Seven Miles

Good afternoon!

Last night, we went to see The Great Gatsby at a restaurant movie theater. It was a lot of fun, and I really liked the movie. I haven’t read the book and wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the movie, but I thought it was great. I’ll probably end up reading the book now :)

Today’s Workout

  • 7 miles treadmill, slow and steady

I had a 7 mile run on my training plan for this week, and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to fit it in unless I ran on the treadmill.

Getting ready to run:


I have been trying really hard to do all my runs outside lately, especially because my runs used to be done solely on a treadmill. But I figured that a treadmill run was better than no run. Thanks to my handy dandy exercise log I can see that my last treadmill run was April 12th.

I ran seven miles slow and steady. I was very proud of myself for not taking any walking breaks at all, which is funny because I feel like if I had ran outside, I would have taken a walk break.

I knew that 7 miles would take me well over an hour, so I brought the Honey Stinger pink lemonade chews and ate them at mile 4.


I loved them – I thought they tasted great and were easy to chew while running. I had half a package (5 chews).

Running 7 miles was hard for me today. By mile 5, my calves and quads were so painful. By mile 6, I wanted to quit. I almost did when I almost fell off the treadmill a couple of times. But I told myself that I would be so disappointed in myself if I gave up. So, I really lowered my pace for about half a mile and then finished strong.

I know that running is a lot of mind over matter. My mind usually quits before my body is ready to quit, but at the same time running can be very painful for my legs. I never run totally pain-free, and it’s hard to determine whether I can push through it or whether I should stop to avoid injury. It’s all trail and error.

I wore my Aspaeris compression shorts and Zensah calf sleeves to run. When I was done running, I had no plans of taking them off. I think they are the only things keeping my legs from exploding right now.

I now also see why people take ice baths. I only ran 7 miles, but by the end, I would have loved to find the biggest, coldest, iciest bathtub I could find and sit in in forever. I am hoping that by working on my endurance, it will help with the calf and quad pain.

Post run, I treated myself to a McDonald’s coffee because I figured that I deserved it.


After the gym, I went to Target to grab a few things.

How cute is my niece?!


Zola Coconut Water

I was recently sent some Zola coconut water and acai juice through the Sweat Pink Ambassador program.


I’m not usually a huge fan of drinking plain coconut water, but I tasted these and was surprised that I actually liked them. I think it’s because the flavor is mild. I much prefer the pulp-free coconut water. I’m not a big fan of pulp in juices.

While I probably won’t be drinking these on their own, they are awesome in smoothies. I like adding the coconut water to a strawberry and pineapple smoothie for that tropical taste.

Coconut water is actually really good to drink after running because keeps you hydrated and has electrolytes, and 8 oz. has only about 55 calories. Coconut water also has about 280mg of potassium per 8 oz. That’s more than a banana! That’s good news for me because I am not a banana fan. I think it’s the only fruit that I don’t like.


The best part of the coconut water package? The sunglasses!!


I admit that I am a huge sucker for anything neon or 80′s looking :)

Crappy Race Picture

If you guys ever read Skinny Runner’s blog (love her!) then you know people send in their crappy race pictures to her. I figured I’d just show you my crappy race picture here. This picture is from the JustPlay 5k this past weekend. It’s terrible.

What’s wrong with me? I look like I’m taking a nap. For some weird reason, my head always goes sideways when I’m running and get tired.

Of course, Danny looks all good and perfect and fast.

A big Happy Birthday to my stepbrother, Jake!! He is 18 today!!


We’re going to Olive Garden tonight to celebrate! I can’t wait – Yum!

Have a great afternoon!

  • Treadmill running: yes or no?
  • Ever take an ice bath?
  • Do you like coconut water? Favorite/least favorite fruit?




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11 Responses to Seven Miles

  1. Way to go! 7 miles on the treadmill is not an easy task. I get so bored on the treadmill, I can barely ever go past 5 miles!

  2. 7 miles on the treadmill is harder than running outside so good job!!! Treadmill running is boring for me unless I am blasting my favorite tunes and even then, 45 minutes is about the most I can handle!!

    I tried coconut water one time and hated it. To me it tasted like dirty socks smell, lol!!

  3. Morgan

    Hate the treadmill- but sometimes use it in the winter when It’s freezing. Nice job on the run btw!
    that’s a great picture of Danny- most aren’t so flattering haha.
    I’ve done ice baths before- but won’t again.. complete torture.

  4. We are going to the OG tonight as well! I loath coconut water. Tastes like dirty feet.

    The Kidless Kronicles

  5. Summer

    I loathe the dreadmill!!! Seven miles on that thing would be like running a marathon outside for me! Four miles is my limit and that is only if the weather is horrid. I will run outside in six degrees, ha! WELL DONE!!! I havent tried coconut water but I know others love it. Your niece is getting so big!

  6. Mindy

    YAY on the 7 miles!! Thats the futherst I have ever ran, Im kinda stuck in a rut right now, my pace has slowed alot since it has gotten hot, I only started runnning in November so this heat thing is new to me! By the way your picture looks great you look TINY!!!!

    • runeatplay

      Thank you, but I assure you I’m not tiny! Lol! Great job on the running – I agree with you, the heat is tough! It kills me!

  7. I don’t know; I’ve only ever run on a treadmill for about .5 miles at a gym open house
    I’ve also never taken an ice bath or had coconut water; I love blueberries or raspberries and I can’t stand pineapple

  8. Teresa @

    Good job on the treadmill run! I love having a training program. You look amazing!!!

  9. Way to push through the mental part of running and knock out the 7 miles. You may of had to lower your pace, but you didn’t walk.. and that just tells you how far you’ve come. I mean honestly Heather, just by reading your blog these past months, you have impressed me so much with your dedication to fitness & achieving each goal you set for yourself. Good for you <3

  10. Karen

    I am in the minority since I do better on the treadmill. I think it forces me to stay on pace, plus I worry that my breathing will act up outside (asthma). Banana, pineapple and coconut water sounds like a healthy pina colada! I’m going to have to get some and try that!

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