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Quick Check-In


Last night, my calves were killing me. I couldn’t even bend my legs because they were so tight and I had to walk all crazy.

A couple of  years ago, I was diagnosed with compartment syndrome, meaning my calf muscles are too tight in their sheaths and don’t get proper blood flow. Normally they aren’t too bad, but with not running outside for months and the few hills yesterday, the Shamrock Shuffle just made them really tight and painful.

Danny used this torture device on my calves last night to help loosen them up. It hurt.

This morning, I woke up feeling horrible. I have a bad cold, a headache, and my calves are still killing me. The good news is that my hip felt really good after the race. It didn’t really bother me at all while running so I guess the cortisone shot I got last month helped.

The weather is beautiful outside, so I thought it might help loosen my calves up if the kids and I went for a walk.

Jaden also has his first 5k this weekend coming up so I thought it would be good practice for him. It took him over 20 minutes to walk one mile and then he declared that he would ride his bike for the 5k. It’s going to be a long race…

I am hoping with all the other people and the excitement of the race, he’ll pick up the pace a bit.

After we walked for about thirty minutes, they kids played at the park for awhile. It’s so nice to actually get out of the house and be in the sunshine.

After we got home, I checked my steps on my FitBit and was right around 5,000 steps. About a half an hour later, I noticed that my FitBit was gone. The darn thing fell off my wrist.

I know it has to be at home somewhere since I was able to sync it after our walk, I just can’t find it anywhere! What a pain. It’s just been one of the days.

Besides going for a walk, we didn’t really do much today. I just feel too yucky. I had some black cherry tea this afternoon hoping it would help me feel a little better.

I don’t think it helped, but it tasted good :)

Have a great afternoon!

  • What are your plans for today?
  • What was your first race?
  • Have you ever lost anything important?


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Shamrock Shuffle 8k 2014

Good afternoon! It is sunny and 60 degrees here in Chicagoland! I don’t think we’ve seen weather like this in a long time – it’s wonderful!!

This morning, I ran the Shamrock Shuffle 8k with Danny, my stepmom, and her friends Nick, Cindy, and Stephanie.

I have lived in the Chicago suburbs for close to 32 years and this was my first race in the city. And my favorite race. I’m normally not a huge fan of crowds and people and with 40,000 other runners, I was a little worried, but everything worked out perfectly.

The expo was Friday and Saturday. My dad and Sue picked up our packets for us. They said the expo was nice and although parking took awhile, packet pick-up was a breeze.

Danny’s fast. I’m not fast. :)

They even had some great photo ops at the expo – my dad and stepmom.

We dropped the kids off at my mom’s on Saturday night and woke up about 5:30 am on Sunday morning. When we woke up, I wasn’t feeling the best. The kids have had a cold lately, and they gave it to me. This made me really nervous about running. I was also worried about my hip and calves and planned to walk/run.

I said going into this race that I didn’t have a goal in mind and just wanted to finish. But in my mind, I really felt like I needed to finish in an hour or less. Once I started going, I felt a lot better than expected. I ended up being able to run the entire thing and finished in 51:56!! :)

Danny finished in 40:55. Yay Danny!!

I was incredibly happy! I really planned on walking, but with the energy of the crowd and the cool weather, I managed to run all of it. My legs almost collapsed when I crossed the finish line but I walked around until they felt better.

Right now, my calves are absolutely killing me – the worst they’ve been in a long time, but it was worth it to cross the finish line without walking (ask me if I feel the same way tomorrow).

My hip felt really good, so that cortisone shot I had must have helped a lot.

The Race

We meet up with everyone else in the morning and arrived in the city about 7:30 am. We parked at a hotel for $30 (totally worth it!) and we’re able to hang out in the hotel with the other runners and use the indoor bathrooms.

I was really worried about what to wear. I knew it would be sunny out, but about 35 degrees at race time. I warm-up really quickly when I’m running but was also worried about being too cold. I ended up wearing pants, a short-sleeved dri-fit t-shirt, a long-sleeved dri-fit shirt, my calves sleeves, and my Reebok ZQuick shoes.

After we left to the hotel to get to our corrals, I was really cold, but managed to warm-up pretty fast. With 40,000 other runners, there’s a lot of body heat. The corral were really crowded. My stepmom and her friends have run this race for a few years now and they said they’ve never seen the corrals so crowded.

Can you spot me?

We managed to get into the corral (we all started together) and the race started exactly on time – 9:15 am.

The course went through downtown Chicago and traces some of the streets that will be used for the Chicago Marathon later in the year. The course started out really crowded and remained pretty crowded throughout the race, but it didn’t feel overcrowded.

Running with that many people really gives you energy and makes things fun. There was music at every mile marker, water/Gatorade stations, porta potties, and medical stations. I enjoyed looking at the buildings and Chicago landmarks and watching the other runners and cheering crowds.

I did get warm, but not too warm. I unzipped my shirt a little bit and pushed my sleeves up a little. I was hot but not too uncomfortable. I listened to my iPod shuffle and wore my Spi belt in case I didn’t want to listen to it anymore. I also had Kleenex in it in case my cold started to act up.

At the end of the course is a giant hill. It killed my calves. Killed them, which is probably why my legs almost gave out at the end of the race. I wore my Garmin but the distance was totally off, so I just went by the total time. I saw the finish line and knew if I could push through the pain, I could finish in under 52 minutes.

I kicked into semi-high gear and crossed the finish line in 51:56, 8 minutes faster than the goal I hoped for in my head. It was tough, but I was happy! I immediately drank a cup of lemon-lime Gatorade which tasted like the best thing in the world at that moment.

I am not a banana fan, so I grabbed a snack bag compliments of Mariano’s grocery store which included SunChips, a Bel-Vita bar, and pretzels. I ate the Bel-Vita bar and shared some of Danny’s sun chips. After the race, you have to walk a while until you’re able to meet up with the other people you came with. It took me a while to find everyone else (although we had a meeting place!!), but eventually I found everyone.

We took a few pictures but didn’t stay for the after party since we had to go pick up the kids from my mom’s house. Despite all the people, we managed to get out of the city fairly quickly.

The girls:

We dropped my dad off since he rode with us. He is also the official photographer/supporter/bag holder/and sign maker.

After we dropped my dad off, we stopped for coffee. I might or might not have had a jelly donut. :) Oh, pre-race I had a Clif bar around 7:15 am in case you were wondering.

When we got to my mom’s house, it was extremely difficult to walk without pain in my calves. I eventually need to stretch them out – maybe I should do that soon.

When we got home a little after noon, everything hit me – the fatigue from not sleeping well the night before, the cold that I have, and the soreness of my body from running a longer distance than I’m used to. I passed out.

I asked Danny to wake me up after 30 minutes. I slept two hours. Two hours. Danny says he tried to wake me up but I wasn’t having it.

I took some Advil when I woke up but my head and nose are still stuffy and I am not even going to talk about my calves.

Overall, The Shamrock Shuffle was a wonderful race. I’m glad my stepmom finally talked me into running it. It was a lot of fun and made me realize that I actually do enjoy large races. I liked the people, I liked the course (minus the hills!), and I thought everything was well organized. I would love to run this race again in the future!



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Making Me Move!

Hello! My internet and TV were down yesterday so I wasn’t able to post, but they’re working again today (super slow) so I’m back. :)

On Tuesday night, we made a stop at Whole Foods. There are few items that I love from Whole Foods that I don’t mind paying a little bit more money for – salmon, pineapple, and PB2. Actually, Whole Foods is the only store near me that I can find PB2. And why is their pineapple so delicious? It’s just pineapple?!

I also got some Annie’s smoky maple BBQ sauce to try out – looks good!

Yesterday morning, I took Jaden to the allergy doctor.

His allergies has been terrible the last few days and he has been sniffing non-stop. He gets allergy shots every few weeks, so I guess with the pollen in the air and allergens in the allergy shot, it was like an overdose in his body.

My poor child and his never ending allergies.

After his appointment, I dropped him off at school. I had about 45 minutes to kill before I had a dentist appointment, so I went to the gym. Usually, if you’re short on time, a HIIT workout is the best thing to do.

High intensity interval training is  a workout that alternates bursts of high intensity cardio followed by a less intense recovery. This will help you burn more calories and build endurance.

After my workout, I went to the dentist – I have no cavities and clean teeth.


Breakfast this morning was peanut butter chocolate chip protein pancakes.

You can’t see the chocolate but it’s in there! I only use about 1/2 a tablespoon of chocolate chips.

Today’s Workout

  • 3.5 miles – indoor track

While yesterday’s workout was short and intense, today’s was slow and steady. My calves have been getting really tight lately which makes running not so fun. It takes about three miles for them to loosen up, and by then I have to leave to pick up my niece.

This was the last day that I’ll run before the Shamrock Shuffle 8k. While I’m not prepared to run the whole thing, I think I should be good to walk/run it.

Fit Bit

I have been wearing my Fit Bit for about a day and a half so far and I am really liking it.

I did notice two things:

  1. I obsessively check the data all day long.

Since there is a Fit Bit app, I can check my stats from my phone anywhere, anytime.

2. It makes me move more.

Being able to check my data makes me more accountable. Yesterday, I went grocery shopping and ususally I try to carry in as many bags as humanly possible at one time so I don’t have to make numerous trips. But yesterday, I decided to only carry a couple of bags into the house at a time so I purposely had to make many trips that way I could get more steps in.

I was really close to my goal of 10,000 steps last night so I walked back and forth in our room so I could get in some more steps. Danny just thought I was nuts.

I do think the Fit Bit makes you realize that you need to move more during the day, and I really like that about the device.

After I ran today, I was super close to 10,000 steps by 11 am. By 12 pm, I had in my 10,000 steps for the day. Then, Fit Bit sends you a nice email congratulating you on being awesome for getting in 10,000 steps. So far, I’m liking this little guy :)

In dessert news, I found these Kim and Scott’s frozen juice treats at the store. They are only 60 calories and perfect for after dinner when I am craving something sweet.

Did anyone else use to freeze juice as a kid and scrape it up to eat like a slushy? Or was that just me?

Tomorrow is Friday and then my kids are on Spring Break! Let the craziness begin!

  • Do you get a Spring Break or are your kids on Spring Break?
  • Do you ever do HIIT or tabata workouts?
  • Do you have allergies?
  • Favorite “healthy” dessert?


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My FitBit arrived!

Good afternoon!

Today’s Workout:

  • Women on Weights Class – 45 minutes
  • 2 miles, indoor track

In women on weights class today, we did stair runs. We ran up and down the back set of stairs at the gym. Have you ever run up and down stairs?! It’s hard. My heart rate got up to 176 bpm and it doesn’t even get that high when I run fast. Definetly a great workout.

After class, I ran two miles on the indoor track. About three laps in, I remembered that I recently bought an iPod shuffle, so I went and grabbed it out of my gym bag. Now I remember the one reason that I like running with music – it makes me run faster.

Don’t you have that one song that comes on that makes you want to run faster, workout harder, or just dance?

Then, I also remembered why I hate working out with music – the dumb right earphone kept falling out. Sigh.


We usually go grocery shopping on Sundays, but we we’re busy this Sunday and weren’t able to make it to the store. We were also busy yesterday – Jaden needed an allergy shot and Jacob needed a pair of sports goggles (those things are expensive!!) so we weren’t able to make it to the grocery store yesterday either.

Needless to say, we don’t have much food in the house. When I picked up my niece today, I had to borrow an egg from my brother so I could eat lunch. Thanks for the egg, Paul. You saved lunchtime.

Bringing home the egg in my cup holder:

Egg whites, cheese, and jam on a English muffin:

I also had some salad.

Danny found this Dole chopped BBQ salad with kale that is delicious. I just left off the tortilla strips.


My FitBit arrived today! Yay!

I plan on putting it on tonight so I’ll start with a full day tomorrow.

I ordered mine online so my only color choices were black or blue. My super sweet friend from the gym gave me her extra pink band so I could switch the colors out. (The FitBits come with two different size bands). Thanks, Jess! :)

I am excited to start wearing it :)

Tonight I should probably go grocery shopping. Does anyone else hate grocery shopping?!

Have a great afternoon!!

  • How often do you grocery shop?
  • What did you have for lunch today?
  • Favorite workout song?


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Eating Out, Working Out, FitBits and Shuffles

Did everyone have a great weekend? We had a lot of sunshine – now we just need some warm weather!


Friday night, my dad, brother and I went out for dinner at Bob Chinn’s, a seafood restaurant. I can’t remember the last time that I’ve been out with just my dad and brother – probably not since I was a kid.

We had a great time and ate huge crab legs. This was only my third time eating crab legs (probably because of their giant price tag) and they were just as good as I remember.

After dinner, went to Dave and Buster’s and played pool.

I am not good at pool. Not at all. It was a lot of fun anyway, and I figure my pool skills can only improve :)

Saturday’s Workout

  • HIIT workout on the indoor track – 30 minutes
  • Core workout and stretching – 30 minutes

I went to the gym Saturday morning and did a high intensity interval training workout on the indoor track. I walked between 1-2 laps, and then I ran fast for 1-2 laps. I did that a total of six times and then I did some core exercises.

I wore my Zensah calf sleeves since my calves have been so tight lately.

On Saturday night, we had my niece overnight, so we took the kids to a pizza restaurant where they were able to make their own little pizzas.

Afterwards, we rented Free Birds and ate ice cream in the living room.


On Sunday, we met my family for breakfast. If you can’t tell, we ate out way too much this weekend. Usually we’ll go out for dinner on the weekend, but this weekend included way too much eating out. And all that eating out definitely makes a difference in how I feel, so today I made sure to eat healthy and start entering my food into the My Fitness Pal app.

Sunday afternoon, I stopped at Target and bought a new iPod shuffle. It’s my third one.

I had an iPod shuffle years and years ago, but it accidently went through the washing machine. Then, Danny gave me his old one because he didn’t use it anymore…and I lost it. Those darn things are so small.

So why do I keep buying iPod shuffles then? First of all, I cannot exercise with an armband – like if I used my phone. It drives me absolutely crazy. I just want to rip it off my arm the whole time. The shuffle is perfect because it clips on my waistband and doesn’t touch me.

Even the headphones start to drive me crazy after awhile. Most of my 5ks end with my shoving my iPod into Danny’s hand the last quarter of the race.

Next, I don’t need music to workout. I am perfectly fine without music when I workout, so it doesn’t make sense for me to buy some fancy expensive iPod.

And that is why I bought a third iPod shuffle.

Today’s Workout

  • BodyPump – 60 minutes
  • Treadmill – walked 3.25 miles (between 2%-7% incline)


I ordered a FitBit! Some of you might remember that I used to wear the BodyMedia Fit device. I loved it and found it really helped me lose weight. I stopped wearing it for awhile, and just recently I decided to get a FitBit.

The FitBit doesn’t require a monthly fee like the BodyMedia does, and I can wear it around my wrist so it’s a little less noticeable than the BodyMedia. I also love that the FitBit syncs with My Fitness Pal.

FedEx tried to deliver it today, but of course I was at the gym and it required a signature.

Hopefully, I’ll get it tomorrow and can wear it for a full day on Wednesday.

Have a great afternoon!

  • Do you eat out more on the weekends?
  • Do you have a FitBit or similar device?
  • Do you listen to music when you workout?






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Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Protein Pancakes – Fit for Fitness


Happy Friday!

Yesterday’s Workout:

  • 3.5 miles – indoor track
  • stretching

In an attempt to get ready for the upcoming Shamrock Shuffle 8k next week, I planned to run four miles yesterday. That didn’t happen. Instead I ran three miles and walked half a mile.

My whole entire lower right side refused to cooperate. My right side was all like, Yay! Running! We could do this all day! My right side wanted to punch me in the face.

My right glute is still sore from Butts and Guts class, my hip started to ache, and my calves decided to get tight again. At this point, I don’t care if I have to walk the entire 8k. I have no goals or hopes & dreams going into it, except to finish the darn thing.

I made sure to stretch after my run and I foam rolled the heck out of my glute when I got home.


I was recently contacted by Shari’s Berries about creating with a healthy recipe that included chocolate. They’re working on a project during the month of March called Fit for Fitness – basically how you can incorporate foods like chocolate into your diet and still live a healthy lifestyle. And like I always say, I believe in everything in moderation.

Chocolate comes from the cacao plant and actually provides many healthy antioxidants. Dark chocolate usually tends to be the most healthy and the more nonfat cocoa solids a chocolate product contains, the more antioxidants it has.

I didn’t have any dark chocolate on hand, so I incorporated semi-sweet chocolate into my recipe – chocolate chip peanut butter pancakes! I have been loving protein pancakes lately, so I decided to try out a recipe using chocolate chips. To date, it is my favorite pancake recipe I have made!

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Protein Pancakes   Serves: 1


  • 1/4 cup oats (I used Quaker Perfect Portions)
  • 1/3 cup water
  • 2 egg whites
  • 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 1 tbsp. PB2 or peanut butter
  • 1 tbsp. chocolate chips.


  1. Add oats and water to a bowl, stir, and microwave approx. one minute.
  2. Beat egg whites into oats, mix in protein powder and peanut butter, lightly stir in chocolate chips.
  3. Cook pancakes on a heated pan or griddle over medium heat approx. 2-3 minutes on each side.
  4. Serve with your favorite toppings or garnish with a few more chocolate chips.

These pancakes were delicious! Nothing beats peanut butter and chocolate!

Today’s Workout

  • Taught BodyPump – 60 minutes

I taught BodyPump this morning and afterwards I had a peanut butter and jelly Quest bar.

More peanut butter!


Lunch this afternoon was chicken fajitas.

I mentioned that I have been trying to add chicken to my diet lately for more protein. I am not a huge fan of chicken and don’t like eating it by itself, but I don’t mind it in other things – like fajitas/tacos.

I cooked the chicken with peppers, red onions, and salt-free fajita seasoning. I ate them on corn tortillas topped with cabbage and mango.

I also discovered a new delicious flavor of Sparkling ice water – cherry limeade.

The bottle doesn’t say new, but I have never seen this flavor before. My favorite is the pineapple coconut but the cherry limeade is a close second!

Have a great weekend!

  • Do you have any plan this weekend?
  • What did you have for breakfast?
  • Favorite way to eat chocolate?



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Tradewinds Tea

good afternoon!

Yesterday’s Workout:

  • 1 mile, indoor track
  • Butts and Guts class – 60 minutes
  • Women on Weight class – 45 minutes

On Tuesdays when I don’t work, I always get a really good workout in! I usually get to the gym about 20 minutes before class starts, so I ran a mile on the indoor track. Then, I took the Butts and Guts class where the instructor incorporated some tabata work. Right after Butts and Guts, I head to Women and Weights with a few of the women from class.

Yesterday, we started with some core work followed by shoulder exercises. We did upright rows (I managed 40 lbs) followed by front and lateral raises. This morning, my right (of course!) glute and shoulders are sore. I also practiced BodyPump for awhile so that added to my soreness.

After my workout, I stopped at McDonald’s for coffee. I can’t even remember the last time I drank a McDonald’s coffee, and I used to drink it on a daily basis. I also had a chocolate peanut butter Lara bar.

Since, I didn’t have to watch my niece yesterday, I made a quick trip to Whole Foods. I bought a new insulated hot/cold bag because I dearly love my hot/cold bags.

I only bought a few things (and the bill was still over $40!) including a salad for lunch.

I also picked up some cut-up mango (my fav), California roll sushi (the only sushi I have been brave enough to try), and few Kind bars for me and Builder bars for Danny, shredded cabbage for fish tacos, and pineapple.

Tradewinds Tea

I was recently sent some delicious Tradewinds tea to try.

I have only discovered my love for tea over the past few years, compared to Jaden who started drinking tea at age 2. He was drinking tea long before I was :)

Tradewinds sent me two teas to try out – sweet and unsweetened. I drank the unsweet with lunch yesterday.

I do like unsweetened tea although I prefer it sweetened. The Tradewinds unsweetened tea was good enough to drink on it’s own but I did add one packet of Truvia to satisfy my sweet tooth. I also love that the bottles are big so you get a good amount of tea.

I had my little tea connoisseur try out the sweet tea this morning. He had just woken up and could barely open his eyes:

He gave it two thumbs up…or tried to.

He loved it and probably would have drank the whole bottle if I let him. We did a taste test with the unsweetened tea and the sweet tea. Jaden said that he loved the sweet tea but didn’t enjoy the unsweetened tea. But he did say that he wanted to save the unsweetened tea to mix with lemonade.

I drank the sweet tea too and it was really good. I’m so used to water that sweet tea sometimes tastes like a treat. I love that it was perfectly sweet and not too bitter or overly sweet. Two thumbs up.

Yesterday night, we went out and bought Frozen. I can’t even remember the last time that I bought a DVD. And we haven’t even seen Frozen yet. But I have heard such wonderful things about it that I decided it would be the first DVD we’ve bought in like 5 years.

Danny said that he’s never seen me so excited about a movie, including Harry Potter. Come on now, we all know that Harry Potter is all about the books.

Today’s Workout

  • BodyPump – 60 minutes

Have a great day!

  • Do you like tea? Sweet or unsweetened?
  • Have you seen Frozen?
  • Last DVD or Blu Ray you bought?

Disclaimer: I was provided with the Tradewinds tea at no charge. All opinions are my own…and Jaden’s.



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Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2014

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

First, up the two winners of the Fresh Express coupon giveaway: Julie and Sandra! I already sent you both emails!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I was supposed to work Friday night, but my appointment got canceled, so Danny and I decided to workout at the gym instead.

We did a workout from The New Rules of Lifting book which included squats, push-ups, seated rows, step-ups on a box, and jackknifes on a stability ball. We finished out our workout with some box jumps – we set them up from smallest to biggest and had fun jumping on them.

I am still working on a soft landing. You can see a video on Instagram of me jumping :) (I’m RunEatPlay on Instagram).

On Saturday, we went out with my family for a St. Patrick’s Day dinner and then came back to our house.

I think I might have ate something bad because I have been feeling sick since Saturday night. The boys had corned beef at the restaurant but I had a lobster tail. It tasted good but I wonder if that’s what made me sick.

I managed to teach BodyPump on Sunday morning, even though I didn’t feel the best.

After the BodyPump, we took the kids to Barnes and Noble to pick out a book.

Just a typical Sunday afternoon, sitting on the floor at Barnes and Noble, reading fitness books.

After the book store, we went to Sports Authority to get soccer shoes for Jacob and baseball cleats for Jaden.

Of course, I spotted a pair of Nikes on clearance and in my size (a rare thing to find). And we had a coupon.

Do I need new shoes? No. Did I buy new shoes? Yes.

Danny was less than thrilled to be buying more shoes.

I have shoe problem…a gym shoe problem. I could care less about other shoes.

In my defense, one pair is Jacob’s, one pair is too narrow, and one pair has a stupid tongue problem.

I wear different shoes for different activities like running, teaching BodyPump, fitness classes, etc and the Asics that I usually wear to take exercise classes have a major problem with the tongue twisting completely sideways which drives me nuts because it’s so uncomfortable.

I haven’t owned Nikes in awhile, so I figured they’d be perfect to wear for fitness classes. And they were on clearance. Danny.

I am still not feeling 100% today, but I did work for a couple of hours this morning…then I came home and got sick. I only managed to eat a Lara Uber bar today but I am going to try some toast in a bit!

Have a great afternoon!

  • When was the last time you were sick?
  • Do you own a lot of shoes? Favorite shoes? I love my Reebok ZQuick shoes because they are so comfortable!

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Things I’m Loving Friday

Good morning!

There’s no school today so I’m teaching BodyPump on Sunday instead of today. I am lucky to have another BodyPump instructor to switch with when there’s no school.

Things I’m Loving Lately

  • My aunt’s new blog – Life Inspirations

My Aunt Pam has recently lost 127 pounds and started a blog to document her ongoing weight loss journey. 127 pounds! Isn’t that amazing! I am so proud of her! You can check out her blog here.

  • Quest Bars

I like the new cookies and cream Quest bar, but I have found my all time favorite Quest bar creation – a baked cookie dough Quest bar topped with a little bit of peanut butter. So. Good.

I smash the Quest bar down a little bit with my hands and then bake it at 350 degrees for about 6 minutes.

  • Coffee

I love my Keurig Vue coffee maker, but sometimes the Vue cups can be hard to find in stores near me, so I just order them online.

After using a coupon code, it’s actually cheaper to buy them online. Gloria Jean’s hazelnut is my favorite flavor, so I always order that flavor. I also just tried out the Caribou Coffee daybreak morning blend and I love it. I will definitely re-order that flavor.

  • Running

I haven’t been running as much as I used to, but I still enjoy it when I do. It has gotten a little harder since I’m not running on a regular basis anymore, but I ran three miles on the indoor track the other day (after BodyPump).

I have The Shamrock Shuffle 8k coming up in a couple of weeks so I just want to be able to run five miles without too much pain or feeling like I’m going to die :)

  • Ben and Jerry’s Core Ice Cream

I must admit that I haven’t been sticking to my nutrition plan perfectly lately, and when I saw the new Ben and Jerry’s Core flavors, I was on a mission to find the peanut butter fudge flavor.

I don’t mess around when it comes to ice cream and I probably went to seven different stores looking for that darn ice cream. Every store was either sold out or didn’t carry it at all. Luckily, my awesome sister-in-law found the ice cream and bought it for me! I love family.

  •  Apple slices and Greek yogurt

I eat this for a snack almost every afternoon. It is so good and filling.

I use plain Greek yogurt and stir in a little bit of PB2 and then I dip in the apple slices!

Have a great weekend!

  • What are you loving lately?



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Fresh Express Salad + A Giveaway

As a Mom’s Meet blogger, I was recently given the opportunity to try out Fresh Express salads. I am a big salad eater, so I really looked forward to seeing what Fresh Express had to offer.

A few facts about Fresh Express:

  • Fresh Express salads are prewashed, rinsed, and dried and then sealed in a patented “Keep Crisp” breathable bag to keep their freshness, with preservatives.
  • Fresh Express offers a large variety of products, including ready-to-eat kits and refreshing mixes. Fresh Express also has a special USDA- Certified Organic line.
  • Fresh Express salads typically cost between $2-$4 and can be found at Target as well as other grocers.

I was excited to take my coupons to the store and pick out some Fresh Express salads!

I loved was that they had such a wide variety of salads to choose from.

I also love the ease of the ready-to-eat kits. Dinner time is usually quite busy in my house, so being able to make a healthy salad in a manner of minutes is always a plus.

My son, Jacob, only recently started eating salad…and he’ll only eat it if there’s bacon on it. Luckily, Fresh Express has a Bacon Caesar salad kit that my whole family loves, and it’s easy to just leave the bacon off my salad.

I also love all the different types of lettuce that Fresh Express offers – I picked up a bag of the Italian and I love how fresh and crisp it tasted.

30 Day Salad Swap

Fresh Express recently launched a program called the 30 Day Salad Swap. The goal of the salad swap is to let you swap out your favorite not-so-healthy food for a salad that creates that foods flavors but with fewer calories.

So, maybe you’re craving pizza. Why not make a pizza salad?! Add some turkey pepperoni and some mozzarella cheese to a salad instead!

You can join the Fresh Express 30 Day Salad Swap at You’ll get instant access to the Salad Swap app, compatible with any computer, tablet, or smart phone.

The salad swap app offers tons of great features including:

  • great salad recipes with the same flavors as your favorite foods
  • access to the complete Fresh Express recipes library – over 150 recipes
  • track your meals, calories, exercise, and more
  • insightful tips, recommendations, and encouragement
  • money saving coupons with the more salads you swap

You can also go to the Mom’s Meet website to get a coupon for .55 cents off you next Fresh Express salad!


I was sent some extra Fresh Express coupons for free salad, so I figured what better way to share them than with you guys! I will be doing a giveaway for a free Fresh Express salad coupon for two readers. I will be mailing these coupons out myself, so it’s only open to U.S. residents since the coupons expire soon. Enter below.
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Disclaimer: I received this product for free from the sponsor of the Mom’s Meet program, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Mom’s Meet blogger, I agreed to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the May Media Group LLC or the manufacturer of the product.  



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