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Pyramid Upper Body Workout

Good afternoon! Thanks to everyone for all the positive comments on yesterday’s post. I can’t wait to fully heal so that I can get back to running (and BodyPump!). Friday is my next session with the physical therapist. I’ll go twice a week for the next few weeks.

I might not be able to do too much exercise but I did a great upper body workout today. I did an upper body pyramid workout that I found here (I did change up some of the weight and reps slightly).

If you’re not familiar with a pyramid workout, it is a system which involves increasing (or decreasing) weight with each set. In the first set, you use a light weight with a high amount of repetitions. As you progress, you add more weight and lower your number of reps.

With your weight choice, your last rep you be hard to complete but not impossible. If you’re fatigued by the end of the set( (but still able to maintain proper form), then the amount of weight you’re using is usually good. It can take time to figure out the correct weights.

These are the exercises and reps that I did, and like I said I’m still figuring out the weight. For a few of these exercises, I probably could have gone a little bit heavier, which I will try for next time.

Upper Body Pyramid Workout

Exercise: Incline Chest Press

  • Set 1: 12 reps 12 lbs
  • Set 2: 10 reps 16 lbs
  • Set 2: 8 reps 20 lbs

Exercise: Chest Fly

  • Set 1: 12 reps 12 lbs
  • Set 2: 10 reps 16 lbs
  • Set 3: 8 reps 20 lbs

Exercise: One Armed Row

  • Set 1: 12 reps 8 lbs
  • Set 2: 10 reps 10 lbs
  • Set 3: 8 reps 12 lbs

Exercise: Dumbbell Pullover on Stability Ball

  • Set 1: 12 reps 8 lbs
  • Set 2: 10 reps 10lbs
  • Set 3: 8 reps 12 lbs

Exercise: Bent-Arm Lateral Raise

  • Set 1: 12 reps 6 lbs
  • Set 2: 10 reps 12 lbs
  • Set 3; 8 reps 16 lbs

Exercise: Alternating Overhead Press

  • Set 1: 12 reps 6 lbs
  • Set 2: 10 reps 8 lbs
  • Set 3: 8 reps 10 lbs

Exercise: Barbell Curls

  • Set 1: 12 reps 15 lbs
  • Set 2: 10 reps 18 lbs
  • Set 3: 8 reps 24 lbs

Exercise: Alternating Bicep Curls

  • Set 1: 12 reps  8lbs
  • Set 2: 10 reps 10 lbs
  • Set 3: 12 lbs

Exercise: Close Grip Bench Presses (with barbell)

  • Set 1: 12 reps 15 lbs
  • Set 2: 10 reps 18 lbs
  • Set 3: 8 reps 24 lbs

Triceps Extensions (with dumbbells)

  • Set 1: 12 reps 12 lbs
  • Set 2: 10 reps 16 lbs
  • Set 3: 8 reps 18 lbs

After completing the pyramid upper body workout, I did the following ab circuit repeating it twice.

  • 50 ball sit-ups
  • 30 second plank
  • 30 second side plank (each side)
  • 25 Russian twists with 6 lb medicine ball
  • 25 reverse crunches
  • Pilates 100
  • 25 bridges

Later in the morning, I took the kids to see Smurf 2. It just came out today and Jaden has been dying to see it.

I have been eating really good these past few days and didn’t want to ruin it with movie theater popcorn (my favorite). So, I brought my own snack to the movies.

I brought a Perfectly Simple oatmeal chocolate chip bar (the best flavor) and a bag of grapes.


I made lunch when we got home from the movies, and I pretty much had the same thing as I did yesterday, except this time I used my grill pan to grill the veggie for the wrap.

I added hummus, spinach, red onion, green pepper, red pepper, and sun dried tomatoes. I definitely think it’s better grilled!

I have been trying hard to get used to no running and no exercise classes, but it’s been hard. At least I have found some exercises that I am able to do!

Have a great afternoon!

  • What was the last movie that you saw?
  • Favorite movie theater snack?
  • Any workout today?




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It Wasn’t Meant To Be

Bad news. There is no good news, only bad news.

I talked to the sports doctor last night about my MRI results and she said it showed a partial ligament tear, kind of like a sprained hip. (Plus, the hip bursitis that I was already diagnosed with.) She also said no weight bearing activity at all – which includes running.

This means I can’t run the half marathon in August. I can’t run the 5k this weekend. And I can’t even take any classes at the gym.

Honestly, it sucks. I’ve been spending time feeling sorry for myself. It’s quite a shock going from working out at the gym and running 6 days a week to not at all. I can still do upper body workouts, but of course it’s not the same.

I just feel disappointed – like I let myself and other people down. I was picked to run the Zooma half marathon and now I can’t. I feel like this was something that I really wanted and I was so close and now it’s not going to happen. It’s hard because it’s not just running – I can’t do anything. (No BodyPump! :( )

The smarter side of me knows that I didn’t plan for this to happen, and right now I should only worry about getting better. I don’t want my injury to get any worse (which the doctor said it would if I continue to run) so I am taking it easy. I am trying my hardest to look on the bright side of things, but honestly right now, I don’t see one.

My dad, of course, gave me lots of good fatherly advice. He said that all athletes get injured from time to time and it’s just part of the game. He said Derek Rose was out almost a whole season from an injury. I asked him if Derek Rose got fat (obviously, I am also a little concerned how less exercise will affect my waist line). Then, he said we could go to his club and no upper body workouts together. Thanks, Dad :)

Physical Therapy

I had my first physical therapy appointment this morning. Of course, the PT said no running or classes at the gym. He said right now the focus is just getting me pain free. I did ask about yoga, and he said it should be fine as long as it doesn’t cause me pain.

He also said that eventually they will do a running gait video analysis to see exactly what my problem is.

Today, he used something called the Graston technique which I have never heard of.


It’s not as scary as it looks. The tools help get into the soft tissue to break up scar tissue and myofascial adhesions. It wasn’t exactly painful, just a little uncomfortable.


I also did a quad stretch, leg kicks, and then iced my quad and hip. I was hoping that he would give me a long list of exercises to do at home, but I only got one stretching exercise. Yay.

This is hard for me. This is the worst time for me to be injured. But I won’t let this hold me back for long and I will come back stronger than before. :)


Since I’m not able to really workout much, I am trying to focus on eating healthier. For lunch this afternoon, I made a veggie wrap.

I used a FlatOut and added hummus then I topped it with spinach, red onion, green pepper, red pepper, and cucumber. It was really good, and I think it’d be great with roasted or grilled veggies, but sometimes I just like my veggies raw!

I stopped at the store to pick up some almond butter because I eat way too much peanut butter and am trying to make the switch to almond butter. Jif now makes almond butter!

First, the whipped peanut butter and now almond butter! It was also the only almond butter that my grocery store carried which I thought was odd.

I’m hoping to go to the gym in the morning to do an upper body workout, so I’m off to come up with a different upper body workout!

Have a great afternoon!

  • Favorite upper body exercise?
  • How do you like your veggies: raw, roasted, grilled, steamed?
  • Ever have to take time off of running or working out? What did you do instead?


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Body Beautiful Body Healthy

Yesterday’s Workout:

  • Approx. 2.6 mile walk

Today’s Workout:

  • Upper Body Workout

Yesterday Danny, the kids, and I went for a walk. We walked a little over two and half miles. My hip and quad didn’t hurt too much while we were walking, but they were sore the rest of the day.

My hip and quad were still hurting this morning. I haven’t heard anything back from the doctor yet, but I did schedule my first physical therapy appointment for tomorrow morning.

Since I haven’t heard from the doctor, I did the same upper body strength workout at the gym this morning that I did last week.

I can’t imagine running if my hip and quad hurt even when I’m not doing anything.

I’m trying to get back to healthy eating (which I think I say every Monday) so yesterday I went to the bookstore and bought The Eat-Clean Diet Recharged! by Tosca Reno. It’s all pretty much stuff that I know, but I still like to have my own copy for reference and for the recipes.

One of the things I did find interesting was Tosca’s “Beautiful Body/Body Healthy Formula.”

80% nutrition is what shapes a healthy and lean body. She goes on to describe that most people assume it’s the other way around – 10% nutrition and 80% training.

I definitely agree that nutrition and food play a huge part in your body and as well as how you feel. A few years ago, I used to think that I could eat whatever I wanted because I worked out every day. Not true.

Even though I worked out every day, I still gained weight because I was consuming more calories than I was burning. It wasn’t until I really started looking at my diet that I lost any weight.

I have no problem working out. I love going to the gym everyday. It’s the eating part that gets me. But I am really going to try to stick to healthy, fresh, and clean foods as well as I can.

Tosca’s book also suggests eating 5-6 mini meals every day.

The 6th meal is optional, which is good because I try not to eat after about 8pm. I can’t imagine eating at 10pm.

I already eat 5-6 mini meals a day and have found that eating a lot of small meals helps me feel fuller, and then I don’t overeat.

After the gym, the kids and I stopped at the store to pick up some healthy foods.

I got wild salmon to cook throughout the week and lots of fruits and veggies.

Any good sweet potato recipes?!

I also picked up these FlatOut FoldIt wraps.

I decided to make an egg flatbread for lunch.

I used four egg whites, red onion, red pepper, sun dried tomatoes, and a little feta cheese. It was a little too big to fit into the wrap, but I just stuffed it all together.

I had some fresh veggies with hummus and grapes on the side. I also love putting hummus on my eggs. Does anyone else do that?!

I’m going to try really hard this week on eating healthy and eating when I’m hungry rather than bored.

Have a great afternoon!

  • Ever been to physical therapy?
  • What time do you eat your last meal of the day?
  • What do you think about 80% nutrition shaping a lean and healthy body?


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Good News/Bad News

Good News: I do not have a stress fracture in my hip!

Bad News: I do have hip bursitis and ligament irritation (whatever that means).

Good News: I think I’m okay to run the half marathon in August.

Bad News: I am not even close to ready to run this half marathon. Not at all. I haven’t ran at all in over a week. My longest run in two and a half weeks has been 5 miles and my longest run before that was a  random 8 miles.

The sports doctor called on Friday and left me a voicemail. She said that my MRI results didn’t show a stress fracture but did show some ligament irritation, but I was fine to exercise. However, she didn’t specify what I could actually do. Can I run? Can I only walk? Can I take BodyPump and do 200 squats?

Right now, my hip still hurts and I am afraid to do anything to make the pain worse. What it I workout and I tear the ligament? Then I’ll be in even worse shape. So right now I am still taking it a little easy until I talk to her. I might try a walk later today and I’m going call and schedule physical therapy tomorrow.

I am so nervous about the half marathon. How can I run it with almost no training?! Yesterday was supposed to be my last long run of 10-12 miles followed by a week of tapering and then the half marathon. Instead, I haven’t ran at all. I think there will be a lot of walking going on – I cannot get injured worse right now.

And honestly, my health and not being injured is way more important to me than crossing that finish line. But at the same time, this is one of the big things that I want to accomplish in life. Running has always been a struggle for me and this would be the ultimate goal. We shall see!!

Good News: Danny and Jacob got home yesterday after being gone for a week fishing in Canada!

Bad News: There’s a lot of laundry to do.

Danny and Jacob went fishing with my grandpa, dad, and brother all last week. So, it was just me, Jaden, and my niece. It was a loooonnnngg week. Sometimes, when you’re apart from your significant other, it makes you appreciate them more.

Danny and I have a pretty good system worked out of what we both do around the house that works perfect for us. We both contribute in our own ways. Then when one person is gone, and you take on the work of two people, you appreciate that other person more.

But they’re home now!! And I’m happy.

Jacob loved fishing but he hated touching the fish. I love this picture of him and my grandpa.

Four generations (plus Danny – ha ha :) )


Good News: In celebration of their return, I made three cheese stuffed shells and garlic bread for dinner last night.

Bad News: I ate a lot of it. Especially the garlic bread. Yum!

Have a great Sunday!!


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Good afternoon!

I’m back – yesterday was one of those days when everything that could go wrong did go wrong.

First off, my hip pain has come back in full force. The pain makes it difficult to sleep, sit, and drive. I talked to the sports doctor and she’s worried that it might be a stress fracture, so she wanted me to get an MRI. More on my thoughts on that later, right now I am just waiting on the results.

Luckily, they were able to get me an appointment yesterday afternoon, but not so lucky was that it was an hour away and I needed someone to watch the kids. My stepmom saved the day. She came over to watch the kids while I went to get an MRI.

It was my first MRI and everything seemed to go fine. It took about a half hour, but the driving took me over two hours. Not fun. They said it should take a couple of days before I hear anything, so I am hoping to hear something by Monday.

I didn’t work out yesterday or today. Right now, I think it’s best just to give my body a break. I think upper body workouts are okay and maybe I’ll do one tomorrow, but right now I’m taking it easy.


For breakfast this morning, I made a smoothie. My smoothies are usually really simple - some fruit, a Greek yogurt for protein, and a little OJ or almond milk.

Today, my smoothie had orange cream Greek yogurt, OJ, raspberries, strawberries, and peaches.

Since I didn’t go to the gym this morning, I was a nice mom and took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese. Most people don’t realize that Chuck E. Cheese opens at 9am, and if you go early, you can avoid the crowds.

I hate crowds and I really hate crowds at Chuck E. Cheese. Jaden won the 50 ticket jackpot on one of the games and apparently he was so happy that he just threw himself onto the floor in sheer joy. (Don’t worry, he will be getting a bath later.)

My niece rode the horse 27 times in a row.

Jaden used his tickets to get a giant balloon. Seriously?! I was lucky enough to get it to fit into the trunk of the car.

After Chuck E. Cheese, we stopped at Mariano’s grocery store and I made a salad for lunch.

My salad included romaine lettuce, red onions, cucumbers, green pepper, carrots, artichoke hearts, chickpeas, a few noodles, and crab.

I also got a few chocolate and peanut butter covered pretzels which I ate on the way home :)

Those peanut butter covered pretzels are delicious.

Later this afternoon, I’m going to my mom’s house to visit for awhile!

Have a great afternoon?


The three winners of the OrthoLite giveaway are:

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  • Any plans this weekend?
  • Favorite salad topping? Dressing?
  • Do you live close to your family?




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30 Minute Ab Workout

Well, my hip is back to hurting a bit. Not too terrible since I have been taking it easy lately. This was to be expected though because the doctor said that once the numbing medication wore off, it would take 2-3 days for the cortisone to start working.

Hopefully, it’ll start feeling better tomorrow because I do not want to get an MRI.

Today’s Workout

  • Ab workout
  • Hip stretches

I did an upper body workout yesterday, so I decided to do a 30 minute ab workout this morning.

My workout looked like this:

If you’re not familiar with all these exercises, click on the name to learn more: oblique crunches, Russian twists, reverse crunches, and Pilates 100.

After my ab workout, I did about 20 minutes of hip, quad, and glute stretches.

I wore my heart rate monitor just to see how many calories I burned during an ab workout.

Not a lot – that was abs and stretching. I can’t wait to get back to my regular workouts!

After the gym, the kids and I stopped at the store.

I have been looking for Larabar Alt bars for awhile and my grocery store finally got them!

I am excited to try out the pumpkin pie flavor. It makes me excite for the fall time! And apparently, the grocery store is also excited for fall because they’re already putting out Halloween magazines!

Fall is my all-time favorite season, but I like to enjoy summer first!


Lunch this afternoon was an English muffin with pb, pineapple Greek yogurt topped with some granola, and some watermelon. I have been loving English muffins with pb lately – I think I have eaten one everyday for the past week.

Tonight, my stepmom, sister-in-law, and grandma are coming over for dinner and a movie night. I rented Identity Thief. It looks funny and I love Melissa McCarthy! (I’ve loved her ever since Gilmore Girls). Did you know she’s Jenny McCarthy’s cousin?!

  • Any other Gilmore Girl fans?
  • What’s the last movie you rented?
  • Favorite season?
  • Any workout today?

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OrthoLite Performance Insole Giveaway

Good afternoon!

After yesterday’s cortisone shot, my leg feels a lot better. I could walk up the stairs without wincing and I could sleep without that heavy leg feeling.

Today’s Workout

  • Upper Body Workout
  • Hip/Glute Stretches

The doctor said it was okay if I did upper body workouts, so this morning I went to the fitness room at my gym and did this workout:

It felt good to be able to stretch out my hip!

I know that part of my hip bursitis and quad pain comes from improper running form, which I am always trying to work on. So, recently when OrthoLite offered to send me a pair of their performance insoles to try out, I jumped at the chance.

I put them into my new Mizunos last week and off running I went.

OrthoLite insoles offer the ultimate in comfort, cushioning, and breathability. They solve the most common in-shoe problems by creating a cooler, drier, and healthier foot environment with innovative technology.

I wore these insoles to run a few times last week and I love how they felt. They felt light in my shoes but still offered support.

The OrthoLite insoles provide:

  • Designed to fit all athletic and outdoor shoes or boots
  • Made with open-cell foam, allowing air to circulate around the foot, keeping it cooler and drier inside the shoe
  • Wicks moisture away from your foot leaving your foot cooler and drier
  • Unique spring-back technology ensures that your insole won’t flatten out and it will retain over 95% of its thickness over time
  • Our patented anti-microbial formulation (approved by the EPA and FDA) fights fungus, bacteria and shoe odor
  • Lightweight and fully washable

I really liked that the OrthoLite insoles are affordable. Running shoes cost enough money that it’s nice to find an affordable insole. And $1 from each purchase goes directly to the Level Field Fund, a grant-giving program that strives to bridge the gap in funding to uniquely trained athletes.


You can enter to try out your own pair of OrthoLite insoles! OrthoLite will send a pair of insoles to three winners.

To Enter:


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Hip Bursitis

I went to the sports doctor this morning and it turns out that I do have hip bursitis.

A bursa is a fluid-filled sac that acts like a cushion between tendons, bones, and skin. It contains fluid to lubricate the area and reduce friction. My hip bursa has become inflamed due to too much friction, hence the diagnosis of the hip bursitis.


The hip bursitis is also what is causing my quad pain. The pain originally started in my quad, but lately I have been feeling it more in my hip.

They did an x-ray and there wasn’t a stress facture, but the doctor said that there’s still a tiny chance that it could possibly also be a stress fracture that the x-ray machine wouldn’t detect but an MRI would.

I decided to get a cortisone injection in my hip to reduce the pain. This option will hopefully still let me run the half marathon in August. A cortisone shot is mixed with a local anesthetic to help relieve pain and reduce the swelling of the bursa.

Since the numbing medication helped with the pain within 5 minutes, the doctor hoped it was only hip bursitis, and not a stress fracture. The cortisone takes 2-3 days to work, so if I continue to feel pain after that, it could be a stress fracture, but I really don’t think it is.

I got the cortisone shot. I can’t do any lower body exercises for 2-3 days and then only the elliptical. I can’t run for about a week, I need to ice three times a day, and take Aleve twice a day. The doctor also prescribed physical therapy, but if I’m going to be honest, I’m probably not going to do the physical therapy.

I just don’t have the time to go three days a week right now and I had hip bursitis a few years ago and know the hip stretches and strength exercises that I have to do. I plan on definitely doing the stretches and exercises at home to help my hip get better.

As of now, if the pain doesn’t return or get worse, I still plan on running the half marathon. My training won’t go according to plan, and I won’t be able to fit in enough long runs, but I plan to take the race nice and slow, with as many walk breaks as I need. I just want to cross that finish line.

There is a children’s museum right by the sports doctor, so I met my sister-in-law there after the doctor so the kids could play.

It’s funny because I have a picture of Jaden at the same museum dressed almost the same as my niece was today.

Baby doctors are cute.

The kids had a lot of fun playing, and then we headed home. It has been such a long day that it’s nice to finally be home!

I have to share last night’s dinner – we had make your own pizza night with Boboli pizza crust. I can’t even remember the last time I had Boboli pizza crust!

My pizza was kind of like my salads – totally random. My pizza had red onion, orange pepper, spinach, sun dried tomatoes, feta cheese, and mozzarella cheese. It was delicious!

Have a great night!

  • Have you ever had a cortisone shot?
  • When was the last time you got any shot?
  • What’s for dinner?



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Hot Yoga

Yesterday’s Workout

  • Hot Yoga – 60 minutes
  • 2 miles outside (7x 20 sec strides)

Two words – hot yoga. Hot yoga.

Yesterday, I had my first hot yoga experience. Hot yoga…is hot. It’s not just hot, it’s humid, blazing, burning, parching, steaming…hot.

As one of the Zooma Half Marathon Challenge Athletes, Zooma set up a yoga session for all of us yesterday morning at Core Power Yoga…only we had no idea it was going to be hot yoga. I have nothing against hot yoga, it’s just something that I never felt the need to experience. But I’m up for trying out any exercise class at least once, so hot yoga it was!

A hot yoga description from the Core Power website:

CorePower Yoga’s Hot Yoga is a series of 26 postures performed in a precise order, set to music, in a room heated to approximately 105 degrees. This class systematically works the entire body, toning your muscles, promoting weight loss, reducing stress and increasing your overall vitality. Incorporating strength, balance and flexibility, CorePower Yoga’s Hot Yoga teaches students how each pose stimulates the mind and restores and shapes the body. (source)

Yes, that says 105 degrees – our yoga room was 104 degrees yesterday. 104 degrees.

Before yoga, a few of the girls met up to run the 11 miles that was on the training plan (unfortunately not knowing it was going to going to be hot yoga afterwards). I was able to make an appointment with the sports doctor on Monday, so I decided to skip the 11-mile run until I went to the doctor.

Let me tell you, those girls were champs – they ran 11 miles and then did hot yoga. If I had ran, there was no way that I would have made it though the hot yoga class. You don’t just sweat in hot yoga, your sweat sweats. I didn’t even know that I had that much sweat in my body. It is humid and terribly hot.

Of course, the first thing that I thought is why do people in their right mind actually pay to do hot yoga? So, when I got home, I turned to my good friend, Google, to find out some of the benefits of hot yoga.


  • It detoxifies your skin and cleans out dirt from the pores, giving you that healthy glow that no amount of cosmetics can.
  • It increases blood circulation throughout the body.
  • It acts as an excellent tonic for the liver and other organs, getting rid of all accumulated toxins.
  • It helps to relieve stress.
  • It gives you an excellent cardiovascular workout and helps you to burn calories and lose weight.
  • It boosts your digestive system, reduces craving for food and stabilizes your appetite.
  • It has a beneficial effect on the endocrine system thereby helping to speed up metabolism and normalize blood sugar levels.
  • Digestion is improved leading to less flatulence, easier bowel movements and less hyperacidity.


Since I wasn’t expecting to go to hot yoga, I spent the whole class thinking that I’d never do it again in my life. But afterwards, I realized that it wasn’t so bad, and I wouldn’t be opposed to doing it again, but I also won’t be running to sign up either.

I ate breakfast on the way to the yoga studio – a peanut butter and jelly Larabar.

Happy…before hot yoga.

After hot yoga, I debated whether or not to run. I ended up meeting Danny and the kids at the running trail. The kids brought their bikes and Jaden made it about a mile before he was done. It was about 11 am, hot and humid outside, so I decided just to finish up two miles and work on my strides.

After, we spent the rest of the day at the pool.

We finished up the night with some frozen yogurt.

  • Have you ever been to hot yoga? Would you ever go to hot yoga?
  • How’s your weekend going?





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Chicago Half Winner

Happy Friday!

First, let’s start with the winner of the 17th Annual Chicago Half Marathon – Chicago’s Hometown Race giveaway:

Congrats! Please email runeatplay(at)hotmail(dot)com with an email address where you can be reached!

Today’s Workout

  • BodyPump – 50 minutes

I had to cut BodyPump a little bit short today because I had a hair appointment. After yesterday’s five mile run, my quad has really been bothering me, so I tried to take it easy during BodyPump today. I didn’t use any weight on my shoulders for the squat or lunge tracks, and I only did my squats about half way.

I think it’s getting to the point where something might be wrong with it, not just a sore muscle, so I am trying to get an appointment with a sports doctor for Monday. I am supposed to run 10 miles tomorrow, and I’m really not sure how that’s going to happen with my wonderful quad.

After my hair appointment, I came home and made lunch – the first Friday in awhile that we didn’t go to Panera!

I made breakfast for lunch because breakfast is delicious any time of the day.

I had an egg white omelet with red onions, spinach, and feta cheese. I also had an English muffin with peanut butter and fruit.

Later, as a snack, I had some Asian pear crisps.

I actually bought them for Jaden but he didn’t like them. I love them, especially the apple crisps!

Have a great weekend!

  • What did you have for lunch today?
  • Any plans for the weekend?





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