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Bud’s Run 5k

Saturday family 5k complete!

I didn’t run my best during this race. I was overheated and it was very tough with no shade. I think my time was 36:37. I’m not fast runner, and I never will be, but I do it for fun. It used to bother me that I wasn’t fast, but now I’ve just accepted it. I enjoy it, and I’m out there doing something and that’s all that matters to me.

Yeah…I bet all us slow people say that.

Congrats to my brother who PR’d. And congrats to Danny who came in third place for his age group and my step-mom who came in third place for her age group. They are awesome.

The kids also completed their 1k race, and all the kids got a ribbon, which was nice.

Even though this was a smaller race, about 400 people, I thought it was well-organized and included a lot of good stuff. We signed up as a family and paid $22 each. We got a dry fit shirt and a goody bag with a Clif bar, jelly belly energy jelly beans, graham crackers, a coupon for free ice cream at Culvers, and more. Post-race there was water, lemonade, coffee, bagels, bananas, watermelon, oranges, Clif bars, and jelly beans. They were also giving out free Asics water bottles and free Culver’s lemon ice.

I think the best part was the lemon ice. I think the kids ate three each.

In addition to the top three runners in each group awards, they randomly called bib numbers for prizes. This is the first race I have ever been to that does that. My sister-in-law won a coupon for $15 off a Road ID, and Danny won a really nice pair of Redstar sunglasses.

Even though I didn’t run my best, I had a great time at this race and am glad that I could do it with my family.

My dad helped watched the kids and took lots of race photos. Thanks, Dad! He’s got a nice DSLR camera that makes me jealous.

My dad wore his mullet wig that he got at Mullet Night at the Sox game last night. Don’t worry, he didn’t keep it on the whole time. We tried to get Danny to run in it, but he wouldn’t.

This race was named Bud’s Run after a local running coach who died of sarcoma cancer. All the proceeds from the race went to the Sarcoma Foundation of America.

Tonight we’re going to Red Lobster for my mom’s birthday. I heard their chedder biscuits are great. Have a great weekened!


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