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Sick Day

Good morning!

Today at the gym, I did the Bikini Body Mommy workout. It was a new workout and a cardio day and it was tough! It definitely got my heart rate up!

I always use the Tabata timer app on my phone for these workouts. You just set the work time, rest time, and number of exercises and the app counts down for you.


I hydrated with tropical Nuun during my workout.

I love that these are so easy to just pop into your water. It has no sugar and a lot of electrolytes.

After the cardio workout, I did a few biceps and triceps exercises. My wrist still bothers me so I have to be careful with what exercises I do. Today, I did bicep/tricep supersets.

I did the following exercises:

  • concentration curls/overhead tricep extensions
  • single leg hammer curls/tricep dips on bench
  • dumbbell curls/tricep kickbacks
  • bicep curls with resistance band

That was as far as I got when my Fitbit Charge started flashing the name of my son’s school. (I love that you can see who’s calling right on your wrist!) It’s never good when the school calls in the middle of the morning.

Jaden had a very slight fever and wasn’t feeling well so I said I would come pick him up. I’m glad it was today and not tomorrow because tomorrow is my first official day at work. I picked him up and then we stopped at Target for some much needed coffee and a Sprite for Jaden’s tummy.

I also had a Rockin’ Refuel chocolate protein shake.

I know I mentioned these all the time but I am obsessed. They are so easy and convenient. And they have 30 grams of protein which perfect for someone like me who is always trying to get enough protein.

The rest of the day will just be spent doing a few things around the house and taking care of Jaden.

Have a great afternoon!

  • When was the last time you were sick?
  • Favorite thing to drink?


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