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Shape Diva Dash Obstacle Run

Last night, I had a meet-up with the other members of the Zooma Half Marathon Challenge, as well as the Chicago Zooma ambassadors. We met for a healthy running clinic with a sports doctor.


It was a really relaxed setting - we told a little bit about ourselves and then were given the chance to discuss any questions we had regarding running – injuries, asthma, running fuel, hydration, strength and cross training, etc.

I asked about my quad pain, and the doctor said that it probably wasn’t normal, and I should maybe cut back on the BodyPump and other exercises classes a bit, just to see if that helps relieve the pain a little bit.

Afterwards, the sports doctor brought us into the physical therapy office and showed us an anti-gravity treadmill.



An Anti-Gravity Treadmill is a rehabilitation device that utilizes adjustable weight-bearing technology on a standard treadmill used primarily for rehabilitation of lower extremity injuries and athletic training. (Source)

Basically, you can still run if your injured because the treadmill controls the air pressure in the chamber around the treadmill to lift the person running. I’ve have never heard of an anti-gravity treadmill before, and thought it was a very unique concept.

After the meeting with the sports doctor, we headed to a small local bar for a Zooma sponsored happy hour.


It was really nice meeting the other girls running the half marathon and the ambassadors. Everyone was really friendly, and it’s helpful to discuss all of our running problems and successes with each other.

I’ve mentioned recently that I have been having a hard time, physically and mentally, with running lately so I decided to do a “fun run!” I am going to run the Shape Diva Dash – Women’s Obstacle Adventure Run in August.

About the Diva Dash:

Unlike other obstacle runs, there are no mud or fire pits or barbed wire. The Diva Dash delivers plenty of excitement and challenges designed for women of all ages and abilities. The supportive and encouraging atmosphere of the Dash is empowering for all, from first-timers to seasoned racers.

I think it’ll be a nice change since I have been following a set training plan for quite a while now. I started with the 15k training plan and then jumped right into the half marathon training plan. The Diva Dash is great because you can chose to run in a non-competitive wave or a competitive wave.

The course is three miles of trail, sand, and road with 10-12 obstacles. I have run races with obstacles before, but not lately, so I am really looking forward to it.

The Shape Diva Dash has locations all over the U.S., so see if there’s a location near you! If you register to run the Diva Dash, enter the code: BLOG at checkout to receive $10 off registration!

I didn’t go to the gym this morning so that I could give my legs a little bit of a break. Hopefully, they’ll be all rested up for my long run this weekend! Since I didn’t go to the gym in the morning, I picked up niece up early and took the kids to the splash park.


I brought an apple pie Larabar for a snack.


I asked Danny to pick me up a Larabar at the store yesterday and to surprise me with a flavor – he picked apple pie, which is a flavor I wouldn’t normally pick myself, although I really like it. I seem to gravitate more towards the peanut butter flavored bars :)

Have a great afternoon!

  • Have you ever run a “fun run” or an obstacle run?
  • Do you think your significant other would do a good job picking out a flavor you’d like?
  • Ever heard of an anti-gravity treadmill?


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