Heart Rate Monitors

Good afternoon! It’s finally a sunny day here in Chicagoland. It’s the first day all week that it hasn’t rained.

Today’s Workout

  • Trifecta Class – 60 minutes

The kids had swimming lessons this morning.


My plan after swimming was to run on the treadmill. I wore my running workout clothes and Mizunos…but ended up going to the Trifecta exercise class instead. Running Fail.


I just didn’t feel like running on the treadmill and haven’t felt like running in general lately. I’m not sure why. I better step it up because I have a half marathon scheduled for August. Hopefully this weekend, I’ll go outside for a run.

The Trifecta class is supposed to be 20 minutes of each cardio, strength, and abs, but most of the class participants want more cardio, so we focus more on cardio and less on strength.

This was only my second time going to this class, but it got my heart rate up and made me sweat! Today, we did about 4 minutes of intense cardio, followed by about a minute of strength. We repeated that circuit about 4-5 times before moving on to ab exercises.

I liked the fact that the teacher gave you three cardio options to chose from: low intensity, medium intensity, and high intensity. I tried to stay within the high intensity level.

After class, we stopped at the store to get a few fruits and veggies, and I picked up this Perfectly Simple by Zone bar to try out.


It caught my eye because it was oatmeal chocolate chip flavored. Oatmeal and chocolate chips are one of my favorite cookies, so I figured the bar had to be good. It was. I’ll definitely be buying more of these.


It had 170 calories and 10 grams of protein. I’m always looking for bars with a good amount of protein.

Heart Rate Monitors

I was playing around with my heart rate monitor last night (which was funny because we were talking about them in class today). I’ve had a New Balance heart rate monitor for a couple of years now, but I have never been able to get the strap that comes with it to work. It has a finger touch sensor, so I just use that when I wear it to see what my heart rate is.


I don’t wear it too often, but I would like to start wearing it more. The only problem is that I can’t get the strap to pick up my heart rate and it doesn’t tell me how many calories that I’ve burned.

I’ve been thinking about getting a new one that also shows calories burned as well as heart rate. I’m looking for one that isn’t too expensive. Any suggestions?

Tonight it Jaden’s last t-ball game! That season sure went by quick. Have a great afternoon!

  • Do you wear a heart rate monitor?
  • Favorite exercise class?
  • What’s your favorite cookie?


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7 Responses to Heart Rate Monitors

  1. I bought a Polar FT40, and love it. Yay for some sunshine in Chicagoland!! :)

  2. Christine Rival

    I have the Polar FT4 and I love it!! I never workout without it – I don’t even notice I’m wearing it. I’ve never had any problems with it picking up my heart rate. It doesn’t show the calories burned WHILE working out, but after you complete/stop the workout it does give you the total time and calories burned. I paid less than $65 for it – I couldn’t be more happy! http://www.amazon.com/Polar-Heart-Rate-Monitor-Purple/dp/B005M1P85O/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1372355654&sr=8-1&keywords=polar+ft4

  3. Right now the class that I am really diggin’ is BodyPump

  4. Losinglindy

    last tball game?? Tonight was to be V’s first. But it got cancelled due to the storm. We go until almost the end of July

  5. I have a Garmin – love it!!! The strap always works (my polar didn’t always :( ) and it measures distance and has a timer function if you want to do intervals, stop and do squats, etc…and it’s pink! Fun colors always make things better!

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