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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I forgot to mention some good news the other day – starting in March I will be getting my own group fitness class to teach!

Many of you know that I was teaching BodyPump before my hip surgery. After hip surgery, I don’t think BodyPump is something that I will return to teaching because the high amount of reps were hard on my body and my cartilage is already starting to wear away.

At first, I was upset about it, but honestly as much as I loved taking BodyPump classes, teaching the classes were a lot harder for me. Every BodyPump class is choreographed precisely to music so no matter where you go in the world the class will be exactly the same. Although the moves weren’t hard to learn, it was a little harder for me to be on exact count with the music if that makes sense. I’m not really a musically inclined person.

My new class will be Women on Weights which takes place on the fitness floor – no classroom, no music, just lots of strength training! I am very excited. I will be teaching Tuesday mornings which works out perfect!

Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s Day this year, I made Danny a Jack and Coke “cake”.

There’s a bottle of Jack Daniels in the middle, surrounded by cans of Coca Cola!

Danny and I were obviously meant to be together forever because we both bought each other a Reese’s peanut butter heart!

Danny also got me the donut coffee mug I’ve been wanting and a tub of Alpha Aminos, which I was very excited about – he knows me too well!

He also got me the cutest coffee mug that changes from asleep to awake as the coffee hits it! Very cute!

And last night at Whole Foods, we picked up some fresh chocolate covered strawberries that I will probably eat for breakfast.

We always get the kids a little Valentine’s treat and Jaden was very excited to get his.

My niece and Jaden made a really cute butterfly Valentine’s craft a few days ago.

We used toilet paper tubes and covered them with scrapbook paper and added hearts for the wings.

My niece had fun spreading the glue with a paintbrush.

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and remember, Valentine’s Day is about celebrating all those that you love – moms, dad, grandparents, spouses, neighbors, kids, etc. Spread the love!!



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