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Halloween Food Ideas

It’s that time again! October! My family is big into celebrating the Halloween season and we do something fun and Halloween related every weekend in October. One of our favorite traditions is our Annual Pumpkin Carving and Halloween Food Night. PicMonkey Collage We always keep our Halloween food a secret until we all get together and our Halloween dishes have evolved over the years. We have had so many different kinds of Halloween foods – yummy, cute, delicious, creepy, scary, and downright gross. Here is a few of my favorites from over the years. When we first started our Halloween Food night, our ideas were kind of cheesy. Pun intended.

Luckily, they got better over the years. Heather's Pictures 385  Picture 2147 Picture 2148  Picture 2150

My dad’s favorite – bean dip: Picture 2159

Kitty litter cake: Picture 2160 Picture 2166  Picture 2184 Picture 10005 Picture 10021 Picture 10056 CAKE 067 058 049 046 042 038 031

I really look forward to seeing what we come up with this year!

Today’s Workout

  • Stretching – 10 minutes
  • Butts and Guts Class- 60 minutes
  • Practiced BodyPump – approx. 30 minutes

Have a great day!


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When I Don’t Workout, I Buy Food

Good afternoon!


Yesterday afternoon, I took the kids to the park.



I think it counts as exercise since it’s about a half hour walk to and from the park…especially when you go the long way which the kids didn’t appreciate since it was hot outside.


I didn’t go to the gym this morning, so the kids and I went to Target…you know, the happiest place on Earth. I haven’t been to Target lately so I think I was starting to have Target withdraws.

I got Jacob a backpack for school, but I’m still waiting for the kid’s back-to-school supply lists to come in the mail. Obviously, it’s way too much effort for me to go to the school’s website and just print the lists out.

The first thing I saw when walked into Target was this awesome sweater (real or not real?)


Who doesn’t love a pink sweater with a hedgehog on it?! Sadly, the sweater didn’t come home with me.

I did get a few other things that I thought I’d share. Great, another food post. It seems like when I don’t workout out as often, I focus more on food.

First, I got my favorite fish – salmon belle mar. So. Good.


We’re going to Wisconsin Dells soon just like we did last year, so I got a couple of food items to bring with. I found this new Special K oatmeal. It’s a multi-grain blend with quinoa.


I got the maple brown sugar crunch flavor. There was also a few other flavors to chose from. These will be great to bring to the resort for breakfast – a lot healthier, easier, and faster than going out to breakfast. I also like these because they have less calories that the Quaker oatmeal cups.

One container of oatmeal has 190 calories, 8 grams of protein, and 5 grams of fiber.

Next, I got a Go Picnic hummus and crackers ready-to-eat-meal. These are great for the car or at the pool because they don’t have to refrigerated.

I also picked up a Lara ALT bar, which I ate as soon as we left the store. I was hungry.



I really like the ALT bars because they taste good and have a lot of protein, but I prefer the texture of the regular Larabars better. The ALT bars are a lot thicker and denser and not as soft.


Finally, I bought some flip flops for the Dells. A lot of the flip flops and sandals were on clearance for $4.48. Who doesn’t love $4.48 sandals?!


Danny and I have plans to go to the gym tonight after dinner. I’m either going to try out some of the weight machine or go to yoga, it depends how busy the gym. My gym is on the smaller side, so it gets really crowded at night – another reason I prefer going in the morning!

Have a wonderful afternoon!

  • What’s your happiest place on Earth?
  • Did you go on vacation this summer? Where to? Any vacation plans coming up?
  • Favorite quick and easy breakfast or snack?


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Foods I Have Been Loving Lately

This morning started out with physical therapy. Luckily, they are fine with me bringing the kids along. My kids pretty come with me everywhere all the time. I let them bring their iPods to play and they’re pretty good for an hour. I only caught Jaden trying to squeeze Jacob’s face off once.

Physical therapy was pretty much the same as it usually is  – 10 minute stationary bike warm-up, followed by a few hip and glute exercises and stretches, and then I end with about 10 minutes of ice.

After PT, I decided to go to the gym for a while. I forgot that the fitness room that I usually use is closed on Tuesday mornings for Spin class, so my workout was kind of all over the place.

Today’s Workout

  • 5 minutes recumbent bike
  • Biceps curl machine (10 reps, 3 sets, 30 lbs)
  • Triceps extensions machine (10 reps, 3 sets, 20 lbs)
  • Last 20 minutes of Butts and Guts class - ab exercises and stretches only

Next time, I’ll have to remember when the fitness room is closed!

Food (and drinks) I’ve been loving:

Well, the first one I don’t actually love yet because I haven’t tried it, but I am excited to try it.

I saw that Kashi just come out with a new Go Lean cereal – vanilla graham clusters. I like the Kashi cereals because they don’t have too many calories and are high in protein and fiber so you feel fuller longer.



I am a huge water drinker. I carry my Tervis tumbler with me everywhere. Luckily, I also really like water and have no problem drinking it. But sometimes, I do get a little sick of plain water and like to find a way to liven it up without adding calories. I like saving all my calories for food.

I recently got a Glaceau flavored water in one of my Goodies boxes and fell in love with it. It’s a great change from regular water but has no calories or sodium. There are so many different brands of flavored water but I really like the Glaceau and Sparkling Ice brands.


These are great for my kids too. They aren’t huge water drinkers but they love the flavored water. Jaden picked out the grapefruit flavor today. I didn’t think he’d like it, but he loved it! I really like the lemonade flavor.


I have found myself switching between the Larabars and mini Clif bars after a workout. The peanut butter cookie is my favorite Larabar flavor and I had one after the gym today.



I really like the Lara Alt bars because they have a lot more protein but they are a little harder to find.

Fruits and veggies.

I am still trying to eat healthy most of the time, so I eat lots of fruits and veggies.


I have a sweet tooth so I have been trying to reach for fruit like grapes instead of candy or chocolate. I know that too much fruit isn’t good for you because of the natural sugar but I figure that eating a handful (or two…or three) of grapes is better than eating M&Ms. :)

That’s the food and drinks that I have been loving lately! Have a great afternoon!

  • What foods or drinks have you been loving lately?




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Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July!!

I started out my morning with a five mile run.


It was a little slow because my right quad is still bothering me and because a parade was being set up, so I had to avoid people, chairs, city vehicles and golf carts driving on the running path.

I still managed to run a sweaty five miles and iced my quad as soon as I got home. I wore my  Aspaeris compression shorts hoping they would help with my quad pain.


Post run, I had a big bowl of watermelon and a Clif bar.


This afternoon we’re headed to my grandparent’s house to celebrate the fourth of July with a cookout. I found a really good dessert on Pinterest that I made to bring. It’s a chocolate peanut butter no bake pie.




You can see the original recipe here.

I even got Danny to help.


I can’t wait to try it out later! I am also bringing spinach and orzo salad, of course.

Last year for the Fourth of July, I made confetti cake dip and my stepmom made red, white, and blue fruit kabobs.




Have a great day!!



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Goodies June Box


I had overnight oats for the first time in a long time this morning!


They might not look the best, but they taste delicious!

Last night, I mixed up:

  • 1/4 cup Quaker oats
  • Strawberry Greek yogurt
  • 1/2 tbsp. chia seeds
  • 1/4 cup almond milk

I let it sit in the fridge overnight, and this morning I topped it with blueberries.

Today’s Workout

  • BodyPump – 60 minutes

I haven’t been following my half marathon training program lately. I haven’t been able to run in the mornings because it’s been really rainy and storming a lot here lately. I’ve also been sore, and just not in the mood to run.

I think I will go for a long run this weekend, and then pick up the training program next week. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.

Goodies Box

The other day, I got my June Goodies Box in the mail.


The Goodies Box is a monthly box that I subscribe too. It’s shipped out towards the middle of each month and costs $7 a month. I haven’t mentioned it in awhile so I though it’d be fun to show you what I got this month.


1. Lay’s Stax in Que Rico Adobadas. I love love love the Orginal Lays Stax chips. I usually don’t buy them because I will eat the whole can, but I wasn’t a fan on the Que Rico flavor. I didn’t like them at all, but the rest of my family did.

2. Smoosh squeeze pack in strawberry, blueberry, and banana. Fortified with superfoods chia and acerola. I haven’t tried it yet, but these squeeze packs always remind of my niece’s baby food. Still, it sounds good.

3. Roasted Seaweed Snacks – Hmmmm… I’m not quite sure what to think about these. I haven’t tried them yet, but I’m not opposed to eating them although eating seaweed doesn’t sound too appealing. I’ve never had kale chips either, but I wonder if they’re similar?

4. Dream Water – I have had Dream Water a couple of times and really like it. I don’t know if it actually works or if it’s just power of suggestion, but I felt like I actually slept good after drinking it.

5. Pringles Stix cheese flavored. I do not like cheese flavored products. I don’t like Cheese-Its, Cheese Nips, or Goldfish, so I didn’t try these. I do think they’d be a great snack for kids. Jaden tried them and spit them out everywhere.


Apparently, he’s not a fan. Jacob refused to try them. The only one that liked them was my niece. She gets the whole bag.


6. Highland All Butter Shortbread – Butter and Shortbread? What’s not to love?

So, there you go, that’s June’s Goodies Box!

  • What snack would you most like to try from the Goodies Box?
  • Have you ever had seaweed? Thoughts?
  • Ever get into a running “funk” when you just didn’t feel like running?



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Skinny Limits Juice Cleanse Review

Good morning! I did it! I finished the three day Skinny Limits juice cleanse.


It was hard, but I feel really good. And surprisingly, after not eating for three days, I don’t crave a big meal or lots of food. I just really want fresh fruit.

After a juice cleanse, it’s recommended that you eat clean and whole foods the next day. Such as fruits, vegetables, almonds, salad, salmon, etc. Skinny Limits recommends that you eat fruit for breakfast followed by some raw nuts.

Since I was craving fruit, that’s exactly what I had.


I also had a 100 calorie pack of almonds. It was amazingly delicious.

And coffee. Oh, how I’ve missed coffee.


I went to the grocery store last night to stock up on some fresh produce.


I don’t usually buy so much pre-cut produce, but I was tired last night and the grocery store was the last place that I wanted to be.

I am excited to eat cherries for the first time this season!

Weight Loss

I didn’t weight myself at home before I started the juice cleanse, but I did get weighed at the doctor’s office about a week before so I know my approximate weight. I weighed myself this morning and I probably lost about 6 or 7 pounds.

Here are some pros and cons based on my experience with the three day Skinny Limits juice cleanse.


  • Great way to rid the body of toxins and “reset” your body
  • I felt “lighter” and not bloated
  • Weight loss
  • I didn’t feel extremely hungry after the first day
  • Decreased sugar cravings
  • Ability to pick number of days for the juice cleanse (1-10 days) and different cleanses to choose from (standard, green, master, variety, etc.)

I also want to add that I really like the Skinny Limits company. Besides the juices tasting good (with the exception of the beet juice), they were great to work with. All my emails were answered quickly, and I even asked a question via Facebook and got a quick response.

They were great about working with me on ship date. I had to change a couple of times dues to the 5k I was running. The juices  were shipped quickly, arrived on time, and were packaged in ice packs. They also have tons of information on their website if you have questions about doing a juice cleanse.

Skinny Limits is based out of Austin, TX, but they ship worldwide.


  • The side effects – everyone will experience different side effects. Mine were unpleasant but not unbearable.
  • Constant headache (My aunt pointed out that the headache and fatigue might be because I stopped drinking caffeine (coffee) cold turkey
  • Feeling tired and slightly out of it (if I had to give a business presentation, take a test, or fly an airplane, I would have failed).
  • No running
  • The cost

Doing a juice cleanse isn’t cheap. I recommend finding one that’s local so you don’t have to pay for shipping. A one day Skinny Limits juice cleanse is $49 (without shipping). A three day juice cleanse is $147 (without shipping). So, it’s expensive, but if it’s worth it to you then go for it.

Overall, I thought the three day Skinny Limits juice cleanse was positive. It made me feel better, lighter, and helped with my sugar cravings. It was very tough to do. I managed to stick to the three days drinking only the juice, water, and green tea. I didn’t even eat one little piece of celery, but it was very hard.

Besides the benefits of the juice cleanse, it also showed me that I have the willpower and determination to stick to doing something difficult.

Well, I’m off to the gym. Have a great day!

  • Would you ever consider doing a juice cleanse?
  • Do you ever buy pre-cut produce?
  • Any other cherry lovers?

Skinny Limits sent me the three day Juice Cleanse Variety Pack to review on my blog free of charge. All opinions are my own.


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The Weekend: Birthday Party Edition

The weekend in pictures:



Happy Birthday, Dad! I love you.



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My Brother Says I’m Crazy

Hello! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

Today’s Workout

  • 3.26 miles

Total Pile on the Miles: 36. 79 miles

I didn’t go to BodyPump this morning. I ran on the treadmill instead. Right when I was done, my brother called me, and when I told him I was at the gym, he told me that I was crazy for going to the gym on Black Friday. Whatever. He told me that I should title this blog post I’m Crazy for Going to the Gym. But I’m not. I ate a lot of dessert last night…

Here are some pictures from yesterday.

We started out at my in-laws house and got to visit my nephew.

Then we went over to my grandparent’s house for dinner.

My favorite was the cranberry sauce. I meant to take some home and I forgot, and I was so sad :(

Dessert time.

Taking home some leftovers.

This afternoon, we’re going to my mom’s house for dinner. I’m bringing pumpkin roll and pumpkin pie!

Have a great afternoon!


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Halloween Food and Pumpkin Carving 2012

Last night, we went to my grandparent’s house for our annual Halloween pumpkin carving and food night. I looked on Pinterest for something fairly simple, yet cool to make. I came across a neat cake from Cooking with Sugar’s blog, and I decided to make that.

Thank goodness it worked out because it’s kind of a one shot cake. If you mess up, you have to start all over, and I didn’t have time to start all over. Luckily, the directions were simple to follow, and the cake came out really awesome looking on the inside.

My dad’s was definitely the grossest and most disturbing Halloween food of the night. I give him tons of credit for coming up with such an awesome and unique idea, even if it did make me want to throw up a little bit. :)

The meat heads were made of cooked smoked sausage, so it was actually edible.

Marlene’s Delectable Intestines won first place for best Halloween food. (Oh, and my grandpa helped make those too – he chopped.)

The intestines were puff pastry with chimichanga filling. They won because not only were they gross looking, but they tasted delicious. (It kind of helped that Marlene’s chimichanga recipe is actually a Pillsbury cook-off recipe :) ). She is an awesome cook!

Some of the other Halloween food included:

Carmel and marshmallows Q-tips made by Crystal.

My brother, Paul, made a spinach dip mummy.

Danny made Halloween puppy chow with candy corn and Reece’s Pieces.

My uncle made witch hat cookies out of striped cookies and Hershey kisses. My aunt made mummy hotdogs wrapped in croissants, but I didn’t get a picture because everyone ate them before I remembered to take a picture.

My cousin, Billy, and his wife, Michelle, made guacamole dip.

Everyone’s Halloween food came out really awesome, and it’s so much fun seeing what everyone made!

After eating all the food, we started on the pumpkin carving.

Jaden carved a whoopee cushion on his pumpkin. It kind of looks like a bomb, but it’s supposed to be a whoopee cushion. I carved a vampire Pac-Man. For some reason, I have an obsession with Pac-Man. My cousin, Michelle, carved a baby sucking her thumb because she’s pregnant. What a cute idea! And my cousin, Billy carved Spock.

Danny’s pumpkin was the eyeball, and he won first place in the pumpkin carving contest!! Danny has a lot of patience, so he can sit there for a long time and carve. I, on the other hand, have very little patience, which is probably why pumpkin carving is my least favorite Halloween activity. We balance each other out well!

It was a very fun night, and we came home exhausted! And of course, Jaden was up bright and early this morning even though he didn’t sleep very well last night. Why don’t kids believe in sleeping in?? I guess when he’s a teenager, I’ll be complaining that he sleeps too  much!

Today, we competing in a Halloween Amazing Race type game came that my sister-in-law created. It should be tons of fun…as long as I don’t have to eat any frog fallopian tubes.

Have a wonderful Sunday!


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Halloween Food Flashback

Happy October!

I can’t believe that it’s October already and that means Halloween is quickly approaching. As you may know, my family is big into Halloween. Well, my dad is really. The rest of us just go along with him…

But every year, we have a Halloween food and pumpkin carving party. I thought it’d be fun to show some pictures of food that we have made in the past.

Some are cute. Some are delcious. And some are just plain gross-looking (but not bad tasting)!

Halloween cake:

Coffin cake made with red velvet cake in the inside:

Grave yard dip and deviled eggs:


Refried bean dip (only my dad could come up with this one):

Kitty litter with tootsie rolls:

Witch’s brew:

Ghost chili:

Frankenstein pudding cups:

Red velvet glass cupcakes:

Rat twinkies:

Eyeball cookies:

Toilet brownies:

Deviled eggs:

Lunch meat skeleton:

Pumpkin cheeseball:

  • Which was your favorite Halloween food?
  • Do you make any food Halloween recipes?


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