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Grilled Pizza And Salmon Salad

Good afternoon!

I forgot to mention that when I had my family over the other day, we cooked out on the grill. Since, I don’t eat burgers or hotdogs, I decided to try grilling a pizza (well, actually Danny grilled it. I cook, he grills).

I bought my favorite pizza - the Amy’s Margherita frozen pizza.

My grocery store used to sell the individual sized pizza, but they stopped carrying them, so now I rarely get to eat it because I don’t want to buy the full-sized pizza just for myself.

The pizza was really good grilled. It tasted pretty much the same as cooking it in the oven, but it was crispier. I love crispy pizza so it was perfect.

My hip has been feeling really good the past couple of days which I am very happy about. I am really hoping that it continues feeling good and that I am on my way to recovery. I didn’t go to the gym this morning because Jaden had an allergy doctor appointment.

The appointment took two hours and I was getting crazy sitting in that tiny doctor’s room for so long. First, the doctor was running late and all the appointments were backed up, then they had Jaden do a couple of breathing tests so that took awhile. I was so happy when we finally left.


We were starving when we got home, so I made lunch. I had some salmon to use up, so I cooked it in a grill pan and added it to the top of my salad.



Yesterday afternoon, I went on a tour of my new gym. I am so excited for it to open. It’s going to be such a huge difference from the gym now. The kid’s room even has a rock climbing wall.

I am excited for such a large fitness area, tons of new classes, and a pool!

  • Have you ever had a pizza on the grill?
  • Hotdog or hamburger?
  • What’s your favorite thing about your gym?



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