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I feel like I have been so busy and haven’t been around much lately!

Yesterday’s Workout

  • Cardio Fit & Tone Class – 60 minutes

I have been working a lot in the mornings lately, so I haven’t been able to keep up with my normal workouts. To get a workout in, I went to the gym last night and took a cardio fit & tone class.

The class was mostly cardio with a few strength training moves, and then ended with some core work.

Whenever I work out at night, it makes me so hungry! The class started at 6:25 pm so I didn’t want to eat dinner before I went, and by the time I got home at 7:45 pm, I was starving!

I work again this morning, so I might go to the gym again tonight. I am still sore from Sunday’s BodyPump and yesterday’s class, so we’ll see how I feel later.

Besides working, I have been trying to get some Christmas shopping done. I feel like the holidays are sneaking up on me this year and it’s going to be a rush to get everything done!

Danny spent the day after Thanksgiving putting up our outdoor Christmas decorations.

We delivered letters to Santa’s mailbox.

Elf on the Shelf made an appearance.

Jaden has been so excited to wake up every morning and find the elf.

Koss Giveaway

I have a great giveaway for you guys today!

A pair of Koss FitClips headphones!

These would make a great gift or would be great to keep for yourself.

To enter:

Entering the giveaway will be super easy. All you have to do is comment below and tell me what your favorite song is. That’s it!

Giveaway open to U.S. residents only. Giveaway will end Thursday, Dec. 5th at 11:59 pm CST. I received these headphones from FitFluential on behalf of Koss, but I am doing this giveaway on my own and will ship these out personally.

  • To enter: What’s your favorite song?



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60 Responses to Koss Headphone Giveaway

  1. Tim Frick

    Right said Fred – I’m to sexy…… What a great song.

  2. Wendy

    Wow, I have so many fav’s it’s hard to pick just one. I would say an all time favorite is Wish You Were Here by Pink Flyod.

  3. jill

    I love anything top 40 on the radio right now. SO fun!

  4. Melissa

    I love giveaways! Gosh, a favorite song??!! There are so many…but, I think probably Roxette Listen To Your Heart.

  5. Christine

    Right now my favorite new song is “Timber” by Pitbull/Kesha

    I added these to my Amazon wish list yesterday ~ I’d love to win some!

  6. Jeanne

    Currently my favorite song is Counting Stars by One Republic.

  7. Jenny

    I feel like I have a new favorite song every week but one that’s stood the test of time if “Just Like Heaven” by The Cure! My current favorite workout song is “This Is What It Feels Like” by Armin van Buuren feat. Trevor Guthrie.

  8. Tracy

    Currently my favorite song is Roar from Katy Perry.

  9. Tiffany K

    I’m obsessed with rap god lately.

  10. Traci

    I’m in a hurry by Alabama.

  11. Mindy Dozier

    My favorite song right now would have to be by Luke Bryan That’s my kind of night:)

  12. michele

    Anything country…but I do love Rascal Flats front porch looking in…

  13. Jennifer

    Such a hard question! I’d have to say right now Fun, Carry On.

  14. Elis B.

    M83 Midnight City

  15. Hmmm…my fave song? I’m all over the place with music, but if I can only name one I’m going with “Good Morning” by Mandisa. You just can’t go slow with that playing.

  16. Leslie

    Since it’s the holidays I’ll say All I Want For Christmas by Mariah Carey!

  17. Amy

    Right now my favorite song is talk dirty jason derulo feat. 2 chainz. I’m loving see all the picture of what everyone elf are up to.

  18. Lea Ann

    My favorite song is “Hotel California” by the Eagles!

  19. Fun guveaway! At the moment my favorite song is “say something “.

  20. Robyn

    Hmmm…right now I’d say my favorite song Hey Ho by the Lumineers because it reminds me of my oldest daughter’s who’s away at college. I love where your Elf popped up by the way. Also…I forgot to tell you about the Thanksgiving Day run. I got a PR so I was happy with that and people cheering us on kept yelling at me that they loved my ear warmer (thanks for that since I went out and bought one like yours:). I could totally relate to your comment about thinking you were going faster. My friend ran with me and we were surprised our time wasn’t better because we both felt like we were going so much faster. Oh well…it was so cold I was just happy I did it :)

  21. Anje

    Currently…Story of My Life by One Direction. Channeling my inner teeny bopper!

  22. Meredith B.

    Right now it’s The Wire by Haim. So good!

  23. Kate

    i am loving timber right now, it’s SO CATCHY!!!!

  24. nancy

    Currently… Roar by Katy Perry:)

  25. Julie P

    I would LOVE these! I have a cheap-o pair that keep falling out when I run :0 My current favorite go-to running song is Roar by Katy Perry. I listened to it over and over during my recent 10k, totally gave me the push I needed!

  26. suzanne

    Right now it’s Fragments of Time by Daft Punk. Narrowly edging out “Get Lucky” because it’s newer. :)

  27. Teresa @ www.fitinwoodbine.com

    Right now its Roar by Katie Perry. Love to spin and run to that song:)

  28. Stacey

    “Let it go” by Idina Menzel (from the movie Frozen) is my favorite song right now. Roar by Katy perry is a close second.

  29. Right now I love Play It Again by Luke Bryan!

  30. All time favorite is at last by Etta James

  31. Jessica R

    Because it is now socially acceptable to listen to Christmas music my current favorite song is Oh Holy Night sung by anyone (with myself as backup, of course). My favs change daily.

  32. Arlinda

    When I exercise I need something to keep me going and this song does just that! http://youtu.be/q1SsXAOnyyY Everything by Buckcherry reminds me of the things I want and the hard work required to get it. I always push myself harder when I play this song.

  33. Morgan

    Rihanna monsters right now!

  34. LeeAnn

    Try by Pink. Really, anything by Pink. This is a great giveaway and I would totally keep them for myself. Thanks Heather!

  35. Jamie

    My favorite song of all time is The Perfect Mistake by Cartel. I love it! (and its my ringtone haha)

  36. Natalie

    I love “how he loves us” by David Crowder.

  37. Allison O

    My favorite song at the moment is “let Her Go” by Passenger

  38. Mindi

    Roar by Katy perry

  39. Kristi L

    Right now I love Roar by Katy Perry.

  40. Shani

    Great pics. My favorite song at the moment is Never Give Up by Rudimental.

  41. Pam Zebleckis

    Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple. (AND my favorite color)

  42. Jenn McCormick

    Right now my favorite song is Counting Stars by One Republic

  43. Tina

    in the air tonight by Phil Collins is my all time favorite !

  44. Losing Lindy

    Ok, mine is a country song, “If you are going through hell, keeping on going..” not sure if that is the title..but it was popular when I was preggo with V and trying to figure things out..and still relates to everything now.

  45. Melissa

    Right now my favorite song is Dark Horse by Katy Perry

  46. MichelleG

    Avicaii’s Wake Me Up!

  47. Emily

    Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer!

  48. Latest favorite is Timber by Pitbull ft Ke$ha.

  49. stacey stephens

    My favorite song right now is Love Don’t Die by the Fray.

  50. Pam Moulton

    Pompeii! It’s new to me and really perks up my running playlist.

  51. Gabrielle

    These days I can’t help but smile when ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ turns up on my playlist!

  52. So many to choose from…but The Joker by the Steve Miller Band always makes me sing out loud!

  53. Ryan

    Since it is Christmas time,I would have to say All I Want For Christmas, but the Mariah Carey version

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  55. Meredith

    My favorite song is “twinkle twinkle little star”.

  56. Elizabeth

    Roar by Katy Perry is currently on the top of my list

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