brunch for our family that was coming over.

I made Cadbury Mini Egg Blondies¬†- I followed this recipe, except I doubled the recipe. The bars came out very thick and I had to cook them for a long time. I kept thinking they were done, but they weren’t so I kept having to put them back in the oven. Next time, I won’t double the recipe or I’ll cook them a little less.

I also made cheesy potato casserole and the same cinnamon french toast casserole that I made for Christmas. Everything was so good. I just wish I would have made more because it was gone so fast!

We also had some fruit for something healthy :)

Jaden and I made these cute silverware holders out of napkins and ribbon.

After we visited with my family and in-laws for a while, we headed over to see my dad and stepmom.

Danny and I:

The kids had a fun Easter egg hunt outside.

There was tons of dessert, and I ate my fair share :)

My dad’s Under The Sea Easter Egg Scene:

We had a great day spending time with our family!

I glad that life is back to normal today and the kids are back to school! My eating was terrible over Spring Break and Easter, and I am glad to be back on track today. It’s nice to enjoy yourself once in a while¬†, but I think I overenjoyed myself every single day.

With all the holiday craziness, I missed doing the plank on Saturday and Sunday, so I will be doing the plank for the next three days to make up for it!

Have a great day!

  • What did you do yesterday?
  • What was the best thing you ate?
  • Have you every pulled an April Fool’s prank? Have you ever had one done to you?


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Corned Beefs A Cooking!

Good Morning!

Today’s Workout

  • Boot Camp – 60 minutes
  • Plank #16: 2 minutes 58 seconds

I was up bright and early to go to Boot Camp this morning. I haven’t been to Boot Camp in a while, and it’s such a great workout, so I figured that I better go. It’s hard to wake up at 6:30 am on a Saturday though.

Post Boot Camp:

The Boot Camp instructor always points out that at least you’re done with your workout by 8 am. It is nice to workout first thing in the morning and be done with it.¬†Boot Camp is definitely the class that gets my heart rate up the fastest. It’s tough.

Some of the things we did in Boot Camp today:

  • Run laps
  • Run laps while holding a stability over our heads
  • Lunges on a step with weights
  • Jumps over the step
  • Burpees on the step
  • Plank on a stability ball
  • Sit-ups on a stability ball
  • Superman on a stability ball
  • Biceps curls
  • Triceps push-ups¬†on a stability ball

And that’s just some of what we do! After class, I did plank #16 – I’m almost up to 3 minutes!

After the gym, I stopped by the grocery store to pick up some stuff for our St. Patrick’s Day party tonight.

My family is coming over, and I am making corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes for dinner.

There will also be green beer involved, but not for me. I am not a fan of green beer…or any beer. I’ll make up for not drinking green beer by eating a brownie. That’s kind of the same thing, right?!

Last year, we tried to go to The Claddagh¬†for St. Patrick’s Day but ended up at Houlihan’s.


For breakfast this morning, I splurged¬†and had toast with real peanut butter…and I was too lazy to mix up the PB2. You know because mixing powdered peanut butter with a little bit of water is tough work. :)

Have a great Saturday! Don’t forget to enter my Alexia Foods Giveaway – ends tomorrow!

  • Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Do you like corned beef?
  • Green beer: yes or no?
  • Did you workout today? Even take a Boot Camp class?
  • Plank time?!?!


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