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Walking, Skateboarding, and Chocolate

Yesterday morning after breakfast, Danny and I took the kids to a local trail and walked for about two miles.

Two miles is about all Jaden can handle before he throws himself on the ground in defeat, moaning that he can’t possibly walk another step. We’re usually right next to the car when this happens.

Afterwards, we dropped my niece off at home and visited with my mom, brother, and sister-in-law a bit. Then, we took the kids to a skate park. Jacob has been skateboarding for about a month, and he is really into it.

I get a little nervous bringing him to the skate park because there’s usually a bunch of teenage boys there, and he’s just a beginner and I don’t want him to get in the way. I’ve seen those kids fall and it’s not pretty.

There was a handful of teenagers skating when we got there yesterday, and I told Jacob just to make sure he didn’t get in the way and to do his own thing. One of the kids skating was very nice and said that the kids were fine and offered to move so they could go down the ramps and stuff.

I feel like you don’t often come across teenagers that are so nice to little kids, especially when they’re kind of invading their space, so I very impressed with this kid and how he acted towards Jacob and Jaden.

Later in the afternoon, we met up with my family at Bamboo Spoon for some frozen yogurt. I ate really good yesterday, and made sure that the frozen yogurt stayed within my daily calories. Although, I usually have to estimate the calories in the toppings.

His and hers fro-yo:

After eating our frozen yogurt, we walked around the stores for a little while. My dad wanted to take us to this little chocolate cafe where they serve awesome chocolates, coffee, and chocolate martinis.

Sitting in the martini room:

Look at these chocolate! Aren’t they awesome?!

Awesome, but expensive. $14 for eight little chocolates. We didn’t buy any, but we stared longingly at them for a while.

My step-mom mentioned this girl scout 5k to me a while back, and I forgot about it until I saw an ad for it in the new Competitor magazine.

When you cross the finish line, you get a box of girl scout cookies! How cool is that?! Bring on the thin mints!

Questions of the day:

  • Do you ever exercise with your kids or significant other?
  • Ever come across a person that was not what you thought? I expected those teenage boys to be mad about the kids being in their way, but they proved me wrong.
  • Ever been to a chocolate cafe? What’s your favorite kind of chocolate?
  • Favorite girl scout cookie?


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