Rain Day

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My phone started ringing at the wonderful hour of 5 am this morning. It turns out that it was the school district calling to say that school was canceled because of flooding. It has been raining a lot here in Chicagoland, and we have been getting a lot of flooding.

Jacob, Jaden, and I ended up sleeping until 8:30 am. When I woke up, I ran around and started yelling, we’re late for school, we’re late for school! I thought it was pretty fun, but apparently Jacob didn’t find me quite as funny as I found myself.

He popped his head out of bed and said, Daddy already told me that school was canceled. Oh.

And Jaden can’t even tell time, so that was a wash.

Flooding can’t keep me away from the gym though, and by some miracle we made it out of the house by 9 am.

Today’s Workout

  • Step and Tone Class – 60 minutes

I debated running today, but after yesterday’s run, I thought it would be better to hold off on running until Saturday or Sunday. I have a four mile run that I need to get in this weekend.

I just found out that in May, my gym is getting rid of Step class and turning into a Trifecta Class (20 min. cardio, 20 min. strength, 20 min core). I am not terribly upset because Step class is one of those classes that I can take it or  leave it. I think the new Trifecta class will be pretty good though.


I didn’t eat breakfast before the gym this morning because we woke up so late, so I ate when I got home from working out.

Bagel thin with egg whites, provolone cheese, and strawberry preserves <—- The best combo. I also had a clementine.

Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser is currently casting for their new season!

They are casting locally in Chicagoland on May 4th.

10 am – 6 pm
Planet Fitness
3120 N. Pulaski Road
Chicago, IL 60641
At the corner of Pulaski Road and Belmont Avenue

You can also check out the other open call locations here.

  • Have you or anyone you know ever been on tv? My dad was in a Miller Lite commercial once.
  • Are you getting rain near you?
  • Any workout today?
  • Favorite food combo?



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9 Responses to Rain Day

  1. School wasn’t cancelled for us, but I have heard that lots of schools in the area did! Can you believe all this rain?!? It’s crazy. I can’t wait for some sunshine!!

  2. Losing Lindy

    According to WGN, my area had over 10 inches of rain by noonish.

    Good job for getting to the gym. :)

    V’s school called at 4:40, I do not like getting calls that early, I was scared it was a family member

  3. We are getting lots of rain and seeing flooding as well. I haven’t heard of any schools cancelled because of it here, though. I am just north of you in the Milwaukee area. I ran 10 very wet and rainy miles this morning before work. It was more fun splashing through puddles than I would have expected at 5 am.

  4. The weather in WI isn’t so great either, but not too much flooding in the Madison area, luckily!

    I take a 20-20-20 fitness class that sounds like the new Trifecta class at your gym, and absolutely love it! It’s very dynamic and the way our class is set up, the 60 minutes fly by! Hope you like the new class when you try it out!

  5. Debbie from WBL

    In the Twin Cities…..snow, snow, and more snow. Now the tornado sirens are going off, although I think that’s a test. Crazy weather.

  6. Teresa @ www.fitinwoodbine.com

    Your food always looks so good!!! The new class at your gym sounds awesome. Let me know what you think of it. I need to work more on strength training but I have been on a running/spin habit!!

  7. I saw the flooding issues on the news this morning. I hope your neighborhood isn’t affected too much by it.

    Step has never really been my thing but the new class sounds like it would be right up my alley.

  8. Ha Ha Ha.. well if it makes you feel better, I found it to be funny =)

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