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Walking at a Decline

Yesterday’s Workout

  • 10 minutes stretching
  • 1.15 miles treadmill, walked slow
  • Beginner Step Class – 30 minutes
  • Stationary Bike – 15 minutes

I worked out a lot yesterday, but they weren’t high intensity workouts. I walked slowly on the treadmill because my quad still hurts. I made sure to stretch, and I didn’t use any risers in Step class last night.

Next week, Danny and I will get a little break from working out so much because the team were up against for the Fantasy Fitness Challenge doesn’t workout as quite as much as we do. It’ll be a nice break. I’ll still workout out in the mornings, just probably not every night also like I am now.


For dinner last night, I had salmon, brussels sprouts, and Honeycrisp apple slices.

I have been buying the No Name salmon lately because they’re easy to make when I’m in a hurry, and they’re really good.

Today’s Workout

  • 2.28 miles treadmill, walked slow
  • Step Class – 60 minutes
  • Elliptical – 10 minutes

The new treadmill at my gym has an option to walk at a decline instead of an incline. (So, now instead of worrying that I’ll roll off the back of the treadmill and collapse on the floor, I can worry that I’m going to fall off the front of the treadmill.)

I recently read online that running/walking on a decline might actually help quad pain. I figure that everything I read on the internet must be true, so I tried it out. I walked at between a -2 and -3% incline. I don’t think it worked because my quad still feels sore. Oh well. I guess the internet can’t always be right.

I’m trying to figure out why a treadmill would have a decline? Maybe to practice running down hills? Normally, you should walk/run at least a 1% incline on the treadmill because that’s what most mimics running/walking outside.

After my workout, I went to Target to something for dinner, and I finally bought the raspberry chocolate Chobani bites, and I am excited to try them out! I hear they might even be better than the caramel pineapple flavor.

My Target finally had the coffee Chobani flavor in, but sadly, I didn’t buy it yet. I figured that I better finished the raspberry ones first, and I still have pineapple ones to finish.

I bought the chocolate chunk yogurts for Jacob because he loves them.

So, I am a pretty indecisive person. This is why grocery shopping takes me so long because I have to examine every single thing before I buy it. But, I’ve decided that my wonderful son, Jaden, is even more indecisive than I am. Wonder where he gets that from?

Today was pajama day at school. It took him 20 minutes to pick out a pair of pajamas to wear…and I only gave him two pairs of pajamas to pick from.

He told me that the decision was way too hard, and finally he took a pair of pajamas out of his hamper and wore those. Whatever.

It’s cold here today, and I hate it. It’s 13 degrees and feels like -4 degrees. That’s not fun. It’s horrible. I was not made for winter. <—- That’s my complaint for the day!

Have a wonderful day. I am going to pretend like I am on a tropical beach somewhere…

Questions of the day:

  • What’s your complaint for the day?
  • Do you make decisions easily? What’s the last big decision that you made?
  • Do you live somewhere warm? Can I come visit you?
  • Ever run/walk at a decline?


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Weigh-In Wednesday

Might as well start right off with our weigh-in and get it out-of-the-way…

Unfortunately, I gained one pound this week. I am really not too worried about it because my weight always fluctuates up and down a couple of pounds. Yes, it’s not fun to see that number go up at all, but I am going to weigh myself tomorrow, and I have a feeling it’ll be a lower number.

I also didn’t eat very good on Saturday. Friday and Sunday were really good, but Saturday was like I had never seen food in my life and had to taste everything I saw…including candy hearts. Damn.

Crazy candy hearts:

But like I said I am really not too worried about it because I am still close to my goal and there is still 8 days to go until the final weigh-in for DietBet.

Also, I have been working out a ton lately because of the Fitness Challenge that Danny and I are doing, and I wonder if I’m not eating enough food and maybe that’s the problem. But it’s mentally hard to eat more food. You always associate weight loss with eating less, not more. But since I work out about 7,684 a day now, I might need a little bit more fuel.

For example, according to my BodyMedia, yesterday I burned 3,388 calories throughout the day. But I only ate 1,468 calories, which left me at a calorie deficit of 1,920 calories. It takes a deficit of 500 calories a day for a week to lose one pound (500 x 7 = 3,500. 3,500 = one pound) So, I think my deficit is too much, and my body needs more fuel.

I usually burn about 2,800 – 3,000 calories a day and consume between 1,400 -1,500 calories.

Danny had a good weigh-in. He lost 1.4 pounds this week, making a total of 13.4 pounds in about three weeks. Great job, Danny. He’s waiting to drink beer at the Superbowl…

Last Night’s Workout

  • Zumba – 45 minutes (I was late)
  • Stationary bike – 12 minutes

There is a 5:15 pm Zumba class at my gym, and since my niece spent the night last night, I was able to take the three kids to the kid’s room. Danny came to the gym at 6 pm and took BodyPump. He’s going to be sore for sure!

I had a smoothie at about 4 pm. I know that you’re probably sick of the smoothie pictures and such, but I had to share this one because it was the best one that I’ve made so far – strawberry peanut butter! It was delicious!

In my smoothie:

  • 1 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1 tbsp. peanut butter
  • 3 oz. vanilla Greek yogurt
  • 1/2 cup almond milk
  • 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • crushed ice

The strawberry and peanut butter might seem like a weird combination, but it worked. It was so good. I will definitely be making that one again…probably today.

Today’s Workout:

  • BodyPump – 60 minutes
  • .57 miles treadmill, walked

After the kids got on the bus, this little lady and I went to the gym.

After BodyPump, I walked slowly on the treadmill. My quad is still sore so I have taking Advil, icing it, and just walking slowly on the treadmill.

Happy Birthday

I want to wish a big happy birthday to my best friend, Jenny! Happy birthday, Jenny. I love you!

We have been best friends for since we were 12 – that’s almost 18 years!

Have a great Wednesday!

Questions of the day:

  • Do you have a best friend? How long have you been friends?
  • When is your birthday?
  • Have you ever tried to lose weight? What worked for you?
  • Do you currently have an injury? How do you deal with it?



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I Workout and Eat…Story of my Life

Last Night’s Workout

  • Cardio Fit and Tone Class – 60 minutes
  • Elliptical – 10 minutes

I went to the cardio fit and tone class at 6:20 pm last night, so I had a bowl of Kashi cereal about 4 pm, then I had a clementine and 5 pistachios at 6 pm, and I had a smoothie with a little bit of Special K when I got home about 8 pm.

I usually try not to eat dinner so late, but my eating always gets messed up when I go to the gym around 6pm.

In my smoothie:

  • 1 1/2 cup strawberries
  • 1/2 cup peaches
  • 1 container plain Greek yogurt
  • 1 scoop protein powder
  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • crushed ice

Today’s Breakfast

This morning, I had peanut butter toast, blueberries, and hazelnut coffee.

Coffee cup courtesy of my mom.

Today’s Workout

  • 1.15 miles treadmill, walked
  • Butts and Guts Class – 60 minutes
  • Stretching – 15 minutes

My right quad (it’s always my right side!) has been really sore lately, so this morning I pulled out the neglected massage stick and used it on my leg.

I think part of the problem is that I haven’t been stretching lately. I don’t stretch as often as I should, and I know that’s a problem. Today after Butts and Guts class, I stretched for 15 minutes, and I was so glad that I did afterwards. I really need to start stretching more.

After my workout, I had a Greek yogurt and a mini package of pistachios.

Each package has about six pistachios and is only 20 calories. A package or two is good for when I am craving something salty/crunchy. I usually crave sweets more than I do salty foods though.

I picked up my niece and the stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few veggies. When I got home I made a veggie and feta omelet for lunch. I also had veggies and hummus, strawberries, and a caramel pineapple Greek yogurt.

Biggest Loser

Are you watching the Biggest Loser? I was glad to see that yesterday’s episode discussed nutrition a little bit more. I like watching the Biggest Loser, but sometimes I get bored with just watching them workout all the time. I would love to know how many calories they eat, what they eat, when they eat, etc.

I think that diet is just as important as exercise if you’re trying to be healthy or lose weight, and I wished they showed more of that on the show.

I was also surprised to see that the kids on the show are also wearing the BodyMedia armbands. I thought only the adults were wearing them since they said the kids wouldn’t be weighed. Maybe they’re just wearing them to see how many calories they’re burning a daily basis.

Have a great afternoon!

Questions of the day:

  • Biggest Loser thoughts?
  • Do you stretch? How often?
  • Sweet, salty, or crunchy?
  • Workouts: morning or evening? Or afternoon?


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Jillian Michaels Treadmill

Sunday’s Workout

  • Kickboxing – 60 minutes
  • Stationary Bike – 20 minutes

Yesterday’s cardio potluck choice at the gym was kickboxing. The instructor is also one of the Zumba instructors, so it was more like kickboxing with a some Zumba moves thrown in. It was fun and I liked it, I was just kind of tired because I was up late Saturday night.

After kickboxing, I headed to the fitness center to walk on a treadmill…except almost every single piece of cardio equipment was occupied by someone else. I had to settle for the one open stationary bike, so I rode slowly for 20 minutes…on a rollercoaster track.

Fantasy Fitness League

Danny and I had a total of 32 workouts last week. But we ended up tying with the team we were up against this week, which means that we both got half a point. The other two teams that were doing really well each won this week, giving them each 3 points. Danny and I have 2.5 points, which ties us for third place so far.

We’re up against the hardest team this week – they had a total of 40 workouts last week. Honestly, that is exhausting. There is no way that Danny and I can work out 40 times in one week. It’s just too much. There’s so much going on everyday that it is impossible for me to go to the gym 47 times a day.

The good news is that Danny won the weekly drawing for a resistance band! Yay!


They finally opened a Yogurtland about 10 minutes from our house…this could be a very bad thing :)

We stopped by on Sunday for some frozen yogurt. It was kind of a last minute thing since we just happened to pass it on the way to the grocery store.

It’s a smaller store but they had my favorite flavor – pistachio! I also like how they have the calories counts listed for the frozen yogurt and all the toppings.


At the grocery store yesterday, I actually managed to find decent looking strawberries. That’s usually hard to do in January, and I am super picky about my produce. So, for breakfast I had sliced strawberries and a caramel pineapple Greek yogurt.

Today’s Workout

  • 1.84 miles treadmill, walked
  • BodyPump – 60 minutes

My gym got another new treadmill in recently, so I tried it out this morning. They’re trying out different equipment because when the new fitness center opens they’re buying new equipment.

I didn’t have chance to look at it really good because I was in a little bit of a hurry, but Jillian Michaels face is staring at you when you get on it. If that won’t make you run faster than I don’t know what will. You can even post your run directly to Facebook.

On the treadmill it shows laps and gives your time per lap. I wasn’t a big fan of the lap thing, but I did like the treadmill belt. It seemed a lot smoother than the other treadmills, if that’s possible.

Not the best picture, but you get the idea:

I hope you all have a great Monday!

Questions of the day:

  • What did you have for breakfast today?
  • Favorite frozen yogurt or ice cream flavor?
  • Any workout today?
  • Are you picky about produce?


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Boot Camp so I Can Eat Donuts

Happy Saturday!
Last night I signed up for the Egg Shell Shuffle 5k.

My stepmom heard about the race and called me up to tell me about it. It’s the day before Easter, and you can run with the Easter bunny, and after the race there is an egg hunt for kids and adults. An adult Easter egg hunt?! Sign me up!

I think it’ll be a lot of fun, and I’m really looking forward to it. Instead of a typical race t-shirt, the Egg Shell Shuffle gives out Asics running shorts! I thought that was kind of cool, and I’m much more likely to wear the shorts than I am another t-shirt. The best part – there is a finisher’s medal. I love finisher’s medals. They make me happy.

Today’s Workout

  • 1.34 miles treadmill, walked
  • BootCamp – 60 minutes

I woke up at about 6am this morning and was at the gym by 6:45am. I walked on the treadmill before heading to Boot Camp. I haven’t been to Boot Camp probably since the summer, and I forgot what a great workout it is! By the time it was over, I felt like I was dying.

After the gym, I came back home and picked up Danny and the kids. A few ladies at the gym last week were talking about a local mom and pop coffee shop nearby that’s really good, so I thought we could check it out.

One of my biggest weaknesses in life in donuts. I love them. On my 30th birthday, all I wanted was a box of Dunkin Donuts.

Eating donuts on my 30th b-day last year:

When I heard the coffee shop had awesome donuts, I had to check it out. My dad and stepmom met us over there.

They had so many different types of donuts – turtle, cookies and cream, red velvet, s’mores, sprinkles.

I decided that today would be my day for a treat, so Danny and I ordered a peanut butter donut and a chocolate donut to share.

I also had half of an egg white and cheese breakfast sandwich but it was just meh. I really liked the donuts. They were cake donuts, which I love. Actually, I don’t discriminate against any donut…except the bacon donuts. I really liked the peanut butter donut. I’ve never had a peanut butter donut before, and it was good. I also had a few bites of Jaden’s sprinkle donut.

The coffee shop is right across the street from where they’re buiding the new gym, so we drove by to check out the progress.

Looks good! I can’t wait until it’s open!

Have a great weekend!

Questions of the day:

  • Do you like donuts? Favorite breakfast food?
  • Have you ever take a Boot Camp class before?
  • Any plans or workouts today?


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I was Hungry and a 15k Training Program


Last night for dinner, I had Subway.

Not only did I have Subway, but I had a foot long sandwich (Don’t worry – I’m not crazy enough to measure my sandwich). I never eat a foot long sandwich. But after three days of smoothies for dinner, my body was like if you don’t eat something with substance and carbs, I am going to revolt by eating a giant cheese stuffed pizza and a huge plate of fries.

Not one to argue with my body, I figured that a foot long veggie sub and baked chips from Subway was a lot better to eat than a giant stuffed pizza. I was hungry, and I wanted to eat. I did eat a little more than my normal calorie count, but I didn’t go overboard like I sometimes would have in the past. And, I have Danny to help keep me on track.

Plus, the weekend is coming up and I rather have a treat on the weekend than on a random Thursday night.

I also might have stolen one or two (okay, three) of the kid’s potato faces.

Those little cute potatoey faces are really good, but they freak me out a bit…

I didn’t go to the gym last night because my body needed a rest. I have been working out a lot lately because of the fantasy fitness challenge at my gym, and sometimes I just need a little break. I feel like it’s smarter to listen to my body then push myself to exhaustion or injury. Yes, I really want to win a free one year gym membership, but not enough to jeopardize my health.

Don’t worry, I was back at the gym this morning :)

Cardio Vs. Strength Training

The other day in my fitness class some of the ladies were talking about their favorite fitness classes. I was the only one who preferred BodyPump over cardio classes. Everyone seemed to love the cardio classes. I like the cardio classes too, but BodyPump is my all-time favorite (which is why I do it three days a week).

I used to only love cardio. Two years ago, if you ever saw me in the gym, I would be on the treadmill, elliptical, or stairmaster. Now, I have a good balance between strength training and cardio.

BodyPump transformed my body in ways I never thought possible. I lost 30+ pounds and can see toned muscle now. It’s amazing.

Cardio is important to keep your heart healthy of course, but strength training builds muscle which helps you burn even more calories at rest. Muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue. I’m not saying that you have to take BodyPump three times a week, I’m just saying if you’re a cardio queen like I used to be, maybe try adding some strength training into your routine.

Today’s Workout

  • 1.1 miles treadmill, walked
  • BodyPump – 60 minutes
  • Zumba – 60 minutes

I didn’t have to watch my niece today, so I debated staying for Zumba after BodyPump this morning. I figured if the instructor who is 20 weeks pregnant has the energy to teach class then I should be able to take the class…so I stayed for Zumba.

Plus, Zumba is a such a fun workout that doesn’t actually feel like a workout. And by 1pm, I was already at 13,000+ steps for the day! Awesome.

Since I worked out a lot longer this morning, I had a little bit bigger post-workout snack than I normally do.

A mint Builder Bar and a peach Chobani Greek yogurt.

15k Training Plan

I figured if I am going to run nine miles then I better do a little bit of training because my typical mileage is anywhere from 1-5 miles, not nine.

I found a Hal Higdon training program online, and decided that it would be the one I would use. I have heard lots of good things about Hal’s plans, and liked that it’s 10 weeks long and simple to follow.

I probably will have to switch the days around to fit my schedule, but it’s basically two days of running, one long run that increases in mileage each week, and cross training. I’ll probably do it for more than 10 weeks, since I have time, and just repeat some of the weeks.

After the gym, I had a few errands to run. Tonight, we’re going to drop my car off at the mechanic because it’s having problems with the power steering fluid. Great.

Questions of the day:

  • Favorite sandwich?
  • Have you ever followed a training program?
  • Did you workout today? Ever try Zumba?
  • Any plans for the weekend?


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Army FPT Two-Mile Run and The Secret Keeper Book Review

Last Night’s Workout

  • Adaptive Motion Trainer – 30 minutes

Danny and I went to the gym after dinner last night, and I did an easy 30 minutes on the adaptive motion trainer machine. Danny did the elliptical next to me, and really gave it his all while I was taking it easy. Danny had double to the total strides that I did. I don’t remember the exact number, but I had about 2000 total strides and he had about 4000 total strides.

Yet, we went the exact same distance and burned the exact same amount of calories according to the machines. And the AMT is a similar motion to the elliptical, so I don’t think that’s the problem. But one of those machines was wrong. There was no way we went to the same distance and burned the same amount of calories. I have a feeling the AMT trainer is really overestimating those numbers.

Do you think machines in the gym are accurate with the distance and calories burned? I always look at it for a guideline, but count on my BodyFit Media to see how many calories I actually burned throughout the day.

After the gym, we came home and ate Skinny Cow ice cream.

It was a nice little treat.

Today’s Breakfast

This morning, I had a bowl of Kashi Go Lean cereal.

I also had it as a snack yesterday afternoon. There is 13 grams of protein in one cup of cereal.

Today’s Workout

  • 2.24 miles treadmill (Army PFT)
  • Step Class – 60 minutes

This morning’s workout was kind of fun – I was messing around with the different settings on the new treadmill at my gym and  saw one labeled Army PFT (Physical Fitness Test) Two-Mile Run, so I decided to try it out.

It started out with a three-minute warm-up, and then I was timed how long it took me to run two miles. After I was done, it showed me my score. I scored a 57.

I had no idea what that number meant or if it was good or bad, so when I was telling Danny about it on the phone, he found this website – Army PFT Two-Mile Run Score. In order to pass the test and graduate to basic combat training in the Army, you must score at least a 50.

Yes! I got a 57! I can now move on to combat training :) I didn’t do the best, but I didn’t do the worst either, and at least I scored higher than a 50. It was a fun way to get a workout in, and I figure I can always work on improving my score – for fun, of course – I have no plans to join the Army. I just thought it was cool that I actually passed. I think you also have to pass a sit-up and push-up test.

I feel like I run a lot faster outside than I do on a treadmill. But all of my winter running is done on a treadmill because I am not friends with cold weather.

After the treadmill, I went to Step Class, and it was very challenging today. The class was the same, I’m just really tired today and that two-mile run zapped the energy out of me. I still got through it, and ate a snack as soon as I got in my car.

In addition to my normal Builder Bar, I also had this package of Crunchmaster’s multi-grain crackers that my gym was giving away last week.

They were really good. They almost tasted like a corn chip.

On to a book review…

The Secret Keeper Book Review

I recently finished reading The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton for Julie’s book club.

About the book:

During a summer party at the family farm in the English countryside, sixteen-year-old Laurel Nicolson has escaped to her childhood tree house and is happily dreaming of the future. She spies a stranger coming up the long road to the farm and watches as her mother speaks to him. Before the afternoon is over, Laurel will witness a shocking crime. A crime that challenges everything she knows about her family and especially her mother, Dorothy—her vivacious, loving, nearly perfect mother.

Now, fifty years later, Laurel is a successful and well-regarded actress living in London. The family is gathering at Greenacres farm for Dorothy’s ninetieth birthday. Realizing that this may be her last chance, Laurel searches for answers to the questions that still haunt her from that long-ago day, answers that can only be found in Dorothy’s past.

Dorothy’s story takes the reader from pre–WWII England through the blitz, to the ’60s and beyond. It is the secret history of three strangers from vastly different worlds—Dorothy, Vivien, and Jimmy—who meet by chance in wartime London and whose lives are forever entwined. The Secret Keeper explores longings and dreams and the unexpected consequences they sometimes bring. It is an unforgettable story of lovers and friends, deception and passion that is told—in Morton’s signature style—against a backdrop of events that changed the world. (Source)

I don’t want to give too much of the book away because it was a great read, and I recommend reading it!

My Thoughts:

I loved the Secret Keeper. Before I buy a book, I always read the free trial of it on my Kindle (usually the first few chapters.) As soon as I read the first few chapters, I had to buy the book immediately because I had to know what happened next. The free trial ends with the cliff hanger of the crime that Laurel witnesses.

As I continued to read it, I realized that the book flips back and forth between present day and the 1940′s told from different characters perspectives. At first I was a little wary because history is exactly my favorite genre of reading, but soon I found myself flying through the present day chapters so I could get back to the story from the 40′s.

The book follows three main characters: Laurel, Dolly (Dorothy), and Vivien. Laurel is Dolly’s daughter and the story goes from present day, where Laurel is trying to learn about Dolly’s past to the past where the reader lives through Dolly’s story.

I thought this was an excellent book, and each chapter left you wanting to keep reading to see what happens next.

I found myself with mixed emotions about Dolly’s character. I liked her when she towards the beginning when she left her family to pursue her dreams. She seemed a little bit imaginative and flighty, but still likeable. She seemed very naive and childlike. However, as her story went on, I found myself liking her less. The way she behaved with Jimmy, and the plan that she set in motion made me like her less and less. I also got the feeling from her meeting with Dr. Rufus that there more to her story than met the eye.

I liked Vivien’s character. At the beginning, she seemed very cold and withdrawn, but I still found myself drawn to her and wanted to know more of her story. When the story starts out, it seems as though Vivien and Dolly are friends, so when your reach the part about Vivien saying that she isn’t friends with Dolly, you begin to wonder how they’re friendship came about. I loved that the beginning of the story was told from Dolly’s point of view and at the end of the book we see the same scene through Vivien’s eyes.

I didn’t have many feelings towards Laurel one way or the other. I felt like she was simply a character to relate the story of Dolly and Vivien.

This book has many twists and turns. When I got to the end of the book, I actually had to read it a few times to make sure that I was understanding it correctly. I don’t want to give too much of the ending away, but I loved it. It was actually a twist that I didn’t predict at all. Although I like the way it ended, the only thing that I wish would have been different is the fact that Dolly died not ever knowing that Jimmy survived.

The Secret Keeper has a little bit of everything: love, history, drama, murder, mystery. It was well-written and the best book I have read in a while. The story sucks you in and leaves you needing to find out more. You have a love/hate relationship with the characters, but despite how you feel about them, their story is one that you need to find out more about.

  • Have you read the Secret Keeper? Thoughts? Last book you read?
  • Have you ever done any kind of fitness or army test?
  • Favorite post workout snack?


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Weigh-In Wednesday

Good morning! I have to start off with the weigh-in for DietBet because I am very excited! Since last Wednesday, I have lost exactly 4 pounds! That means I have lost a total of 5.4 pounds since Danny and I started the DietBet.

The best part is that I am finally below the weight that I was stuck at for four months. My scale hasn’t budged since I finished the Biggest Loser back in September. Now, I am down 5.4 pounds, and I have 15 days to lose .6 of a pound, and I will win my DietBet! I’m very happy if you can’t tell :)

I think the biggest factor is my weight loss has been the weekend eating. I have been a lot better at sticking to healthy eating during the weekends, which is hard sometimes, but it’s worth it when I see the difference that’s it’s made.

Yes, Danny and I went out to dinner last weekend, and ate a lot more than we usually do, but the next day, we were right back on track. I think that shows that one meal isn’t going to ruin your healthy eating and cause you to gain weight. As long as one meal doesn’t turn into overindulging the whole weekend, it usually won’t hurt. Hey, I ate a pizza and cheesecake and still lost 4 pounds!

Yes, Danny, I could hardly believe it either!

On the other hand, what works for me might not work for you. Everyone is different, and loses and gains weight differently. Don’t go out and eat cheesecake saying you’ll lose weight just because I did. But eating healthy and focusing on whole foods and less processed foods can benefit everyone.

Enough about me – Danny also weighed in today. He lost 1.8 pounds this week, and 12 pounds total. Great job, Danny! He is already at his 4% weight loss, so as long as he doesn’t gain any weight he’s good.

It was to be expected that he lost a smaller amount this week since he lost 10 pounds last week, but he is still doing awesome!

The hardest part will be the Superbowl – who doesn’t love snacks and beer at a Superbowl party? (Well, I hate beer, but others enjoy it. Danny) Luckily, the DietBet ends four days after the Superbowl, so even if we have a few snacks, we still have four days before we have to weigh in.

Last Night’s Dinner

Another smoothie!

I have been loving smoothies lately. I’ve jumped on the smoothie bandwagon…too bad I decided to do it in the middle of winter. They make me cold.

Last night’s smoothie included:

  • frozen strawberries
  • frozen blueberries
  • almond milk
  • crushed ice
  • plain Greek yogurt
  • vanilla protein powder
  • chia seeds
  • a little water

I also ate it with about 1/4 cup of cinnamon Cheerios for a little bit of crunch. The smoothie with the Cheerios was 309 calories and 24.7 grams of protein!

Today’s Workout

  • AMT Machine – 15 minutes
  • BodyPump – 60 minutes
  • 1.62 miles, treadmill

My gym got a new treadmill that I really like.

After my workout, I treated myself to a McDonald’s coffee…mostly because I was freezing and the coffee was hot.


I was hungry by the time lunch rolled around today, so I made myself a cheese and veggie quesadilla, brussels sprouts, and a clementine.


Have a great day!

  • Are you doing the DietBet? How are you doing?
  • Beer: Yes or No?
  • Favorite vegetable?
  • Do you have plans for the SuperBowl? Any SuperBowl snack recipes?



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Biggest Loser Run/Walk Race

I woke up this morning really hoping that they’d cancel school so I wouldn’t have to wait at the bus stop. It’s -4 degrees this morning and feels like -16 degrees. -4 degrees. Four degree below zero. It’s too cold.

I hate the cold. I despise it. I would rather there be no school than walk out to the bus stop. I am not a cold weather person. If I could get my whole family to move to California, I’d be a lot happier person…

Oh well, I dressed Jaden and me in a bunch of layers this morning and off we went.

Last Night’s Workout

  • 1.14 miles treadmill, walked
  • Cardio Fit and Tone Class – 60 minutes

I went to the gym when Danny got home last night at about 6pm. I always hate going at that time because a) it’s crowded and b) I never know what to eat.

I can’t eat dinner before I go because I can’t workout on a full stomach, and I hate eating dinner when I get home because it’s so late. So, yesterday, I ate a mini dinner at 4:45 pm. I had a veggie and egg white omelet with two pieces of PB toast. I got to the gym at 6pm and just walked on the treadmill until the Cardio Fit and Tone class started at 6:20pm.

I’ve never been to the night Cardio Fit and Tone class before and it was a good class (but crowded!) It was mostly cardio with a bit of triceps and biceps with a body bar and abs.

When I got home at 7:30 pm, I made a smoothie for my mini dinner #2. It was the same was yesterday, but I added a handful of spinach and a container of vanilla Greek yogurt for extra protein and staying power.

I always worry that smoothies won’t fill me up, but that smoothie sure did!

Today’s Breakfast

It’s so cold here today that I needed a hot breakfast – Kashi oatmeal topped with 1/2 tablespoon of peanut butter.

Today’s Workout

  • Adaptive Motion Trainer Machine – 20 minutes
  • Butts and Guts Class – 60 minutes
  • 1.25 miles treadmill – 15 minutes

I got in a good workout this morning, which means I don’t have to leave the house tonight in this cold weather to go back to the gym tonight.

Post workout snack was the usual:

Biggest Loser Walk Run

If you watched the Biggest Loser last night, you know that the contestants participated in a 5k challenge. Well, it turns out that The Biggest Loser has a  Walk Run Race Series happening all over the US. You can click here for more details.

There is a 5k, 10k, 15k, half marathon, and kid’s run depending on the location. Well, it turns out that there is a 5k and 15k race (walk and run) about an hour from where I live in June, so I emailed the website to Danny and my family just to see if anyone was interested.

Within an hour, I got an email back from my dad saying that he was signed up and registered for the 15k! What?! That’s 9.3 miles.

I immediately called him at work to make sure that he was serious and not joking around. He was serious. He is all signed up and ready to go! I am so proud of him. He has walked 5k before but never a nine mile race. It’s going to be so awesome.

And I can’t be outdone by my dad, so I signed Danny and I up for the 15k run. :) I am used to running 5ks and I have run one 10k. I am just not a long distance runner and I have tight calves that prevent me from going to fast and too far.

I’ve always wanted to run a half marathon, but I think a 15k will be absolutely perfect for me. It’s a long enough distance that it’ll be a huge challenge for me, but still a distance that seems manageable.

Even when I run 5ks, I usually cross the finish line feeling like I am ready to die. But that feeling that you get when you cross the finish line, knowing that you did it and you accomplished your goal is such a wonderful feeling. And that feeling outweighs every minute of struggle throughout the race. Running a 15k will be a huge accomplishment for me.

But the best part of the whole thing will be seeing my dad complete a 15k.

My dad:

I plan on running to simply finish the race. I will not have a time goal in mind because finishing is all that matters to me. I am very excited to be running this race, and I hope more of my family will join us!

I’m also signing up for the Run Like A Mother 5k on Mother’s Day in May. It’ll be my third year running it. And I’ll be signing up for an April 5k that’s right by my house. Spring Time = Race Time!

  • What’s the longest distance that you’ve ever run?
  • Have any races coming up?
  • What’s the weather where you live?


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Smoothie Bowl

Yesterday’s Dinner

Last night, I had something that I don’t normally eat for dinner – a smoothie bowl! (I have a feeling Jessie will be very proud of me – I even checked out her site for a few smoothie recipe ideas).

Normally, I am not a fan of drinking my meals. It just doesn’t leave me feeling like I ate anything, but I noticed that by putting the smoothie into a bowl and eating it with a spoon, I felt more like I was eating my dinner rather than drinking it. I also had a salad with lots of veggie though.

The whole reason I even made a smoothie for dinner was because Danny and I bought a new protein powder last night that I wanted to try out.

In my smoothie:

  • 1 cup frozen sliced strawberries   50 calories
  • 1/2 cup frozen peaches   30 calories
  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk   40 calories   1 gram protein
  • 1 scoop vanilla creme protein powder   50 calories   7.5 grams protein
  • 1/2 cup water
  • approx. 6 crushed ice cubes

Total Calories: 170   Total Grams Protein: 8.5

I also had a handful of spinach to throw in, but I forgot it in the fridge. I’ll have to remember it next time.

My Dad’s Workout

  • 3.14 miles elliptical
  • 45 minutes weights (chest and legs)

I’m very proud of my dad for continuing to go to the gym. Sometimes it’s hard to find time to workout, but there’s always ways to make it work. And you don’t have to work out a long amount of time or even all in a row. Even thirty minutes of exercise a day is good.

There are lots of ways to find time to workout:

  • Wake-up a half hour earlier to workout.
  • Schedule your workouts like you would an appointment. You wouldn’t skip an appointment, so don’t skip a workout.
  • Workout on your lunch break.
  • Break a thirty minute workout into three 10 minute workouts – morning, afternoon, and evening.
  • Find a workout buddy that will keep you accountable for showing up.
  • Workout in your living room while watching your favorite tv show – or even just during the commercials. Sit-ups, push-ups, squats, and lunges don’t require any equipment!

Today’s Breakfast

I had a delicious breakfast this morning – a peach oatmeal yogurt parfait.

I made these a lot during the summer, but when I was grocery shopping, the peaches looked so good that I had to buy one. And the best way to use a peach is in this parfait!

Today’s Workout

  • BodyPump – 60 minutes
  • AMT – 15 minutes

Fantasy Fitness League

The Good News: Danny and I won another point this week! We had 24 total workouts, and the team we were up against had 20 workouts.

The Bad News: One team had 36 workouts this week, and another team had 32 workouts! Seriously?! And we will eventually go up against both those teams.

Danny and I are at a slight disadvantage because Danny only has a fitness center membership and can’t take classes. Those other teams are taking classes and working out in the fitness center. I guess I’ll just have to step it up!

Have a great day!

  • Do you drink smoothies? What’s your favorite?
  • How do you find time to workout?
  • Do you use protein powder? What kind?
  • Any workout today?




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