Things I’m Loving

Good afternoon!

One week until Christmas and three days until the kids are off of school for two weeks! Fun times.

Today, I thought I’d talk about a few things that I’m loving lately.

1. Cardio Fusion Class – 1/2 cardio dancing and 1/2 strength training. It’s the best of both worlds! I went to class this morning and I love that it’s a fun class but still a great workout.

2. Vienna Kosher Dill Chips – I love pickles. I love them. So good. I usually buy the Claussen dill sandwich slices, but I saw these Vienna pickles at the store and had to try them out. I bought the jar three days ago and they’re almost gone. Like I said, I love pickles.


3. Pop Chips – I also love chips. It seems like I love crunchy and salty snacks. I know that potato chips aren’t the best for me so I have been eating Pop Chips. I’m sure they’re not all that great for me either but at least they’re slightly better regular chips.


4. EOS lip balm – actually any lip balm or Chapstick in general. I think I have no less than five lip balms within five feet of me at all times. Danny says I have a problem. I disagree.


5. Nick, our elf – This morning Nick made snowmen out of donuts. He sure is a clever elf.


6. Baking – I usually prefer cooking to baking because baking requires exact measurements and I like to just throw ingredients together, but lately I have been loving trying out new cookie recipes. I plan on baking all my Christmas cookies these weekend, so I bought some cheap mixing bowls (I only have one big one) and some cookie boxes.


7. The Twilight Zone – this is totally random but the Twilight Zone is one of my favorite TV shows. The old black and white episodes, not the newer ones. They come on a lot during Halloween but the SyFy channel randomly plays them so my TV is set up to record them when they’re on. And then I watch them. Because I love them.


  • What are you loving lately?




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9 Responses to Things I’m Loving

  1. Amy

    I love EOS Lip balms and baking. Lately I have been loving my snuggie

  2. Jess

    We are kindred spirits: I love pickles too. I especially like the bread and butter chips variety. They have them at work and that’s is where I got hooked on them. I also have an obsession with lipgloss; my must have is Carmex original or the strawberry kind. I love to dance for exercise (better than running) so I’ll be at Zumba Friday shaking like a fool! And, chips are something I just don’t buy because I will eat them all! I do like the pop chips, too. Finally, I enjoy your blog!!

  3. Pop chips are delicious! I love the BBQ ones.

  4. I am loving ALL my chapstick now. My lips get so dry this time of year. I haven’t tries the EOS yet though!

  5. I am loving any and everything peppermint from Bath & Body Works right now – I can’t get enough!!!

  6. [email protected]

    Love the EOS ( have one placed everywhere in the house and my jeep) but not a big pickle fan! lol

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