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Halloween Party 2013

Saturday night was my dad’s annual Halloween party. It was so much fun and everyone had such awesome costumes!

I was Wonder Women – I’ll take any opportunity to wear a tutu.


I bought most of my costume at Spirit and made my tutu with tulle from the fabric store. I found silver star foam stickers and stuck them all over my tutu.

Since I was Wonder Women, Danny came as Clark Kent…



…and about two hours into the party, he changed into a Superman costume. We thought it would be a fun little surprise :) I am really happy with how our costumes turned out this year.


My brother and sister-in-law were Ronald McDonald and The KFC Colonel. How awesome were their costumes?!


Their babysitter ended up canceling at the last minute because she came down with strep throat, so my niece was at the party for a short time. Isn’t she such a cutie pirate?


She loved Danny’s glasses and kept trying to figure out why he had them on.



My dad was Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty and my stepmom was a mermaid.


My stepmom and I had similar ideas for Halloween this year and didn’t even know it until the party. First, we were both going to be Audrey Hepburn and then we were almost both mermaids! I actually planned on being a mermaid and even ordered a costume and wig off of Amazon, but let me just say that the mermaid costume is very form fitting and I just wasn’t comfortable in it. So, I was Wonder Women instead.

A few other costumes from the night:







My dad’s pumpkin.


I think it took him close to a billion hours to carve, and it came out awesome!

The party was so much fun, but let me say, it’s not a good idea to go to a party, stay up late, and have a few drinks the night before you have to film a BodyPump video.

On Sunday, we met my dad, stepmom, and brother for breakfast before I had to film my BodyPump video. I was really dragging and shouldn’t have ate such a heavy breakfast. The filming of my video went pretty good. Someone came in to make sure the camera ran the whole time.

I didn’t do perfect but I did a lot better than last time, and I submitted my video to Les Mills for my final certification. I can tell by watching myself on the video that there is a few things that I have to work on, but I can only improve from here.

It’s such a relief to be done filming. My right hip and quad has gotten a little bit worse lately with all the BodyPump and I am glad that the video is filmed and I don’t have to practice everyday.

Now I just have to wait a few weeks to see if my video passed! Fingers crossed!

Have a great afternoon!



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Haunted Hay Ride

Good Morning! Happy Saturday – can you believe this is the last weekend of October?!


Yesterday morning, I taught part of the BodyPump class at my gym. It was the first time not using my notes during a regular class, and I thought it was my best job yet!

I didn’t use any weights during the lunge track because when I do, my right leg hurts for a week. Since I am filming my video tomorrow, I figured I’d save my leg and use weights during the video.

Yesterday night, Danny, the kids, and I met my dad at the pumpkin farm to go on a haunted hay ride.




My dad and Danny always find it necessary to “fly” at this part of the pumpkin farm.



Jaden, who is pretty much scared of his own shadow and refuses to go to the bathroom alone in broad daylight, loved the haunted hay ride. It baffles me. He’s scared of being alone in the bathroom but he loved the crazy guy with a chainsaw. Whatever.


After the hay ride, we hung around a bit and had some hot chocolate and then headed home.


Tonight is the Halloween party! I am so excited to see everyone’s costumes!

I woke up early this morning, and the kids and I watched It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown while I finished up my Halloween costume.


My brother and sister-in-law got me this DVD three-pack last year for Christmas because I love the Charlie Brown holiday movies.

I finally got my costume totally finished, now I just have to try it all on together to see how it looks.

I spent the rest of the morning baking Reese’s Piece’s peanut butter cookies.


These are the same cookies that I made for Labor Day. I used this recipe. These cookies are delicious – probably the best peanut butter cookie that I’ve ever had! Not the healthiest, but the most delicious :)

I also have to go to Whole Foods today or tomorrow. I am starting my Grain Brain Challenge on Monday and it will end November, 25 – so exactly four weeks. I made a grocery list and now I just need to get to the store!

Have a great day!
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Working Out, Eating, and Pumpkin Crafts

Today’s Workout

  • Total body strength training
  • Stretching
  • Practiced warm-up and back tracks from BodyPump

I feel like I got a really good workout in at the gym this morning. I have been practicing BodyPump so much lately that it was nice to do something different.

I did some strength exercises and incorporated some plyometric exercises. Some of the exercises I did included:

  • single leg bridges
  • sit-ups
  • walking lunges with a torso rotation
  • squat jumps
  • biceps curls
  • triceps extensions
  • jump roping
  • push-ups on the bosu ball

I finished up by practicing two BodyPump tracks and did a little bit of stretching. I was nice and sweaty by the time I was done, and that’s always makes me feel like I got a good workout in!

I wore my new workout jacket that I got JCPenney to the gym this morning.


I saw this jacket a few weeks ago and feel in love with it…but it was $60. I thought that was a little too much for a lightweight jacket for the gym, so I passed. But when I went to JCPenney a few days ago, it was on sale for $26.99 so I knew it was meant to be mine :)

It’s the Xersion Hooded Moto Jacket and I love how it zips to the side.

Grain Brain Challenge

I have been looking for some foods and recipes for the grain brain challenge. The good thing is that there are gluten-free and low-carb recipes everywhere – other blogs, Paleo websites, Pinterest. Whole Foods even has a 27 page list of all the gluten free items in the store.

I don’t think I’ll have a problem finding food to eat, I just need to find things that are fast and easy to make. I don’t mind cooking but I don’t want a recipe with 47 ingredients that requires me to spend tons of time in the kitchen.

I’ve had a few ideas so far:


  • Cucumber sandwiches – hollow out the cucumber and add cheese, veggies, and toppings
  • salmon and veggies
  • veggie omelets PicMonkey Collage
  • taco salads, minus the tortilla shell
  • gluten-free muffins
  • eggs in a pepper
  • spaghetti squash with veggies and marinara sauce

I am going to try to stick the eating as well as I can but gluten-free is all new to me, so I might not eat perfect.


I’m trying to eat up all my cereal and oatmeal in the house, so for breakfast today I had some peanut butter Puffins. I just discovered these and I already have to give them up!


One 3/4 cup serving just doesn’t cut it, so I had about a serving and a half with almond milk. I usually eat a small breakfast because I workout out in the morning and can’t eat a lot right before I workout. I always have a snack right after I workout. So, I look at it like I am splitting my breakfast up into two mini breakfasts.

Pumpkin Art Fun

I just had to share this cute pumpkin craft that I made with Jaden and my niece.


I saved two coffee creamers bottles and washed them out. Then, we colored the cap green for the stem, added orange paint and shook it around, and glued on a pumpkin face!

Easy, cute, and the kids loved making them!


Have a great afternoon!


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Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Last night, we had a family gym night. Well, except for Jaden. He went to the kid’s room.


Jacob has really gotten into running lately, so I have been trying to encourage his interest. He signed up for a fitness club at school and wants to go to the gym to run on the treadmill.


I kind of hung out with Jacob on the treadmill. I didn’t get in a great workout because we had just finished eating dinner and my quad was bothering me.

I ran a mile with Jacob on the treadmill. I did a few random ab exercises and stretches, and then I raced Danny 1.5 miles on the stationary bikes. The bikes are neat because you can race the person next to you. All I really accomplished at the gym was making my quad feel worse.


When we got home, I ate about half the box of the peanut butter Puffins – my new favorite cereal! So good!


This morning I practiced BodyPump for about 40 minutes at home. I have all the moves memorized, but now I realize that I have to practice with heavier weights, so I can lift and talk at the same time.

I love BodyPump, but I will be so incredibly happy and relieved once this video has been submitted. I feel like BodyPump has taken over my life!

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

I forgot to tell you how my Halloween Scavenger Hunt went on Friday night! It was really fun and hopefully everyone had a good time.

I split everyone into three teams and each team was given a list of items to find or collect and things that they had to take a picture of and send to me.

Each item/picture was worth a certain amount of points and at the end all the points were added up and the team with the most points won!

Some of the items on the list included:

  • Bringing back my favorite candy – (Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup – only one team got this right)
  • Wrapping a stranger up like a mummy 2013-10-189519.21.20
  • A picture of a black cat crossing your path 2013101895195148
  • A picture of a house with tombstones in the front yard 2013101895202352
  • Bringing back the thing that jack o lanterns were first carved out of (turnips)
  • A picture of a team member in a Halloween costume IMG_3121
  • Going to the pet cemetery and getting the black rose
  • A picture of a team member chasing someone around the store with a pretend chainsaw 2013-10-189519.28.26
  • A picture of a Christmas display IMG952166

There was a lot of items on the list and I think the game went really good and everyone had fun!

When everyone was gone collecting their items, Jaden and my niece had fun finding Halloween eggs in the backyard.



I thought it was kind of weird to have Halloween eggs with candy in them (isn’t that pretty much Easter?!) but Jaden saw them at the store and I figured they keep the kids busy for a while.

When everyone came back, I added up the points and the winning team got a small prize!

This weekend will be busy with Halloween fun too – on Friday we’re going to the pumpkin farm and haunted hay ride and Saturday is the Halloween party! I really need to finish my costume!

Have a great afternoon!


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Taco Lunch

Happy Friday! I’m so glad that today is Friday :)

Today’s Workout

  • BodyPump – 60 minutes

I went to BodyPump this morning but I didn’t teach any tracks. The instructor switched to an older BodyPump release since we’ve done the new release for a while.

We usually do the new release for about a month and then switch it up with older releases. It’s good to change things up! I can only teach the new release so the instructor offered to switch the music if I wanted to teach certain tracks but I knew that people we getting tired of doing the same release so I said I’d pass on teaching today and practice at home.

BodyPump comes out with new releases (which includes new songs and moves) four times a year. When you do the same exercises over and over, your body gets used to it and becomes accustomed to it so you burn less calories and see less results. That’s why switching up your workout routine can be beneficial.

I wore my Under Armor shirt and headband today.


I don’t usually wear handbands a lot because they tend to fall off of my head, but this one’s really cute.

After the gym, I went to my stepmom’s house and we walked with my niece to the park.


She had a fun time playing and fell asleep the second we got into the car to come home. I wish I still had nap time :)


For lunch, I made the rest of my tilapia taco mix.


I had pineapple from Whole Foods on the side. For some reason, Whole Foods has the best pineapple that I have ever tasted – it’s so good.

Tonight, we have plans together with my family and tomorrow we’re going to a family picnic with my mom’s side of the family. Sunday football is on and heaven forbid, Danny miss the Bears game. I’m hoping that we can go see the Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs movie after the game. The movie looks so cute and I swear I love watching kids movies as much as the kids do!

Have a great weekend!

  • Any plans this weekend?
  • Favorite kid’s movie?
  • What do you miss most about being a kid?


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5k Race Tips

Good afternoon!

Yesterday’s Workout

  • Row Circuit Class – 30 minutes

Today’s Workout

  • Elliptical – 15 minutes
  • Treadmill, walked – 60 minutes
  • Stretching/Foam Rolling – 15 minutes
  • Practiced Triceps/Biceps BodyPump Tracks (at home) – 30 minutes

I didn’t really plan on such a long workout today. Actually, it was supposed to be an easy day because my hip is bothering me.

I started out with 15 minutes on the elliptical and then got on the treadmill. I only planned on walking slow for about 15 minutes but I ended up watching the first few minutes of The Rivals on MTV on the treadmill TV and I was hooked!

I walked on the treadmill for an hour just so I could watch the whole show! So, although my workout was long, it wasn’t very strenuous because I just walked.

When I got home, I practiced the triceps and biceps tracks.

5k Running

Next weekend, I have a 5k coming up – it’s super close to my house, about 5 minutes away. This will be my first race since getting injured and since my running still isn’t what it was before I got hurt, I just plan on running the race slow and having fun. And that got me thinking about 5k running tips. Most people start out with 5ks as their first race so I thought I’d go over some of my 5k running tips.

A 5k is 3.1 miles which is a great distance for those new to running or even those who have been running for awhile. I have ran countless 5ks and feel like they are a good distance for me. Long distance running has never been my strength so I use 5ks to help improve my running, for fitness, and just for having fun.

5k Running Tips

  1. Fuel – 3.1 miles isn’t a race where you are going to need tons of endurance so you don’t have to worry as much about fuel as you would with a long race. There have been a few times when I haven’t ate before a 5k and have been fine, but I usually just eat something small, which is what I would suggest. I normally have a piece of toast with peanut butter or a Clif bar about an hour before a race. I always save my coffee for after a race because that’s what works for me. 006
  2. Water -  You really shouldn’t need a water bottle for a 5k race. When I first started running, I had a water bottle with me at all times. I felt like I needed the water. I finally stopped running with a water bottle and it helped improve my form and I learned I could run 3 miles without water. Of course, it’s totally your preference. Some 5ks will have water stations and some will not. I usually drink a lot of water the day and night before a race and a little the morning of the race.
  3. Race Info – If you have never run a 5k before, you might be a little nervous. It’s better to have all the details worked out beforehand. If possible, pick up your race packet the day before. Know where the race is being held and where to park. If you live close, drive to the race location so you know how long it will take you to get there. Check out a map of the race course. Even drive or walk the race course if you want – I’ve done this with a few races. 001
  4. Racing Gear – I like to set out all my racing gear the night before the race so it makes the morning smoother. I pin my race bib onto my shirt, set out my clothes and everything else I need, and set an alarm. Everyone has different stuff they wear and use for a race, but I usually lay out: shirt, jacket (if needed), capris, sports bra, socks, shoes, calf sleeves, iPod, headphones, sunglasses, and my Garmin. 030
  5. Start Slow, Finish Fast – It’s best to conserve energy in the first part of the race and then really give it your all at the end of the race. I usually end up starting out races way too fast and then I lose all my energy and am dragging the last part of the race. Try to pace yourself and finish strong.
  6. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others – Run your own race. I admit that I often compared myself to others when running and would end a race feeling bad. If she can run fast, why can’t I? or I am younger than that person, why can’t I run as fast as them? You don’t know anyone else’s story – maybe they have been running a long time, maybe they’re new to running, maybe someone is coming off of an injury, maybe someone is running the best race of their life. Don’t compare yourself to other and don’t judge others.
  7. Be Positive - This kind of goes along with don’t compare yourself to others. I would always feel so bad after a race if I didn’t do as well as I have hoped. But you know what? I still did it and that’s all that matters. If you are getting up, out of the house, and running, you are doing something physical and that makes you awesome. Whether you run a 5k in 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 40 minutes, or 50 minutes – the point is that you are doing it and you should be proud of your accomplishments. Of course, you can always work on your running times and having healthy competition with others, but don’t get upset about one race where you feel like you didn’t do your best.
  8. Have Fun! – I know that races are called races for a reason – they are supposed to be competitive and someone will win, but I know that I am not going to be coming in first place, so I have fun. Yes, running is hard for me and I struggle through races but I also enjoy it. Beside two 5ks that I signed up for at the last minute, every single race that I have ran has been with family and friends. I know this isn’t possible for everyone, but it’s great running with others. We don’t necessarily run together but just having my family there to support me and for me to support them is great. It’s also great getting the kids involved – it shows that them fitness can be fun. Just enjoy the race – enjoy running, enjoy the people, enjoy the scenery. Have fun :) 042


Picture 4803


Do you have any race tips to add?

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Pool Running and My Fitness Pal

Good morning – Happy Monday!

My weekend:


Saturday morning started out fairly normal – we walked around the Halloween store with my dad trying on costumes. Normal for us anyway.

Halloween is a big holiday in my family so be prepared to see lots of Halloween related posts in October. It’s always so much fun – we do Halloween games, have a Halloween food and pumpkin carving night, come up with creative Halloween costumes and keep them secret until the Halloween party at the end of the month.

I think I even have my Halloween costume figured out – I just might have to lose a pound or two :)

Pool Running

Saturday afternoon I went to the Deep Water Pool Run/Conditioning class at my gym. It’s held in the 12 feet section on the pool and we wear water belts to help us float.

I have mixed feeling on the pool running class, and I think I prefer my workouts on land. First, there wasn’t a lot of just running like I was hoping. We did a bunch of stuff – running, bicycle riding, skiing, straight leg kicks, etc. A lot of the moves just felt awkward to me in the water and I didn’t feel like I was doing some of them right.

Second, I was freezing in the water. The water wasn’t super cold but I just couldn’t seem to get warm. Then, halfway through the class I started to get nauseous. I’m not sure if it was being in the water or if I just felt sick, but I didn’t feel good. Then, I got a terrible foot cramp and had to take a break to stretch it on the wall.

I was pretty much a mess the whole class and was glad when it was over. The class wasn’t bad and the instructor was good, I just don’t think I enjoyed it. I was looking more for just pool running so that I could still run without having hip pain.

Saturday night, we took the kids to Claim Jumper for dinner. This was only our second time there and I thought it was really good.

I had the fish tacos, and they were delicious but they had a little too much cabbage on them. I had to take a lot of it off. Danny had meatloaf and I think I ate half of his biscuit because it was so good.


Sunday morning I stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a white chocolate pumpkin coffee. So good.

We spent the afternoon at my dad’s house watching the Bears game.

Today’s Workout

  • Practiced squat track for BodyPump – approx. 15 minutes
  • Treadmill – 2.05 miles (4:2 ratio) – 27 minutes
  • Stretching, bridges, foam rolling – approx. 20 minutes

I ran again today! I am still trying to take it slow, but I went about 6 minutes longer today. I am still walking for two minutes and running for four minutes. I finished with a minute of slow walking.

I made sure to stretch and foam roll after.

So, I finally jumped on the bandwagon and downloaded the My Fitness Pal app. I’ve only had it for 12 hours and I already love it!

I used to measure all my food and count my calories in a notebook. You can read more about my weight loss story here. I lost weight and stopped counting calories although I was a lot more aware and mindful of what I ate.

I probably gained a few pounds back which I am trying to lose, so I got the My Fitness Pal app. It is so easy and fast to use. All you have to do is use your phone to scan the barcode of your food, and it pulls all the numbers up for you. It’s awesome.

It was easy for breakfast – I just scanned my cereal, milk, coffee, and creamer bar code and I was done. I’m sure it’ll be a little harder f I make a salad and have to figure each ingredient but it’s still faster than writing it out. And you can enter all your exercise in as well. We’ll see how it goes!

Have a great afternoon!

  • What did you do this weekend?
  • Ever take a pool/water class?
  • Do you My Fitness Pal or a similar app?


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Shape Diva Dash Obstacle Run

Last night, I had a meet-up with the other members of the Zooma Half Marathon Challenge, as well as the Chicago Zooma ambassadors. We met for a healthy running clinic with a sports doctor.


It was a really relaxed setting - we told a little bit about ourselves and then were given the chance to discuss any questions we had regarding running – injuries, asthma, running fuel, hydration, strength and cross training, etc.

I asked about my quad pain, and the doctor said that it probably wasn’t normal, and I should maybe cut back on the BodyPump and other exercises classes a bit, just to see if that helps relieve the pain a little bit.

Afterwards, the sports doctor brought us into the physical therapy office and showed us an anti-gravity treadmill.



An Anti-Gravity Treadmill is a rehabilitation device that utilizes adjustable weight-bearing technology on a standard treadmill used primarily for rehabilitation of lower extremity injuries and athletic training. (Source)

Basically, you can still run if your injured because the treadmill controls the air pressure in the chamber around the treadmill to lift the person running. I’ve have never heard of an anti-gravity treadmill before, and thought it was a very unique concept.

After the meeting with the sports doctor, we headed to a small local bar for a Zooma sponsored happy hour.


It was really nice meeting the other girls running the half marathon and the ambassadors. Everyone was really friendly, and it’s helpful to discuss all of our running problems and successes with each other.

I’ve mentioned recently that I have been having a hard time, physically and mentally, with running lately so I decided to do a “fun run!” I am going to run the Shape Diva Dash – Women’s Obstacle Adventure Run in August.

About the Diva Dash:

Unlike other obstacle runs, there are no mud or fire pits or barbed wire. The Diva Dash delivers plenty of excitement and challenges designed for women of all ages and abilities. The supportive and encouraging atmosphere of the Dash is empowering for all, from first-timers to seasoned racers.

I think it’ll be a nice change since I have been following a set training plan for quite a while now. I started with the 15k training plan and then jumped right into the half marathon training plan. The Diva Dash is great because you can chose to run in a non-competitive wave or a competitive wave.

The course is three miles of trail, sand, and road with 10-12 obstacles. I have run races with obstacles before, but not lately, so I am really looking forward to it.

The Shape Diva Dash has locations all over the U.S., so see if there’s a location near you! If you register to run the Diva Dash, enter the code: BLOG at checkout to receive $10 off registration!

I didn’t go to the gym this morning so that I could give my legs a little bit of a break. Hopefully, they’ll be all rested up for my long run this weekend! Since I didn’t go to the gym in the morning, I picked up niece up early and took the kids to the splash park.


I brought an apple pie Larabar for a snack.


I asked Danny to pick me up a Larabar at the store yesterday and to surprise me with a flavor – he picked apple pie, which is a flavor I wouldn’t normally pick myself, although I really like it. I seem to gravitate more towards the peanut butter flavored bars :)

Have a great afternoon!

  • Have you ever run a “fun run” or an obstacle run?
  • Do you think your significant other would do a good job picking out a flavor you’d like?
  • Ever heard of an anti-gravity treadmill?


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The 17th Annual Chicago Half Marathon – Chicago’s Hometown Race Giveaway!

Good afternoon!

Thank you to everyone for all their positive comments and stories on yesterday’s blog post. It really helps a lot to hear all your encouragement and know that people have been in similar situations!

And while we’re on the subject of half marathons, I have a great giveaway today – one free entry to the Chicago Half Marathon on September 8, 2013 at Jackson Park, Chicago.

Of course, you’ll need to be in Chicago on September 8th to win, so please only enter if you’ll be able to run the race.

To enter: Leave a comment below saying that you would like to be entered into the Chicago Half Marathon giveaway.

For an extra entry: Tweet, Facebook, Instagram, or blog about the giveaway and comment below letting me know you did.

Giveaway will end Thursday, July 18th. I’ll announce the winner on Friday.

Yesterday’s Workout

  • 8.23 mile bike ride

Yesterday evening, the kids went to a last-minute park district activity, so that left Danny and me with two unplanned hours of kid-free time. That never happens. We decided to take advantage of the free time and go for a bike ride.



It was our first bike ride ever with just the two of us.


On our bike ride, one of my biggest fears happened – as we were riding down the bike trail, a huge snake slithered out right it front of my bike (I don’t care what Danny says – that snake was huge. And I don’t care what my dad says, it was probably poisonous).

Okay, maybe it wasn’t huge or poisonous, but it really startled me. That is not my idea of fun. I screamed and took off on my bike – that was the fastest and hardest that I have ever rode my bike in my life. Danny slammed on his breaks because my scream scared him and he had to avoid hitting the snake.

As I am pedaling away as fast as I can, I just hear him laughing behind me. Thanks, Danny. That’s sweet. All I can say is thank goodness I hadn’t been running. I would have been even more upset…but I probably would have ran really fast.

After that little fiasco, we rode a total of 8.23 miles. I burned 319 calories this time, a little bit more than my bike ride with Jacob.


Danny and I rode some fast miles, but we also rode some slow miles because my quad would start to hurt. It was a really nice bike ride and I’m glad that I got to ride with my husband.

When we picked the kids up and told them about the snake, the first thing Jaden asked was if I took a picture of it. No, I didn’t stop to take a picture of it – I was busy pedaling as fast as I could and watching my heart rate jump from 110 to 160 in 5 seconds.

I have to share this picture of my niece in my Spibelt because she’s so darn cute. :)


Today’s Workout

  • Butts and Guts Class – 60 minutes

Butts and Guts class was tough today. It was a substitute instructor and she did the whole class on the Bosu ball, which was tough. It was a lot of leg work which killed my already sore legs. I am all for hard workouts, but I have a feeling my legs aren’t going to be too happy tomorrow.

Have a great afternoon!

Comment below to win an entry into the 17th annual Chicago Half Marathon!




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Happy Birthday!

Happy 2nd birthday to my adorable niece!


Auntie Heather loves you!


Yesterday, we spent the day celebrating my niece’s 2nd birthday! She had a Nemo birthday party, and Marlene made the cupcakes – how cute are these Nemo cupcakes?!


The Nemo cupcakes were banana flavored, but I went with one of the peanut butter filled chocolate cupcakes.

I made a bow-tie pasta Caesar salad for the party. It’s so good and easy to make. You just mix together green leaf lettuce (or romaine), about 2 cups of cooked bow tie pasta, slivered almonds, shredded asiago parmesan cheese, croutons, and Caesar dressing.


I didn’t add the croutons until we got to the party so they wouldn’t get soggy.

Jacob, Jaden, and I:


The kids had a lot of fun playing at the party and my niece loved opening all her presents.


Danny was in charge of holding the melted ice cream while I scooped it out. He almost got that spoon into his mouth without using his hands. Almost…but not quite.


Later in the evening, my family came over to our house for pizza and a bonfire.

I went to bed a little bit early last night because I knew I was running early this morning.

From today:


More on my run tomorrow! :) I’ll tell you this – it wasn’t my best run but ended well.

Have a great Sunday!


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