Arthrogram MRI

Arthrogram MRI

Yesterday, I went to the hospital for an arthrogram MRI of my hip. I was extremely nervous because I wasn’t sure what to expect…and I hate needles.

I have had a regular MRI before, but never one where dye is injected into my body.

Danny took half a day off of work because I wasn’t allowed to drive myself home after the MRI. We got to the hospital about 1:40pm and I filled out the paperwork. After about a half hour they took my back to prep for the MRI.

I had to remove all clothes from the waist down and put on a hospital gown. I was getting really nervous at this point. The nurse explained how the procedure would work and at this point, Danny left to go home and get the kids off the bus.

I laid on the table and the doctor injected a shot of Novocain into my hip joint with the help of an x-ray machine. Then, the dye was injected into my hip joint. The whole process hurt and stung a little but it was mostly uncomfortable. It was a better than I expected in to be.

The doctor and nurses were very nice and knew how scared I was. The doctor talked to me during the shots so I would be distracted. After the shots, I was wheeled over to the MRI department. I was able to put my clothes back on since I wore yoga pants and they didn’t have any metal.

I was put into the MRI tube and the whole test took about an hour. I was okay for the first half, but during the second half of the MRI, I was extremely uncomfortable and my leg really started to bother me. I was trying to stay still but it was hard and the nurse kept telling me to stay still.

When I was done, I was so happy to be out of that MRI machine. I kind of half fell asleep at times, but that machine is so loud that you can’t actually fall asleep. At least I couldn’t.

After the MRI, I had to wait about 20 minutes for a copy of the disc to bring to the doctor on Thursday. Danny and the kids were there to pick me up and we left the hospital about 4:40 pm.

My leg was pretty sore all last day but it feels a little better this morning. They said no heavy lifting for 24 hours, so I figured I was fine to go to the gym as long as I didn’t take BodyPump.

Today’s Workout

  • Cardio Fusion class – 60 minutes
  • Yesterday’s Plank: 1:01
  • Today’s Plank:



I went to cardio fusion class this morning and tried to take it easy on the stuff that would bother my hip, like jumping. I still burned a good amount of calories.


After my workout, I had a cup of coffee and a chocolate chip brownie Larabar. I have never had this flavor before so when I saw it at the store, I had to try it.


So good!

Tomorrow morning I have a doctor appointment to go over the results of the MRI.

Random Snapple fact of the day:


Have a great afternoon!



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  1. Amy

    Sending prayer your way and a hug.

  2. I hope you get some answers tomorrow!!! Thinking of you:)

  3. Hope the Dr appointment went well!

  4. I will need to catch up and see how it went.

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