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SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia Sweet Cola Drops

Disclaimer: I received this product for free from the sponsor of the Moms Meet program, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agreed to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC or the manufacturer of the product.    

About five years ago, I made the decision to quit drinking pop (yes, us Midwesterners call it pop). I was never a huge pop drinker but I felt like it was beneficial to me to cut it out of my life. It was extra sugar, calories, and caffeine that I didn’t need.

I honestly haven’t missed it too much but once in awhile I’ll see Danny drinking a Coke and I might smell it just to get that delicious Coke smell. Weird but true.

When I had the opportunity to try out the SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia Sweet Cola Drops through Moms Meet, I jumped at the chance. It was like drinking pop without really drinking it!

sweetleaf 115

The SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia Sweet Drops are a great alternative to drinking diet cola. All you do is add two drops of Cola Sweet Drops per ounce to your favorite plain sparkling water and you have a great alternative to drinking soda<—Soda, pop. It’s all the same :)

sweetleaf 091

I used Perrier sparkling water because I’m really fancy. And by fancy, I mean I sat in the backyard with crazy hair and no makeup in my pajamas and let Jaden squeeze the cola drops in the water. If that’s not fancy then I don’t know what is.

sweetleaf 093

Jaden loved being able to add the drops to the water. It’s always fun to squeeze things into a cup. You just have to watch him or he gets a little squeeze happy and before you know it, the whole bottle is gone.

sweetleaf 100

We measured out 8 oz. of sparkling water and squeezed in 16 drops of the Cola Sweet Drops. It was also a great opportunity for Jaden to do a little math. Two drops per ounce, 8 ounces of sparkling water. 2 x 8 = 16 drops. He was practicing math and he didn’t even know it.

sweetleaf 106

I love the Cola Sweet Drops because they tasted fabulous, actually quite better than I was expecting. They also don’t have any carbs, calories, sugars, methanol, aspartame, sucralose. They are all natural and gluten-free. They are sweetened with USDA certified organic stevia.

I love the small bottle and how easy it is to throw in my purse to bring it on the go. Each serving is only about 5 cents! SweetLeaf Sweet Cola Drops cost about $4.39 for 37 servings or $14.99 for 100 servings. That’s much cheaper than a case of pop!

You can save even more money by ordering Sweet Cola Drops online. Enter code ColaMD at check out on the Sweet Leaf website to save 30% and get free shipping! That’s a pretty sweet deal <— pun intended. :)

For more information (and flavors) on SweetLeaf Drops check out their Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages.

  • What do you call it: pop or soda? Or something else?
  • Do you drink pop/soda? Favorite?
  • Have you ever had SweetLeaf Sweet Drops?



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A Workout and A Wedding

Good morning! How was your weekend?

Thursday evening, I went to the gym while Danny stayed with Jaden for his swim lessons. It works out that the gym and swim lessons are in the same building.

I am getting a lot faster on the stationary bike now. I am able to actually keep it on the whole time and rode three miles in twenty minutes. Yay!


I also did a quick upper body workout while Jaden finished swimming. Hopefully I’ll be able to start driving this week so I’ll be able to go to the gym in the mornings again!

We had a busy weekend so I wasn’t able to make it to the gym at all.

On Friday night, we got frozen yogurt at Menchies.


I love having a frozen yogurt so close to us now but that also means we’re spending a lot of time there.

On Saturday, we went to Danny’s cousin’s wedding.


Sometimes I actually wear real clothes and not workout clothes. It’s rare, but it does happen. :)

Dress shopping (and jeans shopping!) is hard for me because I have a smaller waist and upper half and wider hips and bottom half so things don’t always fit me well. If the top fits then the bottom is too tight or if the bottom fits then the top is too loose. It’s a problem really.

Luckily, I managed to find a Calvin Klein dress that I loved and was a really good price. And it looked great with my crutches.


The wedding was so much fun. The ceremony was outside and of course I was dying from the heat but the reception was in an air conditioned tent.

Danny with his mom, brothers, and nephew.


The food was typical wedding food but my salad was really fancy, wrapped in a cucumber.


We had a great night and thanks to my dad and stepmom for watching the kids!!

On Sunday, we picked up the kids and then stopped at Friday’s for lunch. We don’t go to Friday’s often and I can’t even remember the last time we were there. Danny and I used to go to Friday’s all the time while we were dating.

I got miso chicken skewers which were delicious. I loved them, I just wished they’d add more veggies on the skewers.


Sunday afternoon, I was pretty wore out from Saturday and ended up falling asleep watching TV in the middle of the afternoon. Hip surgery has me spending lots of time in bed. I can’t wait to be better!!

Tonight, I have physical therapy and we’ll see about the driving and everything!

Have a great day!

  • What did you do this weekend?
  • When was the last wedding you went to?
  • Favorite restaurant?



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Arthroscopic Hip Surgery: Two Weeks Later

Good morning my wonderful internet friends!!

Yesterday marked exactly two weeks since my arthroscopic hip surgery due to a femoroacetabular impingement and labrum tears.

After two weeks, I am feeling great! The first few days post surgery were very hard and I remember repeatedly telling Danny that having surgery was the worst decision that I ever made in my life and crying. A lot.

I was wrong.

Having surgery was the best decision that I could have made for myself. Yes, the first few days were very hard but after 72 hours, they’re over.

I am still on my crutches and using my hip brace. That part is still pretty annoying but I am used to them by now. I am also still sleeping in my hip brace which I can’t wait to be done with. Hopefully by next week, I should be done with the crutches and hip brace.

As of yesterday, I am done with the continuous passive motion machine and the ice machine. That’s almost five hours a day of my life back!! What ever will I do with all my time?!

I am going to physical therapy at Athletico twice a week for the next couple of months. I see the same therapist that I saw last year when all my problems started in the first place.

Now some downsides to being two weeks post op. First, my schedule is so messed up and it drives me absolutely crazy.

Before surgery, I normally woke up about 7:30 am (earlier during the school year) and would eat breakfast fairly soon after waking up. I would get to the gym about 9:00 am and do my workout for the day. From there, I would either pick up my niece or do errands for the day.

Before surgery, I usually went to bed around 10:30pm. These days, I am staying up a lot later, sometimes after midnight and sleeping in, sometimes until 10:00 am. I didn’t even sleep in that late on the weekends before surgery!


Since I would wake up so late, I would do my CPM machine right away which meant I was eating anything until 11:oo am or sometimes later.

And the gym? Yeah, that doesn’t happen. I still can’t drive so most of my day is spent laying in bed staring out my window at the gorgeous weather that I am not out in.

I haven’t made in to the gym lately since I can’t drive. Evenings are hard because Jaden has swim lessons twice a week and I have physical therapy twice a week.  But hopefully only another week or so and I’ll be back on schedule!

Since a lot of my day is spent in bed, I have been watching a ton more TV. I record some shows at night to watch the next day.

The TV show that makes me the happiest is Blossom!


I watched Blossom growing up and it was my favorite show. Right after my surgery, they started playing it at 9:00 pm on The Hub network. I love it!

Some other shows I been watching are Chopped, including the Teen Chopped Tournament on Tuesday nights, Big Brother (love it!), Extreme Couponing, Under the Dome, and Say Yes to the Dress.

I have also been reading and am halfway through Wild by Cheryl Strayed.


I have also been trying to stick to healthy eating and have been loving strawberries lately.


Watermelon is my favorite fruit but I think strawberries are a close second!

Yesterday after my physical therapy appointment, we went to Whole Foods to get sushi to bring home for dinner. I was super hungry and needed a snack for the car. I grabbed these Snapea Crisps which were surprisingly good.IMG_20140723_194227

I’m sure they’re not the healthiest snack but I figure they’re healthier than potato chips! Have you tried them?!

I really wish they would build a Whole Food closer to me – it would save me a lot on gas money…that I would then spend on sushi.

Since I don’t have to spend my time in the CPM machine, I’m going to go find something fun to do, like practicing dancing with crutches since we are going to a wedding on Saturday! :)

Have a great day!!

  • Have you ever been sick and stuck in bed for a long amount of time? <—-I was on best rest when pregnant with Jaden for six months and that was not fun.
  • Favorite TV show when you were a kid?
  • Favorite TV show now?





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ginnybakes Review

Disclaimer: I received this product for free from the sponsor of the Moms Meet program, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agreed to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC or the manufacturer of the product. 

As a Moms Meet blogger, I was recently able to try out some delicious ginnybakes products. ginnybakes is a product line that makes delicious gluten-free, non-gmo, organic, and kosher dessert products. They also have a line that is vegan.

As someone with a huge sweet tooth, I appreciate the fact that ginnybakes products are healthier for me and my family. That means I can eat more of them, right? :)


I received a bunch of tasty looking products to sample. Jaden immediately wanted to try the chocolate chip cookies.

PicMonkey Collage

He loved them and ran outside with the bag to share with his friends.

ginnybakes has a few different cookies including: chocolate chip love, coconut oatmeal bliss, chocolate chip oatmeal bliss, and butter crisp love. We liked the chocolate chip love and chocolate chip oatmeal the best.


I also love that the cookies come in small individual bags. These are great to put in lunchboxes or to throw in my purse.


Besides cookies, ginnybakes also has other great products including bars and baking mixes.


Of course, I had to immediately make the lovely brownie bliss mix.


Jaden loves being my helper in the kitchen. This mix was great because it was super easy and kid friendly. To the brownie mix, we added one egg, water, and canola oil. The directions say to use coconut oil but since we didn’t have any, we were able to substitute the canola oil.


We put them in the oven and 18 minutes later we had warm, delicious, chocolatey brownies. So good!

There was also a peace love and crumble muffin mix that I can’t wait to try out next.


Another thing I loved were the ginnybars. Once again, these are a great product for at home or on the go.


There were so many delicious flavors: love & nuts, karma, love, & apricot, peace, love, & apple, and happy chocolate bliss. The bars are organic, gluten-free, kosher, non-gmo, wheat/oat free so you don’t have to feeling guilty about eating one…or two.

Overall, I loved these products. They’re a great choice for a healthy dessert or treat. Even if you don’t eat gluten-free, everyone can benefit from eating less wheat products. They are a delicious and nutritious treat with ingredients that you can feel good about putting into your body.

ginnybakes products retail for $5.99 for a 5.5 oz. box and can be found at some Costco stores, Whole Foods, Fresh Market, some Stop & Shop, Giant, Martin’s, Big Y, and Peapod stores. If you want to learn more about ginnybakes check out their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, or Pinterest.

  •  What’s your favorite dessert or treat?


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First Follow-Up Doctor Appointment

Good afternoon!

Doctor Appointment

I had my first follow-up with the doctor’s assistant this morning. First, they removed the stitches (it wasn’t terrible – just a little pinch) and then they took X-rays.

The doctor’s assistant said that I seemed to be healing nicely but I still have to take it easy because of the labrum tear repairs. I am also able to start putting more body weight on my leg. I’m supposed to put 25% more body weight on my leg, increasing the weight every 2-3 days. So, after 8-12 days I should be able to put my full body weight on my leg.

That means close to two more weeks on my crutches and hip brace until I’m free! After two weeks, I’ll be able to walk normally and drive again. I have two days left with my CMP machine and ice machine and then I’ll be done with those.

I’m slowly getting better. I am still good with the stationary bike and upper body exercises, and I will continue to do physical therapy twice a week.

The bad news is that I am not able to do BodyPump for 6 months and then after that I need to take 2-3 months to ease back into it. I’m kind of bummed about that and I’ll have to put BodyPump teaching on hold for awhile.

I am able to start walking after I’m off my crutches and I can slowly increase the distance. Hopefully, I’ll be able to run again eventually.

I asked about having to wear my hip brace to the wedding Danny and I are attending this weekend, and the doctor said yes, definitely. She that it would be most important to wear it to an event like that because there will be a lot of people and I have to be extra careful not to rotate my leg and hip.

She said that it’s also good to wear the hip brace so people realize that they have to be a little extra careful around me. So, now I have to figure out how my hip brace is going to work while wearing a dress.

I have another doctor appointment in five weeks to check my progress.


After the doctor, Danny, the kids, and I went to Panera for lunch. I had a Fuji apple salad and lemon orzo soup.


After lunch, we went to a new frozen yogurt place that just opened near us today.


It’s called Menchie’s and I really liked it. They had a lot of toppings and goodies for the frozen yogurt.


Danny was really hungry :)


Jaden likes to stir all his frozen yogurt and toppings together and then feed it to his big brother.


Overall, Menchie’s was really good with a large variety of frozen yogurt flavors and toppings.

Last Night’s Dinner

I also have to share last night’s dinner because it was so delicious. We made chicken and veggie kabobs (burgers for the kids).


I marinated the chicken and veggies all day in a mixture of olive oil, low sodium soy sauce, honey, and garlic.

They came out delicious! We ate them with brown rice, grilled broccoli, and watermelon. Yum!


Have a great afternoon!

  • What’s your favorite frozen yogurt place? Topping?
  • What did you have for lunch?


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I Went to the Gym!

Good morning! Happy Sunday!

Friday night was the first time I went to the gym in nine days! I can’t even describe how happy I was to go.


It might seem like such a little thing but after not working out for nine days and being stuck at home almost all day everyday, I was looking forward to it all day.

We went to the gym when Danny got home from work since I am still not able to drive for a few more weeks. I started out with the stationary bike. I am allowed to do 20 minutes slowly on the bike. Danny needs to help me on and off the bike and rode next to me to make sure I was okay.


I need to pedal so slow that the bike doesn’t even register that I’m on it.


Whatever. At least it’s progress.

I am also able to do upper body exercises while sitting on the bench.


I worked on biceps and triceps doing biceps curls, hammer curls, overhead triceps extensions, skull crushers, and triceps presses.

It was so nice to be able to workout again but I did get tired quickly.

Late Saturday morning, we went to the gym again. I did the stationary bike  for 20 minutes. Then, I did a shoulder and chest strength training workout. Once again I was really tired afterward, but it felt great to workout! I am feeling sore today.

Post workout, I had a Luna protein bar.


The chocolate chip cookie dough bar was delicious!

After the gym on Saturday, we stopped at Target. Danny and I are going to his cousin’s wedding next Saturday night and I needed a pair of flat shoes that I could wear with my crutches.


At least they’re sparkly.

And they have elastic which is nice because they actually stay on my foot while I walk with crutches. Since I had my labrum tears repaired, I can’t put my full weight on right foot for a few more weeks. So, when I walk with my crutches, I can only land on my toes, so the other shoes I tried on all fell off.

I am sure I’m going to look great in my dress, flats, and crutches. :) I am going to ask the doctor tomorrow if I can get away without wearing my hip brace for one night. I’m not really sure how I’d wear it with a dress.

Plus, it’s not like I’m going to be dancing the night away. I’m just going to be sitting there. All night. Sitting. And eating. Give me all your food.

Tomorrow morning is my first follow-up appointment with my doctor. I am excited to see how my progress is going, but I’m nervous to get my stitches out. I’ve only had stitches once in my life when I got two moles removed a couple of years ago and I don’t remember getting them removed.

Tonight, we’re making chicken kabobs on the grill! Yum!

Have a great Sunday!

  • Flats or heels?
  • Have you ever had stitches?
  • What are you having for dinner tonight?


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Arthroscopic Hip Surgery Part III: One Week Post Surgery

I AM GOING TO THE GYM TONIGHT!!!! <—- Yes, that sentence deserved to be in bold, all caps, and required multiple explamation points.

Backing up a little bit first…

It’s has been nine days since my surgery and I feel so much better than I did those first few days. So much better.

My surgery was last Wednesday, July 9th. Danny originally planned to go back to work that following Monday, but I was still having a hard time doing things myself so he took two more days off. He went back to work on Wednesday, July 16th and that was my first day on my own with the kids.

I am moving around so much better and can do most things for myself. I can get my leg into my CPM machine and my ice machine. I am able to get myself dressed, although putting on socks is a problem. I can get my hip brace on and move around a lot better than I was before.

I can get down the stairs myself – I just need one of the kids to hand me my crutches when I get to the bottom.


I can cook easy things for myself. Yesterday I was able to make Ezekiel French toast with peanut butter and eggs.


We have a really small kitchen so I can turn from the stove and hop once to the sink. I just am unable to bring my food to the table, but the kids do that for me. The kids have been really helpful. Jacob even made me coffee all my himself.

It’s definitely harder for me to watch the kids, but luckily they’re old enough they can do things on their own. Danny made a big batch of pancakes and put them in the freezer. Jaden, who is seven years old, is old enough to get them out of the freezer and cook one in the microwave. I have to admit they probably haven’t been eating the best lately. Jacob has been surviving on pizza rolls and Jaden ate almost an entire sleeve of cookies yesterday (but they were gluten-free and non-gmo!). I kind of have to pick and chose my battles with them.

On Wednesday, my wonderful grandma made spaghetti pie and dropped it off at Danny’s work so we could have it for dinner. It was so helpful because I can’t really cook a full dinner and two nights a week Jaden has swimming and I have physical therapy two nights a week so it gets busy.

She also made delicious peanut butter cookies and almond cookies which I ate before dinner :)


I have been able to go out a little bit more as long as I’m not on my leg for too long. We went to Red Robin for my niece’s birthday dinner on Monday night. I went out to Target and walked around on my crutches (that was exhausting). I am feeling so much more like a regular person!

My hip does still hurt. Sometimes I feel a tightness in the front of my hip. If I accidently put too much weight on my foot, it will hurt. My groin continues to hurt, although it’s not terrible, and sitting in an upright position for too long really makes my hip ache. I can’t wait to just walk like normal again!

Not being able to drive is no fun. It is hard being stuck inside all day every day. I did have some visitors yesterday! My brother has Thursdays off, so he stopped by with my niece to visit. She liked my crutches.


I have physical therapy every Monday and Wednesday in the evenings when Danny can drive me. At my appointment on Wednesday, the physical therapist said I could now ride the stationary bike at the gym for 20 minutes AND do upper body strength training!

I have never been so happy in my entire life. It’s hard from going to the gym almost every single day to not being able to work out at all. The therapist showed me how to get on and off the bike with Danny’s help. I can pedal slowly at no resistance for 20 minutes. And that will actually replace one hour on the CPM machine which is nice because I am on that machine four hours a day.

I am also able to do upper body strength training with my hip brace on while sitting on a bench. So I can do things like biceps curls, triceps extensions, shoulder presses, etc.

So, tonight when Danny gets home from work, we’re going to the gym!! I am so excited! It’ll be kind of weird walking into the gym with a hip brace and crutches but I don’t care. I am so excited to go!!

I have my follow-up doctor’s appointment on Monday when they’ll take my stitches out. And I’ll see how things are going! I think I still have at least two weeks left with the hip brace and crutches though!

I can’t wait to be recovered and pain-free!!

What are you doing this weekend?



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Arthroscopic Hip Surgery Part II: The First Few Days

Good morning!

Another post about my surgery! Yay! Well, my surgery has pretty much consumed my life lately, so I don’t have anything else exciting to talk about. :)

Post Surgery

The first few days post surgery were terrible. I hurt. I couldn’t do anything myself. I could barely get out of bed. I was drowsy from all the medications.

It was hard, and honestly, I couldn’t have gotten through it without my wonderful husband, Danny. He did everything for me. He gave me all my medications. He helped me into all machines and stayed close when I was on my crutches. He helped me to the bathroom and helped me get dressed. He took care of the kids. He cooked and brought me meals in bed. He went to Whole Foods and got me sushi. He sat up with me in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep because of the pain. He comforted me when I had mini meltdowns and cried my eyes out. (Don’t worry, it got better.)

Danny made me breakfast:


I am so thankful that I had Danny to help me through those first few tough days.

Coming home from the hospital, I had five medications to take.

  • Aspirin – taken twice a day for thirty days post surgery to prevent blood clots
  • Indomethacin – taken once a day for ten days to prevent bony overgrowth and to help inflammation
  • Colace – a stool softener to help with “things” caused by anesthesia and the narcotic pain medcine
  • Hydrocodone (Norco) - a narcotic pain medicine taken every 4-6 hours as needed for pain
  • Zofran – anti-nausea medicine. I didn’t take this medicine but I wasn’t nauseous once I left the hospital.

I was in a good amount of pain when I came home from the hospital. I took the Narco every four hours the first few days. Besides the hip pain, I had intense stomach pain. At times, my stomach hurt more than my hip.

The first few days, my stomach was serverly bloated. I looked and felt five months pregnant. I was so uncomfortable and didn’t know what was wrong. The pain was so intense that I spent most of Saturday night awake and crying. I was ready to go to the emergency room.

Danny called the nurse Sunday morning and she said sometimes it’s a side effect from the Narco. The narcotics can make your insides go numb, making it harder to go to the bathroom, thus causing the bloating. I was certain that she was wrong and I either had fluid in my stomach from surgery or I was dying.

She said to drink lots of water, eat more fiber, and take a laxative. I decided that Norco was the devil and decided to stop taking it.

After a few days, my stomach pain subsided and the bloating went away. I have to make sure to eat healthy and if I eat too much sugar or processed foods, the pain is intense. I have being dealing with stomach issues for awhile and have started drinking Good Belly and taking Probiotics.

Stopping the Narco seemed like a good idea at first. My pain was pretty manageable during the day and if my hip hurt a lot, I used my ice machine. Then nighttime came. Sleeping is rough. I have to wear feet booties strapped together which is terrible.

Finally, I worked out a system. I wouldn’t take pain medicine during the day and would use the ice machine for pain. Before bed I would take the pain medicine. So far, so good.

I also came home with four different machines/equipment/braces.

  • Crutches

Let’s talk about crutches for a minute. When I was in elementary school, I thought crutches were so cool. If someone ever broke a leg or twisted an ankle and got to use crutches, I was jealous. They looked so fun! Yay crutches!! Yeah, no.

Crutches are terrible. They are not fun. They are hard and uncomfortable to use. I felt like a baby deer just learning to walk when I first starting using them. I was all wobbly and fell over a lot. Danny had to stand six inches from me at all times so he could catch me when I fell.

I eventually got the hang of the crutches but I still hate them. They are exhausting to walk long distances with and it’s hard to determine how much weight I should be putting on my leg when using them.

  • A Hip Brace

I need to wear a hip brace at all times when I am up and about. I don’t need to wear it while using my other machines, going to the bathroom, or showering. The rest of the time I need to wear it.

It straps around my waist and around my thigh to keep my leg from hyperflexing and abducting. It’s tolerable.


  • Continuous Passive Motion Machine

I use this machine four hours a day for the first  two weeks.

It’s a large machine that my legs sits it and it extends and flexs my leg. Each day, I decrease the extension and increase the flexion. It’s kind of a pain to use but it’s not terrible.

Not the best picture, but hopefully you get the idea:


  • Night Time Padding

Of all my devices, the night time padding is the worse. I hate it. It makes sleeping impossible.

Basically it’s two booties that strap around my feet and they are attached with industrial strength velco to a drum that goes in the middle of my feet. The point is to keep my feet pointing upward and locked together so my hip can’t externally rotate.


It’s annoying to wear and I need to sleep on my back with my feet straight out, strapped together, and pointing upward. The bottom of the padding cuts into the bottom of my foot, similar to breaking in a new pair of shoes. I now place a thick piece of gauze under my heel and attach it with tape.


I did try sleeping in my hip brace for half a night which is an option if you can’t sleep in the foot padding. It’s only slightly better. Night time is the hardest time for me.

  • Ice Machine

I saved the best for last! The ice machine is my best friend. I straps around my waist and leg and pumps ice cold water to ice packs inside it. It’s supposed to cycle on and off every hour. Mine doesn’t. It stays on continously for some reason. I have to remember to take it off after an hour or my leg goes numb.

I used it on and off continously for the first three days and now I just use it as needed.

Two Days Post-Op

My first physical therapy appointment was on Friday, two days after my operation. It was tough because I was still really out of it and in a lot of pain. The therapist did some different leg circles with my leg and bent it up and down. He gave me some exercises to do at therapy and at home which included quad squeezes, glute squeezes, hamstring squeezes, and ab squeezes. I am really good at squeezing. Really good.

He also showed me the proper way to use the crutches and how to put the right amount of weight on my leg.

I asked the physical therapist if I would be okay to attend my niece’s birthday party the next day and he said as long as I sat, wore my hip brace, and stayed for a short time then I should be fine.

Three Days Post-Op

My niece’s 3rd birthday party was on Saturday. Even though I was still a little out of it and sore, I really wanted to attend her party. It ended up being a very hard day. First, I mixed up the time and we ended up leaving our house earlier than we needed to so we ended up just going back home since I couldn’t stay out too long.

We got home and I was so exhausted that I slept for thirty minutes before we headed out again. When we we’re leaving for the second time, I tripped and fell down the last few stairs. I can’t even describe the pain. I stood there, crying, for a very long time. Danny kept trying to talk me out of going to the party but I was determined.

We finally made it to the party. I was in a lot of pain but I took pain medicine and sat in a chair with my leg up the entire time. It was hard but I was glad that I was able to make it to my niece’s party. We stayed for awhile and then went home where I immediately put on my ice machine and passed out for hours.


My family was so supportive and helpful those first few days. My in-laws and my stepmom took the kids for a few hours a couple of the days. They sent me flowers and cards.


They brought me magazines and candy. My aunt sent me a package of books!


And the nice people at Luna sent me an awesome care package.


Luckily, after the first few days, I managed to start feeling a lot better! More on that later!

Enjoy your day!!


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Arthroscopic Hip Surgery – Part I

Good afternoon!

It has been six days since my surgery and I am doing pretty good!

I thought I would discuss a little bit what my surgery was like in case anyone is going through a similar problem.

I had my arthroscopic hip surgery on July 9th, 2014 with Dr. Shane Nho at the Rush University SurgiCenter in Chicago, Illinois.

Danny and I dropped the kids off at his parent’s house the morning of my surgery. We were supposed to be at the surgery center at 10:00 am for my 11:30 am surgery. We weren’t sure how traffic would be going into the city so we left in plenty of time to get there.

We ended up getting to the surgery center a little after 9:00 am. After checking in, we waited about a half an hour until they called me back. They took me back by myself at first and said Danny could come back with me once I was prepped.

They gave me a bed and the very first thing the nurse had me do was take a pregnancy test. If you were wondering, the test came back negative :) . After that, I put on a hospital gown and the nurse put in my IV. I don’t do too well with needles and I wished they had let Danny come back before they put in the IV, but I survived.


The nurse also had me intial with a marker exactly where on my body I was having the surgery. When we met with the doctor a short while later, he also initialed  my hip.

Once the IV was in, they let Danny come back and sit with me. They gave me a large dose of Tylenol right away and said I would receive better pain meds after the surgery. Dr. Nho came back and explained that they would be making three small insicions and use an arthoscopic camera to look at my bones and labrum and see the extent of the damage. From there, he would repair what needed to be fixed. I’ll spare you a picture of my insicions.

The anesthesiologist came over and introduced herself. I asked if there was a chance that I would wake up during surgery. I was nervous.

She said that they monitor your brain waves so that they know how much activity is going on and if I needed more medication. She then gave me a “cocktail” of medicines to make me relaxed and drowsy.

I felt fine after she gave me the medicine. I swear I didn’t feel relaxed or drowsy, but Danny says I was being a little loopy. I think a nurse agreed with me because she came over and asked if the medicine wore off. I said that it never worked in the first place. So, she gave me another “cocktail”.

After they gave me the medicine, they said Danny could give me a hug and kiss and they would have to take me back to start the surgery. Danny gave me a hug and kiss and that was exactly the last thing I remember. I remember nothing after that point. That “cocktail” of medicine must have kicked in really fast. Or maybe it was because I had two cocktails. :)

The next thing I know, I hear myself saying, “I was dreaming that I was on Facebook”. Then I hear a voice say, “What did she just say?”, and another voice answering, “I think she said that she was dreaming she was on Facebook”. It was weird.

The next thing I know, I am awake and crying. My leg hurt and my throat hurt. The nurse said that they had a breathing tube down my throat and that’s why it hurt. I kept asking for Danny. The nurse said that they normally wait until I am up and sitting in a chair until they’d let him come back but since I kept asking for him, they let him come back early.

During my hip arthroscopy surgery, Dr.Nho made a small insicion into my leg. Then he went into my hip joint with a small camera (you can see the camera in the pictures – it looks like a small wire). He then made two more small insicions to insert miniature surgical instruments.


I had a femoroacetabular impingement meaning the bones of my hip are abnormally shaped. The doctor shaved down the bone to the correct size. I also had two laberal tears which were repaired with a stitch. The doctor also said that my cartlidge also began to wear away more than it should have.

After shaving my bone and repairing my tears, I was stitched back up.

Since  I was completely out of it after surgery, the nurses explained to Danny how to use all my machine (I’ll go into detail about them in a later post).

My hip brace:


I was requried to use the bathroom before I left the hospital and that was a process. The nurse had to wheel me into the bathroom and help me to the toilet. I felt so sick after the surgery that anytime I moved at all, I felt like I was going to throw up. I also had a hard time passing urine which they said was normal and that’s why I was required to go before I left.

After the third nauseous time of being wheeled to the bathroom, I finally was able to go. I was so happy, I yelled, “I’m peeing!” really loud. The nurse thought something was wrong with me and busted into the bathroom. I was just happy because it was such a relief to go.

They got me a wheelchair to bring me downstairs to go home. Getting into the wheelchair made me very sick and I ended up having to throw up twice. It was terrible. They gave me the max amount of anti-nausea medicine and an anti-nausea patch behind my ear. Nothing helped.

The nurse said I could lay back down and rest awhile before I went home but at that point all I wanted to do was get home. I managed to get downstairs and into the car. I sat in the backseat with my leg straight out in my hip brace. I also left with crutches that I needed to use whenever I was up and walking.

It was a painful hour drive home. Danny drove as slow as he could because every tiny bump made me feeling like throwing up and hurt my leg. We finally made it home and I was able to hop up our small set of stairs to get into our front door. Once inside, I had to hop up another set of stairs to get into the bedroom. Finally, I was relieved to make it into bed.

There you go! There’s part one of my surgery story!!



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I’m Here!

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to check-in really quick and let everyone know that my hip  surgery went well. The doctor shaved the bone and repaired two laberal tears.

Pre-surgery picture. Post surgery, I wasn’t so happy.


I knew recovery would be hard, but I’ve been having a lot harder time than I thought  I would. I can’t really do much without Danny’s help and even then it’s hard.

It’s pretty painful and I can put very little weight on my foot. I have been using an ice machine, hip brace, CPM machine, and night foot brace around the clock. My days are spent lying in bed although I did make it to my niece’s 3rd birthday party for a short while yesterday. It exhausted me and I can’t even think about getting out of bed right now.

I did go to one physical therapy appointment, and it went well but painful. I’m trying to look on the bright side of things and know that after recovery, I’ll be back to my normal self. It’s just a long and hard process.

I will be back with a full update once I am feeling better!

Tell me about how you’re doing and what’s going on in your life!!

You can also check out my instagram @RunEatPlay. I’ve been posting a few pics!


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