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Wisconsin Dells Fun

Good morning from The Wilderness Resort in Wisconsin Dells!

We’re coming home later this afternoon, and we had a great time. We stayed at The Wilderness Resort last year with my brother, sister-in-law, and niece but got separate rooms.

This year we opted to get a two bedroom condo so we could all stay together. It was only about $10 more per family than getting separate rooms and it included a full kitchen so we were able to save money by bringing our own groceries for breakfast and lunch.

We went out to dinner two nights but ate the rest of our meals/snacks in our condo. I need to go on a major vacation food detox when I get home.

Our condo is actually quite a ways away from the main waterpark but our area does have it’s own edge pool which I thought was neat.

There is a shuttle or water taxi that takes you to the main waterpark. The kids loved the water taxi.

We spent most of our time swimming, but yesterday after dinner, we took the kids out to mine for gemstones.

Jaden was in heaven because he loves rocks and all things shiny. We bought a bucket of gemstones in sand for the kids to share and they take their time sifting through the sand to find the gemstones.

Afterwards, you sit down and someone explains all the gemstones that you found (and of course, they want you to buy a necklace or earring setting for your gemstones).

The kids found a bunch, but I only remember emerald and garnet. Emerald is my birthstone and Jacob’s too!

We took the kid’s to the arcade last night and Jaden spent so much time trying to win a big ball from a giant claw machine. He was so upset that he couldn’t win one because so many other people were winning them. A family had won a few of the balls and the mom had the little girl give one to Jaden.

He was so incredibly happy and I told the mom that she had no idea how incredibly happy she just made him. It was a very nice thing for a family of strangers to do and I really appreciated it.

I believe that kids do need to experience disappointment in life because life isn’t all sunshine and roses, but at that moment, Jaden was so incredibly happy that I wouldn’t have changed it for the world.

Jacob won a ball all by himself :)

As much fun as we’re having, it’ll be nice to sleep in our own beds tonight!

Have a great Saturday!

  • Do you tend to eat more or less healthy on vacation?
  • Do you let your children experience disappointment?
  • Any fun plans this weekend?


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