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Blizzards and Baking

Good morning!

How was your weekend?

On Saturday night, we went out to dinner for my friend Jenny’s birthday.


We went to a hibachi restaurant and it was so much fun. I think I’ve only been to a hibachi restaurant one time before when I was a lot younger.



After dinner, we picked up the kids from my mom’s house and that’s when the snow started. We had a winter storm warning and by that night, it was upgraded to a blizzard warning. Gotta love Chicago.

Sunday we were pretty much stuck inside all day because of the snow. Our Superbowl plans were canceled since driving was out of the question. Luckily, Danny went to the store on Saturday to buy fajita makings.

Since we were stuck inside during a blizzard, I decided to bake. I made S’mores bars. Amazing.


The recipe, of course, is from Sally’s Baking Addiction. I think it’s my life’s goal to make every single dessert from her blog. They are all amazing!


My dad also randomly showed up on our doorstep during the day. Apparently, he was “testing the roads.” It was before the worst of the blizzard started so he made it back home okay.


We ate fajitas and s’mores bars, and watched the Superbowl and commercials.

Needless to say, school was canceled for today. My plans are to do the Bikini Body Mommy workout at home and maybe another exercise DVD. I don’t usually workout at home unless I have to but when I do, I’d rather follow an exercise DVD or a YouTube video.

Have a great Monday!!

  • Did you watch the Superbowl? Favorite commercial?
  • Did it snow where you live?
  • Are you working out today?





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The Weekend

Good afternoon. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


Danny and I went to the gym on Saturday morning. We worked on shoulders and core. Some of our exercises included:

  • shoulder press machine
  • front plate raise with a twist
  • upright rows
  • Arnold presses
  • lateral cable raises
  • partner sit-ups with a medicine ball
  • planks

Post workout, we took some selfies. Totally normal.


Saturday evening, we drove about 40 minutes to see a Christmas lights display.


The lights were really cool and it was fairly short so we drove through twice. It was nice because you got to see all the Christmas lights from your car and it was free with the option to leave a donation at the end. I really enjoyed it. Danny and the kids liked it too.




My adductor and quad were really sore on Friday and Saturday so I debated on going to the gym on Sunday. I was kind of having a bad morning on Sunday but finally around 11 am, Danny and I decided to head to the gym. Sometimes working out helps me feel better when I’m stressed or having a bad day.

Pre-workout, I had the Cellucor C4.


I planned on walking for a few minutes to warm up but ended up going longer. I was going to walk on Sunday and run today but I was feeling really good walking so I decided to try running. I ended up running 14 minutes which is my longest run since my hip surgery. I felt really good but I was sore afterwards.

We also did a biceps and triceps workout which included:

  • cable biceps curls
  • hammer curls
  • biceps curl machine
  • overhead triceps extensions (with dumbbells and on the cable machine)
  • triceps pushdowns

We had a limited about of time since the kid’s room closes at 12:30 and we had to get Jaden, but we still got a really good workout in!

Sunday evening, we went to Whole Foods and I had a California roll for dinner. Jaden had a dairy free pizza that we found at our local grocery store.


I was really worried that he wouldn’t like it but he ended up eating two slices! He said it was good but I know he’ll end up eating it two or three times and then tell me that he doesn’t like it anymore and never eat it again.

Jaden is picky and only likes certain foods so finding dairy free options for him can be challenging.

After dinner, we worked on making and wrapping some Christmas gifts!!

Today, I went to the gym but took it really easy. I rode the stationary bike for 15 minutes and then I walked on the treadmill for 20 minutes. Unfortunately, my Achilles tendon has been bothering me a lot lately. (I swear, if it’s not one thing it’s another. Why can’t I ever just be 100%?! So frustrating!) I made sure to stretch and foam roll afterwards.

Have a great afternoon!!

  • What did you do this weekend?


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A Shoulder Workout and Delicious Waffles

Good afternoon!

This morning, I went to the gym and did a shoulder and core workout. My physical therapist wants me to work on strengthening my core, so I am doing the ab exercises that I’m able to¬†at the gym.

First, I started with a shoulder superset workout. I did the following exercises back-to back, resting one minute in between sets. I did three sets and between 10-12 reps of each exercise.

  • Shoulder press machine
  • Front raise with plate
  • Arnold press
  • Bent arm side raises
  • Upright row with kettle bell
  • Overhead press with bar

I finished up my workout with some core work. I did single leg hip brides, sit-up ups on the stability ball, planks, and side planks. Although I still have to be careful with my hip, I am glad that I am able to do a lot more in the gym now.

Post workout, I had a Shamrock Farms protein drink. I found these at the grocery store yesterday and bought a few to try out.


The lean protein drink has 20 grams of protein and 12 grams of carbs which is prefect for after my workout. I really liked the chocolate flavor and I will definitely be buying more!

After leaving the gym, my niece and I stopped at Joanne Fabrics to pick up a few items for my Halloween costume.


My family always keeps our costumes a secret until our annual Halloween party, so I can’t tell you what it is yet. ūüôā

I’m making most of it, and hopefully it turns out good! I couldn’t find one thing that I needed at the store, so I had to order it online and I am hoping that it arrives in time!!


Most days for lunch, I have a veggie pizza on flatbread, but today I decided to change it up a bit. Today, I made a pumpkin protein waffle with the Kodiak Power Cakes mix.


I mixed together the Kodiak mix, an egg white, some pumpkin, some water, and chocolate chips. Waffles are always better with a little bit of chocolate. I put it in my waffle maker and six minutes later, the most perfect chocolate chip pumpkin waffle was born.



Have a great afternoon!!

  • Favorite core exercise?
  • What did you have for lunch today?




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I Went to the Gym!

Good morning! Happy Sunday!

Friday night was the first time I went to the gym in nine days! I can’t even describe how happy I was to go.


It might seem like such a little thing but after not working out for nine days and being stuck at home almost all day everyday, I was looking forward to it all day.

We went to the gym when Danny got home from work since I am still not able to drive for a few more weeks. I started out with the stationary bike. I am allowed to do 20 minutes slowly on the bike. Danny needs to help me on and off the bike and rode next to me to make sure I was okay.


I need to pedal so slow that the bike doesn’t even register that I’m on it.


Whatever. At least it’s progress.

I am also able to do upper body exercises while sitting on the bench.


I worked on biceps and triceps doing biceps curls, hammer curls, overhead triceps extensions, skull crushers, and triceps presses.

It was so nice to be able to workout again but I did get tired quickly.

Late Saturday morning, we went to the gym again. I did the stationary bike  for 20 minutes. Then, I did a shoulder and chest strength training workout. Once again I was really tired afterward, but it felt great to workout! I am feeling sore today.

Post workout, I had a Luna protein bar.


The chocolate chip cookie dough bar was delicious!

After the gym on Saturday, we stopped at Target. Danny and I are going to his cousin’s wedding next Saturday night and I needed a pair of flat shoes that I could wear with my crutches.


At least they’re sparkly.

And they have elastic which is nice because they actually stay on my foot while I walk with crutches. Since I had my labrum tears repaired, I can’t put my full weight on right foot for a few more weeks. So, when I walk with my crutches, I can only land on my toes, so the other shoes I tried on all fell off.

I am sure I’m going to look great in my dress, flats, and crutches. ūüôā I am going to ask the doctor tomorrow if I can get away without wearing my hip brace for one night. I’m not really sure how I’d wear it with a dress.

Plus, it’s not like I’m going to be dancing the night away. I’m just going to be sitting there. All night. Sitting. And eating. Give me all your food.

Tomorrow morning is my first follow-up appointment with my doctor. I am excited to see how my progress is going, but I’m nervous to get my stitches out. I’ve only had stitches once in my life when I got two moles removed a couple of years ago and I don’t remember getting them removed.

Tonight, we’re making chicken kabobs on the grill! Yum!

Have a great Sunday!

  • Flats or heels?
  • Have you ever had stitches?
  • What are you having for dinner tonight?


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Run, Eat, Play

Good afternoon!

How is everyone doing? I have been busy lately. Jaden started swimming lessons four mornings a week. I am also trying to get a lot of stuff done before my surgery next week – I needed a blood test and a CT scan, I have to call and schedule physical therapy, I’m trying to get the house clean and find someone to watch the kids during my surgery (my in-laws are taking them to the zoo!). It always seems like there’s so much to do and not enough time to do it!

How about a little catch up of things here on Run Eat Play today?!

Run (as is exercise):

Tuesday morning, I took the Women on Weights class. It was a challenging workout and I woke up so sore yesterday! We focused on chest and back exercises including: lat pulldowns, seated cable rows, back extensions, incline chest presses, decline chest presses, chest presses on the bench, and push-ups.

I was so sore the following morning and my leg was bothering me a lot, so I decided to skip the gym. I practiced BodyPump at home instead.

I went to the gym today after Jaden’s swim lessons and focused on an upper body workout – shoulders, biceps, and triceps.


I haven’t been eating the best lately. I am kind of in a funk and feel like I am not really focused on eating how I should be lately. However, I do have a plan in place to help me get back on track once I have surgery. Food is just so darn good.

I have been loving watermelon. A lot.


I have decided that every trip to the grocery store should include a watermelon.


Last night for dinner, I made a chicken veggie stir fry and brown rice.


I bought a package of stir fry veggies from the produce section and then I added some orange pepper, pineapple, low sodium soy sauce, orange juice, and garlic.

I found a new salad at my grocery store!


I love salad but I get bored of the eating the same salads all the time. This was a Kale chopped salad with Brussels sprouts and it was really good. It has a lemon garlic dressing that was amazing!

I went back to the store to buy another package but sadly all the Brussels sprouts started to turn brown in every bag. ūüôĀ

My easy quick go-to breakfast is always plain Greek yogurt with one truvia packet and fresh berries.


It’s so easy to make, has lots of protein, and you can top it with whatever fruit or granola you have at home.

After months of searching, I finally finally finally found cold brewed peach green tea!!


I got a sample of this tea in the mail once and searched every store I went to for it without any luck. Then, I found it at our local grocery store!! Yay! I love it because you don’t need to boil water. You simply add the tea bag and use cold water – so easy and delicious!!


Last night, we took the kids to see Earth to Echo.


We got there a little early so the boys played some video games.


Did anyone else love Pac-Man as a kid?!

The movie was cute and Jaden just loved it! He immediately wanted to leave the theater and buy the DVD of the movie. I explained that it didn’t quite work that way.

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July!! I can’t believe it’s July already. Doesn’t it seem like this year is just flying by?! We have plans to go to my grandparent’s house for a cookout and to watch fireworks. I love that the fourth falls on a Friday this year!

Have a great day and a wonderful Fourth of July!!

  • Do you have plans for tomorrow? Do you watch fireworks?
  • What’s the last movie you saw?
  • Favorite video game as a kid?


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Weigh-In Wednesday


Let’s get right to it…weigh-in Wednesday. Maybe you noticed that I changed it from Weight Loss Wednesday to Weigh-In Wednesday. I haven’t been doing as well with my eating as I should and that means I am gained a couple of pounds this week.

I didn’t eat very healthy on vacation at Wisconsin Dells and I have been stress eating since then. However, I am trying to get it together and have been eating a lot better since Monday. Hopefully, next Wednesday will be a weight-loss Wednesday ūüôā I’m trying not to let the weight gain bother be and instead I’m trying to use it to motivate me.

Yesterday’s Workout

  • Women on Weights – 60 minutes

We focused on legs in Women on Weights class yesterday. Great. I just did what I was able to do without causing myself too much pain.

I planned to go to the gym at 8:45 am this morning but it is currently 8:40 am and both the kids are still sleeping so I decided to workout tonight when Danny gets home from work instead. I normally would wake the kids up but Jaden hasn’t been feeling super good these past few days so I let him sleep.

Post-workout, I had a Next Step protein shake in the fresh berry flavor.


It was good but I prefer the chocolate flavor. I also noticed that these taste a lot better with really cold water or ice.


For lunch yesterday, I made an egg scramble.


I cooked sweet potato, green pepper, red pepper, and onion on the stove. When the veggies were cooked, I poured in the egg whites, let them cook, and then added a little bit of feta cheese.


This meal is really easy to make and you can use whatever veggies you have at home.

I also had a bowl of cherries and strawberries because I love fruit in the summer. I love fruit all year round but it’s especially good in the summer.



I sure have been talking a lot about food today. I have one more food item to share with you – the Go Picnic ready-to-eat breakfast.


I saw these at Target the other day and picked one up to try. It’s great for an on-the-go snack or breakfast.

Today, the kids and I have some errands to run. I had a CT scan on Saturday for my upcoming surgery and I have to go back to the hospital today to pick up the disc. Then we have a couple of other errands to run!

Have a great day!!

  • What are you eating today?
  • What do you prefer: am workouts or pm workouts?



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Eating Out, Working Out, FitBits and Shuffles

Did everyone have a great weekend? We had a lot of sunshine Рnow we just need some warm weather!


Friday night, my dad, brother and¬†I went out for dinner at Bob Chinn’s, a seafood restaurant. I can’t remember the last time that I’ve been out with just my dad and brother – probably not since I was a kid.


We had a great time and ate huge crab legs. This was only my third time eating crab legs (probably because of their giant price tag) and they were just as good as I remember.

After dinner, went to Dave and Buster’s and played pool.


I am not good at pool. Not at all. It was a lot of fun anyway, and I figure my pool skills can only improve ūüôā

Saturday’s Workout

  • HIIT workout on the indoor track – 30 minutes
  • Core workout and stretching – 30 minutes

I went to the gym Saturday morning and did a high intensity interval training workout on the indoor track. I walked between 1-2 laps, and then I ran fast for 1-2 laps. I did that a total of six times and then I did some core exercises.

I wore my Zensah calf sleeves since my calves have been so tight lately.


On Saturday night, we had my niece overnight, so we took the kids to a pizza restaurant where they were able to make their own little pizzas.


Afterwards, we rented Free Birds and ate ice cream in the living room.


On Sunday, we met my family for breakfast. If you can’t tell, we ate out way too much this weekend. Usually we’ll go out for dinner on the weekend, but this weekend included way too much eating out. And all that eating out definitely makes a difference in how I feel, so today I made sure to eat healthy and start entering my food into the My Fitness Pal app.

Sunday afternoon, I stopped at Target and bought a new iPod shuffle. It’s my third one.


I had an iPod shuffle years and years ago, but it accidently went through the washing machine. Then, Danny gave me his old one because he didn’t use it anymore…and I lost it. Those darn things are so small.

So why do I keep buying iPod shuffles then? First of all, I cannot exercise with an armband – like if I used my phone. It drives me absolutely crazy. I just want to rip it off my arm the whole time. The shuffle is perfect because it clips on my waistband and doesn’t touch me.

Even the headphones start to drive me crazy after awhile. Most of my 5ks end with my shoving my iPod into Danny’s hand the last quarter of the race.

Next, I don’t need music to workout. I am perfectly fine without music when I workout, so it doesn’t make sense for me to buy some fancy expensive iPod.

And that is why I bought a third iPod shuffle.

Today’s Workout

  • BodyPump – 60 minutes
  • Treadmill – walked 3.25 miles (between 2%-7% incline)



I ordered a FitBit! Some of you might remember that I used to wear the BodyMedia Fit device. I loved it and found it really helped me lose weight. I stopped wearing it for awhile, and just recently I decided to get a FitBit.

The FitBit doesn’t require a monthly fee like the BodyMedia does, and I can wear it around my wrist so it’s a little less noticeable than the BodyMedia. I also love that the FitBit syncs with My Fitness Pal.

FedEx tried to deliver it today, but of course I was at the gym and it required a signature.

Hopefully, I’ll get it tomorrow and can wear it for a full day on Wednesday.

Have a great afternoon!

  • Do you eat out more on the weekends?
  • Do you have a FitBit or similar device?
  • Do you listen to music when you workout?






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Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Pancake Breakfast

It might not technically be fall yet, but I am still pretending like it is, so I made pumpkin pancakes for breakfast. I think I shared this recipe last year, but I figured I’d share it again. ūüôā


Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Pancakes    Serves: 1

Makes two small pancakes or one big pancake.



  • 1/3 cup pancake mix (I used Whole Foods Whole Wheat Pancake Mix)
  • 1/4 cup pumpkin
  • 1/2 tbsp. chocolate chips (approx. 16 chocolate chips)
  • 1/3 cup water (depending on desired thickness – add more water for thinner pancakes)
  • Optional: syrup

I used to use sugar-free syrup for these pancakes, but I am trying to stay away from fake sugar so today I used pure maple syrup. I only used 1 tsp. which is about 17 calories. I am not a huge syrup fan so a tiny bit satisfies me.


  1. Add pancake mix, pumpkin, chocolate chips, and water to a small bowl. Whisk just until combined.
  2. Cook on a hot griddle (or pan) 2-3 minutes per side.
  3. Top with syrup or your choice of topping and enjoy!


The pancake mix usually calls for oil and an optional egg but I use the pumpkin in place of those ingredients.

I think I might trying adding peanut butter to these pancakes or topping them with almond butter instead of syrup. Yum!


Today’s Workout

  • Walking¬†– 10 minutes
  • BodyPump – 60 minutes

I started out at the gym this morning with a quick ten minute walk on the treadmill. Then, I took a BodyPump class and it was hard today! I am trying to get back to my normal weights and it was a great workout today!

I have been wearing my heart rate monitor for the past few days and I burned 445 calories in BodyPump today.


Post workout, I had a chocolate milk and of course, I am already over my sugar limit for the day –¬†22 grams of sugar in organic chocolate milk, plus the one tiny teaspoon of maple syrup this morning already has my sugar grams adding up!

Yesterday’s Lunch

I have to share yesterday’s lunch because it was so good – an egg and potato bowl.


I used to make this for lunch quite often but I haven’t lately so it was a nice change. I cooked one potato on the stove with garlic, red pepper, onion, and a little bit of salt and pepper. Then I scrambled three egg whites and topped them with some cheddar cheese.

I put all of it in a bowl for the perfect lunch!

Have a great afternoon!

  • Do you like syrup? What do you top your pancakes with?
  • Pancakes or French toast?
  • Favorite pumpkin food?


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BodyPump Training Weekend Day #1

We laughed, we cried…we touched foreheads and shared a breath. <—You will get to know your fellow BodyPump trainees really well over the course of the weekend.

BodyPump training was intense. It was like nothing that I have ever experienced before. It was tough, it was educational, it was challenging. It was awesome.

Today I feel like I have been hit by a bus.

(After typing all this out, I realized how long it is, so I am going to split it into Day #1 and Day #2).


Training started Saturday morning at 11 am. The training facility is about 45 minutes away from me so I left in plenty of time to make it on time.

Getting ready to leave:


I arrived (after getting a little lost) at 10:30 am and more than half of the class was there already waiting to go into the building.

Oddly enough, I actually knew a girl that was there. She would sometimes take a BodyPump class at my gym and we recognized each other. Her parents live by my gym so she would occasionally workout there when she was visiting them. I was a bit nervous so it was nice to actually know someone there.

I was worried that I brought too much stuff with (it looked like I was packing for a four day trip with all my stuff) but everyone else had a lot of stuff too.


Here’s what I brought:

  • A laptop with the BodyPump manual on it and to use as a DVD player (we never ended up watching the DVD)
  • The BodyPump DVD with choreography and notes booklet
  • An iPod with the BodyPump music on it (I did use this) and headphones
  • All printouts that we were supposed to bring
  • A notebook and pen
  • Extra clothes (very much needed the second day)
  • Advil (also much¬†needed the second day)
  • A water bottle
  • Gatorade
  • A cooler packed with: a GoPicnic lunch, Clif bars, chocolate milk, an apple, Greek yogurt, and almonds
  • A towel (big and small)

There was a big group of us – a little over thirty people which was one of the biggest groups they’ve ever had. Normally they close the registration at 20 people, but they added another instructor and opened the registration back up. It was nice having two instructors but the¬†room we were in¬†was a little cramped.

The awesome thing about having so many people is the energy. It’s amazing. Everyone is so pumped and energetic and you just feed off of each other.

When we first got there, we checked in, and had our pictures taken with our names tags. We put all of our stuff away and got settled in. We started by taking the master class. BodyPump release #87 is awesome. It’s a great workout and in my opinion, the squat track is the best. The squats¬†are awesome, and Black Betty is now my favorite BodyPump song.

After the master class, we spent a little time discussing what BodyPump is and then we all shared a little bit about ourselves and our goal for the weekend. (Or maybe we did this before the master class – my brain in a little bit jumbled)



My goal was confidence. I said that I am so used to being a participant in the¬†class and it’s a lot harder¬†to be the one teaching the class. I am really nervous to be up there teaching and said that I would like to gain more confidence.

Then we went over some of the educational components of BodyPump – five key elements, role model technique, etc.


Next we did the BodyPump Boot Camp. This consisted of going over every single move that is done in BodyPump so that you learn how to correctly do the moves – squats, chest press, chest fly, triceps dips, triceps extension, kickbacks, biceps curls, hammer curls, lunges, deadlifts, dead rows, hang clean, clean and press, T shoulder raise, rotator raise, etc,

Wow – it was exhausting just typing that.

We really weren’t given many breaks the first day. We had about a 5 minute break in the morning, and then we had about a 15 minute lunch/dinner break around 5 pm. By that time, we were starving. Bring lots of snacks that you can just grab and eat while the instructors are going over educational stuff because you don’t get much time to eat.

I ate my GoPicnic lunch and drank a lot of Gatorade.

After the break, we all performed our tracks. Here’s where things got kind of tricky. The room we were in wasn’t that big so it was a little crowded. We broke into two assigned groups on each end of the room (we were all still near each other since the room wasn’t huge, we just faced opposite directions). Each big group then broke down into three mini groups (but all standing right next to each other).

In each group, there was 2 to 4 people presenting the same track as you. For example, on Saturday, I was presenting the back track, and there was also two other people in my group presenting the back track. There was also three people in the other group presenting the back track – so six people total performing the back track at the exact same time.

Organized chaos.

This system had disadvantages and advantages. First of all, it was impossible to hear what was going on with six people all teaching their own way and having the music on. You really had to shout at your group to be heard and most of the time I couldn’t even hear what was being said, I just followed the moves.

Since everyone teaches different, people were all saying stuff and calling out moves at different times so this was a bit distracting and could throw you off.

However, if you messed up or were lost, you could just look up and see what someone else was doing. While teaching the back track, I did mess up a little bit on one part. I did a dead row while I should have been doing a clean and press, but I was able to get back on track right away.

Also, if everyone had presented one at a time, it would have taken forever.

I was a little nervous presenting the back track. I thought we would be given time to practice during the day but we weren’t (on the second day we were). You have to start off introducing your track, what muscle group you will be working, how much weight you’ll need on your bar, and demo any moves that need to be – I demonstrated the hang clean and the clean and press.

During the track you need to call out the exercise and tempo. For example, deadlift 3/1, dead row singles, wide grip deadlift 2/2.

I feel like I had an advantage since I have been taking BodyPump for two years. Other people had an advantage because they already taught other classes and were comfortable in front of people, but some people were completely new to BodyPump and had never even taken a BodyPump class.

I think I did really well. I got my choreography right (except that one tiny slip-up) and I called everything out perfect. I even added in things like squeeze your glutes on the way up and hinge from your hips. A big thank you to my current BodyPump teachers for drilling that into my head.

During our presentation, we were video recorded for a short while. After we were done, we were given feedback from the instructor and watched the video. I did everything really good except my timing was a little fast (which it always seems to be on the back track) and I went a little bit to low on my deadlift (even though I called it out correctly).

Even though it was a little nerve racking watching yourself on video, it really shows you what you need to focus on.

The instructor said I did great with the choreography and calling out the cues.

I was really happy with how I did and didn’t feel nervous being up in front of everyone.

We finally left around 7:45 pm, and I got home about 8:30 pm. I was starving when I got home. I ate an Amy’s pizza, Doritos, and cereal. I didn’t sleep well because I ate way too much and I was really sore. I woke up at 6 am to get ready for day #2!

Check back tomorrow for Day #2!



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Abs and Allergies

Could my calves be anymore tight and painful? No. The answer is no.

I think I kind of overdid it with my workouts on Monday and now my calves are paying the price. I finally thought of a way to describe it. You know when you get a Charley horse or leg cramp and your whole leg just tightens up and it so incredibly painful? That’s what my calves feel like. Maybe not quite as painful, but very tight and painful.

So, last night I foam rolled and used the massage stick. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I put on my calf sleeves and went to sleep. I don’t know if it worked, but it helped me feel better. I took them off about halfway through the night and used a heating pad this morning. I am going to foam roll again and hopefully they’ll start feeling better soon.

They haven’t been this bad since I went to physical therapy last year. I am just going to try and take it easy.

My best friends:


Today’s Workout

  • Stability Ball Ab Workout – 15 minutes
  • BodyPump – 60 minutes

I started my workout off with a quick ab workout this morning before heading to BodyPump.


Some of the ab exercises I did on the stability ball:

  • crunches
  • crunch with opposite knee to elbow
  • Oblique twist
  • Stability ball V- pass
  • Ab roll in
  • Butt lifts
  • Ball roll out
  • Plank
  • Plank with mountain climbers
  • Back extension

During BodyPump, I made sure to take it easy on the squat and lunge tracks so my calves wouldn’t get worse, and I wore my calf sleeves.

Post workout snack was a cookie dough Quest bar.


Could my hair be anymore crazy?

I had a few errands to run after the gym and by the time I got home, I was starving so I threw together some peanut butter French toast. I used PB2 in place of regular peanut butter.


This is totally random, but Jaden wore his cat shirt today.


Danny and Jaden are allergic to cats so we can’t ever have a cat. I always had¬†cats and dogs¬†growing up. Jaden loves animals but since he’s allergic I bought him a cat t-shirt instead. Not exactly the same thing as having a cat…but he loves it.

We did have a dog for a long time but he passed away last year, and Jaden still talks about him. I¬†would love to get another dog, but I¬†worry about Jaden’s allergies. Maybe one day…

Have a great afternoon! Don’t forget to get your free Bulu Box!

  • Do you have any pets? Did you have pets growing up?
  • Strangest pet? We only had cats,¬†dogs, hamsters, and fish.
  • Favorite ab¬†move?
  • What did you have for lunch?



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