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Weight Loss Wednesday

Good afternoon!

Yesterday’s Workout

  • Arc trainer – 15 minutes
  • Butts and Guts class – 60 minutes
  • Women on Weights – 60 minutes

I had a great workout yesterday and burned over 900 calories! I don’t normally workout for two hours but on Tuesdays I like to take Butts and Guts and Women and Weights. And it was my last Tuesday to do it since the kids will be out of school for the summer.


Post workout, I had a peanut butter and jelly Quest bar. I really love this flavor!

Yesterday afternoon, I decided to treat myself to an iced coffee.


So good and perfect for summer!

Weight Loss Wednesday

Danny and I weighed in again this morning. Danny lost 2 pounds and I lost 2.6 pounds! That’s a total of 6.8 pounds for Danny and 5.8 pounds for me! We’re doing good!


Just kidding! Although margaritas and Mexican food are two of my favorite things in life :)

This weekend, we’re going to Wisconsin Dells and celebrating my brother’s birthday, Danny’s birthday, and Father’s Day. I’m going to enjoy myself but not go overboard. I’m really looking forward to the trip and I hope the weather cooperates!

Today’s Workout

  • Upper Body Strength Training
  • Abs and Stretching

I planned on going to BodyPump today but my leg is killing me from yesterday’s workout, so I stuck with an upper body workout instead.

Here’s the workout I did

  • 15 front shoulder raises
  • 15 lateral shoulder raises
  • 15 seated shoulder presses
  • 15 front shoulder raises
  • 15 lateral shoulder raises
  • 15 seated shoulder presses
  • 15 hammer curls
  • 15 biceps curls
  • 15 top half biceps curls
  • 15 bottom half biceps curls
  • 15 hammer curls
  • 20 triceps dip <— my fav!
  • 15 triceps extensions
  • 15 overhead extensions
  • 20 triceps dips
  • 12 each side plank to row
  • 15 deadlifts
  • 15 reverse flys
  • 12 each side plank to row
  • 15 deadlifts
  • 15 reverse flys

I finished up my workout with two 1 minute planks, sit-ups with a medicine ball, and a few stretches.

A big happy birthday to my brother, Paul, today!!

PicMonkey Collage

Have a great afternoon!

  •  What’s your favorite exercise?
  • Any vacations planned for the summer?


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Walking and Working Out

Good morning!!


On Sunday morning, I taught the new BodyPump release. Later in the afternoon, we took the kids to a nearby lake with walking trails.


The kids love the old water pump and Jaden spent quite a bit of time washing the rocks that he found.


We stopped at the store after walking for awhile and I found this new lite white cheddar Skinny Pop popcorn.


We went through that bag way faster than I’d like to admit :) It was really good.

We also stopped at different Whole Foods than I normally go to and they had a healthy snack station set up for kids.


I thought it was really cool that they let kids pick out one piece of fruit. Jaden got an apple and ate the whole entire thing…including the seeds.

Monday’s Workout

  • Stairmaster HIIT Workout – 26 minutes
  • Plank and Stretching – 15 minutes

I haven’t been doing as much cardio lately since my hip has been bothering me but I was really sore from strength training yesterday so I decided to do a HIIT workout on the Stairmaster.


I forgot how much the Stairmaster makes me sweat!!! Of course, my hip was sore all day yesterday but only six more days until my doctor appointment.


Breakfast this morning was an old favorite – a peach yogurt oatmeal parfait.


I always forget how much I love peaches until I am eating one!

This morning I am off to the gym for Butts and Guts and Women on Weights!

Have a great day!

  • Did you workout today?
  • Favorite fruit?




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Gym Fun, Food, and Challenges

Good morning! It’s been a few days since I’ve checked in! The kids only have a few days of school left so we’ve been pretty busy. Their last day is next Wednesday and two days later we head to Wisconsin Dells!

Field Day

Yesterday was Jaden’s field day at school.


Danny took the day off so he could volunteer for field day. Jaden was so excited you would have thought it was Christmas!

Danny and I have been doing really good with our healthy eating lately so we packed our own lunch to bring to field day. The school provides a McDonald’s lunch for all the kids and volunteers but there was no way we were eating that (Random Fact: I have never had a hamburger in my life).

The Gym

After field day, Danny and I headed to the gym for a quick afternoon workout. Sometimes when we work out together, we set up boxes to do box jumps.


We start from the smallest and jump to the biggest box. I still cannot make that fourth box – and I have a nice bruise to prove it! I did make it up once but that was it. And of course, Danny just jumps on it with no problem.

The box jumps probably weren’t the best idea with my hip pain but we didn’t do it for too long.

The Fault in Our Stars

Last night, my in-laws watched the kids so we could see The Fault in our Stars. It was such a great movie. If you’re going to see it, bring a box of tissues…or two.

Date night (I obviously had no idea where the camera lens was in this picture!):


Movie theater food always sucks me in (hello Icees!) but Danny and I were good and brought our own Skinny Pop popcorn. Luckily, I have a huge purse which means I can fit a lot of Skinny Pop! It’s good to treat yourself once in awhile but I didn’t want to waste this weekend’s treat on movie theater food. I have been eyeing a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie at Whole Foods. It’s all about moderation :)



I thought I’d share some of the delicious food that I’ve been enjoying lately.

First, I have discovered the goodness that is frozen grapes!


How have I gone my whole life without eating frozen grapes?! So good!

For breakfast, I’ve been having plain Greek yogurt with fresh fruit.


Or protein pancakes made with oats, egg whites, and PB2.


For snacks, I stocked up on some Quest bars. My local GNC was out of the cookie dough and cookie and cream flavor <—- The two best flavors. I got some peanut butter flavors instead.


The Weekend

The kids both have games today and we might head to Whole Foods later. My sushi craving is slightly out of control. Tomorrow morning I am teaching the new BodyPump release for the first time. I have been practicing at home like crazy!

I’ll leave you with this quote that I have been loving lately:


It’s so true. Sometimes, I get frustrated because I can’t jump on that fourth box, or I can’t get the timing perfect in BodyPump, or I can’t run as fast as I want to. But if it all came easy, then it wouldn’t be a challenge. The challenge is what makes work harder to achieve your goals. The harder I work for something, the more accomplished I feel.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Bondi Band winners: Laurel C. and Anastasia H. I sent you emails! :)

  • What challenges you?
  • What food have you been loving?
  • Have you seen/read The Fault in Our Stars?


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Weight Loss Wednesday

Unfortunately, I am having trouble getting my pictures from my email, so this post is pictureless. Sorry. You can close your eyes and imagine pictures if you want. :)

Happy National Running Day! Did you run today?!

I might be injured, but I still try to do what I can. You don’t have to be fast, you just have to go!!

Today’s Workout:

  • 1/2 mile <—better than nothing!
  • BodyPump – 60 minutes
  • Arc Trainer – 15 minutes

Weight Loss and DietBet

It’s the return of Weight Loss Wednesdays!

I mentioned about a week ago that Danny and I really trying to eat healthier, watch what we eat, eat out less, and lose weight. We took our weight, measurements, and progress pictures about a week ago and then weighed in again today. (We’ll do measurements and pictures monthly).

I lost 3.2 pounds and Danny lost 4.8 pounds!! We’re on the right track!

Danny and I have completely different approaches when it comes to weight loss. And that just goes to show that diets aren’t one size fits all. You need to find what works for you. Of course, we both try to make healthy choices, eat lots of fruits and veggies, and avoid processed foods but we have different methods about going about it.

I need to track everything that I eat. I track everything in My Fitness Pal and plan all my meals out. I try to stay in between 1500-1600 calories and watch my carbs, protein, and fat. All my meals for the day are specifically planned out to hit my calorie goal. I know some people count macros (carbs, fat, and protein) and I follow that loosely. I try to eat about 45-50% carbs, 30% protein, and 25% fat. I always struggle with the protein so my carbs are sometimes higher. But for the most part, I stay in my calorie goal.

I am also a firm believer in everything in moderation. If I deprive myself, I want it more, and then I’ll eat the whole darn chocolate cake instead of just a piece. I always save enough calories at the end of the night for a treat – usually a Skinny Cow ice cream. Losing weight doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy what you love – just in moderation.

Danny, on the other hand, has a much looser approach when it comes to weight loss. He simply eats less. That’s it. Well, he also tries to make healthier choices. He’ll eat grilled chicken instead of a burger or eat an apple instead of chips. He still enjoys things like pasta and bread. He just eats less of it. He doesn’t count calories or track what he eat – and that works for him. He even enjoyed some alcoholic beverages watching the Hawks game over weekend and still lost almost 5 pounds.

I could never eat the way he does and lose weight because I don’t have the best self control when it comes to food and he could never count calories and track foods like I do. We simply do what works for us. What work for me might not work for you and what works for you might not work for me. But so far, we’re doing good!

I’ve also decided to join another DietBet. I’ve done DietBets in the past, the last one being about a year ago. I joined Sarah Fit’s DietBet which started today (there’s still time to join!).

The concept of DietBet is pretty simple. Each player pays $35 into the pot. You have four weeks to lose 4% of your body weight. Everyone who loses their 4% splits the money in the pot. So, if you lose your 4%, you’re at least guaranteed to get your money back.

I don’t participate in the DietBet for the money. I do it to be held accountable to someone besides myself. There are online message boards where you connect with other players and give and receive support. It’s really a great way to lose weight and earn money!

Have a great afternoon!



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Apera Bags

Good afternoon!


This morning I had the perfect hot weather breakfast – cold plain Greek yogurt mixed with Truvia, blueberries, and raspberries.


Yum! I added a couple of egg whites on the side for some extra protein.

Today’s Workout:

  • Upper body strength training – 30 minutes
  • Hip bridges, single leg hip bridges, and stretching – 15 minutes
  • Arc trainer – 12 minutes

I haven’t worked out at the gym all week because of my wonderful hip and I was starting to have gym withdraws. I went in this morning without really have a plan in place. I hate going to the gym without a plan. I knew that I wanted to do some upper body strength training that wouldn’t really bother my hip.

I ended up doing the following supersets (repeated back to back with a minute rest in between each superset) three times each.

Superset #1:

  • Row Machine x12
  • Lat Pulldown x12

Superset #2:

  • Deadlifts x12
  • Deadrows x12

Superset #3

  • Cross Body Biceps Curls x12
  • EZ Bar Biceps Curls x12

Superset #4:

  • Renegade Rows (plank to row) x12
  • Hammer Curls x8 <— My arms were jello by this time and I could only manage 8 reps.

Apera Bags

I brought my new Apera Bag with me to the gym this morning.


I was recently contacted by Apera to try out one of their gym bags. After browsing their website, I jumped at the chance especially because my current gym bag is showing lots of wear and tear and it was time for a new one.

I got the performance duffel bag.


I was really intrigued with the Apera bags because they’re designed to be healthier. They have built in antimicrobial protection which prevents bacterial odors from growing on the bag.

It has vented compartments which allows air flow so your sweaty gym clothes don’t stink up your bag. It has wipeable lining which can be easily cleaned. All Apera bags also come with a washable insert bag to store sweaty or wet clothing.


As soon as I got this bag, I knew I was going to love it. First off, it’s big. I love big gym bags and purses. I like to carry a lot of stuff around with me. I love that it can fit a pair of shoes in it. I often wear boots to the gym in the winter and this bag is perfect to put my shoes in. I have been known to forget my shoes on occasion…


It can be worn on your shoulder or as a messenger bag. I love having the option of being hands-free. I also like that it has so many different pockets to keep all my different things – snack, water bottle, phone, gym towel, BodyPump DVDs, iPod, etc.

If you’re in the market for a new bag, I definitely recommend  Apera Bags.

Post Workout

Right after my workout, I had a Next Step protein shake in French Vanilla.


I mixed the packet with 8 oz of water in the blender bottle. I was surprised at how delicious it was – when it was gone, I wished I had more! It was 140 calories with 14 grams of protein.

After my workout, I went to Whole Foods and bought my weekly sushi and salad. While I was there, I was excited to see that they had the new thinkThin Lean Protein & Fiber Bars.

IMG_20140529_112550 (Instagram: @runeatplay)

I bought one in every flavor to try out!

Have a great afternoon!

  • Do you carry a gym bag? What’s in it?
  • What do you eat/drink after a workout?

Disclaimer: I received an Apera bag at no charge to me. I also received the Next Step protein shake and bottle from Vox Box at no charge. All opinions are completely my own.



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Healthy Eating

Good afternoon!

Today’s Workout:

  • Practiced BodyPump – 60 minutes
  • Women on Weights class – 45 minutes

I got the new BodyPump release last week and I started practicing it this morning! It’s going to be a good one!


After practicing for a little while, I headed to the gym to take the Women on Weights class. I am still trying to be really careful with my hip since it still hurts a lot. I did what I was able to do and skipped doing the squats.

Getting Back on Track

Danny and I haven’t been eating the best lately and I know that I have gained a few pounds which is making me not happy. We decided to really get back on track with healthy eating. Yesterday, we took before pictures and our weight and measurements.

I haven’t taken my measurements in a really long time and it’s a great way to track your progress. So many people are focused on the scale, but if you’re building muscle your weight might not drop but your measurements will and your clothes will fit better. We are going to take a progress picture once a week and track our measurements once a month.

It feels a lot better to have a plan in place!

Last night, we cooked on the grill. We made extra chicken breasts to eat throughout the week. I also made grilled shrimp which were delicious.


I have never really been a shrimp fan but my aunt made them at my cousin’s house a few weekends ago and they were so delicious that I had to try out her recipe.

I also used shrimp in my lunch today.


I cooked broccoli slaw with garlic, onions, mini peppers, and light soy sauce. Then I added the shrimp and let them cook about two minutes per side.

I added some fruit and it was the perfect lunch! I will definitely be making this again.

I also roasted veggies in the oven and put them in Tupperware for the week. Eating healthy is so much easier when you prep food. I don’t always do this but when I do I am always happy how fast and easy it makes meal time!


Have a great day!

  • What you’re favorite thing to grill?



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Elgin Fox Trot 2014

Yesterday was the annual Fox Trot 5k and 10 miler. This was one of the first 5ks I have ever run and it was my fifth time participating in this race. Unfortunately, I won’t have an official time since I was only able to do the two mile walk because of my hip injury.


It was definitely hard doing the walk when I am so used to running. I was really debating signing up for the 5k anyway but I knew that wouldn’t be smart so I stuck to the walk. I missed wearing my race bib and crossing the finish line but I know it’s better for my hip.

The one nice part about not running is that it’s a lot less stressful. I didn’t have to worry about the weather and if I should dress in layers. I didn’t have to worry about drinking coffee and water and having to use the bathroom. I didn’t have to worry about my calves cramping up and running as fast as I could.

Instead, I was able to enjoy a nice two mile walk with my dad and niece.



Danny ran the 10 miler again this year. He hasn’t been running lately since he’s busy with work but still decided to run 10 miles.

My dad is such a great helper:


Of course, he did awesome. He finished in 1:27:57. Pretty darn good for not running in months.



I think he felt a lot better after the race then he did last year. He fueled a little better this time and that helps with recovery. He ankle bothered him a lot last night which is why it’s always important to train for longer distances :)

The 10 miler race started at 7:30 am and the 5k started at 7:45 am. My brother and sister-in-law ran the 5k. It was my brother’s first 5k since getting back surgery about a year and a half ago. He did awesome!


My sister-in-law did awesome too!

The 2 mile walk started at 7:55 am. My dad usually does the walk and it was my first time walking with him. The weather was beautiful and the walk was nice. My dad sure is a speed walker.


After the race, my dad, brother, and Danny had their celebratory free post race beer.


My mom watched the kids overnight since she lives close by and the race started early. We picked the kids up after the race, Danny took the kids home, and then my mom took me out for mother /daughter lunch for my birthday.

We went to a restaurant on a nearby casino riverboat and we got there a little too early so we spent some time in the casino.


Sadly, we didn’t win anything but we had fun anyway. It’s crazy how fast you can go through money in a casino!

Lunch was delicious – it was a buffet on the riverboat and there was so much good food. I think I had at least two bites of every single thing!


I loved the salads in the little cups!


Thanks, Mom, for a yummy birthday lunch!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!



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I’m Going to be Walking

Happy Friday and Happy Memorial Day weekend! Does anyone have a three day weekend?

I haven’t really been working out this week, just practicing BodyPump at home. My hip is still incredibly sore. It’s a different kind of sore now which isn’t fun. I taught BodyPump today and I’ll teach it again on Sunday.

I am also doing a two mile walk tomorrow instead of the 5k that I had planned. It’s funny that even when I take it easy, I am still fairly active. I am so sick of my hip right now.

After BodyPump, Danny and I went to pick up the packets for tomorrow’s race.


I’m walking two miles with my dad and Danny is doing the ten miler!


Jaden came home sick from school on Wednesday so he stayed home yesterday also. He was feeling a lot better so we went to the store to get popsicles.


Jaden came up with the idea of making pizza on tortillas for lunch, so him and my niece set up their own pizza making station.



I got a kick out of the sticker on the tortilla package – flex before opening.


I showed the tortillas my muscles before I opened them. Come on – that was kinda funny?!! I got a kick out of it :)

We went to a local grocery store called Marianos to get popsicles. Mariano’s is comparable to Whole Foods, just not as expensive. I decided to try out their sushi since driving 25 to Whole Foods for $8 sushi is kind of a pain…and expensive.


The sushi was okay. It was fine but I’d much rather make the drive to Whole Foods.

Speaking of food…I love pickles. I bought this jar of zesty pickles the other day and it’s almost gone. Yum…pickles.


Tonight we’re going out to dinner to celebrate my step brother’s birthday. Happy birthday Jake!

  • Any other pickle lovers?
  • Do you have plans for the weekend?



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Working Out and Eating

Good afternoon! I’ve been so busy these past few days!

Tuesday’s Workout:

  • Walking – 10 minutes
  • Butts and Guts Class – 60 minutes
  • Women on Weights Class – 60 minutes

I had a really good workout on Tuesday! I haven’t taken Butts and Guts class in a couple of months and it was tough! When I woke up Wednesday, I was sore. My right side was really sore. My left side wasn’t too bad.

I didn’t workout on Wednesday morning but I was a chaperone for Jaden’s class field trip to the zoo. Being a chaperone for four first graders is a workout itself!

The kids had a great time at the zoo. The weather was a little on the chillier side but at least it didn’t rain.

I was surprised to see that they let the peacocks roam free at the zoo.


When a kid sees a bird (or a peacock) their first reaction is to chase it. So basically, the poor peacock spent it’s afternoon running away from kids. Out of all the animals, the kids were most amused by the geese and their goslings. And they weren’t even part of the zoo. They were just geese wandering around. Of course, the kids had to chase the geese too.

Even though I brought a light lunch to the zoo, I was really hungry when I got home so I made something fast and easy to eat – a spinach and chicken wrap.


I used a Flatout flatbread and topped it with some stuff I had in the fridge – provolone cheese, deli chicken slices, spinach, and pickles. It was fast, easy, and delicious!

Today’s Workout:

  • Walking, running, sprinting – 35 minutes
  • Core and stretching – 20 minutes

When I woke up this morning my right side was even more painful that yesterday. My oblique muscles are sore but my right glute is in pain. I tried running anyway. I ran about 10 minutes before I started run/walking and then sprint/walking.

I hate when my right side gets this sore. It seems like it takes forever to get better. I have to teach BodyPump tomorrow and I have a 5k on Sunday so I don’t want to push it too hard.

After the gym, I went to Whole Foods (must feed sushi addiction). Danny and the kids got me a Whole Foods gift card for Mother’s Day so I was happy to use it :)


I got California rolls, a salad, some lettuce for dinner, and a few chocolate covered macadamia nuts and peanut butter toffees.


They were amazing. I only got a few because I could probably eat lots and lots of them and I didn’t want that. I thought I’d like the macadamia nuts better but actually the peanut butter toffees were a lot better and I wish I would have gotten more of those. Yum!

I’m glad tomorrow is Friday! Once again we have a busy weekend – work, sports games, a 5k, my niece’s gymnastic show, dinner (next week is my birthday so we’re doing dinner Saturday!).

Have a great afternoon!

  • Favorite sweet treat?
  • Favorite quick and easy meal?


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Vega Tropical Strawberry Smoothie

Good afternoon!

I’m so glad it’s Friday today. It has been a busy week and it’ll be yet another busy weekend!

Up first, the winner of the Reebok Spartan Race giveaway – Seth! I just sent you an email.

I started my morning out by teaching BodyPump. My arms were a little sore from an upper body workout that I did yesterday. It included a lot of push-ups which killed me!

After my workout yesterday, I picked up my packet for the Mother’s Day race on Sunday.

I love the cute reusable bag they give you, and the shirt was really nice this year. The race is being sponsored by Jockey this year, so we got a nice Jockey dri-fit shirt.



Speaking of Mother’s Day, Athletico (where I did physical therapy for months) was super sweet enough to send me a little Mother’s Day gift. They sent me a great CamelBak water bottle and a coupon for a free 60 minute massage!


I loved my physical therapist at Althletico and think they’re a great company. If you’re interested in a massage, you can click here to get a $10 off coupon on your first massage! Athletico also has great information regarding women’s health that you can check out here.

A big thank you to Athletico. :)

Vega Smoothie

Yesterday afternoon, I made a smoothie using the Vega Protein Smoothie packet that I bought at Whole Foods.


The Vega Protein Smoothie mix is plant based, has 15 grams of protein, 90 calories, and two full servings of veggies!

My smoothie was really easy to make. I used:


  • 1 container plain Greek yogurt
  • approx. 1 cup frozen strawberries
  • one packet Vega Protein Smoothie in tropical tango
  • 3/4 cup almond milk
  • 4-5 ice cubes

I blended everything in my Ninja blender and it was delicious!


We have a busy weekend with soccer games, baseball games, a birthday party, a 5k, and Mother’s Day! Have a great weekend!!

  • Have you ever had a massage?
  • Do you have plans for Mother’s Day?





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