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Doctor Update

Good afternoon!

Doctor Update

Yesterday afternoon, I went to the doctor to see how my hip is progressing. She said that it seems too be doing better and is on it’s way to getting better, but I still have a way to go.

She said I should continue with the physical therapy and as long as I could tolerate it, I could add about 20 minute of cardio and see if that aggrevates my hip. She recommended starting with 20 minutes of slow walking or doing the elliptical at a low resisitance.

She also said that as long as my hip didn’t get any worse, I could do the BodyPump certification in the beginning of September. She said it was up to me, but I might have some pain and be sore afterwards.

It is the only time that the certification is offered and my only chance to do it, so I still plan on doing it.

From what I understand, the BodyPump certification goes something like this:

  • About 10 days prior to the certification,  I will receive a track that I have to completely memorize (squats, chest, biceps, triceps, back, hams, and glutes, etc).
  • During the certification we will perform the whole BodyPump workout 5-6 times during the weekend and teach our part of the workout while being videotaped to receive a critique. 5-6 times of the whole BodyPump workout is a lot. That’s a lot of squats and lunges!
  • After the certification is over, I have to go back to my gym and teach the class while being videotaped. I need to have the whole workout memorized without using notes. Then, I support my video to Les Mills for approval and my certificate.

I am a little nervous because I heard the training is intense, and I hope I don’t get a squat or lunge track to learn with my hip! I look forward to it but  I’m nervous at the same time!

We left for the Dells today. I packed a nice lunch to eat in the car – delicious sandwiches on pretzel rolls, but about 45 minutes into our trip, I realized that we forgot the lunch cooler at home. Bummer.

We stopped at Subway instead.

At least my hummus and pretzel chips made it.


Jacob got Panda Express for lunch, and I had a fortune cookie. My cookie fortune was very fitting:

We just got to the Dells, and I look forward to a nice weekend!

Enjoy your weekend!


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