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Date Night!

Last night, Danny and I had our date night at California Pizza Kitchen.

First, we dropped the kids off by my mom’s house. She had freshly baked cookies when we got there. It’s pretty hard to turn down freshly baked cookies. So, I ate one…or three. Damn.

From there we headed to California Pizza Kitchen. We got there early enough that it wasn’t very busy. I hate crowds and waiting, so I get everywhere early. I am only 30, and I am already getting those early bird specials.

We started out with Mediterranean focaccia bread, and then ordered pizzas. Danny had the BBQ chicken minus the onions, and I had the Hawaiian BBQ pizza – red onions, gouda cheese, BBQ sauce, and pineapple.

The pizzas were delicious. They are a pretty big size, and we probably could have gotten by just sharing one… since I ate so many cookies and was full after half the pizza. I just wish that CPK had a pizza and salad combo. There were a few salads that I wanted to try but still wanted pizza.

We were way too full for dessert. That always happens. I look so forward to dessert, then I’m too full to order it…but don’t worry we got dessert later.

We walked around the stores nearby for a bit, and then we headed back towards my mom’s house. I wanted a dessert but wasn’t in the mood for anything cold (those darn Crest white strips make my teeth ache sooooo bad). So, we stopped at Mariano’s grocery store to check out their bakery. Good decision.

Danny got a red velvet cupcake, and I got a piece of peanut butter cheesecake. They were both delicious, but we didn’t finish those either. What’s happening to us!?

After that we went back to my mom’s house to pick up the kids. We had a nice date night and ate delicious food. Did I maybe eat a little bit more than I planned on? Yes. Is today a new day? Yes.

Today’s Workout

  • BootCamp – 60 minutes
  • 1.32 miles treadmill, walked

We stopped by my dad’s house last night after we picked up the kids, and we didn’t get home until after 11pm. When we got home, we stayed up until midnight watching CSI and eating our leftover pizza. So, when I woke up at 7am this morning, I wasn’t really feeling all that awesome – just tired.

I decided that I would go to the gym and just walk on the treadmill. But when I got to the gym at 8am, every single person coming into the gym was going to BootCamp (today’s cardio potluck choice), so I decided that BootCamp must be the cool place to go, and I changed my nice slow walking on the treadmill to BootCamp.

I’m glad that I did – after a five-minute warm-up, I was ready to go! I haven’t been to Boot Camp in a long time, so it was nice to do something different, and the class just flew by because it’s so much different stuff than I’m used to doing.

I talked to the instructor for a while after class. She was one of the Biggest Loser instructors, and I don’t see her often because she teaches the night classes, and I usually go to the day classes.

She asked if I was doing anything with my group exercise instructor certification yet. No, no I’m not.

I’ve haven’t talked about it in a while, but I did get certified to teach group exercise last year. To be honest, I am a little bit uncomfortable leading in a group setting. I’m used to taking the classes, not being the one teaching the class. And when I got my certification, I was 30 pounds heavier, so I didn’t feel comfortable with myself. But I knew I wanted to do something fitness related.

When my new gym opens later this year and will be hiring, I hope to be a certified personal trainer. I think I would be more comfortable with one on one training, and maybe ease into group instruction. I also felt for a long time that I had to “look the part.” If I wasn’t comfortable with my own body, how could I show people to be comfortable with theirs.

I plan on getting my certification through NETA where I have my group exercise certification from. I also have the NASM textbook because I studied that for a while. I do plan on ordering the study material, I just keep putting it off because basically I’m scared. Scared of what? Of not looking the part? Or failing? Of being overwhelmed? Once I bite the bullet and do it, I know I’ll feel a lot better. I was scared to get my group exercise certification, but when I passed the test with flying colors, I was so proud of myself.

We shall see what life brings!

  • What was the best thing that you ate this weekend?
  • Would you rather teach group exercise or train someone one on one?
  • What would you look for in a personal trainer? Ever been to one?


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Bingo and Dates

Happy Monday!

Last night, we ordered pizza, baked cookies, and decorated our Christmas tree.

I also found a cute idea on Pinterest for the kids – making Christmas trees out of green frosting and sugar cones.

I bought the white Frosting Creations frosting and added a package of mint chocolate powder to make it green. You could also use vanilla frosting and green food coloring, but I didn’t have any food coloring.

The kids loved making their frosting Christmas trees and it got a little messy, but they had so much fun!

I ate a lot last night – pizza, cookies, popcorn. So, when I woke up this morning, I wasn’t feeling very hungry. I noticed that when I eat a lot over the weekends, I usually wake up Monday morning not wanting to eat anything.

So, I skipped breakfast before heading to the gym. I regretted not eating at least something small for breakfast because halfway through BodyPump, my stomach started to growl loudly.

Luckily, I knew I’d be hungry and I packed a mini breakfast to eat after BodyPump:

Greek yogurt and thinkThin bar.

Today’s Workout

  • 1.12 miles treadmill
  • BodyPump – 60 minutes

Fitness Bingo

Guess what?! I won fitness bingo! Yay!

My happy face:

From what I understand, it turns out that whoever turned in the most bingo cards won the final prize – it wasn’t done by a raffle. So, I really glad that I worked hard to turn those final three bingo cards in last week.

I was able to choose from a free annual membership or a three-month My Choice membership. The annual membership included use of the fitness center only, so it made more sense for me to choose the three-month My Choice membership because it includes use of the fitness center, fitness classes, and the kid’s room. So, I’ll be saving about $150. :)

Danny and I still plan on signing up for the Fitness Fantasy League in January. That prize is a whole year MyChoice membership!

Date Night

Danny and I had such a nice and relaxing time on our date night on Saturday that we decided that we would have a monthly date night and would take turns coming up with something to do.

Having a date night doesn’t always mean spending a lot of money. Just as long as your together, it doesn’t matter what you do. Getting coffee or going for a walk make great dates that are cheap or free.

Having alone time not only helps your relationship by spending time with your significant other, but it helps you be a better parent too –  as any stay at home mom will tell you (or even the ones that work full-time)! Sometimes you just need to step back from the craziness of work, life, family, and kids and spend some quality time with your significant other. It almost recharges you. The same can be said with spending time alone too. We often get so wrapped up in life that we lose sight of the important things in life.

Danny and I realized that we don’t actually spend much time alone together – just the two of us. Sure, we do a lot of stuff with my family, but that hardly counts as quality time with each other. So, I am very excited to start our monthly date nights and better our relationship. :)

I also think that spending time alone with your children separately is a great idea too – like a “daddy and me” night or a “mommy and me” night. Danny and I also have plans to do this with Jacob and Jaden once a month.

Questions of the day:

  • How often do you have date nights with your significant other? Do you believe that they help better your relationship?
  • What was the last “date” that you went on?
  • Are you a breakfast eater? Or are you not hungry in the mornings?


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Cooper’s Hawk

Yesterday’s Workout

  • Biggest Loser Boot Camp – 60 minutes

Date Night Dinner

Last night, Danny took me on a date night dinner to Cooper’s Hawk restaurant.

He had been there once before for a work outing and wanted me to try it. Cooper’s Hawk is a winery and restaurant, which is funny because neither one of us drink wine, but the food is delicious.

Last night’s dinner was my “splurge night”, so I ordered what I wanted. The nice thing about Cooper’s Hawk is that they bring you a separate Life Balance Menu with healthier options. But did I order from it? No.

We started with complementary pretzel bread, which was warm and delicious.

I debated getting soup. I normally don’t order soup at restaurants, but I read great reviews of their crab and lobster bisque, so I went ahead an ordered a cup. I am so glad that I did. The soup was so flavorful with chunks of crab, lobster, and shrimp. I’m usually not a shrimp fan, but in this soup I didn’t mind the shrimp.

For my meal, I ordered the flatbread and salad combo. I got the caprese flatbread with tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, red onion, basil, pesto, and balsamic reduction. It was outstanding. I don’t really like tomatoes much – I don’t mind them as much cooked – but I did pick some of them off. I only ate about half of my flatbread because I was getting so full.

For my salad, I got the caesar pesto chopped salad. The best part of the salad was the creamy caesar pesto dressing. It’s one of the best dressings that I’ve ever had. The only thing that I was slightly disappointed about was that some of the lettuce was a little brown. I think that if you’re going to a nice and expensive restaurant, none of the lettuce should be brown at all. It wasn’t a very big deal and everything tasted amazing.

Danny had a steak with the most amazing potatoes – they were shredded potatoes with creamy white cheddar and scallions. I helped myself to a few bites of those.

And even though we were pretty full, we ordered dessert. I saw a Reese’s ice cream cookie on the dessert menu and knew there was no way that I could leave without trying it. It had Reese’s peanut butter cups cooked right into the cookie!

We shared the cookie and ice cream, and I think we finished it in about 60 seconds. Perfection.

After dinner, we walked around a bit, and then went to pick up the kids from Danny’s parents, who watched them for us.

Also, we finally have a water heater and water! Thank you to my brother-in-law and husband who put the water heater in, and thank you to my brother and sister-in-law who let me shower at their house. :)

Questions of the day:

  • Did you do anything fun on Saturday? Any plans for today?
  • Do you share meals when you go out to a restaurant? I always have to steal a few bites of Danny’s fries or potatoes.


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