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Food and Working Out

Good afternoon! Exactly one week until Christmas! Who’s excited?!

Today, my morning started out with a McCafe k-cup!


I am excited that McDonald’s is now making k-cups! I don’t like McDonald’s food, but I love their coffee. Before my Keurig days, I drank McDonald’s coffee almost every day.

For breakfast, I had one of these Dannon salted caramel Greek yogurts. I found them at Wal-Mart yesterday and had to pick some up to try. Delicious!


This morning I went to the gym and started out on the elliptical for about 15 minutes. I’m still not running yet because my Achilles tendon still bothers me. Super frustrating. I worked on chest and triceps exercises today and finished up my workout with about five minutes of jump roping.

I’m starting to do some jumping exercises at physical therapy  so my therapist said I could incorporate about 10 minutes of jump roping into my gym routine twice a week. I haven’t really done high intensity cardio in awhile so I was pretty much out of breath after jump roping. I jump as long as I can in a row and then rest a few seconds before continuing.

I ended up burning 574 calories!


My chest and triceps exercises included:

  •  incline chest press machine
  • decline chest press machine
  • chest press to single arm chest flies
  • chest press machine
  • overhead dumbbell triceps extensions
  • cable triceps pressdowns
  • overhead cable triceps extensions


I am back to eating grilled veggie pizzas for lunch.


I typically eat the same thing for lunch for a couple of weeks in a row and then switch it up. It’s just easier when I don’t have to think about what I’m going to eat for lunch everyday.

This afternoon, I have a few more presents to wrap and then I have to get things ready for Jaden’s holiday party at school tomorrow.

Have a great day!

  • What’s your favorite body part to work out?
  • What did you eat for lunch today?


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Working Out and Physical Therapy

Good afternoon! Happy Wednesday – we’re halfway through the week! I’m excited because Danny has Friday off of work and we’re going Christmas shopping and hopefully we’ll check everything off our list.


Guess where I went yesterday? If you guessed the gym then you know me too well. :)

I drop Jaden off every morning and then head to the gym. Yesterday morning was busy and I had to grab breakfast on the go. Jaden absolutely loved his face in this picture:


I started off my workout with 30 minutes on the stationary bike. I went a total of 7.5 miles.


Next, I did some chest exercises including:

  • incline chest press machine
  • decline chest press machine
  • chest press on the stability ball
  • chest flies on the stability ball

Sometimes I add push-ups into my routine but my wrist has really been bothering me lately so I’m skipping the push-ups until it starts to feel better.

I finished my workout with a little bit of walking, stretching, and foam rolling.

After the gym, I had a physical therapy appointment. It works out good because my physical therapist is literally three minutes away from my gym. My achilles tendon has been bothering me a lot lately so the physical therapist worked on that. I’m also not supposed to run until it starts feeling better. I’m not even supposed to walk on the treadmill if it bothers me. So I’m going to take a short break from running until it gets better.

I got quite the workout at physical therapy yesterday. When I’m feeling good, she has me do a lot. I decided to wear my heart rate monitor yesterday to see how many calories I burned during my physical therapy session. In 45 minutes, I burned 407 calories, and I burned 555 calories at the gym before that.

Some of my physical therapy exercises yesterday included:

  • sprints in the elliptical (15 seconds hard/30 seconds rest)
  • leg press
  • single leg press
  • jumps on the leg press
  • single leg deadlifts
  • walking lunges
  • band walking side to side
  • balance exercises

I’m actually surprised that I’m not more sore today!


I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned it, but Jaden’s Elf on the Shelf, Nick, is back this year. This morning, Jaden found him playing Battleship with a teddy bear.


Jaden absolutely loves Nick. :)

This morning at the gym, I rode the stationary bike for 15 minutes and then did back exercises. Now I’m home and have a few Christmas crafts to work on. I can’t share what they are yet because they’re Christmas presents.


Have a great afternoon!

  • Have you finished Christmas shopping?
  • Do you ever make homemade presents?
  • Did you workout today?



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The Weekend

Good afternoon. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


Danny and I went to the gym on Saturday morning. We worked on shoulders and core. Some of our exercises included:

  • shoulder press machine
  • front plate raise with a twist
  • upright rows
  • Arnold presses
  • lateral cable raises
  • partner sit-ups with a medicine ball
  • planks

Post workout, we took some selfies. Totally normal.


Saturday evening, we drove about 40 minutes to see a Christmas lights display.


The lights were really cool and it was fairly short so we drove through twice. It was nice because you got to see all the Christmas lights from your car and it was free with the option to leave a donation at the end. I really enjoyed it. Danny and the kids liked it too.




My adductor and quad were really sore on Friday and Saturday so I debated on going to the gym on Sunday. I was kind of having a bad morning on Sunday but finally around 11 am, Danny and I decided to head to the gym. Sometimes working out helps me feel better when I’m stressed or having a bad day.

Pre-workout, I had the Cellucor C4.


I planned on walking for a few minutes to warm up but ended up going longer. I was going to walk on Sunday and run today but I was feeling really good walking so I decided to try running. I ended up running 14 minutes which is my longest run since my hip surgery. I felt really good but I was sore afterwards.

We also did a biceps and triceps workout which included:

  • cable biceps curls
  • hammer curls
  • biceps curl machine
  • overhead triceps extensions (with dumbbells and on the cable machine)
  • triceps pushdowns

We had a limited about of time since the kid’s room closes at 12:30 and we had to get Jaden, but we still got a really good workout in!

Sunday evening, we went to Whole Foods and I had a California roll for dinner. Jaden had a dairy free pizza that we found at our local grocery store.


I was really worried that he wouldn’t like it but he ended up eating two slices! He said it was good but I know he’ll end up eating it two or three times and then tell me that he doesn’t like it anymore and never eat it again.

Jaden is picky and only likes certain foods so finding dairy free options for him can be challenging.

After dinner, we worked on making and wrapping some Christmas gifts!!

Today, I went to the gym but took it really easy. I rode the stationary bike for 15 minutes and then I walked on the treadmill for 20 minutes. Unfortunately, my Achilles tendon has been bothering me a lot lately. (I swear, if it’s not one thing it’s another. Why can’t I ever just be 100%?! So frustrating!) I made sure to stretch and foam roll afterwards.

Have a great afternoon!!

  • What did you do this weekend?


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Friday Favorites

Good afternoon! Happy Friday! Only 20 more days until Christmas – I really need to get my shopping and wrapping done.

This morning, I went to the gym and decided to run. I was still a little sore but not too bad. I ran 12 minutes at 5 mph. That’s my first time running a mile since my surgery. I will admit, it was hard at the end. I can feel myself start to limp and that’s when I know it’s time to take it easy. After I ran a mile, I walked for about 7 minutes slowly to cool down. Then I did a few chest exercises, stretched, and foamed roll.

Friday Favorites

Running this morning leads me into my first Friday favorite – my Mizuno Inspire 9 running shoes.


Since I ran a full mile this morning, I decided it was time to pull out my running shoes. I really like these shoes because they are supportive yet still comfortable. I had the Super Feet insoles in them but they really bother my feet a lot. I asked the physical therapist about them and she said I should be fine without them. I took them out and I put in my Ortholite insoles and my feet felt a lot better in them. Yay for running shoes!

  • Fitbit and My Fitness Pal

I’ve been trying really hard to get back to eating healthy and the Fitbit and My Fitness Pal are lifesavers. I have been tracking how many calories I’ve consumed versus how many calories I’ve burned.


The Fitbit doesn’t have a heart rate monitor so I don’t believe it’s too accurate about calorie burn for some exercises such as strength training and the stationary bike. So when I workout, I wear my heart rate monitor. Then I plug the number of calories I burned and the time into My Fitness Pal. My Fitness Pal then syncs with the Fitbit so they calorie count is a little more accurate.

I think My Fitness Pal and the Fitbit do a pretty good job of estimating my calories. I don’t think it’s 100% dead on but it gives me an idea of how much I’m burning versus what I’m eating.

Fitbit is supposed to release a new device soon that measures your continuous heart rate and I think that’ll be a little bit more accurate.

So far, I’ve been doing great all week but the weekend is always my downfall. We shall see.

On a side note, when I scan my candy cane coffee, it comes up as candy CORN coffee. That’s weird.

  • Candy Cane Tea

I think this is the same tea that I drank last holiday season and I love it.

IMG_20141202_144207 (1)

Peppermint tea has a lot of health benefits including relieving stomach issues, aiding in digestion, boosting your immune system, and reducing bad breath. And really, it just tastes good.

And my mug, I really love my snowman tea mug.

  • Amy’s Frozen Meals

Sometimes you need a meal that’s fast and easy but still tastes good. This afternoon I volunteered at Jaden’s school and had to eat lunch fast so I made the Amy’s Light & Lean 3 Cheese Penne Marinara.

20141205_121316 (1)

I love Amy’s meals – the pizzas are my favorite too!

  • Elbow Patches 

I know this is a little strange but I adore shirts and sweaters with elbow patches. I think they’re so cute.


I don’t wear real clothes too often mostly because I hate them but since I was going to Jaden’s school today I decided that I should maybe actually wear jeans…and my cute old man elbow patch shirt. I actually have a sweater with elbow patches too. Maybe I should start wearing real clothes more often. Nah.

Those are my favorites for this wonderful Friday! Have a great weekend!!!

  • What are your favorite things lately?



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First Group Fitness Class in Five Months

Yesterday, I went to my first group exercise class in five months!

My physical therapist gave me the okay to try a few exercise classes like butts & guts, yogalates, and barre as long as I do what I can and don’t over do it.

Yesterday, I went to the Butts and Guts class and we did a Brazilian butt workout that included a lot of squats, lunges, and core work. I did what I could and didn’t push myself. Since I can’t really jump yet, I stuck to regular squats and lunges while everyone was doing jumping squats and lunges.

It was great to get back to a group class but it was hard. The class went from 9:15-10:15 and I had physical therapy at 11:30 am. Probably not the best planning on my part but Butts and Guts is only offered on Tuesday mornings. We took it fairly easy in physical therapy doing manual muscle work, core exercises, and balance exercises.

Very happy to be taking a class again:


After dinner last night, we took the kids to drop off presents for the Giving Tree, and Jaden delivered his letter in Santa’s mailbox.

20141202_182546 (1)

Then we drove around and looked at some Christmas lights. I love looking at Christmas lights!!


When I woke up this morning, I was dying. Dying. I am soooo sore. I’m more sore than I am in pain but my quad is bothering me quite a bit. I think classes are definitely something that I’ll have to ease back into. I probably won’t take Butts and Guts again for awhile because I have physical therapy every Tuesday for the next month.

I did go to the gym this morning but took it super easy. Since I’m sore, it’s better for me to move a little bit than to not move at all so I did the stationary bike for 30 minutes and walked slowly on the treadmill for 25 minutes.


I finished up with some foam rolling and stretching.

So sore.


For the past few days, I have been having a Kodiak Cakes waffle for lunch.


I usually buy the Kodiak Cakes Power Cakes mix because it has a good amount of protein but I accidentally grabbed the whole wheat, oat, and honey mix at the store. It’s still delicious. I just add in an egg white for a little bit more protein. And I always add a tablespoon of Ghirardelli mini chocolate chips because chocolate makes everything better.

This afternoon, I am going to rest my body a bit and wrap some Christmas presents! I have a lot to get done!

Have a great afternoon!

  • Do you take group fitness classes? Favorite?
  • Waffles or pancakes? I love waffles!
  • Have you started wrapping Christmas presents yet?



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Christmas Tree!

It’s December!! 

I cannot believe how fast this year is flying by! Time always seems to go by so much faster when you’re an adult. 2015 is right around the corner!


On Saturday, we went to a tree farm about an hour away to cut down a tree with my family. My dad rode with us because my stepmom had to work.

IMG_20141129_102659We saw Jared Allen from the Chicago Bears at the tree farm with his family so that was exciting for the boys.

At the tree farm, the first thing we did was visit with Mrs. Claus.


I actually loved the idea of having Mrs. Claus rather than Santa because sometimes Santa is a little scary for small kids. Mrs. Claus explained that Santa was at the North Pole and she would let him know what the kids wanted for Christmas.

Then they got to put their names on the very good list.


After visiting with Mrs. Claus, we waited in line to have the horse drawn carriage take us out to the Christmas tree field. Choosing a Christmas tree is hard work. You cannot pick one right away. You must find one that is exactly perfect. You’ll know it when you find it.




Our tree:


I tend to be attracted to fat Christmas trees. Sometimes, they are a little too fat because we have a small living room. This year, we found the perfect semi-fat tree that fits just right in our living room.

After we all cut down the perfect tree, the kids rode the ponies, and we had some hot chocolate.


Danny set the tree up when we got home and we let it sit overnight so it’d be all ready to decorate the next day.


Sunday mornings I try to go grocery shopping as early as possible. We always grocery shop on Sundays, but if I go in the afternoon, it’s always crazy crowded so I go early. After grocery shopping, Danny and I went to the gym.

Yesterday was one of those days where I just wasn’t feeling it at the gym. I felt blah and tired and not in the mood to work out. I did run for 10 minutes on the treadmill and then we did some biceps and triceps exercises.


Usually I feel great working out, but lately I haven’t been sleeping great and I have been eating out of control for the past week and that’s really affecting how I feel. I am so happy that not only is today Monday, the beginning of a new week, but it’s also December, the beginning of a new month. The perfect day to get back on track with my eating.

Sunday afternoon, we decorated our Christmas tree. This is my absolute favorite thing to do. I love how close my family is and how many traditions we have that I hope to pass along to my kids. Family is important no matter what. You might drive each other crazy sometimes but in the end none of that matters. You have each other.

Anyway, back to our Christmas tree. Danny put the lights up and we started decorating it! About 90% of our ornaments are ornaments that we’ve made, picked out as a family, or have special meaning. I love them all.


I recently started collecting hippo ornaments because I love the song “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.” I have four hippo ornaments all from Target because hippo ornaments a little harder to find than might think.


We finished our Christmas tree with candy canes – I think we ate about half the candy canes in the process! There are so many crazy candy cane flavors these days but my favorite will always be plain peppermint candy canes!

The kids topped our tree with the angel from my childhood:



This morning was back to school for the kids! After the kids went to school, I went to the gym. I felt a lot better working out today. I started with a 20 minute walk on the treadmill followed by some shoulder and core exercises.

Have a great afternoon!

  • Do you have a favorite ornament? What Christmas traditions do you have?
  • Any workout today?
  • What are you looking forward to most in December?


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Thanksgiving 2014

Good morning! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


On Thanksgiving morning, I went to the gym. Yes, I’m one of those people that works out on Thanksgiving. I am up to seven minutes of running.


My stepmom and sister-in-law ran the Turkey Trot and since I couldn’t run it this year, I ran my seven minutes at the gym.

In the afternoon, we went to my grandparent’s house. They just got a brand-new baby puppy named Abby and she’s adorable.


The kids loved her but I think Jaden wanted to try sneaking her home. He carried her around all night like she was his baby. Unfortunately, we can’t get a dog because he’s allergic but he seemed really good when he was playing with the puppy.  But the next morning when he woke up, his nose was stuffy and his eyes were red and swollen. Poor guy. He loves animals. Once we bought him a dog balloon that you could walk around and he loved that thing like it was a real dog.

The kids: Jaden, my niece, and Jacob.


Dinner was amazing. This was the first year I’ve had turkey in a long time and it was really good.


The cranberry sauce is my favorite. My cousin and I always fight over which is better – cranberry sauce or green bean casserole. One day she’ll accept that I’m right and she’s wrong. Cranberry sauce is the best.


As much as I loved dinner, dessert was incredible. There are no words to describe the pie/cake my grandma made. Well, there’s one word besides amazing – pumpecapple cake.

10425474_10152780105956005_1477240357853781902_n (1)

It’s crazy – a pumpkin pie, a pecan pie, and an apple pie all stacked and baked into a cake. This can only be eaten once a year on Thanksgiving when calories don’t count.


PicMonkey Collage

How amazing is that cake?! And it was delicious. Great job, Grandma Marlene!

When we got home on Thanksgiving night the kids elf, Nick, was waiting!



On Friday morning, I did go shopping at about 6 am. I will not go shopping on Thanksgiving. I think it’s crazy that stores are now opening at 5 or 6 pm. But I did wake up early on Friday to go to Meijer and Target.

The one good thing about shopping that early is that it’s actually late because all the sales started 12 hours ago and the stores were dead. I mean there were a few people out but I as able to find everything I needed, hardly had to wait in line, and was home early.

On Friday afternoon, we celebrate Thanksgiving with my mom. We don’t see her on Thanksgiving so we started the tradition of doing Thanksgiving again on Friday and I cook. This was the first year that I actually made a turkey and I was so nervous.

Last year, I bought one of those turkeys in a bag that can go from frozen in the freezer right to the oven. They are double the price of a frozen turkey so this year I bought a Butterball turkey to roast. I just took the basic route and thawed the turkey, seasoned it with salt, pepper, brushed it with butter, and cooked it. The easy route.

It did take a lot longer than I thought to cook. It was 15 pounds so it should have took 3-3.5 hours but it took  closer to 4.5 hours before the meat thermometer said it was done, and you don’t want to mess around with under cooked turkey.


I din’t get too many pictures but the turkey turned out perfect and I was really happy because I was so nervous. I should have been more nervous about the rolls because I ended up burning those.

It was a great dinner and it was our third Thanksgiving dinner! The past few weeks I have been overindulging and I am can tell I have gained a few pounds. I have said this many times on my blog – I can workout all day, everyday but sometimes I struggle with eating. It’s all mental and it’s hard to overcome bad habits that you’ve had for years. I’ve lost 30 pounds in the past and have been at my “happy weight” so it’s hard to see the pounds start to creep back especially when it’s my own fault.

The holidays are hard – there’s always parties and family and food and drinks. And let’s face it – I love food. But it’s time for me to get back on track with my eating and I’m going to try hard.


Today we’re going with my family to cut down a Christmas tree. We have gone almost every year since I was a kid so it’s a family tradition.

Last year’s tree cutting:


Luckily, the weather isn’t supposed to be too cold today so it’ll be the perfect day to cut down a tree!

Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Do you have any plans for the rest of the weekend?
  • How was your Thanksgiving?
  • If you celebrate Christmas, is your tree up yet?


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Thanksgiving Eve

Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving Eve! Tomorrow is a day for family, being thankful, and let’s face it – lots of food!!

I finally used up my last Vue cup in my Keurig coffee maker and I am back to using regular k-cups now.


I was excited to try out the butterscotch coffee. It was very good – the perfect amount of flavor!


Yesterday morning, I didn’t go to the gym because Jacob had his first orthodontist appointment to get his braces tightened (I don’t miss those days!). The appointment went really fast and we were in and out of the office quickly.

We came home and Jaden and I decorated the fridge and worked on some snowman ornaments.



I loved how the ornaments turned out! We just put cotton balls into a clear ornament, added a face, and then hot glued on the pipe cleaner and pom poms to look like earmuffs.

In the afternoon, I had physical therapy. Since I ran four minutes on Sunday, I was able to run five minutes at physical therapy yesterday.

I have been trying to increase my speed a little bit but my physical therapist said that it would be better for me to work on endurance rather than speed. She said I can add two more minutes to my running time but not to worry about going fast.

I’m going to try to stick with about 5 mph as long as my hip feels okay and work on being able to run longer, not faster. I’ve noticed that the faster I run the more I feel it in my hip so I’m going to make sure to take it slow.


This morning for breakfast, I had apple cinnamon steel cut oats.


I saw these at the store over the weekend decided to given them a try. Thankfully, they were really good because they were buy one, get one free at the store so now I have twenty packets of oats.

I’m letting the kids sleep in a bit today because we’ve been getting up early the past few days and Jaden was so crabby all day yesterday. Once they wake up, I plan on going to the gym and then going to the store.

On Thanksgiving, we go to my grandparent’s house every year. On Friday, my mom, brother, sister-in-law, and niece come over to our house and I cook Thanksgiving dinner. So after the gym I need to get the rest of the food for Friday.

On the menu for Thanksgiving Friday:

  • turkey
  • cheesy potato casserole
  • rolls
  • stuffing
  • carrots
  • corn casserole souffle
  • cranberry sauce
  • one baked potato for Jaden because he is obsessed
  • pumpkin pie

I plan on making the potatoes and stuffing ahead of time so I can just pop them in the oven when the turkey comes out. Yum!

I have been eating so much more this past weekend and this week than usual. Holidays are always so hard because there’s so much delicious food everywhere. I am looking forward to getting back on track after this weekend. :)

Have a great day!

  • What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Do you cook?




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Good morning – I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

On Friday, Danny had a half day of work, and we went to Jaden’s parent visitation day at his school.


Afterwards, Danny and I grabbed a quick lunch at Whole Foods.


I love their California rolls. :)

Friday afternoon, I had physical therapy and was able to run for three minutes on the treadmill. I also did a lot of leg work including lunges. I was a little worried about doing the lunges because the last time I did lunges at physical therapy, my quad was in pain for days.

This time, my physical therapist had me foam roll right after I did them, and I haven’t had any pain! Yay!

On Sunday morning, Danny and I went to the gym. I started out by running four minutes on the treadmill. Since I feel okay running, I’ve been trying to increase my speed slightly. I ran at 5.4 mph. It’s amazing how fast you lose your fitness level after taking time off. I haven’t run in over four months and those measly four minutes at 5.4 mph left me out of breath!

I just have to work on building my endurance back up.

We also did some back exercises including:

  • close grip lat pull downs
  • seated rows
  • t-bar raises
  • deadlifts
  • renegade rows


It was a great workout and I’m really feeling it today!

On Sunday afternoon, we went to my in-laws to celebrate Thanksgiving with them.


We did it a little early because everything is so busy on Thanksgiving that it’s hard to get together with all of our family members.

I ate way too much and I ate turkey this year! I have been a vegetarian for many years so I haven’t had turkey in a long time! I just started eating chicken and turkey this year so it was nice to have a little turkey yesterday.

I’m not really a meat person and would be totally fine if I never had meat again, but sometimes I struggle with getting enough protein so eating chicken helps me get more protein in my diet.

The kids are off of school this week for Thanksgiving break and we have a few things going on – parent/teacher conferences, orthodontist appointment, physical therapy, Thanksgiving meal planning and shopping. There’s never a dull moment around here!

Have a wonderful day!!

  • Favorite Thanksgiving food?
  • Did you workout today?


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Two Minutes

Good afternoon! I hope you all are having a warm Thursday :)


This morning for breakfast, I had egg whites, Greek yogurt, and toast with peanut butter.


I am not usually too hungry in the mornings and normally just eat a few egg whites and yogurt before the gym and then have a snack immediately after my workout – almost like two mini breakfasts. But lately I’ve noticed that I am a lot more hungry in the afternoons and have the tendency to start snacking and snacking. So, I’m hoping that adding a little more food in the mornings will help my afternoon snack attacks.

After breakfast, I went to the gym and per doctor’s orders was allowed to run two whole minutes! I walked the rest and finished my workout with some biceps exercises…and a selfie. Totally normal.

instaImage_28 (1)

I felt really good running those two minutes and I bumped my speed up to 5.0 mph today. I wish I could run longer but I know it’s better for my body to take it slow. And on Saturday, I’ll get to run three whole minute. Yes!!

After my workout, I was rewarded with this little alert from my car. And by rewarded, I mean not rewarded.


Usually it tells me how many miles I have left and today I apparently had so little gas in my car that I’m surprised I made it to the gas station. I like to play a little game called “Let’s See Many Miles I Can Get Down to Before My Car Runs Out of Gas.” AKA “It’s Way Too Cold to Pump Gas in This Kind of Weather.”

Luckily, I made it to the gas station and a crisis was averted. I guess I’d be a lot colder stuck on the side of the street with no gas than I’d be pumping gas for two minutes.

Yesterday, I stopped at Starbucks for a skinny peppermint mocha.


It was just meh. I’m not a huge mocha coffee fan so it probable wasn’t the best choice.

Tonight, I’m going to Costco with my dad! I think I only go to Costco once a year around the holiday season. They usually have really great holiday gifts!

Have a great day!

  • What do you usually have for breakfast?
  • Favorite Starbucks drink?
  • Do you shop at Costco?


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