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Potato Fail

Workout: Body Pump

After I dropped my son off at school, I went to Body Pump. I hadn’t taken Body Pump in a week and was still sick so I wasn’t sure how class would go. But I actually felt fine. I’m still just waiting for those lunges to get easier.

Does anyone else struggle with lunges? I can do squats all day, but lunges kill me for some reason.

The Body Pump instructor gave us all a coupon for free panties at Victoria’s Secret that was good today only. You better believe that after Body Pump I hauled my butt over to the mall to use it. There’s no way that I’m passing up free underwear.

On the way to the mall, I drank my vanilla Odwalla protein drink. It was actually a lot better than I thought, being that I’m not really a vanilla fan. Do I like the chocolate better? Yes. Would I buy the vanilla again? Yes.

When I got home from the mall, Danny talked me into going to Chili’s for lunch. The conversation went like this:

Danny: Want to go to Chili’s for lunch?

Me: Yeah, okay.

So, off to Chili’s we went. We shared chips and salsa, and I had the soup and salad combo. I got the baked potato soup, minus the bacon. It had three potatoes in it. That was all. Potato fail.

Danny had something with dead cow in it. I don’t usually pay attention because he usually orders gross things – like hamburgers.

At the restaurant, I started to feel pretty congested again, so I decided that it was finally time to stop being a cheapo and buy some medicine.

Don’t worry, I didn’t buy any of those fancy brands. I just bought the generic Meijer brand decongestants.

I guess that’s what I get for buying generic because I took two and it didn’t help. So, I slept for a while. That helped a little.

Now I am awake and¬†contemplating how I can get dinner to make itself. I don’t think any of my ideas will work, so I guess I’m off to make dinner.

Have a good night.

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That’s Sick

The good news is that I feel slightly better this morning. I don’t have mucus clogging up my nose and head anymore.

The bad news is that snot ran down my face all night long (I’m classy, I know). And I had to wake up every hour to run and grab a tissue. Yeah, I should have just kept tissue next to the bed. That would be the smart thing to do. But I didn’t. Enough said.

My new BFF:

Have you tried the cool touch Kleenex yet? It’s pretty amazing – it’s cold when you blow your nose and feels just delightful. This Kleenex technology is amazing, I tell ya.

You are probably wondering how I got sick. Well, I’ll tell you – I got sick because my son was sick and he likes to share his germs. Maybe you’re wondering how he got sick. I’ll tell you that too.

The other day, we were walking to the car, and my son takes his finger and runs it along the dirty nasty car. Then he proceeds to lick his finger.

I was pretty appalled for a moment and then I asked him what would possess him to lick his finger that he just put into dirt, dust, and probably bird poop.

I wanted to see what it tasted like.

What?! You seriously had the urge to find out what dirty car tastes like?! I’ll tell you – it tastes like crap.

And that, my friends, is probably why my son is sick all the time.

I lick cars because I am an ANIMAL


Moving on…

Danny is going¬†to the gym without me today. I told him that wasn’t very nice. Then he reminded me that I’m going to Body Pump. Oh yeah. Here’s to hoping that I don’t have snot running down my face while I’m doing those squats.


Breakfast this morning was seventeen a couple of bowls of Bear Naked honey almond cereal. I have already made a considerable dent in this box of cereal…and I just bought it yesterday. Hey, at least it wasn’t Cocoa Puffs. Those things would have been gone in 5.6 seconds flat.

I’m bringing an Odwalla vanilla protein drink for after Body Pump. The grocery store¬†was out of the chocolate, so I had to suck it up and buy vanilla.

We’ll see how it compares to the chocolate.

Are you a chocolate fan or a vanilla fan? I am a chocolate fan all the way! Team Chocolate!

P.S. I had Danny proofread this before I posted it, and he said that I should be embarrassed that I am telling the world that I had snot running down my face. I’m not.

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Monkey Joe’s

I woke up the kids early today because we had big, fun plans. But first – breakfast. I mixed a container of strawberry Greek yogurt, a splash of almond milk, and some Quaker oats in bowl and let it chill in the fridge for about an hour. Easy and delicious.

After breakfast, I took the kids to Monkey Joe’s, which is a play place with giant inflatables, slides, and games. We went once over the summer and the kids were dying to go back.

When we were at my brother’s house yesterday, I printed a buy one get one free coupon for Monkey Joe’s. That’s a $10 savings. Well, in between yesterday and today, I lost the coupon. Excellent. And I don’t have a printer. Double excellent.

I searched everywhere for that coupon, and finally I gave up and we just went anyway. We pulled into Monkey Joe’s about five minutes before they opened, and right next door was an Office Depot.

Lightbulb! (that means that I had an idea)

I took the kid’s into Office Depot and asked the employee if it would be possible to print something from my email. She called another associate to help me with my dilemma. Five minutes and 11 cents later, I had my Monkey Joe’s coupon. Yes!

On the way out, I spotted a Keurig coffee machine that was set up with k-cups. Is that free coffee? I asked. Yup, sure was. So, not only did I get my coupon, but I got a free cup of coffee. I know where to go now when I run out of k-cups and need coffee to drink. Thanks Office Depot.

We went to Monkey Joe’s and got there early enough to get a table. They have tables set up for the adults and they also have recliners, flat screen televisions, and free wi-fi. But they get taken fast, so you have to get there early, especially like today when there is no school.

So, I was able to sit at a table and get some work done while the kids played and monkeyed¬†around. I like Monkey Joe’s because it’s good for kids of all ages. My kids are six years apart, so sometimes it’s hard to find something that they both like to do. Usually my older son is too big to do the stuff my younger son likes to do, or my younger is too little to do what his big brother does.

But Monkey Joe’s was perfect. What kid doesn’t like to jump on huge inflatable monkeys? I actually kind of wanted to get in on that action.

My son is so excited in this picture that he is jumping about three feet off the ground.

I brought some Bear Naked granola with for a snack. I might have also had one handful or maybe seven handfuls of popcorn.

Monkey Joe’s ran into lunchtime and I still had to go to my¬†brother’s house, so I stopped and got a fruit¬†& yogurt parfait at McDonald’s. Is it just me or are these things getting smaller? I swear, they are even tinier than they used to be. Too bad I’m not shrinking in size too…

After my brother’s, I had a few more errands to run, so I didn’t get home until late this afternoon. I made an Amy’s frozen light¬†& lean meal to hold me over until dinner.

This is my first time having this three cheese  penne marinara meal, and it was really good. The noodles were really thick, which I liked.

This evening, Danny met me at karate and I left to take a night-time Body Pump class. It’s so different going at night. It’s a whole different group of people, who do things a little bit differently. So, even though I have been going to Body Pump for almost two months now, I felt a little bit out-of-place.

I still had an awesome workout though. (damn those lunges!)

Going to Body Pump with my crazy hair and huge teeth:

Tomorrow’s plans include going to the grocery store to pick up the items that I need to make food for Thanksgiving. We go to my grandparent’s house every year for Thanksgiving, and I am getting so excited.

My youngest son requested a cheese ball for Thanksgiving. And that it seriously all that he will probably eat. When I first asked him what he was excited to eat for Thanksgiving, he told me a lunchable. So, at least a cheese ball is a step in the right direction.

Besides a cheese ball, I am also bringing cookies and carrots.

What are you most excited to eat for Thanksgiving?

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Stuffed Peppers

Last night I had a very strange dream – I was in Las Vegas with my best friend and we were in our hotel room. Someone knocked on the door and when we answered it, Death was standing there. He pointed at me and said that I only had three days to live.

Okay, should this freak me out? Because it sure does. I mean, dreaming about Death cannot be a good thing. Especially, when he pretty much tells you that he’s coming for you. And this was serious Death – black robe and that scythe thing and everything.

Okay, I’m freaking out here.


But on to happier things – like running.

Last night, Danny dropped his car off at the mechanic because it’s leaking gas. Why do car problems always come up at the worst times? Like right before the holidays? Anyway, the kids and I picked him up from the car place and we went to the kid’s karate.

I didn’t want to have to¬†drive from karate to the gym and then back to karate to pick up Danny and the kids, so I decided just to run a couple of miles outside near the karate place.

I didn’t pick the greatest running path because most of it was pitch black and I couldn’t even see the ground in front of me. Yeah, that’s safe.

Well, there’s an awkward running self-pic.

I did get to use my new hand-held water bottle that I bought for the¬†10k that I did in October. I need to run with water, even if it’s short distances. I ran about 2.25 miles and then headed back to karate.


This morning, I dropped my son off at school. He wore his new shark hat – isn’t it adorable? He has quite the hat collection.

After I dropped my son off at school, I went to Body Pump. I only have one class left before I have to buy more. Jeesh, those Body Pump classes go fast. And it’s cheaper to buy 12 at a time, instead of six at a time. But that’s still $87. Oh, Cardinal Charter Fitness, why can’t you just offer fitness classes.

Getting ready to go pump some iron:


Lunch today was amazing. I made stuffed peppers that I found on Carrots N Cake’s¬†blog. I followed her basic recipe, but changed it up a bit. I love that this recipe is meatless. Recipes with meat are dumb. Why ruin a perfectly good recipe with meat?

Just kidding. I love you even if you eat meat.

For the stuffed peppers, I cooked up some spinach on the stove with a little bit of olive oil and garlic. Then I cooked one of those one minute rice cups in the microwave. I mixed together the rice, spinach, artichoke hearts, parmesan cheese, basil, salt, and pepper and stuffed it all into the pepper. Then I topped it with some breadcrumbs.

I baked it for about 28 minutes at 400 degrees. It was awesome. I think that the only thing that could have made it better was feta cheese. I think next time I’ll load it up with feta!

This is definitely going to be on my menu from now on. I will probably eat it everyday for lunch and dinner for the next six months. Won’t that be exciting?!

I’m just kidding. But not really.

Tonight, I’m going to another coupon class with my sister-in-law. It’s part two of the class that we went to last time. It should be fun. And mostly I’m excited because I get to spend time with another grown-up.

Do you ever have strange dreams?

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