Run Like A Mother 2013 5k

Good morning! I hope all you mothers out there had a great mother’s day yesterday!

My mother’s day started out bright and early at 6 am with gifts from the kids and Danny.

We left the house at about 6:45 am to go to the Run Like a Mother 5k, where we met Marlene, Crystal, Sue, my dad, and brother.

The girls ran the race.

And the boys watched the kids.

Sometimes I eat before a 5k and sometimes I don’t. This time, I had a peanut butter kid’s Z bar.

We got to the race about an hour early, and I made sure to go to the bathroom right away - last year the porta-potty lines were crazy. Even though there was about the same amount of porta-potties this year, the lines we nowhere near as long. I also used the bathroom 20 minutes before the race and didn’t have to wait.

There was tons of stuff to do before and after the race. There was a table set up so the kids could color signs for their moms.

The Naked truck was giving out samples of their smoothies and coconut water juices.

They had a table set up where you could pick out symbols and have your own t-shirt made.

I picked the symbols: run, family, and love.

Jaden made a shirt too. I love his face in the picture – the sun was in his eyes.

The birkam yoga tent was giving out free mimosas that my Dad and Danny sampled. Us girls decided to wait until after our run to try one out.

We lined up about five minutes before the race, and it started right at 8:30 am. It was really congested in the beginning, as most 5ks are, but then it thinned out quickly. The weather was pretty chilly and windy, but sunny. I wore pants (with shorts underneath) and a jacket and was freezing when I took them off before the race. I debated leaving my jacket on, but I am glad that I decided against it because I warmed up really quickly.

The course was pretty hilly. Honestly, I never pay much attention to the courses when I am running. I am usually so focused on my running and not dying that I pay little attention to the course. I believe most of the course was through a nice neighborhood, but I really don’t know.

Like I mentioned yesterday, I forgot to start my Garmin before the race, and when I did start it, it was unable to pick up my location. I almost think that it was a good thing that it wasn’t working because if I had seen my time, I might have slowed down my pace worrying that I wouldn’t have enough steam to finish the race.

I just listened to my music and ran. There were times when my quads ached and I felt tired, but I just kept going. When the I could finally see the finish line, I figured that I was at about 31 minutes. Then, I saw that it was only at 29 minutes, and I was shocked. I knew that I had to push myself to finish in under 30 minutes.


I was actually really surprised by my time. I didn’t think that I was going as fast as I was, and when I saw that I could get a sub-30 5k, I kind of went into a zone. I don’t remember anything around me and I didn’t see or hear my family cheering for me. I just ran. Fast.

It might sound silly, but it made me really emotional. This was something that I never thought I could do, and here I was actually doing it. Yes, I shed a few tears as I crossed the finish line at 29:22. Then, I was upset because I couldn’t find my family anywhere. I didn’t even see them cheering me on at the finish line and I thought they missed it.

I finally found my family, and I might have shed another tear or two. :)


Sue, Marlene, and Crystal all did so great. It’s a fun women-only 5k that I love running with the women in my life. Afterwards, we treated ourselves to a mimosa.

Marlene placed third for her age group and instead of a medal, she won a free race entry for next year. I thought that was kind of a cool prize.

Overall, I really enjoy the Run Like A Mother 5k. This was my third year running it, and while the course was a little hilly, it didn’t bother me too much. Everything seemed well organized and there is tons of pre and post race fun.

After the race there is fruit, bagels, and water. There was also lots of vendor tents set up with snacks: pretzel chips, coconut water, Kind bars, Naked Smoothies, Muscle Milk. When you cross the finish line, a volunteer hands you a flower to plant at home. It’s a fun and friendly race that I will run again.

After the race, we went to my mom’s house.

I ate way too much food.

After my mom’s house, we came home, showered, and then went over to my in-laws…where I ate even more food.

Danny with his mom and brothers:

  • Anyone else run a race this weekend? We have another 5k this Saturday!
  • What did you do for Mother’s Day?
  • Best snack you’ve ever had at a race?



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11 Responses to Run Like A Mother 2013 5k

  1. GREAT job on your PR!
    I did a Mothers Day race yesterday too! It was only 4.3km- isn’t that bizarre? I don’t know why they didn’t even out the course to a 5k. I’m like you though, running is tough for me and I’m working on a hip injury at the moment, so it felt really good to finish!

  2. Amy

    Congrats on the race

  3. Happy Mother’s Day. And I was super emotional when I broke 30:00 for the first (and only, yet) time. I get it.

    The Kidless Kronicles

  4. Teresa

    Woohoo congrats on your PR!! Awesome that it was also on Mother’s Day!!

  5. Awesome job on the run! Hope you had a fabulous Mother’s Day!

  6. Congrats! What a HUGE accomplishment! :)

  7. Losing Lindy

    I am sooo proud of you!

  8. That looks like such a fun event, with great stuff for everyone to do!

    I’m so curious about what the gift that has a feather connected to a clay circle is intended to be! So cute!

  9. I love how many different activities they had for the children, and all the vendors that were there. What a great race.

  10. Summer

    Just now reading this, girl you are so awesome, great job on that run!!!

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