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Ab Circuit Workout

Good afternoon!

Only one more work/school day until holiday time! My kids are off of school all next week and Danny has a few days off too, so I am really looking forward to it!

Next week will be really busy – I have parent teacher conferences, a little bit of working at the gym, errands and cooking to get done for Thanksgiving, and we have a second Thanksgiving dinner at our house on Friday that I have to shop and cook for. I can’t wait!

Today’s Workout

  • Ab Workout
  • Trifecta Class – 60 minutes

I was debated running or taking a class today. I finally decided to take a class because my calves and hip were sore from the cardio class on Wednesday so I was a little nervous about running. It turns out that I should have ran because that Trifecta class kicked my butt!

I have taken the Trifecta class before at my old gym, but at the new gym it’s a different instructor and it’s killer! My hip and glute are sore, but I got a great workout!

Before Trifecta class, I did an ab circuit workout that I put together.

PicMonkey Collage

Click here to see how to do an ab roll-up and here for how to do a wood chop sit-up.

Between the ab workout and trifecta class, I burned a little over 600 calories.

After my workout, I had an almond cashew with flax Kind bar.


After the gym, I ran a few errands before picking up my niece. I am trying to get Christmas shopping done here and there so I can be done early this year and start wrapping! I love shopping but I don’t love the wrapping so much. Luckily, Danny is an excellent wrapper, so he helps out a lot.

I picked up a cheap headband and gloves to wear to the race on Thanksgiving. Right now, the weather is showing a high of 31 degrees, so I am sure it’s going to be freezing in the morning.

--- 003

The headband and gloves are cute enough that I’d wear them again, but cheap enough that I don’t mind tossing them if I need to (only $2 each!). This will be my first race in such a cold temperature so I’m not sure how my body will warm up. I tend to warm up fast while running but I am also the type of person that is usually freezing if I’m not working out.

When I was at the store, I saw these ninjabread cookies that I am thinking about getting for the kids.

How funny are those?!



I had an Amy’s gluten-free burrito for lunch along with a new chopped salad that I picked up at the store to try out.

--- 007

I love chopped salads - I like the chopped lettuce so much better than regular lettuce. I didn’t eat the tortilla strips and threw on some pumpkin seeds instead.

Have a great afternoon!

  • Favorite ab exercise?
  • Any cold weather running tips?
  • Do you like gingerbread? I don’t like gingerbread cookies but I love the coffee!
  • What are you most looking forward to eating on Thanksgiving?



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