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Fun Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! I know some people aren’t into Valentine’s Day, but I like to look at Valentine’s Day as a day to celebrate those you love whether it be a spouse, significant other, mom, dad, grandparent, or kids, etc.

Today I wanted to share a few different Valentine’s Day ideas with you.

For the past couple of years, I’ve left a trail of Hersey kisses for the kids leading from their rooms to the kitchen table where there is a special Valentine’s Day treat waiting.

They love collecting the Kisses all the way down the stairs!

Some years I make a fancy dinner for Danny and the kids. The kids love getting menus like they’re at a restaurant!

I’ve also made a fun Valentine’s Day cake for a family dessert on Valentine’s Day.

A heart shaped cookie is also a cute idea and easy to make.

As a present for Danny one year, I made a Man Bouquet which included mini alcohol bottles, gum cigars, a coupon for free Coke, and candy.

One year for Danny, I cut out 365 hearts. One each heart, I wrote something I loved about Danny, a favorite memory, a love quote, or song lyrics. I put them all in a bag and each day of the year Danny could pick one out and read it! If you plan on doing this, I would recommend getting an early start on it. It took a long time to cut out 365 hearts and write on all of them!

Another great gift for your mom or sister would be a pampering in a jar gift. I made these for Christmas a few years ago but they’d also be great for Valentine’s Day!


The jar included things like fuzzy socks, lotion, lip balm, and chocolate. There are so many things you could put in one of these jars.

And there you have it! Some fun Valentine’s Day ideas!

  • Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?
  • Any ideas to share?


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