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Foods I Have Been Loving Lately

This morning started out with physical therapy. Luckily, they are fine with me bringing the kids along. My kids pretty come with me everywhere all the time. I let them bring their iPods to play and they’re pretty good for an hour. I only caught Jaden trying to squeeze Jacob’s face off once.

Physical therapy was pretty much the same as it usually is  – 10 minute stationary bike warm-up, followed by a few hip and glute exercises and stretches, and then I end with about 10 minutes of ice.

After PT, I decided to go to the gym for a while. I forgot that the fitness room that I usually use is closed on Tuesday mornings for Spin class, so my workout was kind of all over the place.

Today’s Workout

  • 5 minutes recumbent bike
  • Biceps curl machine (10 reps, 3 sets, 30 lbs)
  • Triceps extensions machine (10 reps, 3 sets, 20 lbs)
  • Last 20 minutes of Butts and Guts class - ab exercises and stretches only

Next time, I’ll have to remember when the fitness room is closed!

Food (and drinks) I’ve been loving:

Well, the first one I don’t actually love yet because I haven’t tried it, but I am excited to try it.

I saw that Kashi just come out with a new Go Lean cereal – vanilla graham clusters. I like the Kashi cereals because they don’t have too many calories and are high in protein and fiber so you feel fuller longer.



I am a huge water drinker. I carry my Tervis tumbler with me everywhere. Luckily, I also really like water and have no problem drinking it. But sometimes, I do get a little sick of plain water and like to find a way to liven it up without adding calories. I like saving all my calories for food.

I recently got a Glaceau flavored water in one of my Goodies boxes and fell in love with it. It’s a great change from regular water but has no calories or sodium. There are so many different brands of flavored water but I really like the Glaceau and Sparkling Ice brands.


These are great for my kids too. They aren’t huge water drinkers but they love the flavored water. Jaden picked out the grapefruit flavor today. I didn’t think he’d like it, but he loved it! I really like the lemonade flavor.


I have found myself switching between the Larabars and mini Clif bars after a workout. The peanut butter cookie is my favorite Larabar flavor and I had one after the gym today.



I really like the Lara Alt bars because they have a lot more protein but they are a little harder to find.

Fruits and veggies.

I am still trying to eat healthy most of the time, so I eat lots of fruits and veggies.


I have a sweet tooth so I have been trying to reach for fruit like grapes instead of candy or chocolate. I know that too much fruit isn’t good for you because of the natural sugar but I figure that eating a handful (or two…or three) of grapes is better than eating M&Ms. :)

That’s the food and drinks that I have been loving lately! Have a great afternoon!

  • What foods or drinks have you been loving lately?




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