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I Went to Bodypump!

Good afternoon!

Over the weekend, Danny and I attended a wedding on the 66th floor of the Willis Tower (Sears Tower!) in Chicago.

20150919_172739 (1)

The view was absolutely beautiful.


We had such an amazing time. It was Danny’s cousin who got married and unfortunately the few pictures that I got of the bride and groom came out blurry but the bride’s dress was gorgeous.

Danny and his brothers:


We had such a fun night and stayed out late dancing, eating, drinking, and having fun.


The following morning before we picked the kids up from my mom’s house, we stopped at Dunkin Donuts. Sometimes you just need a donut in your life and that’s okay.


Dunkin’ Donuts just came out with the new Reese’s peanut butter square donuts and I was determined to try one. They also have the pumpkin cheesecake donut squares so of course I had to try one of those too.

Even though I was most excited to try the Reese’s donut, the pumpkin cheesecake donut was so much better. I didn’t really like the taste of the peanut butter inside the donut so it wasn’t my favorite. But the pumpkin cheesecake filling was delicious!

Now that I’ve tried those two donuts, I can move on with my life.

Yesterday, I went to Bodypump!!


I haven’t been to Bodypump in over a year since my hip surgery in July of 2014. I was nervous to go but one of my friends was taking the class, so I decided to go with her.

My hip was fine. It tends to get sore but it’s really my knees that have been bothering me. I took it really easy on  the squats and lunges and didn’t go down very low which took some off the pressure of my knees.

I realized how much I missed bodypump!! It was a great class and I enjoyed it but I don’t know if my body could handle it on regular basis but it was a nice change yesterday.

Have a great afternoon and don’t forget to enter my Van’s Cereal Giveaway!

  • When was the last time you went to a wedding?
  • Do you like donuts? Favorite?


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Baseball and Books

Hello! I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Yesterday morning, I taught my second to last BodyPump before my surgery. I still get nervous about teaching but I am really going to miss it!! I hope that I am able to resume teaching my Friday BodyPump as soon as I recover.

After teaching BodyPump, we came home, showered, and went to Jaden’s baseball picnic.


Jaden was very happy to get a trophy.

I made baseball cupcakes for the picnic.


They didn’t come out perfect but they were cute!! I am a decent baker but not so good at the decorating part 🙂

Another mom made little hamburger cookies which were adorable and delicious!!



I love reading and have been on quite the reading kick lately. Here are some of the books that I have read recently, in case your looking for something to read 🙂


  • All Fall Down by Jennifer Weiner I have read a lot of Jennifer Weiner books and have liked them all. This book was a quick and easy read. It’s about a women named Allison who turns to prescription drugs when the stresses of life become too much for her to handle. It’s serious yet funny at the same time.


  • Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King I am a huge Stephen King fan. (His book, Under the Dome, starts it’s second season on tv tonight!!). Mr. Mercedes is his latest book and it’s not supernatural like some of his other books. This book is about a retired cop who is trying to track down a killer before he commits another crime. There are some very weird parts in this book but I guess that’s what makes Stephen King Stephen King.


  • Looking for Alaska by John Green After I read The Fault in Our Stars, I decided to read another John Green book. This book is about a boy names Miles who goes away to boarding school and falls in love with a girl named Alaska. The book is split into two parts – Before and After.


  • The Collector by Nora Roberts Nora Roberts is one of my favorite authors and I really like her “In Death” series written as J.D. Robb. The Collector is about Lila, a professional house sitter, who witnesses a crime and the aftermath that follows.

I also recently re-read The Maze Runner series (the movie is coming out soon!) and I am currently re-reading The Fault in Our Stars. I am one of those people that likes reading and re-reading books.

  • What is the last book that you read?
  • What’s your favorite book?



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Walking and Working Out

Good morning!!


On Sunday morning, I taught the new BodyPump release. Later in the afternoon, we took the kids to a nearby lake with walking trails.


The kids love the old water pump and Jaden spent quite a bit of time washing the rocks that he found.


We stopped at the store after walking for awhile and I found this new lite white cheddar Skinny Pop popcorn.


We went through that bag way faster than I’d like to admit 🙂 It was really good.

We also stopped at different Whole Foods than I normally go to and they had a healthy snack station set up for kids.


I thought it was really cool that they let kids pick out one piece of fruit. Jaden got an apple and ate the whole entire thing…including the seeds.

Monday’s Workout

  • Stairmaster HIIT Workout – 26 minutes
  • Plank and Stretching – 15 minutes

I haven’t been doing as much cardio lately since my hip has been bothering me but I was really sore from strength training yesterday so I decided to do a HIIT workout on the Stairmaster.


I forgot how much the Stairmaster makes me sweat!!! Of course, my hip was sore all day yesterday but only six more days until my doctor appointment.


Breakfast this morning was an old favorite – a peach yogurt oatmeal parfait.


I always forget how much I love peaches until I am eating one!

This morning I am off to the gym for Butts and Guts and Women on Weights!

Have a great day!

  • Did you workout today?
  • Favorite fruit?




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I’m Going to be Walking

Happy Friday and Happy Memorial Day weekend! Does anyone have a three day weekend?

I haven’t really been working out this week, just practicing BodyPump at home. My hip is still incredibly sore. It’s a different kind of sore now which isn’t fun. I taught BodyPump today and I’ll teach it again on Sunday.

I am also doing a two mile walk tomorrow instead of the 5k that I had planned. It’s funny that even when I take it easy, I am still fairly active. I am so sick of my hip right now.

After BodyPump, Danny and I went to pick up the packets for tomorrow’s race.


I’m walking two miles with my dad and Danny is doing the ten miler!


Jaden came home sick from school on Wednesday so he stayed home yesterday also. He was feeling a lot better so we went to the store to get popsicles.


Jaden came up with the idea of making pizza on tortillas for lunch, so him and my niece set up their own pizza making station.



I got a kick out of the sticker on the tortilla package – flex before opening.


I showed the tortillas my muscles before I opened them. Come on – that was kinda funny?!! I got a kick out of it 🙂

We went to a local grocery store called Marianos to get popsicles. Mariano’s is comparable to Whole Foods, just not as expensive. I decided to try out their sushi since driving 25 to Whole Foods for $8 sushi is kind of a pain…and expensive.


The sushi was okay. It was fine but I’d much rather make the drive to Whole Foods.

Speaking of food…I love pickles. I bought this jar of zesty pickles the other day and it’s almost gone. Yum…pickles.


Tonight we’re going out to dinner to celebrate my step brother’s birthday. Happy birthday Jake!

  • Any other pickle lovers?
  • Do you have plans for the weekend?



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Bolder Bands Giveaway

Happy Friday! The weekend is finally here!!

This morning I taught BodyPump while wearing my new Bolder Band headband.


I received a Bolder Band a couple of weeks ago and I have been wearing it ever since.


Bolder Bands were created by Amy Crouse, a cross fitter and runner, to keep her hair back while working out. She decided to sew her own headbands and gave them to friends and workouts buddies and that’s how Bolder Bands was born!

I have crazy hair at times. It usually does whatever it wants, so I wear a headband a lot of the time. I have a few skinny bands but I really like the look of the thicker bands so I was excited to try out the Bolder Bands.

I received the purple color which I love. I wear a lot of black clothes when I work out so the purple headband adds a pop of color!


Bolder bands come in sizes x-small, small, regular, and large. X-small and large require a custom order.

They are made of a spandex/lycra bands and are great because they can be worn as thick or thin as you want – they can be worn six different ways!

To wash them all you have to do is put them in the washing machine and air dry.

I love that Bolder Bands has such a large selection of headbands to choose from – solids, prints, stripes, and even bro bands! (Guys need headbands too 🙂 )

I liked my Bolder Band because it stayed in place when I worked out, wicked sweat, and can be worn so many different ways!

The best part? You can win your own Bolder Band!!


I have one Bolder Band to giveaway. It has the pink in shape design – bright bold geometric shapes. When I received my Bolder Band, they included one for me to giveaway, so this Bolder Band will be coming directly from me.

Enter below:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: Bolder Bands provided me with these headbands at no charge to me to review on my blog. All opinions are my own.


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I’m Only Half Crazy

Good afternoon!

So, I did something a little crazy yesterday. I signed up for a half marathon…the Disney World half marathon in Florida in January, 2015.


I know, I know. It came as a surprise to me too.

My sister-in-law, Crystal, has run two Disney half marathons and has loved them. She set a new goal for herself of running the Disney half marathon followed by the Disney full marathon the next day (impressive!). She told us about it on Easter and said that she was registering Tuesday.

I have wanted to run a half marathon for a long time. As some of you know, I was signed up for the Zooma half marathon last year, but started having hip problems. After seeing the doctor, she recommended that I not run the race.

My hip still isn’t fully better and it took my calves four days to recover from the Shamrock Shuffle 8k, but running a half marathon is something that I feel like I need to do only if it’s just once in my life.

For what I hear, Disney races are more about the fun and experience than how fast you can go. I plan on simply finishing the half marathon. All I want to do is cross that finish line. If my hip hurts or my calves get tight, I’ll walk. I’m not going to push my body to do what it can’t do, but I sure am going to give it my all and try to the best of my ability.

I have dealt with many running injuries – hip bursitis, plantar fasciitis, compartment syndrome, and my current hip/quad/glute problem. For me, every step I run is an accomplishment. Running doesn’t come easy for me and it never will, but that’s what makes me work harder.

And can we just talk about my sister-in-law for a minute?! A half marathon followed by a full marathon the next day?! Talk about an accomplishment! Awesome! That is such a great accomplishment and I can’t wait for her to be able to achieve her goal!

Registration for the Disney marathon weekend opened up yesterday and already the half marathon, 10k, and 5k are all sold out. When I went to the gym this morning, registration was still open and just an hour later it was sold out. Danny had decided to also run the half marathon since we were able to find someone to watch the kids, but now he won’t be able to. 🙁 Disney races sure are popular.

It’s still quite a while from now, which gives me plenty of time to train and save up! 🙂 I’m excited but nervous!

Today’s Workout

  • Walking/running – 35 minutes
  •   BodyPump – 60 minutes

Post workout, I had half a Cellucor chocolate protein shake and a Kashi bar.



For lunch yesterday and today, I had fish tacos made with Mahi Mahi taco mix from Whole Foods on corn tortillas topped with pineapple salsa.


I accidently bought the pineapple salsa thinking it was mango salsa, but it was still delicious on my tacos!


I also had a Steaz iced green tea with lemonade. These are great when I need a little break from water.


Have a great afternoon!

  • Have you ever run a Disney race?
  • Have you ever run a half marathon?
  • Biggest goal you’ve ever set for yourself?


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Blue Milk

Good morning!

With the kids home for spring break, these past few days have been busy! I finally seemed to get rid of my cold and my calves feel a lot better. They still ache when I walk up the stairs but at least it’s not a constant pain anymore.

This Week’s Workouts:

  • Mon. – Walked
  • Tues. – Women on Weights
  • Wed. – BodyPump
  • Thurs. – Rest
  • Fri. – Teach BodyPump

My workouts were a little bit lighter this week since I wasn’t feeling well and the kids are home.

Here’s a few pictures from our week.

On Tuesday, I put blue food coloring in Jaden’s milk as a April Fool’s Day prank.


He was less than impressed.

I also switched the cereals in Jacob’s cereal boxes but he guessed that I did it before he even poured the cereal out. Being an almost teenager, he thought my jokes were really lame.

The kids had a dentist appointment yesterday which I initially showed up a day early for even though it’s written done on my calendar. That wasn’t fun.


The kids had no cavities so we went to Whole Foods to celebrate! Okay, I went to Whole Foods to celebrate that we won’t have a dental cavity bill, although Jacob does need braces…


My salad:


My stepmom picked up our race t-shirts and bibs yesterday. Jaden is running walking his very first 5k tomorrow! Yes, my calves want to punch me in the face right now.


Jaden is very excited about his very first 5k but he doesn’t run much so I figure the majority of the race will be walking with little running spurts thrown in. My calves should be able to handle that. My dad and stepmom are also walking and Danny and Jacob are running.

I have never done a color run so I’m not such exactly what to expect. The website gives directions on how to clean the color off your camera – that’s interesting. Since it’ll be cold, we’ll have to wear warm old clothes with our t-shirts over them. They also recommend old shoes. I think it’ll be a lot of fun and Jaden is beyond excited.

Danny has the day off today so we can do something fun with the kids after BodyPump. I think they decided on going to Dave and Buster’s, a restaurant and game place. The weather hasn’t been the greatest for their spring break but at least we got a few fun activities in there!

Have a great Friday!

  • Have you ever done a color run?
  • Have you ever worn braces? I got my braces on when I was 16 years old – not fun.
  • Did you pull any April Fool’s Day pranks?

Mom’s Note: I realize that I have a lot more pictures of Jaden on my blog than Jacob. That’s because Jacob is less than two months away from being a teenager and hates to be photographed. He asks me not to take his picture and I try to respect that.



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Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Protein Pancakes – Fit for Fitness


Happy Friday!

Yesterday’s Workout:

  • 3.5 miles – indoor track
  • stretching

In an attempt to get ready for the upcoming Shamrock Shuffle 8k next week, I planned to run four miles yesterday. That didn’t happen. Instead I ran three miles and walked half a mile.

My whole entire lower right side refused to cooperate. My right side was all like, Yay! Running! We could do this all day! My right side wanted to punch me in the face.

My right glute is still sore from Butts and Guts class, my hip started to ache, and my calves decided to get tight again. At this point, I don’t care if I have to walk the entire 8k. I have no goals or hopes & dreams going into it, except to finish the darn thing.

I made sure to stretch after my run and I foam rolled the heck out of my glute when I got home.



I was recently contacted by Shari’s Berries about creating with a healthy recipe that included chocolate. They’re working on a project during the month of March called Fit for Fitness – basically how you can incorporate foods like chocolate into your diet and still live a healthy lifestyle. And like I always say, I believe in everything in moderation.


Chocolate comes from the cacao plant and actually provides many healthy antioxidants. Dark chocolate usually tends to be the most healthy and the more nonfat cocoa solids a chocolate product contains, the more antioxidants it has.

I didn’t have any dark chocolate on hand, so I incorporated semi-sweet chocolate into my recipe – chocolate chip peanut butter pancakes! I have been loving protein pancakes lately, so I decided to try out a recipe using chocolate chips. To date, it is my favorite pancake recipe I have made!


Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Protein Pancakes   Serves: 1


  • 1/4 cup oats (I used Quaker Perfect Portions)
  • 1/3 cup water
  • 2 egg whites
  • 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 1 tbsp. PB2 or peanut butter
  • 1 tbsp. chocolate chips.


  1. Add oats and water to a bowl, stir, and microwave approx. one minute.
  2. Beat egg whites into oats, mix in protein powder and peanut butter, lightly stir in chocolate chips.
  3. Cook pancakes on a heated pan or griddle over medium heat approx. 2-3 minutes on each side.
  4. Serve with your favorite toppings or garnish with a few more chocolate chips.

These pancakes were delicious! Nothing beats peanut butter and chocolate!


Today’s Workout

  • Taught BodyPump – 60 minutes

I taught BodyPump this morning and afterwards I had a peanut butter and jelly Quest bar.


More peanut butter!


Lunch this afternoon was chicken fajitas.


I mentioned that I have been trying to add chicken to my diet lately for more protein. I am not a huge fan of chicken and don’t like eating it by itself, but I don’t mind it in other things – like fajitas/tacos.

I cooked the chicken with peppers, red onions, and salt-free fajita seasoning. I ate them on corn tortillas topped with cabbage and mango.


I also discovered a new delicious flavor of Sparkling ice water – cherry limeade.


The bottle doesn’t say new, but I have never seen this flavor before. My favorite is the pineapple coconut but the cherry limeade is a close second!

Have a great weekend!

  • Do you have any plan this weekend?
  • What did you have for breakfast?
  • Favorite way to eat chocolate?



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Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2014

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


First, up the two winners of the Fresh Express coupon giveaway: Julie and Sandra! I already sent you both emails!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I was supposed to work Friday night, but my appointment got canceled, so Danny and I decided to workout at the gym instead.

We did a workout from The New Rules of Lifting book which included squats, push-ups, seated rows, step-ups on a box, and jackknifes on a stability ball. We finished out our workout with some box jumps – we set them up from smallest to biggest and had fun jumping on them.

I am still working on a soft landing. You can see a video on Instagram of me jumping 🙂 (I’m RunEatPlay on Instagram).


On Saturday, we went out with my family for a St. Patrick’s Day dinner and then came back to our house.

I think I might have ate something bad because I have been feeling sick since Saturday night. The boys had corned beef at the restaurant but I had a lobster tail. It tasted good but I wonder if that’s what made me sick.

I managed to teach BodyPump on Sunday morning, even though I didn’t feel the best.

After the BodyPump, we took the kids to Barnes and Noble to pick out a book.

Just a typical Sunday afternoon, sitting on the floor at Barnes and Noble, reading fitness books.


After the book store, we went to Sports Authority to get soccer shoes for Jacob and baseball cleats for Jaden.

Of course, I spotted a pair of Nikes on clearance and in my size (a rare thing to find). And we had a coupon.


Do I need new shoes? No. Did I buy new shoes? Yes.

Danny was less than thrilled to be buying more shoes.


I have shoe problem…a gym shoe problem. I could care less about other shoes.


In my defense, one pair is Jacob’s, one pair is too narrow, and one pair has a stupid tongue problem.

I wear different shoes for different activities like running, teaching BodyPump, fitness classes, etc and the Asics that I usually wear to take exercise classes have a major problem with the tongue twisting completely sideways which drives me nuts because it’s so uncomfortable.

I haven’t owned Nikes in awhile, so I figured they’d be perfect to wear for fitness classes. And they were on clearance. Danny.

I am still not feeling 100% today, but I did work for a couple of hours this morning…then I came home and got sick. I only managed to eat a Lara Uber bar today but I am going to try some toast in a bit!

Have a great afternoon!

  • When was the last time you were sick?
  • Do you own a lot of shoes? Favorite shoes? I love my Reebok ZQuick shoes because they are so comfortable!

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Things I’m Loving Friday

Good morning!

There’s no school today so I’m teaching BodyPump on Sunday instead of today. I am lucky to have another BodyPump instructor to switch with when there’s no school.

Things I’m Loving Lately

  • My aunt’s new blog – Life Inspirations

My Aunt Pam has recently lost 127 pounds and started a blog to document her ongoing weight loss journey. 127 pounds! Isn’t that amazing! I am so proud of her! You can check out her blog here.

  • Quest Bars

I like the new cookies and cream Quest bar, but I have found my all time favorite Quest bar creation – a baked cookie dough Quest bar topped with a little bit of peanut butter. So. Good.


I smash the Quest bar down a little bit with my hands and then bake it at 350 degrees for about 6 minutes.

  • Coffee

I love my Keurig Vue coffee maker, but sometimes the Vue cups can be hard to find in stores near me, so I just order them online.


After using a coupon code, it’s actually cheaper to buy them online. Gloria Jean’s hazelnut is my favorite flavor, so I always order that flavor. I also just tried out the Caribou Coffee daybreak morning blend and I love it. I will definitely re-order that flavor.

  • Running

I haven’t been running as much as I used to, but I still enjoy it when I do. It has gotten a little harder since I’m not running on a regular basis anymore, but I ran three miles on the indoor track the other day (after BodyPump).


I have The Shamrock Shuffle 8k coming up in a couple of weeks so I just want to be able to run five miles without too much pain or feeling like I’m going to die 🙂

  • Ben and Jerry’s Core Ice Cream

I must admit that I haven’t been sticking to my nutrition plan perfectly lately, and when I saw the new Ben and Jerry’s Core flavors, I was on a mission to find the peanut butter fudge flavor.


I don’t mess around when it comes to ice cream and I probably went to seven different stores looking for that darn ice cream. Every store was either sold out or didn’t carry it at all. Luckily, my awesome sister-in-law found the ice cream and bought it for me! I love family.

  •  Apple slices and Greek yogurt

I eat this for a snack almost every afternoon. It is so good and filling.


I use plain Greek yogurt and stir in a little bit of PB2 and then I dip in the apple slices!

Have a great weekend!

  • What are you loving lately?



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