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6 Month Post Surgery Check-Up

Good afternoon! How was your weekend?


This morning, I had a post surgery check-up with my hip doctor. It’s hard to believe that I am almost 6 months post surgery. It seems like it was just yesterday I was stuck in bed with a hip brace and crutches.

Hip brace and crutches from over the summer:


I am very happy to report that today was my LAST follow-up doctor’s appointment and tomorrow is my LAST physical therapy session! I was extremely happy!

The doctor said that I had really good strength back in my leg and if I want to run, it’s important to keep that strength up. He also said that it would be fine to get back to group fitness classes such as Butts & Guts and Spin if I take it easy.

My Achilles tendon has still been bothering me and he said that it could be just because I haven’t ran in a long time. He said to keep an eye on it and to listen to my body. If my Achilles tendon is really bothering me then I should take it easy on the running. It said it might take a few weeks and not to push it.

Lately, I’ve been doing a 2:2 walk/run ratio for about a mile. It still bothers me a bit so I’m not going to push the running quite yet.

The best part is that the doctor said I should be just fine to run a half marathon this year!! He said it would be best to aim to run one in the fall. That way my Achilles tendon has time to get better and I can train slowly. I am so excited! I have been trying to run a darn half marathon for years!

Danny has the day off so after my doctor’s appointment, we celebrated with a trip to the gym. :)


I just got new Victoria Secret crops at the semi-annual sale this weekend. Love those Christmas gift cards!

We started out on the treadmill, followed by back and biceps exercises, then we finished up with a little bit of jump roping and stretching. 720 calories burned!!

Backing up to the weekend a bit…


On Saturday morning, Danny and I went to the gym.


We warmed up on the stationary bike and then worked on chest and triceps.

Our exercises included:

  • chest press
  • dumbbell chest flies
  • cable machine flies
  • chest press machine
  • skull crushers
  • triceps extensions
  • overhead triceps extensions
  • triceps dips on the bench

On Saturday afternoon, we went to Woodfield Mall so Jaden could go to Build-a-Bear.


I’ve mentioned this before, but Jaden really loves his stuffed animals. He takes care of them, feeds them, plays with them, and brings them everywhere he goes.


He picked out the perfect bear, it got stuffed, and Jaden picked out a little coat for him. We walked around the mall for a little while but there are just so many people at Woodfield Mall. I can only stands gobs of people for a short amount of time.

We also stopped at Target where I found this Chobani green tea infused yogurt.


I was a little nervous about how green tea yogurt would taste but it was actually really good! The green tea flavor is very light and not overpowering.


Sunday we kind of hung out and got things ready for back to school. The kids visited their grandma and I had an afternoon coffee break.


I rarely drink coffee in the afternoons but yesterday I was so tired. I was up early to go grocery shopping (can’t stand the crowds later in the day) and I’m still trying to shake this cold! Why do colds last forever and ever and ever?

And that’s whats going on with me! Have a great afternoon!!

  • What did you do this weekend?
  • Have you ever wanted to really do something but were physically unable to?







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The New Year – 2015

Good morning! Welcome to the second day of 2015!!

I am still trying to fight off this long-lasting cold. I just can’t get rid of the head and nose stuffiness.


On New Year’s Eve morning, Danny and I were feeling a little better from our colds so we went to the gym. I started with walking on the treadmill for 2 minutes and running for one minute for about 15 minutes to warm-up. Then, we did ssome back and core exercises.


Some of our back exercises included:

  • seated cable rows
  • lat pulldown machine
  • t-bar raises
  • deadlifts
  • straight arm pullovers

By the time we were done, I was really feeling it. Those deadlifts are killer!

In the evening, we met my family at a restaurant called Pilot Pete’s for dinner.


They had a champagne toast every hour on the hour for the adults but unfortunely they ran out of sparkling juice for the kids. We still had a fun time!


After dinner, we went back to my dad and stepmom’s house to ring in the New Year!

A few years ago, we had a New Year’s hat decorating contest. This year, we had a horn contest. Everyone bought their own horns and decorated them.



My brother won first place with his Chicago Blackhawks Winter Classic horn.


We had a great night and enjoyed the countdown to 2015 at midnight!!


New Years Goals

I’m not going to make a whole bunch of resolutions at the beginning of this year. Instead, there are a few goals that I would really like to focus on accomplishing for 2015.

  • Health

As cliche as it is, one of my goals this year is to be healthier and lose a little bit of weight. But this year, I’m going to work on the little things that trigger my unhealthy or overeating habits. For example, some nights if I’m too tired (or lazy) to cook dinner, we’ll go out or order food. Instead, I’m going to try to be more prepared by having an easy and healthy dinner to make.

I eat pretty good during the week but I notice that there are times when my eating plans just go out the window – on the weekends when Danny’s home, when we’re out with my family, etc. I would really like to work on still be healthy during these situations. That’s not to say that I can’t enjoy myself but maybe two slices of pizza and salad is okay rather than four slices and chips. Sometimes the off switch from my brain to my mouth is broken.

I was at a weight about two years ago that I was really happy with. My ultimate goal is to get back to that weight.

  • Gym

My goal in the gym for 2015 is to improve my strength training. I want to increase the amount of weight that I lift and work on more functional exercises.

Functional exercises are exercises that incorporate multiple body parts/muscles and includes movements we do in real life. They increase strength and balance.Machines are okay at the gym, but they are doing the majority of the work for you. You back is supported while sitting in a machine so you’re not using your core to keep up balanced.

A squat is a great example of a functional exercise. You’re using your core to keep you upright and balanced and you’re working your quads, hamstrings, and gluts. And squats are used in everyday life – picking up boxes, groceries, small children, etc.

  • Running

For goal for the longest time has been to run a half marathon. I have actually signed up for two half marathons.

The first was the Zooma half marathon which I was supposed to run in August 2013. I was picked along with four other girls who had never run a half marathon as a Muscle Milk Athlete. We got support from the Zooma race ambassadors, training plans, entries into the half marathon, meetings with a sports doctor, a hot yoga session, and running meet-ups.


This is when my quad/hip pain first started and after meeting with the doctor, I was advised not to run the half marathon. I was incredibly disappointed to not be able to run with the other girls but at the same time it was a relief because I had so much pain when I ran.

Fast forward over a year later after many doctor visits and a cortisone shot, I was feeling a lot better. My sister-in-law announced that she was planning on running the Disney World half marathon and full marathon in January 2015. I decided to run the half marathon but had to jump on registering since it sells out so fast. Danny decided that he also wanted to run the half but it was sold out by that time and he signed up for the full.

A short time later, I had a arthrogram MRI and it turned out that not only would I not be running the half marathon but I would also be getting a major hip surgery.

But all that is behind me now!

I had my hip surgery, my problem is corrected, and I should soon be healed to 100%. This is the year that I will run a half marathon, and it will be that much more special because of everything I went through to get there.

  • Family

It’s not secret that I spend a lot of time with my extended family but this year I would like to focus on spending more time with my kids. Jacob is a teenager now so the last thing he wants to do is hang out with his parents. So, this year I would like to focus more on stuff that my kids enjoy. I don’t want to have to force them to play a family game or watch a movie, but rather do something that they enjoy.


And there it is – my goals for 2015! 

Have a great second day of the new year!

  • Do you have any goals or things you would like to accomplish in 2015?



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Run Eat Play: Year in Review 2014

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Can you believe that it’s the last day of 2014?! I can’t believe how fast the year flew by! I had my hip surgery in July and I feel like we just jumped from July to December! I can’t believe we’re less than a day away from 2015!

Today, I thought I’d recap some of my most memorable moments from 2014.




Danny came in second place at the mini triathlon at our gym!



I ran the Shamrock Shuffle 8k. This race was probably one of my favorite races I have ever run. It was such a big race and so much fun! Even though I was in pain on and off because of my hip at this time, I still felt really good running.




Jaden ran/walked his first 5k and we all ran our first color run!


Danny and I celebrated being married for a long time. I love him.


PicMonkey Collage1

We officially have a teenager in the house!!


I ran the Run Like a Mother 5k on Mother’s Day. Although, I was having some hip pain, I was happy with my time.


My aunt lost 135 pounds and we all walked/ran the Feets of Strength 5k.


I’ve run the Elgin Fox Trot 5k four times in past years. This year was the first year that I was unable to run it because of my hip injury. Instead, I did the two mile walk with my dad. Danny ran the 10 miler.

It was my brother’s first 5k since getting back surgery the previous year.



We took a family trip to Wisconsin Dells. While there, we celebrated my brother’s birthday, Danny’s birthday, and Father’s Day.


This was the last 5k before my hip surgery. Danny ran it with me and it was physically a hard race. I ended up having to walk a lot towards the end.



On July 9th, I had arthroscopic hip surgery to shave down my hip bone and repair tears in my labrum. The first month was incredibly hard for my physically and emotionally.

I am almost 6 months post surgery and I plan on doing an update soon!

  • My niece turned three!




We went to the Chicago Bears Family Fest and had a family day at Arlington Race Track. I had to wear my hip brace and crutches for both outings but it was so nice to get out of the house!



My sister-in-law and I went on a mini vacation to visit our aunt and uncle in California!

My sister-in-law, Crystal, and my Aunt Pam:



At the end of September, we drove from Illinois to Alabama with the kids for Danny’s cousin’s wedding. 12 hours. In the car. With two kids.



Halloween is a big holiday in my family. This year, Danny and I dressed up as Ninja Turtles.


instaImage_28 (1)

At  my November post surgery check-up, the doctor gave me the okay to start a walk/run program! I was up to about 14 minutes of straight running when my Achilles tendon started acting up. I am still able to run but I’m back to a 1 minute run, 2 minute walk ratio.


I was able to go to my first group fitness class in five months! I took the Butt and Guts class and couldn’t walk for days!


Overall, 2014 was a good but hard year. Due to my hip surgery, I wasn’t able to accomplish everything that I wanted to but I am now on the right track. My hip should be fully recovered soon and I will be on the way to accomplishing all my goals for 2015!

Have a fun and safe New Year’s Eve! See you next year! :)

  • What was your favorite part about 2014?
  • What are you looking forward to in 2015?




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Weekend Recap

Hello! How was your weekend?

I started this post a few days but ended up getting sick and feeling really terrible for a few days. I’m still not feeling well today but I’m feeling better than I did over the weekend. I’m hoping to feel better by New Year’s Eve!


Yesterday, I woke up with a cold. :( I went to the gym anyway hoping that I’d feel better after I worked out. I didn’t feel much better, but I did get in a good workout with my husband.

I started out on the treadmill.


I am back to running one minute and walking 3-4 minutes because my Achilles tendon is still bothering me a bit but it does seem to be getting better. I wore my new Nike Lunar Glide 6s and I loved the way they felt when I ran in them.

After the treadmill, Danny and I did a shoulder superset workout followed by some core work. Our shoulder exercises included:

  • plate front raises
  • overhead shoulder press machine
  • cable upright rows
  • Arnold presses
  • cable lateral raises
  • rear delt cable raises

It was a good workout but unfortunately, I am still feeling a bit under the weather.

In the late afternoon, we celebrated Christmas with my dad, stepmom, and stepbrother. We don’t see them on Christmas so we always get together the day after Christmas to celebrate.

I planned on cooking, but since I wasn’t feeling too well, we just ordered pizza instead.

My dad and stepmom got me a race entry for the Shamrock Shuffle in Chicago!!


I really want that to be my first race back after my hip surgery but it’s an 8k (4.97 miles), and I’m not quite sure if I’ll be able to run almost five miles by the end of March. I have a follow-up doctor appointment on January 5th so I am going to ask the doctor and my physical therapist if they think I’ll be okay to run five miles by then.

I was doing really good with increasing my time running but then I had a big setback with my darn Achilles tendon. But if I am unable to run, my dad and stepmom said they’d buy another race entry for me to a different race.

We had a lot of fun opening gifts and visiting.



My dad and stepmom got Jacob the 3Doodler pen which he wanted so bad.


It’s actually really cool that you make 3D creations with a pen!


On Saturday, I woke up feeling even worse than I did on Friday. I took some Mucinex D and started to feel a little bit better. We did a few errands during the day and stopped at Panera for some soup for lunch.


In the late afternoon, we went to my grandparent’s house to visit with them and my aunt and uncle who are going  back to California soon.


I woke up feeling really terrible on Sunday. I had so much sinus pressure that it felt like my head wanted to explode. I had a cough and a lot of chest congestion. I took another Mucinex and ibuprofen.

We had plans to go to our nephew’s surprise going away party at noon. He’s going to the Navy in the beginning of January so there was so way I could miss the party.


Even though I wasn’t feeling too good, we went to the party at the bowling alley. I just made sure not to get too close to people and just sat and watched the kids bowl.


How cute are these cookies that my sister-in-law’s friend made?!


After the party, we came home and I immediately got in my pajamas and right into bed.

It’s terrible being sick. The sinus pressure is the worse. It makes my head hurt so bad. I looked up some sinus pressure points online and have been pushing on them since yesterday. I don’t know if it’s helping but I am ready to do anything to relieve this sinus pressure.


I’m still not feeling well today but I do feel better than I did yesterday. I haven’t been to the gym since Friday and I still don’t feel good enough to go today. I have physical therapy tomorrow morning, so hopefully I feel good enough to get back to the gym on Wednesday.

Have a great Monday!

  • How was your weekend?
  • When was the last time you were sick?





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Christmas Eve Circuit Workout

Happy Christmas Eve!!

The kid’s elf, Nick, is very excited that it’s almost Christmas!



Yesterday, we had a busy day. Jacob had a dentist appointment to get a tooth pulled, I had physical therapy, and then we ran a few errands. When we got home, the kids wrapped their presents for Danny.


I also baked a ton of cookies yesterday. I made my favorite, Butterscotch Reese’s cookies.


I also made Peanut Butter Blossoms.

IMG_20141222_121626 (1)

And regular chocolate chip cookies.


As much as I love the holidays, I can’t wait until they’re over so I can get back on track with eating. I have been sampling too many delicious cookies lately!

This morning, I headed to the gym at about 8:00 am to get my workout in before we go to my grandparent’s house later this afternoon.

Crazy hair, don’t care:


I started with 12 minutes on the elliptical to warm-up and then I did the following circuit workout. I did each circuit three times, resting 1-2 minutes in between. (Use weights you’re comfortable with.)

Circuit #1: 

  • lateral raises with an alternating knee raise x12 each leg
  • ball wall squat with a biceps curl to overhead press x15
  • seated stability ball overhead triceps extensions x15

Circuit #2:

  • kettlebell swings x20
  • chest flies on stability ball x15
  • straight arm overhead reach on stability ball x15

Circuit #3:

  • woodchoppers with medicine ball x12 each side
  • plank/side plank (45 seconds each)
  • heel touches x20 each side
  • donkey kicks with weight behind knee x12 each leg

It was a good Christmas Eve workout!!

When I got home I started getting things ready for tonight. I am making one more batch of cookies. Jacob asked me to make Nutella cookies and he never asks me to make anything special for him so I decided to try them out. I just made regular chocolate chip cookies, added a little Nutella, and then I will do a Nutella drizzle on top of the cookies.

The dough is chilling right now, so we’ll see how they come out! I am also making a buffalo chicken dip for my grandparent’s house tonight. We’re supposed to be getting snow soon but I hope the weather isn’t too bad because my grandparent’s live about an hour away. And then Santa comes tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Christmas! 

  • What are your plans for tonight and tomorrow?


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First Christmas Weekend

Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming! I can’t believe that it’s Christmas week already! Are you all ready for the holidays yet?


On Saturday morning, I took a yogalates class at the gym. My physical therapist thinks that Pilates would be really beneficial to my hip recovery but my gym doesn’t offer a just Pilates class only yogalates – a mixture of Pilates and yoga.

The class went good and I had no pain doing anything. We did a lot of balance and core work. A few years ago I was taking yoga classes regularly. While I know that yoga has so many health benefits, it’s the only class where I find myself constantly checking the clock. It’s very slow, and I am so used to my faster paced workouts.

I will try to add it into my regular gym rotation but it might not be a favorite. :)

Saturday afternoon, we celebrated Christmas with my in-laws.



Christmas is always so busy and my brother-in-law has to work On Christmas day so it worked out that we got together a few days before Christmas.

My loves:


Side note: Before we got to my in-laws, Jaden bought that stuffed bear at the Dollar Store and refused to let it go. I always used to think stuffed animals were a waste of time…until I had Jaden. He loves his stuffed animals – he makes them food, bones, and beds out of paper. He feeds them, plays with them, and puts them to bed. Sometimes, I have to put them down for a nap while he’s at school. Obviously, the poor kid is screaming for a real life dog but unfortunately he’s allergic so his stuffed animals get the best care in the world.

The kids had a lot of fun playing and opening gifts.



My in-laws know me too well because I got lots of coffee!!



Sunday morning, Danny and I went to the gym. I started out on the treadmill for about 15 minutes. I ran for five minutes by my Achilles tendon still hurts so I run so I had to stop. Grrrr…it’s annoying!

After the treadmill, we did some shoulder exercises including: upright rows, plate front raises, cable lateral raises, barbell overhead press, and the overhead press machine.

Then I did a few of the calf exercises that I do in physical therapy – calf raises on a step and single leg touchdowns. I was diagnosed with compartment syndrome in my calves a few years ago and my physical therapist wants me to work on strengthening my calves.

Danny and I finished up our workout with some jump roping and stretching.



I’m heading to the gym this morning and then I have some Christmas cookies to bake! I’m making cookies for the kid’s room at the gym, my physical therapist, and for Christmas Eve.

Have a great day!

  • Are you ready for Christmas?
  • What’s on your Christmas wish list this year?
  • Growing up, did you play with stuffed animals?


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Food and Working Out

Good afternoon! Exactly one week until Christmas! Who’s excited?!

Today, my morning started out with a McCafe k-cup!


I am excited that McDonald’s is now making k-cups! I don’t like McDonald’s food, but I love their coffee. Before my Keurig days, I drank McDonald’s coffee almost every day.

For breakfast, I had one of these Dannon salted caramel Greek yogurts. I found them at Wal-Mart yesterday and had to pick some up to try. Delicious!


This morning I went to the gym and started out on the elliptical for about 15 minutes. I’m still not running yet because my Achilles tendon still bothers me. Super frustrating. I worked on chest and triceps exercises today and finished up my workout with about five minutes of jump roping.

I’m starting to do some jumping exercises at physical therapy  so my therapist said I could incorporate about 10 minutes of jump roping into my gym routine twice a week. I haven’t really done high intensity cardio in awhile so I was pretty much out of breath after jump roping. I jump as long as I can in a row and then rest a few seconds before continuing.

I ended up burning 574 calories!


My chest and triceps exercises included:

  •  incline chest press machine
  • decline chest press machine
  • chest press to single arm chest flies
  • chest press machine
  • overhead dumbbell triceps extensions
  • cable triceps pressdowns
  • overhead cable triceps extensions


I am back to eating grilled veggie pizzas for lunch.


I typically eat the same thing for lunch for a couple of weeks in a row and then switch it up. It’s just easier when I don’t have to think about what I’m going to eat for lunch everyday.

This afternoon, I have a few more presents to wrap and then I have to get things ready for Jaden’s holiday party at school tomorrow.

Have a great day!

  • What’s your favorite body part to work out?
  • What did you eat for lunch today?


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Parties and Cookies

Good afternoon! I hope everyone had a great weekend! The weather was fairly warm for us here in Chicagoland. But the snow is coming…I can feel it!


Danny had the day off on Friday and once the kids were in school, we went Christmas shopping.


We managed to buy almost everything on our list. I just have two presents left to buy this week. I can’t believe that Christmas is next week already!

We went to the gym on Friday afternoon around 4:30 pm. I’ve never been to the gym on a Friday afternoon and it was pretty crowded! I guess everyone’s getting their workout in before the weekend.

I worked on some of the leg exercises that I usually do at physical therapy including: leg presses, single leg presses, walking lunges, ball wall squats, single leg deadlifts, and side to side walking.

At the end of our workout, we took out the speed ladder and did a few different things. When I woke up on Sunday, the bottom of my feet were killing me. They still hurt today and the only thing I can think that caused it is the speed ladder. Hopefully, they’ll feel better soon.


On Saturday evening, we went to an extended family Christmas party.


It was really fun and it’s nice seeing family that we don’t see very often.


Santa even made an appearance and brought a gift for all the kids.


We got home late Saturday night and I was exhausted.


I was lazy all day on Sunday. I was tired and my feet were killing me, so I stayed in my pajamas most of the day. My friend, Jenny, did come over and visit for awhile though.

I also spent all Sunday morning baking. I baked a whole bunch of cookies for Danny to bring to work. I made peanut butter blossoms. I also made our favorite cookie – butterscotch Reese’s pieces. They are one of the best cookies I’ve ever had!


I also tried out a new cookie recipe – oatmeal M&M. Delicious. They have just a touch of cinnamon in them which really stands out in the cookie.



The Reese’s and M&M cookies are from the blog Sally’s Baking Addiction. She has some really great cookie recipes!

And that was our weekend!

Have a great day!

  • What did you do this weekend?


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Working Out and Physical Therapy

Good afternoon! Happy Wednesday – we’re halfway through the week! I’m excited because Danny has Friday off of work and we’re going Christmas shopping and hopefully we’ll check everything off our list.


Guess where I went yesterday? If you guessed the gym then you know me too well. :)

I drop Jaden off every morning and then head to the gym. Yesterday morning was busy and I had to grab breakfast on the go. Jaden absolutely loved his face in this picture:


I started off my workout with 30 minutes on the stationary bike. I went a total of 7.5 miles.


Next, I did some chest exercises including:

  • incline chest press machine
  • decline chest press machine
  • chest press on the stability ball
  • chest flies on the stability ball

Sometimes I add push-ups into my routine but my wrist has really been bothering me lately so I’m skipping the push-ups until it starts to feel better.

I finished my workout with a little bit of walking, stretching, and foam rolling.

After the gym, I had a physical therapy appointment. It works out good because my physical therapist is literally three minutes away from my gym. My achilles tendon has been bothering me a lot lately so the physical therapist worked on that. I’m also not supposed to run until it starts feeling better. I’m not even supposed to walk on the treadmill if it bothers me. So I’m going to take a short break from running until it gets better.

I got quite the workout at physical therapy yesterday. When I’m feeling good, she has me do a lot. I decided to wear my heart rate monitor yesterday to see how many calories I burned during my physical therapy session. In 45 minutes, I burned 407 calories, and I burned 555 calories at the gym before that.

Some of my physical therapy exercises yesterday included:

  • sprints in the elliptical (15 seconds hard/30 seconds rest)
  • leg press
  • single leg press
  • jumps on the leg press
  • single leg deadlifts
  • walking lunges
  • band walking side to side
  • balance exercises

I’m actually surprised that I’m not more sore today!


I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned it, but Jaden’s Elf on the Shelf, Nick, is back this year. This morning, Jaden found him playing Battleship with a teddy bear.


Jaden absolutely loves Nick. :)

This morning at the gym, I rode the stationary bike for 15 minutes and then did back exercises. Now I’m home and have a few Christmas crafts to work on. I can’t share what they are yet because they’re Christmas presents.


Have a great afternoon!

  • Have you finished Christmas shopping?
  • Do you ever make homemade presents?
  • Did you workout today?



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The Weekend

Good afternoon. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


Danny and I went to the gym on Saturday morning. We worked on shoulders and core. Some of our exercises included:

  • shoulder press machine
  • front plate raise with a twist
  • upright rows
  • Arnold presses
  • lateral cable raises
  • partner sit-ups with a medicine ball
  • planks

Post workout, we took some selfies. Totally normal.


Saturday evening, we drove about 40 minutes to see a Christmas lights display.


The lights were really cool and it was fairly short so we drove through twice. It was nice because you got to see all the Christmas lights from your car and it was free with the option to leave a donation at the end. I really enjoyed it. Danny and the kids liked it too.




My adductor and quad were really sore on Friday and Saturday so I debated on going to the gym on Sunday. I was kind of having a bad morning on Sunday but finally around 11 am, Danny and I decided to head to the gym. Sometimes working out helps me feel better when I’m stressed or having a bad day.

Pre-workout, I had the Cellucor C4.


I planned on walking for a few minutes to warm up but ended up going longer. I was going to walk on Sunday and run today but I was feeling really good walking so I decided to try running. I ended up running 14 minutes which is my longest run since my hip surgery. I felt really good but I was sore afterwards.

We also did a biceps and triceps workout which included:

  • cable biceps curls
  • hammer curls
  • biceps curl machine
  • overhead triceps extensions (with dumbbells and on the cable machine)
  • triceps pushdowns

We had a limited about of time since the kid’s room closes at 12:30 and we had to get Jaden, but we still got a really good workout in!

Sunday evening, we went to Whole Foods and I had a California roll for dinner. Jaden had a dairy free pizza that we found at our local grocery store.


I was really worried that he wouldn’t like it but he ended up eating two slices! He said it was good but I know he’ll end up eating it two or three times and then tell me that he doesn’t like it anymore and never eat it again.

Jaden is picky and only likes certain foods so finding dairy free options for him can be challenging.

After dinner, we worked on making and wrapping some Christmas gifts!!

Today, I went to the gym but took it really easy. I rode the stationary bike for 15 minutes and then I walked on the treadmill for 20 minutes. Unfortunately, my Achilles tendon has been bothering me a lot lately. (I swear, if it’s not one thing it’s another. Why can’t I ever just be 100%?! So frustrating!) I made sure to stretch and foam roll afterwards.

Have a great afternoon!!

  • What did you do this weekend?


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