Hello! This is just a review of all the races I have run, as well as any upcoming races I have planned!

A few notes:

  • I am not a particularly fast runner and I am not a long distance runner. Running is very hard for me because I have a lot of problems with my calves. (I have been diagnosed with compartment syndrome which is a fancy way of saying that running makes my calves extremely tight and short of surgery there isn’t too much I can do about it.)
  • I know that I will never be extremely fast or a marathon runner, and that it 100% fine with me. I do what I can and I am proud of what I do.
  • I run because it makes me happy and keeps me healthy.

Fall Fitness 5k - September 2011

Connie Sizer 10k - October 2011

Dine and Dash 5k – April 2012

Run Like A Mother 5k - May 2012

Just Run 5k - May 2012

Fox Trot 5k – May 2012

Bud’s Run 5k – June 2012

Dash and Splash 5k – July 2012

Muddy Buddy – July 2012

Fall Fitness 5k - September 2012

Hot Cocoa 5k - October 2012 33:05

Sunrise Shuffle 5k - October 2012 – My first medal 31:49

Egg Shell Shuffle 5k - March 2013 31:48

April Fool’s Day 5k - April 2013 31:44

Run Like A Mother 5k - May 2013 PR 29:22


JustPlay 5k -31:11


Fox Trot 5k and 10 miler - 30:37


Biggest Loser 15k - 1:44


Bud’s Run 5k - 32:11


Splash n Dash 5k - 32:49

Sunrise Shuffle 5k - 31:38


Long Grove Turkey Trot 5k – 33:08 (Jacob 30:53)


3 Responses to Races

  1. Crystal

    I noticed you forgot (or purposely omitted) the 2010 Muddy Buddy and Monster Dash (aka worst race ever).

    • I know! I didn’t have the blog then!! Maybe I could just add pictures. I actually totally forgot about the Monster Dash. I don’t think we even have one picture from that day!

  2. Key Master

    Congrats on all your 5k ‘s you completed! It ‘s so cool to see how much you improved. Keep up the great job!

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