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Teddy Bear Party

Good Morning!

Yesterday morning, Danny and I headed to the gym. I started out with the 15 minute Bikini Body Mommy workout while Danny ran on the treadmill. Then we did some back exercises together.

We did incline dumbbell rows, lying lateral raises, wide grip lat pulldowns, seated rows, t-bar raises, and good mornings. We finished with a few core exercises and some foam rolling. The BBM workout includes a lot of jumping exercises so my calves are always incredibly tight. I always make sure to save a few minutes for foam rolling and stretching at the end of a workout.

After our workout, I had a meeting at work, and then I came home to start getting ready for Jaden’s family birthday party.

We started out with a little FitBit meet-up. :)

There’s so many of us that have Fitbits! It’s fun too because we can create challenges against each other and cheer for each other.

Jaden’s birthday is next week but we had his party yesterday since next weekend is Valentine’s Day.

My super talented Grandma made Jaden this awesome teddy bear cake:

Didn’t it come out awesome?!

Jaden loves his teddy bears so I thought it would be fun if everyone surprised him with a stuffed animal as a gift. He was so excited and surprised for all his new animals.

My in-laws got him a little stuffed puppy that actually looks like it’s breathing. It was so realistic looking. Of course, all the kids loved the puppy. My niece even announced that she wanted to take it home.

My sister-in-law, Crystal, found the new Red Velvet Oreos and brought them to the party. Danny and I actually checked three stores for them the night before but couldn’t find them.

I’m not really a fan of regular Oreos (but I could eat a whole box of those mini peanut butter Oreos!) but the Red Velvet Oreos were very good.

I’m very lucky to have such a close and giving family to help make Jaden’s birthday special!

I hope everyone has a great Sunday!

  • Do you like the flavored Oreos? Favorite?
  • When is your birthday?
  • Favorite back exercises?





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