Party Time

Yesterday, we celebrated Jaden’s 6th birthday with our family. (His actual birthday is Tuesday.)

I tried my hardest to make the Lego cake. They made it look so nice and easy online, but in reality, that cake took me hours and hours to make and came out looking like a five-year old made it.

It looked pretty bad in person. The cake itself tasted good, it was just a lot harder to frost than I thought it would be. I am not a baker.

Oh well, I did make M&M blondies that I thought came out pretty delicious!

I used this recipe (I doubled it) that I found via Pinterest.

And thank goodness Marlene made the cupcakes for Jaden’s party today. I’ll leave all the cake baking up to her from now on! She made Minecraft cupcakes (a computer game the kids love) and they turned out awesome.

Jaden was very excited and can’t wait for his friends to see them.

Jaden had a fun time at his party and thank you to my family for helping him celebrate! The babies loved my brother-in-law, Billy.

Danny and I:

The rest of the evening was spent playing fun party games. The kids played Twister…

…and the adults played Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

You’re never too old for party games.

This afternoon we’re off to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate Jaden’s birthday with his friends from school. Have a great Sunday!

  • What’s your favorite party game?
  • Have you ever had a cooking/baking failure?
  • Favorite kind of cake?


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14 Responses to Party Time

  1. I think the cake looks great! Don’t be so hard on yourself. And the blondies look amazing.

    The Kidless Kronicles

  2. I think the Lego cakes are so cute! They turned out great! I need to make some vday treats too.

  3. I want to try out those blondies. I want anything with m&ms in them. Yum.

  4. The cake looks cute! I can’t frost a cake to save my dang life! I attempted a fire truck cake for my son once, I called my mom in tears to pick up a cake from the bakery on the way to his birthday party!

  5. Jaden is such a handsome young man! What a great party–and I think the lego cake still looked awfully cute. Nice work!

  6. I bet that he loved your lego cake! That’s the thing with kids…even when we think things aren’t quite right, they think they’re fantastic! I hate it when I feel like I spend a lot of time on something, only to feel like the end product isn’t what I wanted!

  7. Michele

    I think the cake looks great!

  8. amy

    you did a great job on making the lego cake

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