Christmas and Today

It’s the day after Christmas!

Otherwise known as the day that Danny goes back to work and the kids want to open every single new present they got, playing with each one for three minutes before tossing it aside and opening a new one.

Also known as the day Danny goes back to work and Mom has to put together toys that she has no idea how to put together and gives up in frustration.

Also known as the day Danny goes back to work and Mom has to keep going to the store to buy batteries because the 40-pack of AA batteries that she bought isn’t enough.

Yeah, the day after Christmas is never fun.

I started this morning with a workout at the gym.

Today’s Workout

  • Trifecta Class – 60 minutes
  • Approx. 1 mile on indoor track

The gym was surprisingly crowded this morning. I guess everyone is trying to work off their holiday calories. I took the Trifecta class which was awesome and ended up burning a little more than 500 calories.


Then I walked/ran with Jacob on the indoor track for about a mile. I still can’t seem to count my laps without losing count so I figure it was about a mile. Total calories burned: 612. That probably covers the two pieces of cake that I ate last night :)


Yesterday morning, we woke up and had Christmas at home with the kids. Jaden got a furby which he was really excited about.



I have come to realize that maybe Santa made a mistake on that one because furby is majorly annoying. I keep trying to hide him under pillows and beds and stuff but Jaden must have a special connection with the furby because he keeps finding him.

Danny opening gifts:


I got an awesome Kate Spade “H” mug from my grandparent’s and Danny got me a cute coffee mug wearing a sweater.



I love my coffee mugs :)

Danny also got me a remote starter for my car. An awesome accessory for Chicago winters. He was very excited about it. I love it but I love my new purse more :)

After opening gifts, we went to my in-laws and visited with them for awhile. We went to my mom’s in the late afternoon for dinner. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, so I didn’t get many pictures.


My brother and sister-in-law got me this awesome new water bottle.


Everyone had a great time being together and opening gifts. It was a wonderful Christmas.


For lunch this afternoon, I had a egg sandwich on an English muffin with Muenster cheese and homemade strawberry jam that my aunt made.


The jam was amazing!!

Have a great afternoon!

  • How did your holiday go?
  • What are you doing today? Do you have to work?



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10 Responses to Christmas and Today

  1. Amy

    glad you had a great Christmas. I had a furbie when i was little and i would hide it at to. So it would be quit.

  2. Furbys are creepy! Back at the millennium my kids all got one plus all my nieces and nephews. So we had furbys going off all day! We had to throw them in the hall closet at night to get them to shut up! Creepy! Lol

  3. Your family is beautiful! Glad you all had a great day. To be honest, I didn’t think furbies were still a thing kids today played with. I never had one, but I remembered them from a long time ago!

    That remote starter sounds fabulous! I’m sure you will get your use out of that living in Chicago. You get pretty bad winters, no?

  4. Katie Ainger

    I can’t stand the Furby. The girl I watch after school got one for her birthday this fall and when they had no school she brought it over for the boys to see it. I was ready to throw it out the window by lunchtime. Now she thinks she gets to bring it over when they don’t have school. I told her no it has to stay home. I was glad that the boys didn’t have it on their Christmas list this year. On batteries you can never by enough. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas Heather!!

  5. Glad you had a great Christmas! It was rough going back to work today!

  6. yay for getting your workout in. Where is the picture of your new purse??

  7. Looks like a great Christmas!! Love your new water bottle, but where is a pic of your purse? lol

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