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A Surprise Dinner

sGood afternoon! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

Here’s a little recap of how my weekend went:


Friday morning I went to the gym. I started out on the stationary bike for 30 minutes. Then I moved onto back exercises. I did bent-over rows and reverse flyes. I think the standing back exercises put a little too much pressure on my hip because I left the gym in pain rather than just sore.

As a result, I took the rest of the weekend off from going to the gym and let my body rest. From now on, I’ll stick to lat pulldowns and seated rows. Those didn’t seem to bother my hip.

On Friday night, I took Danny out for a surprise dinner. He has been doing such a great job taking care of me after my surgery and I just wanted to let him know how much I appreciate everything he has been doing.

My mom came over Friday night to watch the kids and Danny and I went to WildFire, a steakhouse (yes, I’m one of those people that orders a salad at a steakhouse).


I started out with a martini flight which is funny because I am not usually a martini fan. The stormy night martini was the best one hands down. The waitress described it as melted jolly rancher and she was right! If you ever go to Wildfire, order the stormy night martini.

I started with the crab and shrimp bisque. It was also delicious. I even got Danny to try a bite. I can’t even tell you how many loaves of their warm bread and butter we ate - it was a lot. A lot.

For dinner, I had the Wildorf salad which came with romaine, spinach, cranberries, pecans, celery, crouton, apples, and apple ranch dressing. The combination of all the flavors worked perfectly together. I really liked the apple ranch dressing.

Danny ordered the filet mignon. I decided to be brave and try a bite. Sorry to all you steak fans out there, but I hated it. I just cannot get over the texture of steak. This is gross but it feels like I am chewing animal flesh and that’s nasty. This is also why I have a hard time eating chicken. I am just not a meat person.

Of course, we had to end the night with dessert. We shared the skillet cookie with ice cream. It was very good but I thought the cookie was slightly overdone.

By the time we left, I could hardly walk to the car because I was so full!

When we got home, we watched Santa Paws with the kids (Jaden’s pick) and when they went to bed, we watched Divergent.


Saturday was one of those lazy days where we didn’t really have anything planned. I ran some errands and Danny mowed the lawn and washed the cars. Since I ate so much Friday night, I tried to eat good on Saturday.

For dinner, we went to Chipotle. On their website, Chipotle has a nutrition calculator so you can figure out the calories, fats, protein, carbs, etc in any meal you want. I used this calculator before we left so I could still stick to a healthy amount of carbs, fats, and protein.


I do think that the website largely underestimates the amount of food that Chipotle actually gives you. For example, their website has the brown rice as 4 ounces but our local Chipolte probably gives you three times that amount. So, when I ordered I made sure to ask for a very small amount of everything. One little scoop of brown rice instead of two huge ones.

I know that the measurements are exact but at least it’s a close estimate.

I had a small amount of brown rice, chicken, fajita vegetables, corn salsa, a small amount of cheese, a little guacamole, and lots of lettuce.

Saturday night, we watched The Conjuring. I hate scary movies. I blamed Danny for watching the movie but really it was me who suggested it. I actually made it through the whole movie…which meant I had to wake Danny up every time I had to go to the bathroom that night. You know, in case I had a demon clinging to me or something.


Sunday was also a day when we didn’t have too much going on. Sometimes our weekends are so busy that it’s nice to have a weekend without tons of stuff going on.

The kids visited with their Grandma while Danny and I did some shopping. All at once it seems like Halloween is approaching. The stores are getting ready!


I love the fall season and Halloween is a big holiday in my family :)

I also brought back zucchini pizza bites into my life. These are so good and a great healthy option if you’re craving pizza!

I sliced the zucchini and sprinkled on some Italian seasoning. Then I put them under the broiler for about 5 minutes. I took them out and topped them with pizza sauce and cheese. I put them back under the broiler for about 3-4 minutes. Trust me, these are delicious!


Jaden wrapped up the weekend by playing in his frog tent.


I bought that tent at Target on clearance years ago and I am actually surprised it’s still standing. My kids are a bit…rough on toys.

Have a great day!

  • What’s your favorite restaurant?
  • Do you like scary movies? What’s the last movie you watched?
  • Favorite vegetable?




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Four Weeks and One Day

Good afternoon!

Surgery Update

Are you super sick of me talking about my surgery and recovery yet?! Well, yesterday was exactly four weeks since I had surgery.

This was actually a big day because it meant I could finally ditch the crutches and hip brace. While it was such a relief to get rid of them, it doesn’t mean that I’m fully better. Walking still hurts and sleeping is still hard.

It’s nice not to have to sleep in the hip brace but my hip is still sore so I spend a lot of the night tossing and turning. I feel slight pain in my hip when I walk but the physical therapist says it’s normal and the muscles just have to be re-trained.

I have been spending a lot of my time strengthening my glute in physical therapy. I’m up to 30 minutes on the stationary bike with a resistance of 2. I was also given the okay to walk 5-10 minutes at a time on the track or treadmill although I haven’t yet because walking without crutches is still a little hard.

The best part is that I am finally able to drive! No more being stuck at home for weeks!

So, of course the first thing I did this morning was drive to the gym. :)


I rode the stationary bike for 30 minutes, did some bicep exercises, and finished with some of the exercises from physical therapy.

Bicep exercises:

  • Hammer curls x12, 3 sets
  • Concentration curls on stability ball x12 each side, 3 sets
  • Bicep curls with resistance band x12, 3 sets
  • Alternating twisting dumbbell curls x12 each side, 3 sets

What I’ve Been Eating

I’ve been doing really good this week sticking to healthy eating. For breakfast, I made some protein pancakes.


I used Quaker Perfect Portions oats, two egg whites, half a scoop of 1st Phorm chocolate peanut butter cup protein powder, and 1/2 tbsp. of peanut butter.

So good and lots of protein! I topped them with berries and Walden Farms syrup.

I’ve also gone back to eating flatbread pizzas! I’ll go through phases where I’ll eat flatbread pizza for a long time and then not eat it for months. It’s always a healthy choice when I’m craving pizza.


I use a Flatout flatbread, pizza sauce, mini sweet peppers, red onions, and mozzarella cheese.

I have been also drinking a ton of water. I have turned a Voss water bottle into fruit infused water.


I love that the bottle is glass so I can reuse it. I just cut up some lemon and limes and popped them in the bottle. Easy and refreshing!

I have plans to go to the gym tomorrow morning and do a few errands. Then it’s the weekend!!

Have a great afternoon!

  • What have you been up to lately?
  • Do you like driving? I actually dislike driving but I also hate being stuck at home! :)
  • Do you drink a lot of water?



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A Workout and Win High Performance Sports Detergent

Disclaimer: As a Fitfluential Ambassador, I was sent Win High Performance Sports Detergent at no cost to me to use and post my opinions on my blog. All opinions are my own.

Good Morning!

First up, the winner of the Thirty-One Lunch Box from Chiquita is Meredith! I’ve already contacted the winner by email!

On Monday night, Jaden has gymnastics and I have physical therapy an hour later. Since we had about 40 minutes to kill in between, Danny and I went to the gym for a quick workout.

Since I am unable to do Body Pump for awhile and I can’t do any cardio besides the stationary bike, I have been trying to focus on the weight lifting that I can do. I bought some pre-workout and protein powder for Danny and me to help give us that extra oomph for our workouts.


I bought two sample packs of the Cellucor C4 in Icy Blue Razz and Pink Lemonade. I love that Cellucor offers sample packs with 5 servings so you can try out the product without committing to the full size in case you don’t like it.

I’ve only tried the Icy Blue Razz flavor and I really like it. I would definitely purchase the full size.

I also bought 1st Phorm protein powder in Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup. I researched a lot of different protein powders before deciding to go with 1st Phorm.

I like the chocolate peanut butter cup flavor but I didn’t really get a peanut butter taste. It tasted more like chocolate to me. Danny said he could taste the peanut butter, but I also have a cold so maybe my smell and taste is a little off. Either way, I really liked this protein powder and it’s extra thick. It’s almost like drinking a shake!


At the gym last night, I focused on shoulder exercises. I didn’t have a enough time to ride the stationary bike so I just stuck to five shoulder exercises.

Here’s the exercises I did:

  • Seated shoulder press x15, 3 sets
  • Seated Arnold press x15, 3 sets
  • Side raises x 15, 3 sets
  • Alternating front raises x12 each side, 3 sets
  • Upright row x12, 3 sets

Win Detergent

Even though strength training doesn’t get my heart rate up too much, I still sweat like crazy. Luckily, as a Fitfluential ambassador, I was given the opportunity to try out Win High Performance Sports Detergent.


As much as I workout, I still haven’t used a sports detergent, so I was excited about trying these detergents out.

First, I liked that Win makes a green detergent.


When Jaden was a baby he had really bad eczema, so we’ve always tried to use green or free and clear detergents. Now that he’s older, it isn’t as much of a problem but I still prefer the green detergents.

The Win High Performance Sports Detergents eliminates embedded odors from technical and athletic apparel. It’s formulated to remove oils and residues that cause odor from synthetic fabrics.


The detergent is biodegradable, septic safe, and color safe. The green detergent is also fragrance free and hypoallergenic.

Overall, I thought these detergent did a great job. The clothes looked and smelled clean and fresh. I also liked that you only need a small amount of detergent per load. It makes the bottle last a lot longer!

You can purchase Win through Amazon.


Breakfast this morning was Chobani Oats made with steel cut oats.


I found two other flavors at my local grocery store – cranberry and apple cinnamon! Yum!

Have a great day!

  • Do you use a specific brand of laundry detergent?
  • Did you workout today?
  • What did you have for breakfast?


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Three Weeks Later

Good afternoon friends.

It has been exactly three weeks since my hip surgery. I have been doing pretty good except for yesterday I woke up with a terrible cold. I honesty feel like I’ve been hit by a bus.

I had physical therapy on Monday night and I walked with my full weight on my leg without my crutches for the first time since surgery. It was kind of bittersweet.

A month ago, I ran a 5k and now I can barely walk the length of a room. I had to go really slow and the physical therapist had to keep his hand on my back. My right knee was shaking uncontrollably.

PicMonkey Collage

The whole thing made me feel ridiculous and it made me laugh. But it was a frustrated laugh. It’s so frustrating that my leg muscles have gotten so weak over the past three weeks that I can’t even walk without looking like a baby deer taking its first steps. Part of me was happy for slowly making it across the room without crutches and part of me was sad that I even had to be in this position. I feel like it’s such a huge step back in my fitness ability.

I know that once I am fully recovered, I will be good as new, but I will have to work so much harder to get to where I was before surgery. The physical therapist said I was so shaky because I haven’t fully used the muscles in my leg and hip for an extended amount of time and it’s normal.

But it doesn’t feel normal to me. It feels like I want to run across that damn room, but I can’t. I have to walk like a little baby deer.

I have been running for years. Years. And now I will have to start from scratch. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for my health and that I will one day be able to run again. I know that there are people who are far worse off than me and can’t do many things in life. My heart goes out to those people and that makes me want to be the best that I can be.

At this point, I am happy to be making progress. I am down to only using one crutch  to get around and hopefully within the next few days, I’ll be crutchless.

I am still supposed to be sleeping in my hip brace. I do pretty good for the most part but let me tell you, sleeping in that hip brace sucks. It sucks. That’s the only way to put it. I make it most if the night with it on but lately I have been taking it off sometime around dawn and try to sleep staying really still.


Since I haven’t been getting much exercise (I still haven’t made it to the gym since last Thursday), I am trying to watch what I eat. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. :)

I always start the day off with a healthy breakfast. One of my favorites is plain Greek yogurt with one Truvia packet and fresh berries. I’m pretty sure that I’ve mentioned that 5,721 times so I figure one more time can’t hurt.


Danny has been doing most of the grocery shopping lately and the other night he brought home the new Chobani yogurt with steel cut oats. I was excited because I have been wanting to try this yogurt!


It was delicious and I will be buying lots more!

I sent Danny this text once I discovered it in the fridge:


I’ll be spending most of the day in bed today since I feel terrible and then I have physical therapy tonight.

Have a great afternoon!!

  • What did you have for breakfast?
  • What are you doing today?



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A Workout and A Wedding

Good morning! How was your weekend?

Thursday evening, I went to the gym while Danny stayed with Jaden for his swim lessons. It works out that the gym and swim lessons are in the same building.

I am getting a lot faster on the stationary bike now. I am able to actually keep it on the whole time and rode three miles in twenty minutes. Yay!


I also did a quick upper body workout while Jaden finished swimming. Hopefully I’ll be able to start driving this week so I’ll be able to go to the gym in the mornings again!

We had a busy weekend so I wasn’t able to make it to the gym at all.

On Friday night, we got frozen yogurt at Menchies.


I love having a frozen yogurt so close to us now but that also means we’re spending a lot of time there.

On Saturday, we went to Danny’s cousin’s wedding.


Sometimes I actually wear real clothes and not workout clothes. It’s rare, but it does happen. :)

Dress shopping (and jeans shopping!) is hard for me because I have a smaller waist and upper half and wider hips and bottom half so things don’t always fit me well. If the top fits then the bottom is too tight or if the bottom fits then the top is too loose. It’s a problem really.

Luckily, I managed to find a Calvin Klein dress that I loved and was a really good price. And it looked great with my crutches.


The wedding was so much fun. The ceremony was outside and of course I was dying from the heat but the reception was in an air conditioned tent.

Danny with his mom, brothers, and nephew.


The food was typical wedding food but my salad was really fancy, wrapped in a cucumber.


We had a great night and thanks to my dad and stepmom for watching the kids!!

On Sunday, we picked up the kids and then stopped at Friday’s for lunch. We don’t go to Friday’s often and I can’t even remember the last time we were there. Danny and I used to go to Friday’s all the time while we were dating.

I got miso chicken skewers which were delicious. I loved them, I just wished they’d add more veggies on the skewers.


Sunday afternoon, I was pretty wore out from Saturday and ended up falling asleep watching TV in the middle of the afternoon. Hip surgery has me spending lots of time in bed. I can’t wait to be better!!

Tonight, I have physical therapy and we’ll see about the driving and everything!

Have a great day!

  • What did you do this weekend?
  • When was the last wedding you went to?
  • Favorite restaurant?



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I Went to the Gym!

Good morning! Happy Sunday!

Friday night was the first time I went to the gym in nine days! I can’t even describe how happy I was to go.


It might seem like such a little thing but after not working out for nine days and being stuck at home almost all day everyday, I was looking forward to it all day.

We went to the gym when Danny got home from work since I am still not able to drive for a few more weeks. I started out with the stationary bike. I am allowed to do 20 minutes slowly on the bike. Danny needs to help me on and off the bike and rode next to me to make sure I was okay.


I need to pedal so slow that the bike doesn’t even register that I’m on it.


Whatever. At least it’s progress.

I am also able to do upper body exercises while sitting on the bench.


I worked on biceps and triceps doing biceps curls, hammer curls, overhead triceps extensions, skull crushers, and triceps presses.

It was so nice to be able to workout again but I did get tired quickly.

Late Saturday morning, we went to the gym again. I did the stationary bike  for 20 minutes. Then, I did a shoulder and chest strength training workout. Once again I was really tired afterward, but it felt great to workout! I am feeling sore today.

Post workout, I had a Luna protein bar.


The chocolate chip cookie dough bar was delicious!

After the gym on Saturday, we stopped at Target. Danny and I are going to his cousin’s wedding next Saturday night and I needed a pair of flat shoes that I could wear with my crutches.


At least they’re sparkly.

And they have elastic which is nice because they actually stay on my foot while I walk with crutches. Since I had my labrum tears repaired, I can’t put my full weight on right foot for a few more weeks. So, when I walk with my crutches, I can only land on my toes, so the other shoes I tried on all fell off.

I am sure I’m going to look great in my dress, flats, and crutches. :) I am going to ask the doctor tomorrow if I can get away without wearing my hip brace for one night. I’m not really sure how I’d wear it with a dress.

Plus, it’s not like I’m going to be dancing the night away. I’m just going to be sitting there. All night. Sitting. And eating. Give me all your food.

Tomorrow morning is my first follow-up appointment with my doctor. I am excited to see how my progress is going, but I’m nervous to get my stitches out. I’ve only had stitches once in my life when I got two moles removed a couple of years ago and I don’t remember getting them removed.

Tonight, we’re making chicken kabobs on the grill! Yum!

Have a great Sunday!

  • Flats or heels?
  • Have you ever had stitches?
  • What are you having for dinner tonight?


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One Day Until Surgery

Good afternoon!

One more day until my arthroscopic hip surgery. The time has gone by too fast and I am definitely very nervous for tomorrow. I am scared about the surgery itself and I am worried about the recovery process.

I have been a bit stressed, overly sensitive, and emotional lately. I’m pretty sure that I’m driving Danny a little bit crazy already.


I talked to the nurse at the surgery center yesterday to go over all the pre-surgery instructions. It’s all basic information – no eating or drinking after midnight tonight, no contacts, metal, or jewelry in the operating room, wear comfortable clothes, and make sure I have someone to drive me home after surgery.

I have to be at the surgery center at 10:00 am tomorrow and my surgery is at 11:30 am. The surgery last two hours and fifteen minutes and recovery is two hours and thirty minutes. That means we’ll be leaving Chicago right during rush hour to come home. I am a bit nervous about sitting in the car so long but hopefully I’ll be okay.

The hospital will give me crutches to take home and I have physical therapy scheduled for Friday afternoon. Today my continuous passive motion (CPM) machine is being delivered so I have to use after surgery. I will also have a hip brace and an ice machine. Fun times ahead, my friends. Fun times.

Today’s Workout

  • Women on Weights – 60 minutes

Today’s workout at the gym was my last workout for quite a while. It’s sad.

One of my super sweet gym friends, Jessica, brought me card and a Whole Foods gift card for sushi!!


Wasn’t that so sweet?! I told her that I owe her a best friend necklace :)


Breakfast before the gym this morning was Ezekiel toast with peanut butter, egg whites, and cherries. I am trying to stick to eating healthy.


Look what I found at my local grocery store:


Chobani watermelon Greek yogurt!! It was the last one on the shelf and of course, I had to buy it. I haven’t tried it yet, but I plan on eating it this afternoon! Sounds like it’ll be good although watermelon yogurt sounds kind of different…

Today will be spent getting things ready for tomorrow – making sure I have everything I need, getting final plans set for the kids, cleaning up a little bit, maybe subscribing to Netflix. Does anyone have Netflix? Is it worth it? We would still keep our regular cable channels since Danny needs the sports channels so I just wondered if it was worth it to add on along with our regular cable.

Have a wonderful day and I will check in when I’m feeling better! Also, thanks to everyone for your kind words and support. I really appreciate it.



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A Workout With my Son

Good afternoon!

Something amazing happened today – I got my son, Jacob, to workout with me AND take a picture with me…willingly. That kind of stuff just doesn’t happen with a thirteen year-old.


Usually, when we get to the gym, Jacob heads right to the treadmill and walks for an hour while I do my workout. Danny, Jacob, and I went to the gym last night and Danny got Jacob to try out some strength exercises.

This morning, when Jacob and I went to the gym, he said he’d do weights with me. We did back, abs, and walked on the track.

Here’s what we did:

  • lat pulldown x15
  • seated row x15
  • deadrows x15
  • deadlifts x10 (these bother my glute so I only did 10)
  • plank to row (aka renegade row) x 12 each side
  • reverse lateral raises x12
  • partner sit-ups with medicine ball x20
  • Russian twists with medicine ball x 15 each side

We did each set of two exercises as a superset, resting one minute in between, and doing each superset three times each.

Jacob had a hard time with the rows and deadlifts so he did some biceps curls instead. He was very serious about it :)


After the gym, we had a few errands to run. Our first mission was to find coffee! I have a Keurig Vue coffeemaker and recently all the stores that I used to buy Vue cups at stop carrying them. I managed to find one box at Wal-Mart but that box is almost gone so we had to find more.

Sometimes I order boxes off the Keurig website because they usually have really good deals but I only had a few Vue cups left so even if I ordered, they wouldn’t have gotten to my house before I ran out.

And I need coffee.

Luckily, Bed, Bath, & Beyond carries lots of Vue cups and I bought one of my favorite flavors – hazelnut.


I’m just going to order a bunch of boxes online soon. I love my Vue but the k-cups are so much easier to find.

Jacob managed to find bacon duct tape and decided that he needed it in his life.


After Bed, Bath, & Beyond, we made our usual Thursday stop at Whole Foods to get sushi. I also got this Amy’s pizza for dinner tomorrow.


These pizza are a little pricey but they’re so good. My local grocery store used to carry them but they stopped. It seems as soon as I like something, my grocery store stops carrying it.

Tomorrow is Friday!! I am staying home from the gym and I’m just going to practice BodyPump at home. We are doing a 5k on Saturday and I don’t want to do too much tomorrow.

My hip/glute/quad is getting progressively worse, so even if I have to walk some of the 5k, I’m fine with it. Just cross your fingers that it doesn’t rain!

Have a great day!

  • If you have kids, do they workout or do activities?
  • Favorite body part to workout?





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Weigh-In Wednesday


Let’s get right to it…weigh-in Wednesday. Maybe you noticed that I changed it from Weight Loss Wednesday to Weigh-In Wednesday. I haven’t been doing as well with my eating as I should and that means I am gained a couple of pounds this week.

I didn’t eat very healthy on vacation at Wisconsin Dells and I have been stress eating since then. However, I am trying to get it together and have been eating a lot better since Monday. Hopefully, next Wednesday will be a weight-loss Wednesday :) I’m trying not to let the weight gain bother be and instead I’m trying to use it to motivate me.

Yesterday’s Workout

  • Women on Weights – 60 minutes

We focused on legs in Women on Weights class yesterday. Great. I just did what I was able to do without causing myself too much pain.

I planned to go to the gym at 8:45 am this morning but it is currently 8:40 am and both the kids are still sleeping so I decided to workout tonight when Danny gets home from work instead. I normally would wake the kids up but Jaden hasn’t been feeling super good these past few days so I let him sleep.

Post-workout, I had a Next Step protein shake in the fresh berry flavor.


It was good but I prefer the chocolate flavor. I also noticed that these taste a lot better with really cold water or ice.


For lunch yesterday, I made an egg scramble.


I cooked sweet potato, green pepper, red pepper, and onion on the stove. When the veggies were cooked, I poured in the egg whites, let them cook, and then added a little bit of feta cheese.


This meal is really easy to make and you can use whatever veggies you have at home.

I also had a bowl of cherries and strawberries because I love fruit in the summer. I love fruit all year round but it’s especially good in the summer.



I sure have been talking a lot about food today. I have one more food item to share with you – the Go Picnic ready-to-eat breakfast.


I saw these at Target the other day and picked one up to try. It’s great for an on-the-go snack or breakfast.

Today, the kids and I have some errands to run. I had a CT scan on Saturday for my upcoming surgery and I have to go back to the hospital today to pick up the disc. Then we have a couple of other errands to run!

Have a great day!!

  • What are you eating today?
  • What do you prefer: am workouts or pm workouts?



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Friday Favorites

Good afternoon!

I have been questioning my decision to get hip surgery (mostly because I’m scared of surgery) but I wake up with pain, I spend the day in pain, and I go to bed in pain. Granted, it’s not debilitating pain but it is a constant annoyance all the time that obviously needs to be fixed.


I plan to workout right up until surgery and will be run/walking a 5k with my 5k prep group tomorrow, as well as running the 5k the following weekend. Yes, it will be hard and yes, it will hurt but at this point I can’t make anything much worse and soon I’ll be on the road to a full recovery.

Recovery is another thing that scares me because how do you go from working out every single day to not working out at all and being on crutches?! It’ll be hard but I’m trying to keep the finish line in sight. (The finish line being a totally recovered Heather). I may not be able to run for a long time but I have no doubt in my mind that I’ll eventually get back to where I want to be. It’ll just be a journey to get there. :)

I would also like to point out that running did not cause my injury. My bones do not fit together correctly and this is simply how they developed. It’s not caused from running. Yes, running it what caused the tears and the pain but how would I know that? How would I know that my bones don’t fit together correctly? I wouldn’t.

I hear people say all the time that exercises causes so many problems – knee pain, bone spurs, injuries, pulled muscles. But you know what? Not exercising and not working out will cause you more damage in the long run. Never in my mind is there a legitimate argument against exercise.

If an exercise is causing you pain or you’re getting injured you could be doing too much too fast or doing it incorrectly. Or if an exercise bothers you, find another exercise that doesn’t! Walk, swim, lift weights, etc. I don’t ever regret any injury that I’ve gotten from exercising. Sometimes I push myself too hard but that’s on me, not exercise.

Well, I must say, I wasn’t expecting to type any of that until it just came out. Obviously, I’m going through some inner turmoil. :)

Let’s move on…

I haven’t done Friday Favorites in awhile, so let’s do that.

Friday Favorites

  • Sushi

I am still one my once-a-week sushi from Whole Foods kick.


I love it…then someone pointed out that I wouldn’t be able to get sushi once I have my surgery since I won’t be able to drive for close to a month (Thanks, Jess). That thought never even crossed my mind and I spent a good three days debating whether I should pass on the surgery so I wouldn’t have to give up my sushi habit (kidding).

So, here’s what I propose…if anyone wants to bring me Sushi from Whole Foods (California roll with brown rice), we will be best friends for ever and ever and ever and have slumber parties and braid each others hair and buy best friend necklaces because I will love you forever and ever. Deal?

  •  My family and friends

When I found out that I was getting surgery, I posted it on Facebook the next day. I was overwhelmed by everyone’s responses of well wishes and offers for help.

My family is very close and I know they will do whatever they can to help if I need it and I really appreciate it. I am extremely lucky to have a wonderful Mom, Dad, husband, brother, stepmom, sister-in-laws, brother-in-laws, stepbrother, mother-in-law, father-in-law, and grandparents. (Hopefully that cover everyone!) And they’ve already offered to help out how they can.


I also am so appreciative to my friends and gym friends who have been soooo supportive. They can feel my pain about not being able to workout. :) They have offered to help drive me to therapy, bring me food, or anything else I need.

Even though I shouldn’t be, I was surprised by everyone’s kindness. I have worked out at the gym with these same girls for years (and some only months) and although we might not see each other outside of the gym, I am lucky enough to consider them friends.

Once again, I wasn’t expecting to discuss all this…I am sappy and emotional today.

  • Greek yogurt

Since I am not really a big meat eater, I rely on Greek yogurt for protein. One cup of plain Greek yogurt has 18 grams of protein! I usually mix it with Truvia and fresh fruit, but sometimes that gets boring so I checked out the good ol’ internet for some different ideas.

I came across a few different recipes for a cookie dough Greek yogurt creation and decided to try it out. I’m glad I did because it was awesome.


I mixed together one cup plain Greek yogurt, one Truvia packet, one tablespoon regular peanut butter, 1/4 tsp vanilla extract, and one tbsp. of chocolate chips.

It was like eating dessert. Go make some and try it.

  • Target

Also known as “the store that makes me spend way too much money on things I didn’t even know I needed”.


These things include snickerdoodle Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches and Earth’s Best popcorn chicken. The nutrition facts on the Earth’s Best box are for ages 2-4. I don’t care. I like those little chicken nuggets.

I also bought a cute pajama set.


I am not normally a pajama set kind of person. I usually wear five year old Old Navy shorts and whatever t-shirt I can find. I have been eyeing that cute pajama set at Target forever but could never justify buying it (even though it was less that $20). Then I decided that having surgery justifies a new pajama set. And that’s the story of why I bought new pajamas.

I bought it in a size medium in case anyone cares about that kind of thing. I usually like my pajamas on the bigger side but these already looked big so I went with a medium. I have a long torso because I’m tall and I hate when shirts are wider than longer. Tall girl problems.

That’s what I am loving on this wonderful Friday afternoon! What are you Friday Favorites?





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