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Valentine’s Day Dinner

Someone had a little too much Valentine’s Day fun yesterday:

Ahh…the ability to pass out anywhere, anytime. I miss those days.

Last night, my mom came over and stayed with the kids, while Danny and I went out to dinner. We went to Bonefish Grill, a restaurant that I have been wanting to try to for at least a year. We tried to go once, but failed.

I started out the night with an Ocean Trust Mango Martini. Delicious, but strong.

You know how you’re supposed to ask the waiter to remove the bread basket or only eat one piece? Well, that’s dumb. Danny and I polished off two loaves with olive oil and pesto dipping sauce. I’ve died and gone to bread heaven.

I knew exactly what I was going to order – I’ve known for a year now. Baja fish tacos – “Cajun style” and wood grilled. Served with lettuce, mango salsa, and sour cream. There was two words that sold me on this dish – mango salsa. I’d probably eat anything that was covered in mango salsa.

The fish tacos were awesome. They were served with homemade chips that were great too. I could have chosen a salad, but I figured that I’d stick with the carb theme.

Danny had Sirloin steak with broccoli and the best garlic mashed potatoes I’ve ever tasted.

And of course, you can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day without a delicious dessert. We had the Macadamia Nut Brownie – a flourless brownie, raspberry sauce, and vanilla ice cream. We ate all of it.

It was a very nice dinner with the love of my life.

When we got home, the kids had play-doh and spaghetti sauce everywhere. My mom said she was sorry for grounding play-doh into our freshly washed table-cloth. That’s okay, Mom. We all have play-doh mishaps.

Then, my Dad stopped by to drop off some Valentine’s for the kids and me. Thanks, Dad.


Moving on to moles. Here’s what my shoulder looks like without my mole and a bandage instead.

Here’s what the suspicious mole on my back looks like (please ignore my goosebumps). You can see two of the “bad mole” warning signs – it’s not symmetrical and it’s two different colors. If you’ve never gotten a mole/skin check, I would recommend getting one.

Question of the Day:

What’s your favorite restaurant? Favorite meal?


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Gordon Biersch for the Birthday Girl

Last night we went out to dinner to celebrate my sister-in-law’s upcoming birthday. She choose Gordon Biersch, which features an on-site brewery. But I don’t drink beer, so I really could care less about the brewery. I just wanted their awesome garlic fries.

After you eat them, you will reek. Immensely. Intensely. But they are sooo good.

The birthday girl and my brother:


I just realized that we didn’t tell the restaurant that it was her birthday. I mean who doesn’t want a table full of waiters that you don’t know and who wish they could be anywhere else right now, singing happy birthday to you while you’re just wishing they’d leave the piece of cake so that you could eat it in peace.

Actually, I think when we went to Chevy’s a while back, we told them it was her birthday (a total lie small exaggeration) and she got some fried ice cream and a happy birthday serenade in Spanish, so that kind of makes up for it.

I think all of the guys ended up ordering burgers. Here’s picture of someone’s burger. It’s probably my dad’s because he likes to demand that I take pictures of his food a lot. Actually my brother does too.

Jeesh, get your own blogs.

I ordered the Cajun fish tacos with spicy remoulade. When I ordered them, I didn’t pay attention to the spicy part of the description, and I don’t really like spicy things. But that didn’t stop me for eating them…all of them. They were delicious but next time I wouldn’t get the spicy sauce. I also had veggies on the side.

All of us, minus my brother because he was the one taking the picture:

After dinner, some of us went back to Paul and Crystal’s house to play cards. Marlene sent an awesome dessert tray home with Crystal, which we attacked as soon as we got inside the house.

I was excited to try the peppermint cookies, but my favorite ended up being those caramel pecan triangle things towards the bottom. Amazing.

The other day my mom emailed me, so excited that a co-worked gave her a bimbo for my niece (her granddaughter). A bimbo? Really? Is this a new baby craze that I am not in the loop about?

She emailed me back five minutes later saying that she just realized that it was a bumbo, not a bimbo. She seemed rather disappointed actually.

I kind of thought bimbo was funnier.

If you don’t know what a bumbo is, it’s a foam seat thingy that babies sit in. My son had one and loved it. So, we put my niece in it and stared at her, because that’s what you do with babies – you stare at them.

Thanks for the bimbo laugh though, Mom. That’s a story that I’ll be telling for a while.

Has your Mom every said anything funny? Like that she got a three-month old a bimbo?

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