Ruffles With Love Workout Tank

Good afternoon! I hope everyone is having a great Friday!

Ruffles With Love

Yesterday, I got the cutest workout shirt that I have ever owned in the mail.


How adorable is that shirt?! So perfect for BodyPump. I am in love with it. I am also a huge fan of bows 🙂

I really believe that how you dress to workout can affect your mood and workout. If you feel good about what your working out in, then you feel more confident in yourself. It’s about being comfortable and happy with yourself.

I’m not someone who does my hair and makeup when I workout, but I can see why some women do – it just makes them feel better about themselves. I do however, love cute workout clothes.

This tank is from Ruffles with Love.


The Ruffles with Love website has so many cute workout clothes – they have tanks, long sleeves, create your own shirts, sweatshirts, men’s shirt, and more. They even have a bridal line.

About the tank I received:

65% polyester/35% viscose 30 singles 3.7 ounce jersey knit tank top. Marble fabric is 91% polyester/9% combed and ring-spun cotton, 3.5 ounce. Loose flowing fit that hangs beautifully. A-line body with shearing at racerback seam completes this feminine style.

I got my shirt in a size medium and they fit pretty much true to size. The shirt feels like a quality made shirt that is going to hold up through lots of sweat sessions at the gym. The bow is also removable if you don’t want to wear it or to wash it.

If your looking for a new cute workout shirt, definitely check out the Ruffles with Love website. You can also check them out on Twitter, Facebook, instagram, and Pinterest.

MRI Results

I didn’t post about my MRI results yesterday because I was having one of those days when I wanted to feel sorry for myself and wallow in my sadness. The MRI news wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t good either.

Basically, I have a small abnormality on my hip bone in the form of a tiny bump. This tiny bump is causing little tears in my labrum which is why I am having so much pain. My bone is just slightly misshaped. I never really had a problem with it until I started training for a half marathon and completing a 15K. I think the increase in training and running is what started to cause the tears, which aren’t healing.

So, the next step at this point is to get a shot of cortisone directly into my hip joint, in hopes that it will reduce inflammation therefore reducing my constant pain. The downside is that the shot may not work and either way, I have to take it easy for at least two weeks afterwards – which means no BodyPump.

I just feel like this is happening at such a bad time. I finally got my own class and now I can’t even teach it for a couple of weeks which then messes things up for other people who have to cover for me. It makes me feel bad.

And who knows about activity for the future – it all depends on the relief the shot provides and which activities will continue to cause me pain. So for right now, I just have to wait until I get the cortisone shot and then see how things go from there. I have an appointment next Tuesday to get the shot.

Today’s Workout:

  • Practiced BodyPump at home – 45 minutes
  • Taught BodyPump – 60 minutes
  • Plank Day#6 – 1:07   Plank Day #8 – 1:08


I always get super nervous before I have to teach a class especially when I haven’t taught in a few weeks, and this was my first time teaching the new release. I woke up early to practice at home a little bit.

Right after BodyPump, I worked for an hour, and then I went to Mariano’s where I made myself a salad and some fruit for lunch.


Tomorrow, Danny and I are celebrating Valentine’s Day early at Cooper’s Hawk. Jaden’s birthday is two days before Valentine’s day so that weekend is always filled with fun birthday stuff!

Have a great weekend!

  • What’s your favorite piece of workout clothing?
  • Ever have a cortisone shot?
  • Any plans for the weekend?

Ruffles with Love provided me a shirt for no charge to review on my blog. All opinions are my own.



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8 Responses to Ruffles With Love Workout Tank

  1. Michele

    Hope the shots work for you….

  2. Melissa

    Boo 🙁 that stinks – I’m so sorry!
    I’ve never had a cortisone shot. Favorite workout clothes is anything lululemon – but I LOVE your tank! I might need to get one…
    Teaching bodypump tomorrow and then just hanging around the house since the husband is out of town.

  3. LOVE the shirt! So sorry to hear about the results…. 🙁

  4. Amy

    Your tank top is super cute. I hope you shot will work for you.

  5. Julie

    Sorry you didn’t get better news from your MRI. If the injection doesn’t work, is there a surgical option? I know that sounds awful, but may be better than chronic pain and decreased activity for someone like you!

    I really enjoy your blog and hope for the best for you.

    • runeatplay

      Thanks so much Julie! The doctor did mention surgery as a last resort but he said that we have to go through all the other options first. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see how things go. I hate not knowing anything more certain!

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  7. keymaster

    plank thirty! be right back

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