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Dash and Splash 5k

The Dash and Splash 5k is complete.

Post race snack:

It wasn’t the best race for either Danny or me. I don’t even know what my official time was - it was 36 and some seconds. My excuse this time is that my legs were sore from boot camp yesterday. I always have an excuse as to why I’m such a slow runner.

Danny’s time was 24:54, which I thought was awesome, but he wasn’t happy with.

I have pretty much accepted the fact that I am a slow runner, but lately I have been wondering why I’m such a slow runner. I’ve been running for three years, since my first Muddy Buddy in 2009. Not serious running, but more for a hobby, exercise, and fun.

You would think after running for more than three years that my time would improve, but no, mine hasn’t. I have tight calves which making running difficult, but not impossible. I’ve done long runs, short runs, fun runs, speed work, and whatever else, but I never improve and I can’t figure out why. Maybe I don’t push myself hard enough? I feel like I do. Maybe I need someone to teach me how to run? I just honestly think my body wasn’t made for running.

On to better things…like food.

Last night, we went to Panera for dinner. I had the Mediterranean veggie sandwich and the classic salad. Every time I order the classic salad, I forget that I hate it. It tastes like grass. I used some poppy-seed dressing, and managed to eat it, but I have to remember to stop ordering it. But the Mediterranean veggie sandwich is my favorite sandwich ever.

Also speaking of food, I made the Funfetti dip my niece’s birthday party today, except I used the actual Funfetti cake mix instead of the confetti cake mix and it came out 10x better. Maybe 100x.

I also used plain yogurt instead of vanilla. This dip is awesome. I definitely recommend making it with the Funfetti rather than the confetti cake mix.

We’re off to my niece’s first birthday party! Have a great day!!


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First Birthday

Happy 1st Birthday to the world’s cutest and best niece! We love you!

Today is my niece’s first birthday, and tomorrow is her birthday party to celebrate. They grow up so fast! I remember being in the hospital with my brother and sister-in-law this time last year waiting for her to be born. I’m a pushy aunt, if you can’t tell. And there was a number of times when she was first-born that I tried to keep her, but Paul and Crystal kept wanting her back. Geesh.

 Happy Birthday!


Last night, my family came over to cookout and eat a special surprise dessert. I made garlic roasted potatoes that came out really tasty.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of them once they were cooked. We also had burgers, salmon, grilled broccoli, chips, strawberries, and cherries.

A few weeks ago, my step-mom saw a Jack Daniels chocolate cake featured on Good Morning America. The bakery that made it was offering a special one day half price sale. So, she called me to order it as a surprise for my Danny, my dad, and brother.

The men in my family love Jack Daniels. If he was alive today, they’d all be BFFs with him…or stalk him. They love collecting Jack Daniels items, and when my step-mom saw this cake, she knew it was perfect for them.

It was a chocolate cake infused with Jack Daniels and topped with fudgy ganache frosting.

I had a small sliver, and it was delicious. You couldn’t taste the Jack Daniels in it, but you sure could taste the chocolate.

After eating the cake, we played Catch Phrase for a while. We haven’t played that game in so long, and it was so much fun!



  • Biggest Loser Boot Camp

I was tired this morning because I didn’t get to bed until after midnight and then had to wake up for boot camp. And boot camp was tough today! We did a little bit of strength work, then we flipped tires up and down a field and did sprints. We finished up with some ab work. It was a great workout.

After I ate breakfast and showered, we headed out to pick up our packets for tomorrow’s 5k.

I actually really like the race shirt. It is by far my favorite color shirt that I have ever gotten from a race. But I also have an intense love for neon colors. Danny didn’t love it as much as I did.

We stopped at Subway for lunch and are just finishing up a few errands this afternoon.

Tomorrow will be busy with our 5k and my niece’s birthday party!

Questions of the day:

  • What do you have planned for this weekend?
  • What’s your favorite color? What’s your favorite color to wear?
  • Any races coming up?


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Bud’s Run 5k

Saturday family 5k complete!

I didn’t run my best during this race. I was overheated and it was very tough with no shade. I think my time was 36:37. I’m not fast runner, and I never will be, but I do it for fun. It used to bother me that I wasn’t fast, but now I’ve just accepted it. I enjoy it, and I’m out there doing something and that’s all that matters to me.

Yeah…I bet all us slow people say that.

Congrats to my brother who PR’d. And congrats to Danny who came in third place for his age group and my step-mom who came in third place for her age group. They are awesome.

The kids also completed their 1k race, and all the kids got a ribbon, which was nice.

Even though this was a smaller race, about 400 people, I thought it was well-organized and included a lot of good stuff. We signed up as a family and paid $22 each. We got a dry fit shirt and a goody bag with a Clif bar, jelly belly energy jelly beans, graham crackers, a coupon for free ice cream at Culvers, and more. Post-race there was water, lemonade, coffee, bagels, bananas, watermelon, oranges, Clif bars, and jelly beans. They were also giving out free Asics water bottles and free Culver’s lemon ice.

I think the best part was the lemon ice. I think the kids ate three each.

In addition to the top three runners in each group awards, they randomly called bib numbers for prizes. This is the first race I have ever been to that does that. My sister-in-law won a coupon for $15 off a Road ID, and Danny won a really nice pair of Redstar sunglasses.

Even though I didn’t run my best, I had a great time at this race and am glad that I could do it with my family.

My dad helped watched the kids and took lots of race photos. Thanks, Dad! He’s got a nice DSLR camera that makes me jealous.

My dad wore his mullet wig that he got at Mullet Night at the Sox game last night. Don’t worry, he didn’t keep it on the whole time. We tried to get Danny to run in it, but he wouldn’t.

This race was named Bud’s Run after a local running coach who died of sarcoma cancer. All the proceeds from the race went to the Sarcoma Foundation of America.

Tonight we’re going to Red Lobster for my mom’s birthday. I heard their chedder biscuits are great. Have a great weekened!


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Fro-Yo is Better Than Dinner


Last night, I ate dinner backwards – as in dessert first. I was in a frozen yogurt mood so we drove out to Yogli Mogli. I couldn’t decide between fruity fro-yo or chocolatly fro-yo, so I went with both.

I always try to keep all my fro-yo flavors separate, so I can taste each one, but not my kids. They like to stir everything up into soupy goodness.

Danny always gets boring fro-yo. (No offense, Danny, but it’s true.) One flavor. One topping.

After eating dessert, I stopped at the Whole Foods salad bar for dinner. I had a salad, mashed potatoes, and pasta.

Tonight is my orientation for the Biggest Loser Challenge, and I think I also weigh-in and get my measurements taken. I am not looking forward to it because I’m sure that I gained a few pounds. And yes, I probably will be complaining about being weighed-in for the next 12 weeks. It’s just how it goes.

Today’s Workout

  • Butts and Guts Class – 60 minutes

It was nice to go back to Butts and Guts class today after missing it last week while we were in the Dells. We did a mix of cardio and strength today using a kettleball and medicine ball. We finished up with some ab work on the stationary balls.

I almost forgot that we’re signed up for a 5k this Saturday. My brother found a race that’s only three miles from my house. He joked that we could run to the race and then run the race to make it a 10k.

My brother is the one that found this race and usually when one of my family members run a race, we all do it. Thanks to my dad for being the DB (designated babysitter) for this race. I told him that he only has to watch the kids for 24 minutes because that’s how long it takes Danny to run a 5k. The kids are also running a 1k at this race. I think that comes out to .6 of a mile. They’re excited! Although, I can’t get them to do the mini muddy buddy. They did it one year, and they have banned the mud ever since. I though kids liked getting dirty?!

This afternoon, I packed a lunch, and we headed over to the splash park. It’s hot here today – in the upper 90s, so it was nice to cool off in the water for a while.

Now, the baby is sleeping and the kids are watching Pokemon, and I’m enjoying a little bit of quiet.

Questions of the day:

  • Any races coming up?
  • Favorite fro-yo/ice cream topping?
  • If you have kids, do they hate getting dirty?


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Fox Trot 5k

5k complete!

Yesterday, my brother and I went to pick up our race packets for the 5k today.

My brother ran into a Trashformer.

Last night for dinner, we stopped at Panera for dinner, where I had my usual. Hello, carbs.

This morning, Danny and I woke up at about 5:45 am to get ready for Fox Trot 5k. The sky was dark and there was some lightening, but luckily the rain held off for the race. The weather was cool, which I was so grateful for. My 5k race last weekend was very hot, and I didn’t run very well.

My dad made sure to take my picture with Ronald McDonald before the race. He even flagged him down, and told him that I needed his picture for my blog. Thanks, Dad.

Baby McCutie was a little unsure about ol’ Ronald.

Danny, Paul, Sue, and I all ran the 5k, and my dad and Crystal walked 2 miles with Baby McCutie Sunshine Happy Face. Everybody did a great job!

I went into the race planning on doing a 4:2 run/walk ratio. And although the course was hilly, I felt good, so I ended up running the whole thing. I did slow down to a light jog for the two minutes that I should have been walking and just picked up the pace for four minutes.

I ended up finishing in 35:20, which is great for me. It’s way better than I did last weekend. If you’re a newer reader of the blog, I have calf problems and plantar fasciitis, so I have a difficult time running. The doctor thinks I have compartment syndrome, which just means my calf muscles are very tight and the blood doesn’t circulate properly.

Baby McCutie Sweet Pie gave me a congratulations hug.

Danny finished with an awesome time at around 24 minutes, and my step-mom, Sue, PR’d with a time around 27 minutes. My brother did great too. And my dad and Crystal walked it out. Walk it out, now walk it out!

The boys got their free beer after the race. Then we headed over to Dunkin Donuts because I was in some desperate need of coffee.

Coffee makes life better. Then we picked up the kids from my mom, who was nice enough to watch them overnight.

Today, we’re having my family over for a cookout, so hopefully the sun will come out! I hope you have a great Saturday!

Questions of the day:

  • Are you a fast runner?
  • What are your favorite running conditions? Flat and sunny? Hilly and cool? Snowy and below zero?
  • Any plans today?


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The Big 3-0 Part I

Well, it’s official. I am no longer in my twenties. I am 30 years old today. Happy birthday to me.

I really don’t feel 30 years old. And you’re only as old as you feel, right? So, I think I’ll be 24 today. Yup, 24′s good.

It has been such a fun and busy weekend!


Yesterday morning, I headed off to yoga as usual, and ended up running an impromptu 5k instead. The park district where I workout was holding a 5k right down the street from the gym. And I thought, hey, it’s my last day in my twenties, why not run a 5k. So, I went over and registered for the race. I called Danny and told him that I was going to run a 5k really quick and that I’d be home later.

I ended up not doing very good at all. I pretty much tried to think up every reason why it was my worst run ever, so I didn’t have to blame myself for my crappy running.

  • It was hot as butt out.
  • I drank coffee before I ran, so I had to pee the whole race.
  • My calves hurt.
  • There was big hill.
  • The sun was in my eyes…right?

I was pretty disappointed with my time, but it was just a last-minute fun race. And Danny pointed out that any running is good running. I don’t have to be fast. I just have to do it.

Hot and sweaty after my run.

After I crossed the finish line, I really did feel like I was going to pass out, so I grabbed water and a bagel, and sat down for about 10 minutes.

Then I went to Starbucks to make myself feel better.

A while later, we dropped Jacob off at his computer class, then Danny, Jaden, and I went on a 2 mile walk. That’s 5.2 miles for the day, which isn’t bad.

After we got home, Danny told me that he was dropping the kids off at his parents and to be ready by 4 o’ clock.

A little after 4 pm, my family showed up at our house with cake and presents. Marlene made an awesome Twilight cake for me.

How great is this cake?!

Inside was red velvet.

Then, I opened presents.

My gift from my family turned out to be a bike! I don’t have the bike yet, they just gave me a picture of a bike. Apparently, they think I still need training wheels. We’re going to go to the bike store next weekend for me to pick out a bike.

Thanks for the awesome presents, family!

My dad also gave me a few lotto tickets. I scratched this one and won $100 bucks! Woot! Woot!

How fun is it to win $100 on your birthday?!

From our house, we headed to a secret destination for dinner. I had no idea where we were going, and was very surprised when it turned out to be Joe’s Crab Shack.

I have always wanted to go there, and Danny actually remembered.

More about my birthday celebration tomorrow!!

Questions of the day:

  • How old do you feel?
  • Have you ever ran a last-minute race?
  • Favorite seafood?


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Mother’s Day 5k

Happy Mother’s day to all you mamas!

My day started out bright and early with a Mother’s Day 5k.

We woke up about 6 am and got to the race about 7:45 am. I waited too long to use the porta potties and had to stand in line for 20 minutes. I just finished up right as the race started. Talk about perfect timing.

Unfortunately, I forgot my headphones and watch, so I had no way to time my walk/run ratios. I ended up counting minutes in my head during the race. Yes, I counted to 60 over and over again for the whole entire race. I ran for 3 minutes and walked for 1 minute. Except, I usually count slow, so it was probably more like 4 minutes to 1 and half minutes.

The course was very hilly. I’m not used to any hills, so it was hard on my calves.

Sue and Marlene are super speedy, and had to wait for me to cross the finish line 8 minutes after they did. I sprinted my little heart out at the end. They finished in about 28 minutes, and I finished in about 36 minutes. I came in 23rd out of 45 women for my age group, so I didn’t so that bad.

The kids colored me signs of encouragement.

There was tons of post race goodies.

After the race, we went to Egg Harbor for breakfast with my grandparent’s and in-laws. We had to wait a long time, and I was starving by the time we sat down.

I really wanted to order a giant unhealthy breakfast, but we went to Whole Foods for dinner last night, and I ate a lot, so I stuck to a healthier breakfast.

At Whole Foods last night, I had blackened fish tacos, fries, and a salad. I still haven’t used my WF gift card for groceries. I’m waiting until I have someone to watch the kids, and have a longer time to really look around. A piece of advice: Don’t take a family of four to dinner at Whole Foods if your on a budget. It cost us $40!

Back to breakfast…

At Egg Harbor, I had two scrambled egg whites, a whole wheat english muffin, and a berry fruit cup. I also stole some bites of Danny’s potatoes. The potatoes are the best part.

Danny and the kids got me some awesome Mother’s Day gifts. A Nine West purse that I maybe emailed Danny a link to, and a new yoga mat with a strap. Yay!

My mom, brother, sister-in-law, and niece are coming over in a bit to cook out on the grill. Have a great day!


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Dine and Dash 5k

This morning I did the Dine and Dash 5k with my family. There was eight of us, in two teams of four – me, Danny, my brother, sister-in-law, my dad, step-mom, Grandpa, and Grandma.

I ran first, then I had to eat, then I tagged the second member of my team to run, and so on. So, each person ran their own 5k, and the last person just ate.

It was a lot of fun. I started out too fast and my feet and calf killed me, but I still finished in under 40 minutes, which is what my PT said I should aim for. There was actually a person with a stop watch writing our time down as we finished each mile. I finished around 37 minutes.

Getting pumped for the big race:

It’s just like prom:

All of us:

The goodie bag was a “doggy bag”. Clever, right?

The taffy apple bread pudding that I had to eat. It wasn’t good. Too eggy.



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